I Must Be About My Father’s Business

A father and his daughter

Every day I think of my father and the words which he had spoken to me on our last visit. Sacred words. Only now, do I realize that my heavenly Father is helping me to carry out his final wishes.

With so much care to every detail, I can see how the Lord has orchestrated the events leading to my mother landing in my home. It may not have been pleasant, at first, but it was necessary.

As I look at life, I realize it is just an incredible maze of threads that don’t seem to make any sense at all. Then all at once they seem to tie together. We don’t see the whole picture. It seems to be something terrible happening and yet, the Lord tells us, “All things work together for good to those who love Him.”

When we place our trust in Him, and let Him guide us through the rough seas, we can find in the end, there is hope. And incredibly, I was able to remember, the promise made to my father.

“Give my love to your mother.” In this way, every day, I see that I am carrying his love forward to her. It is God’s way of providing for her as my father was not able to.

Just the other day, I was talking to her and telling her what a wonderful mother she has been. “Oh, I had to do those things.” She said. “No, you didn’t.” I said. “Some mother’s don’t care about those things at all. So I just want to tell you that I love you for being there for us. When you went through so much, you were so strong and you put us first. You tried not to hurt us, even though you were hurting.” All of a sudden, I felt her little hand on my arm, as I began to cry. For my mother, this small gesture, is huge. “Well, I love my kids.” She said.

We began talking about all the things her grandmother taught her. She loved her grandmother. I always wished I would have known her. “Yea, your grandmother would say, “don’t you worry about those people gossiping about you. If they’re talking about you, that just means, they’re leaving some other poor person alone!”

Who couldn’t love someone spouting wise words like that all the time? Man, I think I’d love hanging out with her. She sound’s like some kind of Virginia Woolf character. I think about her quote; “Use words to soak up life!”

Yes, words are creative power. The Lord told us they have the power to bless or curse. He created us in His image and we know that He created heaven and earth by the spoken word. This is why we should start the day with His Word.

If we don’t, we have all kinds of negative words coming at us, from every direction. The enemy loves, to turn the tables. Whatever problem he has, he makes it our problem. This is why we walk and talk in the word.

“I have hid your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”

But the most important lesson is that we must, “be about our Father’s business.” We have no time to be distracted. The harvest fields are ready and we need to pray for the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers. The time is short…very short.

My earthly father gave me specific instructions before he left and I was to fulfill his wishes. If you listen to the Spirit, you know that all things natural speak of the spiritual. So, you will know what the Spirit is saying.

So stop fighting and speaking words of division. Bless each other and bring peace and unity. Put your hands to the plow, break up the fallow ground, so that seed can be planted in the hardest of hearts. This is what our Father wants. “The hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse. (Malachi 4:6)