The New Age Isn’t New

Apocalypse Survival Guide? Read Your Bible!

Well, it seems that the whole nation is talking about the “Zombie Apocalypse,” after the bizarre incidents, taking place in the recent weeks.

But this is just escalating. It isn’t new. However, it is in my son’s world. And talking with him and his friend the other day, was hilarious. But also, quite sobering. It gave me, a teachable moment.

I had taken my son and my brother to see, The Chernobyl Diaries, a few nights before. And sorry folks, but we were laughing throughout the whole movie. My son, the hardcore, believer, even said, “That sucked. The ending was terrible!”

He is a conspiracy theorist if I ever saw one. And he was totally convinced that the Russian’s have these mutant zombies locked up, and just refuse to let us know. Hey, anything’s possible. But after he saw the movie, he was totally bummed out.

He loves a good espionage and mystery, or horror film but this was so bad, that the theater erupted in loud hoots of laughter. I’m thinking back to the time my son was telling an older lady at my brother’s bowling group, that he had smashed one of my smoke detectors, because he believed it was ‘bugged.’ The only reason I took it down, was because I had another, placed too closely to this one anyway. She very nonchalantly, asked him, “do you think you should have been doing that?” And he answered her, “Yea, the government has no business putting bugs in our smoke detectors!” I couldn’t stop laughing, as they spoke. Neither one of them seemed as if this was odd. I guess we are all desensitized by our own lack of privacy. So it seemed to be a normal conversation.

I guess I watched Enemy of the State, one too many times with him. But he is pretty astute, I will give him that. He notices things which the average person does not, and I would say his level of observance would make him a good candidate for any spy agency.

However, the conversation him and his friend were having was the means to survive the coming Zombie Apocalypse. I began to ask them the details, of such an event. His friend said, “I’m going on top of Wal-Mart. “I’m going on top of Bass Outdoor World,” my son said. “Why are you guys going on top of the buildings?” I asked. “Well, everyone knows that zombies, can’t climb!” His friend says. “Oh, I said, showing my ‘zombie-ignorance.’

Now my son begins to ask me, “What would you use against the zombies, mom?” Hmm, well, I don’t want to get up close and personal, so I’m thinking a compound bow. That sounds cool.” “Yea,” he says. “With flaming arrows, cause fire kills them.”

Well, clearly, there’s a lot I need to learn about these zombies. Then his friend tells me that his stepdad, also has been studying zombies for quite a while. I’m wondering why. But hey, if they come knockin, at least I have a neighbor, I can go to for advice. That is, from my rooftop.

Now my son is upset, because my daughter told him all the people online are saying they’re getting a spot on Bass Outdoor World. “Oh man, now I have to find some other place,” he says. Yea, it’s gonna get crowded, I told him.

So, I realized that while speaking to my friend the other day, he too said, “Oh, I have a zombie survival kit.” “What?” I was surprised. But, his mother said, “Please. I’m losing my religion, hearing all this.” I said, “Why? It’s no different from the demoniac that Jesus came upon in the graveyard. He was living there, and running around naked. Cutting himself. No one could chain him or hold him down and everyone was terrified of him.

Remember, the Lord came upon the man and it said that the man ran and fell at his feet, but the spirits cried out, have you come to torment us before our time? Then Jesus asked them their name. They told him,  “Legion, for we are many.” They begged him not to cast them out of the man, but he cast them into a herd of swine and the swine ran down the cliff and drown in the sea.

Well, I told her that this is all drug related and drugs are referred in scripture as, Pharmakae, or sorcery. So, this is the practice which the Lord referred to. Which allows anything to enter in. When we make our bodies an open portal to the spirit world by the practice of sorcery, the spirits have control and make people do things which are not natural, like eating people.

Now, if you read the book of Enoch, which was not included in the cannon of scripture, it speaks of these exact, things taking place, on the earth, thousands of years ago. That’s right, they were, using drugs, castings spells, and eating flesh! But these weren’t just people they were speaking about. They were a mutant race.

Enoch, was taken up in a whirl-wind of fire, without seeing death.I’ve never understood why, this book was not contained in scripture, but I find it fascinating. “Enoch walked with God.” This is why he did not see death. I think it’s worth reading. The descriptions are much like Revelation and you must remember that the vernacular wasn’t for the same. Many believe his “chariot of fire,”was some type of space ship. It is the same type of account given of Elijah’s departure, and in fact, they were the only two, who were taken up to the Lord, without dying.

I find it quite interesting, you will find the account of the Nephilim, (the giants) You can also read about these in the book of Genesis.  These are the mutants, most believe, the fallen angels and the daughter’s of men. And the scriptures indicate that “they existed before the flood and after.”

It would indicate from this article that they were using drugs, and using this to procreate and continue in their evil ways. A brief quote; Enoch 5 And the giants turned against then in order to devour men. And they began to sin against birds and against the animals and against the reptiles and against fish and they devoured one another’s flesh and drank blood from it. Then the Earth complained about the lawless ones.

Now this is when the Lord spoke to Noah and told him that he was sending a flood because He could not contend with creation any longer. It had become so vile that He said, He had to destroy mankind. This is when He spoke to Noah and spared a righteous remnant.

But He also said that upon Christ’s return, “it would be like the days of Noah. ” And all of these same things would be taking place. Sorcery would be at an all time high and the world would be in a state of lawlessness and rebellion.

Now, this morning I was speaking to my son, and I said, do you know where the word, ‘apocalypse’ was first used? In scripture. It means, Revelation, or unveiling. This is what is happening on this earth. So if you want to see what is happening read about it. He speaks about The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

It is fascinating, especially to any person who studies things like this. It was my first interest when I became a believer. I wanted to study biblical prophecy and end time events. The book of Daniel and the book of Revelation, or the compatible books for study.

The most interesting thing is that Daniel was told that these things would not be revealed (apocalypse) until the time of the end, when people would be running to and fro, seeking much knowledge. Sounds like the information age, to me.

Now the drugs are also coming in from different countries, such as Pakistan, China. What better way to begin the destruction of a nation? That sounds a little like the Horsemen are beginning to ride.

There are many different theories on the end times. But it pays to study the guide written by the creator. Because, as I reminded my son, if those zombies come along, I really won’t have to worry. I have the blood of Jesus Christ and the Sword of the Spirit. That’s all the protection I need!

The “Days of Lawlessness” Has Arrived!

Listening to a news story on this violent group called, Sovereign Citizen’s, has made me very aware that we are indeed, living in the ‘times of the end.’

One of the signs that our Lord spoke of, was lawlessness being the temperature of the people and the nations. What has happened as a result of the corrupt practices from those whom we are to trust? People decide for themselves, that those in authority are no longer worthy of trust, so they take the laws into their own hands. Vigilantism, and total anarchy is the road we are on. The sad thing is that there are some in authority whom, we can trust, however, taking the laws and throwing them away is rebellion, and as you know our God has already told us that, “rebellion is as witchcraft,” and this is an abomination to Him.

Yes, we have seen many men and women in government and law enforcement, who have done terrible things to dishonor these positions. However, it is not our place to ‘overthrow,’ the system.

We must recognize that our God is the one who has placed these people in these positions, and whether it be to test them or to use them to fulfill His plans, we are not to come against them. He will deal with those in authority in His own time. He “hardened the heart of Pharoah, in order to bring the deliverance which He had planned. But our Lord always has mult-purpose plans, which we cannot always understand.

I watched in horror, as the news clip showed the murder of police officers, by the members of this group, and they felt completely justified in doing this. In scripture the Lord is very clear about His followers and our place.

“Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate,  and to show true humility to all men. (Titus 3:1,2)

Of course this doesn’t mean that you do whatever someone in authority tells you to do. If you know it is wrong or if you know this person is using his/her authority in an abusive manner, it is absolutely your right to speak up. However, it is not your right to take revenge. This is why Titus reminds us that our heart must be one of humility. It is pride, the opposite of humility, which makes us take the laws into our own hands.

It was the same rebellion that began in the Garden of Eden. This is why witchcraft is such an abomination to God. Once people begin to understand, that witchcraft and Satanism, is not someone casting spells. It is exercising self-will, over God’s will. And we must understand that by our own desires to dictate the rules, and turn away from God, we are all practicing evil. Anton Levy, the man who stared the Satanic Church i San Francisco, and also authored the Satanic Bible, stated it very clearly, and it is the only truth he speaks, “Do As Thou Wilt, It Is the Whole of the Law.” This is the creed of the Satanist, but it is the creed of anyone who has turned away from God. So you see? You don’t have to have horns and a pitchfork, or a pointy hat with a caldron to be considered, a Satanist. Now combine this with a government of rulers, who have turned away and tried to abolish Him from our laws. Well, you get the picture and it isn’t good.

In the Garden, the question the serpent posed to Eve was, “did God really say that? He was planting the seed of doubt about God’s word and thereby implying that she was the final authority. She should exercise her own will, and of course we know from scripture, Adam followed. Since, He was given authority over the woman, all of creation fell into rebellion.

Now, we see, the link of that corruption and its devastating spiral downward. And if man refuses to submit to God, it will continue to degrade. A man who believes he has no authority but himself is lost. As the Lord says, “a man who is wise in his own eyes, is a fool!”

Yes, there is an order. A perfect order. But the ruling authorities have forgotten this principle when trying to remove the Ruler of All, from the game plan. If they cannot submit to Him, corruption will be seated on the throne. And it is at this point that all of mankind will, go their own way.

If anarchy is to be avoided, God must be the Head. His word is the final authority and we would understand that to submit to our rulers and authorities is not a burden, for they represent Him!

This is how our nation began. Sadly, it is a far cry from its beginning. The bright light for me, as a believer, is the Lord’s promise….”And when you see all of these things, Look up! Your redemption is near!”

“Not By Might, Not By Power, But By My Spirit, Says the Lord.”Zech4:6

Lord, You Are My Fortress

This morning I woke up from a dream. And this is what I remember. I was facing a military tank. 

Once again, in this car of mine, which has been a lemon ever since I purchased it. I guess I should consider it a good sign, since it’s off for repair, once again. So apparently it was in working condition in my dream. 

I had been up the road with a group of people and it seemed to be a revival of sorts. My brother from California, was there and he was encouraging me to go and flag people down, to come join us. Another encouraging sign to me, since he isn’t very spiritual. So, I went the opposite way on the entrance ramp of the freeway, to do this. Ok, I’ll admit, this wasn’t smart, but hey, this was a dream. I’m assuming it means that as believers, we are all going the opposite way of the world. 

I stopped at the bottom of the entrance ramp and turned my right turn signal on as if that was going to let people know that I was indicating they should go around me. It seemed to work. My brother and some others were at the top of the hill, bringing people in to the group. 

As I sat and sent cars around, I looked up at once and there it was; and imposing force. A military tank. Right in front of me and I was at once seized with alarm at its presence. Did it see me? I started to wildly motion with my hands and heard my brother screaming. Back up! Back up! I froze. I didn’t know what to do. I checked my turn signal, as if that’s really going to make a difference. This tank can squash me like a fly. 

Then all of a sudden a peace came over me. Well, if this tank is going to roll over me, what can I do? And I remembered who I was and why I was there.That’s funny. One of my good sisters in the Lord had spoken that very same thing to me a few months ago when she walked away. “Don’t forget who you are.” 

As I woke from this dream, several things came to mind and I was reminded of a conversation I just had the day before. I had been up against that spirit Jezebel once again. This spirit of mind control and manipulation just never stops coming against the Lord’s servants and she covets the anointing.But the anointing is for anyone who does what the Lord commands. It is just the same thing that happened between Cain and Able. Cain had a chance to get it right, but refused. “Cain, sin is crouching at your door, and it longs to master you, but you must master it.” He was not obedient. And he murdered Able. The first murder ever recorded and it was because of jealousy. Jealousy over a better sacrifice. But the sacrifice wasn’t as important as OBEDIENCE. Able gave of his, first fruits. His very best. 

 I had to remind a person that “we are to hold every thought captive to Jesus Christ.” When you translate that scripture, it is a military term. He said, “I was just thinking about that.” Yes, I said, because what you have done is listen to words of the world and acted in an unGodly manner. You are being manipulated for someone elses advantage and doing what is very displeasing to God. 

The Lord reminded me when I was attacked by these spiritual forces of evil, once again, that He will have His way, and it is not by might nor power, but by His spirit.” This wickedness is always plotting evil in His eyes. Always scheming and trying to corrupt the people around her. She acts as if she’s doing good and leads others down this path. Only the word of God will dispel the forces of darkness and destroy these strongholds of evil. 

The Lord allows her time to repent. This is why we pray. It is a control of the mind and those under this spell cannot see it. They are almost hypnotized by its power. It is witchcraft. The Lord has already told us in His word that “rebellion against Him, is as witchcraft.” 

There is no sacrifice we can give, no amount of church acts of service or good deeds, that is going to make Him turn a blind eye to these kind of actions against others. He has made Himself clear, “I demand OBEDIENCE, above SACRIFICE.” 1 Sam15:22

After meeting with my friend today I was reminded by her, that I am not to retreat in the face of the enemy. This is what he wants. Yes, I feel fear at times. Great fear and yet, she had also reminded me that I had been called to be a witness to those around me, and even those places that most cannot reach as Paul.  If I am to be sent into these areas of darkness, I should expect to experience this type of warfare.I know that the Lord tells me that we are to place all of our trust in Him and this is why we have our sister’s and brother’s holding us up in prayer.

Whose Afraid Of the Big,Bad Wolf?

I’m Not afraid

I remember years ago when some friends of mine shared a commuter apartment with me in San Francisco and I would return from my trips to Florida. I had a vital church that I belonged to and they loved to hear about my latest bible studies. I was amazed at number of girls that I had that were starting to gather

One evening they had decided they wanted to attend a church that I had found in San Jose.(Jubilee ) I was shocked. There were about 6 of them and that’s quite an accomplishment to get that many together at one time as it is, let alone to go to church. So off we went and the rest was just incredible.
I witnessed nothing short of miracles. Changed lives and it was all the Lords work to be sure. One girl actually married one of the men she had met in the church. Another girl had gone on several mission trips to Russia.
Then Jan, shared and experience that she had with me that I still remember. She and I used to sit out by the pool and talk. She had been counseling with a minister. Her husband and her had gotten divorced.
I talked to her about the power of the Holy Spirit and the difference between religion and a relationship and when filled with th Holy Spirit, you are empowered and born again.
She began coming to this church and one day she told me she was in Miami on a layover. She said, “You wouldn’t believe what happened to me! We all went out to Coconut Grove and there was a woman reading palms. She said, ‘Everyone…except  you! And she pointed straight at me!” she said. The whole crew looked at me like, whats so special about you? “Then I remembered what you told me about the Holy  Spirit. How those dark spirits cannot touch us, unless we invite them in. I just couldn’t believe it. All day people were asking me why that woman said that to me. It was so funny.
But this is how the Lord confirms His word to us. This is how He shows us his protection over us. He tells us to practice these things is an abomination to Him, yet He will guide us by the power of His spirit and show us the right way.
This girl, Jan, reunited with her ex husband  and had a baby girl years later.
It’s like the time I was in a hotel and my friends and were in the bar while some guy was walking around claiming he could read your palms and tell you your future.
I laughed and declined of course only to find that this man was the manager.
Later I walked up to my room with my girlfriend. She found she didn’t have a phone in her room. As she came in my room to call downstairs, I said, gee, don’t you think when the manager was reading your palm he should have seen that?”
That’s why, as they say”rather than worshipping the stars, I’d rather worship the One who created them!”

Jezebel vs Jehu

enslaved by Jezebel

enslaved by Jezebel

To continue the post on Jezebel, I have done some research, since I am in a battle against this powerful spirit and it is apparent that Jezebel will be wreaking havoc in peoples lives in these last days. She is in comparison, Satan’s bride. The female demon, however, she can work through a male or female.

The people that are enslaved by Jezebel, rarely know this unless they read the Word of God and start to understand how this demon operates. This demon uses witchcraft to over power a persons mind and usually tends to use the facade of the church as her cover. The church is a very nice hiding place for Jezebel.

As I stated in my last post, Jezebel made her first appearance in the human form in 1 Kings and appears once again in spirit form, in the book of Revelation. The church of Thyratira in Revelation 2:18 is where the angel speaks about the fact that the church is responsible for tolerating her immorality and the influence she has on others. Even in Galatians, Paul speaks about those who have been “bewitched” as he reprimands these “foolish Galatians.” (Galatians 3:1) The translation of this word is “by witchcraft.”

Jezebels traits should be studied and if you are a spirit-filled believer, submitted to God, you will easily discern her operating. She loves to play the queen bee and usually tries to emasculate the men around her, and belittling everyone else. She must be the center of attention and if she thinks that a true Christian, can discern her, she does not want you to have contact with her victims. She has her victims doing her dirty work for her. She likes to remain hidden and even though she constantly sows seeds of discord and hatred, she does not want to be exposed. She will lie compulsively and is a psychopath. Her conscience has been seared.

If she senses she is losing control over her victim, she will do anything to hold on. Jezebel needs an Ahab to exist. This is the mind control that is spoken of. Totally giving their will over to Jezebel, just as Ahab did in 1 Kings, she has total control of her victim. She feels powerful and usually she destroys other people to elevate her own position.

She does not repent for anything and if she even begins to sound like it, that is usually only cursory to maintain control. It’s always a false sense of humility, because she is filled with pride.

It’s a sad demise for Jezebel, but usually only by someone like the prophet Jehu, the person operating under this spirit can be free. The male/female that the spirit Jezebel is operating through, must first acknowledge that they are indeed being influence by this demon, and then they must repent. This is the beginning of their deliverance, however, the person must recognize that this spirit can come back if they are not filled by the Holy Spirit. The Lord tells us that the “house must be swept clean and filled or the spirits will return.”

There is quite a bit of resource information on this spirit and on Ahab and in these days it is quite important for people to know their enemy!

The Lord revealed to me something that had just happened in my life and it was the classic Jezebel move. A man of God told me that this was the Lord letting me know where the enemy was at. However, after I discovered this episode lined up with scripture to a tee, the Lord reminded me that He was not jut letting me know “where the enemy was at, but Who the enemy is. This is very important when we are doing warfare and praying for those to be released from the deception of the enemy in their own lives. Most people under her power, or any demons, for that matter, rarely realize that they are under it’s control.

This is why we stand in the gap and do battle on their behalf. (2 Tim 2:26) “and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.

I noticed something of interest as well in the last book of the Old Testament. The final prophecy before the return of the Lord. “See I will send you the prophet, Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.” (Malachi 4;5) I noticed that Elijah is the one that confronted Ahab and Jezebel in 1 Kings and spoke the word of the Lord to put an end to their rein of terror. Here we see  Elijah appearing once again, right before the return of the Lord and who is also working her charms? That’s right, in the last days before the return of the Lord, there she is in Revelation, Jezebel And we know from the past that Jezebel, hated the prophets of God. She had them killed because she worshipped Baal.

Even though she is hiding in the church, she isn’t hidden to those walking in the spirit, with true discernment. She is serving herself and she is surrounding herself with puppets. Her life has not been consecrated to the Lord, she only worships Him with her lips to proliferate her plans of deception.

She hated Elijah and she will not tolerate the prophets trying to disrupt her plans for her victims. She needs to remove them from her sphere of influence so that she will not be exposed. True hatred spews from this spirits mouth toward the followers of Christ who choose to live according to His words. She falsely accuses them to make them appear the opposite of the life they choose to walk in and this spirit “glory’s in her shame.” Making it appear to even the most intelligent victim, that she is very noble in her acts of corruption.

Now in the end, as I stated, it will be Jehu that comes and destroys this work. He knew his mission and would not allow himself to be captivated by this witchcraft. “She painted her eyes, arranged her hair and looked out the window. (She uses this seduction as part of her power, it is sensual and carnal.) As Jehu entered the gate she asked, “Have you come in peace, Zimri, you murderer of your master?”

Without even being caught up in her accusations or any conversation whatsoever, Jehu called out, “Who is on my side?Who?” Two or three eunichs(she surrounded herself with men that were emasculate, a picture of what type of spirit this is), looked down at him. “Throw her down! Jehu said.”

We know the rest, Jehu had her thrown from her palace wall. She is haughty and thought that she could overpower everyone, but “greater is He that is in me, than the one who is in the world.” Jehu was a mighty man of God.

  • This is the proverb that speaks of all of the characteristics of a Jezebel spirit, “There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to Him;
  • haughty eyes
  • a lying tongue
  • hands that shed innocent blood
  • a heart that devises wicked schemes
  • feet that are quick to rush into evil
  • a false witness that pours out lies
  • and Seven, remember is detestable to Him; a man who stirs up dissension among his brothers.

This is where we will see many of the traits in a person operating under this spirit. Since God does not speak of hate except in terms like this, I would pray for discernment if anyone believes they are gripped by this powerful demon and repent before the Day of the Lord. So the “hearts can be restored, to the Father.” This is first our spiritual Father and we know that Jezebel enters in, because most people influenced by this spirit, had a lost connection or skewed understanding of their own earthly father and it takes healing and restoration for this person to be delivered.

Yes, this is a powerful demon, but not more powerful than the Lord! He longs to set us free from Satans power and this is where we can see that the “ones the Lord sets free are free indeed!”