Father…your daughter is weeping

The bride is distraught

I was watching the news about our Florida weather system and I was at once saddened by the voice of the Lord. “There is a storm coming.” I knew He meant a massive storm. Yes,this will be unlike the others. Impending doom.

I am reminded of the prophetic dream I had last month. I was looking at flooded streets when an angel appeared to speak a word of guidance. In the natural many things have happened to bring this the Father’s displeasure.

The final act of treachery against His bride and the Father is very upset. She has been hurt so much by the world and in her pain she has cried out to her Father to send Him. She waits and waits and has been torn apart by wolves, yet when she hears her Father speak about judgment, she weeps. She says a silent prayer of intercession and now she finally understands the reason for all her pain and sorrow. He also reminds her that the true groom, the Lord Himself, is the perfect groom. “A wife submits to her husband, but the husband, lays down His life for His wife,the way Christ did for the church.” The bride has not experienced this in her earthly covenant and it has brought inexplicable pain.

“Now,” the Father reminds her, “You have the heart of my son. Didn’t I tell you that when you see Him, you will be like Him? Knowing all, as you are fully known. My son was a man full of sorrow. He suffered all things, so that He could understand the plight of mankind and my love toward them. Now you have this heart.”

Yes, even to those who have brought the Bride tremendous pain, she cries out for mercy. She begs her Father to hold back His hand. When He asks her, “what would you have me do?” She remembers the end is not the answer. “I would have you forgive them Father. They don’t understand what they are doing. They are in the grip of sin and in danger of perishing. Please help them.”

This is when He reminds her that, all of the world is in this bondage to sin, and His judgment is not to bring harm as much as it is to turn men away. The bride waits patiently for His return, yet she is full of the Spirit and can never stop trying to help those who are suffering, including the ones who have raised their hands against her. It is the compassion of Christ that strengthens her and lifts her up. Again and again,  as she is wounded, she rises again, for she knows that in the end “He will give her beauty for ashes.””

The hurricane and tidal wave that have come into her life are only the precursor to her Father’s own hand. She is the apple of His eye and “when the enemy comes in like a flood, He shall raise a standard against Him.”

Now it is time for all who love Him to “rend their hearts.” The Father is waiting and the groom is standing beside the Father, anxiously waiting to return for His bride.