The Great Tribunal

I had to fly up for a meeting for something . As I sat and listened I was grieved in my spirit. I wondered. Why am I really here? In the scheme of things, is this significant? I mean. by comparison? Then I listened as the woman was giving her account. Nothing was making sense. I wanted to scream out, “That’s not true!!! But the Lord wouldn’t allow it. I wanted to ask, “Why are you saying this?” But the Lord wouldn’t allow this either. So I sat. I listened. I wondered. What motivation someone, who had never met me would have to say this.

At the end of it all the Lord reminded me of something. “I contend with all who contend with you.” This is a fact. When she said, there was no way that she would change her mind about an unjustified discipline she had given me, I remembered this. And I began to cry. Not tears for myself, but tears for her. I cannot bear it when the lord speaks to me about the punishment of the wicked He speaks to me as I am sitting right in front of them at times. As they are speaking in a contempt for me. I can hear it in their voice and I have no idea why except that I carry the truth in me. And yet, I cry because I know, He is going to deal with them.

It just happened to a girl that was doing some very cruel things to me. Harassing me in a way that was unspeakable. I had lost a brother to aids and she teamed up with someone to bring this to the forefront of my life once again, but in a painful manner. As a means of dragging me through this to traumatize me. Her and another girl wanted to joke about these things in my life as a means of tormenting me. As I agonized over this the Lord told me once again, “stand back and watch as He would deal with them as a loving Father protects His children from their enemies.” When I felt I could take no more, this girl emailed me and told me she had major problems visiting her and she basically was ‘signing off from my life’ She sent a very kind letter, but a goodbye email. I told her I would continue to pray for her.

The Lord is very specific. Pray for these people, yet have mercy mixed with fear and “have nothing to do with them.” They will hurt you. Their hearts are callous. Yet, I hurt when these kinds of people speak lies and seem to hate for no apparent reason. Of course its something I cannot understand, even thought the Lord already told us, “the darkness hates the light and they will hate us because of the truth.” I want so badly for them to come to the knowledge of the truth. And this is the reason I cry.

I kept thinking of the word, “no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against me in judgement shall be condemned.”