Our Lord will guide us!

A pillar of cloud to guide us!

A pillar of cloud to guide us!

As I watched the horror unfolding at the school in Connecticut, yesterday, I was reminded that our Lord holds this world in His hands. He told us that it would continue to become darker as the light would get brighter.

What does this mean? Well, if one is now forced to acknowledge evil in this world, then we must also understand that there is a force of good. A supreme being which controls this universe. The eyes of those in darkness are now opened to the Truth.

In the face of tragedy, those long-held beliefs of us becoming our own god, that truth is relative to each person.How can this be, when our own Lord tells us, “The heart of man is evil, who can know it?” We see that this cannot be. How can all of us live according to our own dictates? As this would mean that this horrible act of murder, is fine, if this was this man’s truth.

I was reading about Winston Churchill’s beliefs being challenged, when he was in the midst of war. All the philosophical ideas, which he purported, now came into question. As he realized none of them held up when facing his enemies. He revisted the Christian ideals which his nanny had instilled in him. He stated that it isn’t when times are easy, that people ponder the question of eternity.

No, we must acknowledge that there is a moral code, programmed into each human being. We know that these acts are evil. Our Lord told us in His Word, that “His laws have been written upon every mans heart, so that we have no excuse when we stand before Him.” (Hebrews 8:10)

Truth is absolute. It is one of our Lord’s names. He told us that by this Truth, we would also be hated, by those who choose to continue in their ways. But this Truth guides us and protects us. We must understand that we are in a world full of evil. But if we look to Him, for guidance, He will always lead us. He loves us and desires us to “turn to Him in our time of trouble. And He shall deliver us.”

The god of this present age, has tried to push Him out of the picture. Saying as the serpent did, in the garden, “Did God really say that you shouldn’t eat of this tree?” Questioning God’s authority is the beginning of our downward spiral. As a nation founded on God’s Word, and as a world system. We cannot move forward without His lead.

On my trip to Israel, the Lord reminded me of this in a very profound picture. As we stood around the Menorah, in front of the Knesset, we began to pray. Suddenly, clouds appeared as pillars, above the Menorah. It was a most incredible sight and I was grateful that I caught it on my camera.

A reminder that, “He would guide us as a pillar of cloud by day, and fire by night.” Of course this was just a word picture, but I knew He had done this same thing for Moses and the Israelites. To give them a concrete picture of His presence. I have show these pictures to many people. I don’t need this reminder, as some people do. But the Lord wanted me to share this very powerful picture with others, so they know, He is always watching over us.

His desire is that we turn to Him, as children run to their father’s in times of distress. We need to go back to the foundation. The very beginning. Where things began to turn bad. As Nehemiah did, we must also recognize that it is only with our God, that we can and must rebuild.

If it were not for our Lord, no one would have been able to escape Egypt. It is for this reason, He told them to depend solely, on Him. For guidance and all their needs, while wandering. Yes, He delivered them from Egypt. A picture of our world in this day. But because of their stubbornness, He allowed them to wander. Even in the midst of their wandering, He taught them, that all of their provision comes from Him.

But we as people, like to repeat history. And it is; HIS story. He allows us each to go our own way. But in spite of this, He provides for us. Until we can come to the realization, that He is our Father. And like a Father, He doesn’t want us to turn to Him, as children who are caught doing wrong. Or to get something in return. But He wants us to turn to Him out of love and devotion. And as the Prodigal Son came running, He stands with His arms opened wide! Patiently waiting for us to realize that this world has nothing to offer us. He loves us. Stop running and turn to Him.

Contend for the Faith

I recently visited a blog and was astounded at the responses that were elicited by this mans comments that he had “lost his religion.”

He gave his top 20 reasons for leaving, which were all justifications for his non belief. Of course a firestorm of response was forthcoming. I was shocked and it only confirmed to me the power of Christ’s name. The Lord states that “His name is above every name.” No other name will ever draw this kind of response, negative or positive, but the name of Jesus Christ. Just the fact that His name is still in existence, should validate the fact that He is who He claims to be. The beginning and the end. “His kingdom shall have no end.”

There is only one messiah and one way, though many have claimed to be, ‘the one.’ God gave specific signs to mankind and His word, authored by His spirit, so that we would know, who He is. I’m sure our God, who created us, is not so wimpy that He could not also be the perfect editor, to make sure that His book was perfectly written, so that it was handed down through the generations, to point to our messiah and we would know who this one is. If we our confused, the problem is not with God, then it is with us. The biggest problem is that we our always trying to find the loophole.

Just read the first part of Jude. He tells us to “contend for the faith. For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.” (v4)

This is the blog link if you’d like to read his reasons for “leaving his religion” and this is my response. Perhaps you will agree with him or  maybe the Lord will pierce your heart and cause you to seek the Truth like He di with me and show me that life is not an end and it is extremely important to find out now. Don’t leave anything to chance.


Santo Jude said 4 days ago:


You said 4 days ago:

Hello Be,
In response to your post. I too had lost my religion at one time and returned. This is why God is such a loving God and not the wrathful God that you think He is. We are the ones that are the “prodigal sons and daughters.” You may want to revisit your ideas once again and search for truth.
He tells us that “when we search for Him with all of our hearts, He will be found by us.”
“Imaginary” or not, as you believe, when we die, it’s important enough for you to find out what comes next.
You found it important enough to follow something for most of your life.
Jesus, did fulfill every prophesy ever written. Look at what the prphet Isaiah had written, approximately 500 years before Jesus arrived, in Isaiah 54. Everything he spoke about the coming messiah, Jesus had fulfilled and this was to point to the messiah, so that the nation of Israel knew that this was their messiah. Only a remnant would truly know this, since so many people would have passed through claiming to be ‘th one.’ Just as we have those today. This is why God wants us to search for Him and to worship Him ‘In spirit and in truth.”
Christians “do not walk around with the weight of guilt.” We walk around with the conviction of the Holy Spirit and this is what keeps us in check. There is a big difference.
It is the people that are not in Christ that walk around in guilt, because they have nothing to guide them. A ship without a rudder.
The Holy Spirit is the only one that restrains man from evil in this world.
You are not the only one to question the methods of God and truth does not change, just because man decides to question it’s authenticity.
God is who He says He is, He does not change.
When I decided to ask questions, I read books and searched for answers. Each time I came up empty. Nothing offered a hope of redemption for mankind and it was a sad ending.
One day I turned on the television and heard a man speaking by the name of Josh McDowell. He was an attorney that stated, he had decided to write a book to disprove the resurrection. He wanted to finally put this to rest. He assumed that you could prove that this never happened in a court of law.
Well, as you can imagine, this man became a believer. He was so amazed by the amount of evidence to support the claims of Jesus Christ, that in a court, he could be tried and convicted, of dying and resurrecting from the dead.
After, collecting all of his evidence, he wrote two books, Evidence That Demands A Verdict.
I ran out and bought the books. Needless to say. I didn’t have to have to get through the first book, to find that what I had heard as a child in Sunday school, was true, and I was amazed by the simplicity of it all!
I pray that you will find the truth as well and see the Lord as I did, as a loving God with His arms, opened wide, waiting for you to return.
Not a God that is waiting for us to screw up and punish us. His blood was shed for us so that we could be forgiven and enter into a relationship. Don’t run from Him, but to Him. He’s waiting for you.