The Power In His Name!

After watching this video, I was impressed with the calm demeanor of the store clerk. It was clear  that she has a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit was guiding her as she witnessed to the man.

The “power made perfect,” only takes hold as we lay our own lives down for another. She was more concerned about this man and his soul, than her own life. The Lord tells us, “Whoever loses their life for my sake, shall find it.”

His name is powerful. It is “the name above every name by which man can be saved.” This man knew this and became remorseful about his actions. The conviction of the Holy Spirit fell on him, in that moment that this young girls unconditional love, began to pour out. This is the drink of water that this man needed.

Yes, he could get the money for his rent, and he would need it again. The water from the well, which Jesus Christ spoke about. But, as He said, “When you drink of the water, which I can give, you will never thirst again.” Indeed, whether rich or poor, there just is no satisfying sin. It desires more and more and you become a vacant pit, which cannot be filled.

Jesus Christ comes to each of us, to speak this. You can be at the pinnacle of success, and still be empty. You can be this man, about to lose your home, and be desperate enough to destroy another person. In the end, both will be left with nothing.

The girls words, “The Lord is returning soon!” Her pleading with this man for his soul. It was so incredibly touching to watch. How she longed for him to turn to the Savior. Isn’t this what the Lord asks from us? To speak the message and to be bold! No backing down.

Even if this man was thrown into prison, he has a choice to be free. By the same token, even a man who is living in luxury, may be in prison. The only one who can change this for us is Jesus Christ. He is The Way, The Truth, and the Life. And those who know The Truth, shall be free indeed!”