“The Purpose Driven Life”

We are but the clay, and He is the potter.

We are but the clay, and He is the potter.

Yes, all the suffering, the molding, the shaping and in the end the furnace of affliction This is to make us the end product, the finished piece of art that the Master has created. Yet during the whole process we ask, why? Why must I suffer so much? We don’t see it. We don’t see the end to the beginning, as the potter does. The creative process and know what only He has in store for this lump of clay. Am I to be a vessel of honor for His use?

“Does the clay say to the potter, what are you making?”(Isaiah 45:9) Yet, we do this on a daily basis. But we must look and wonder at it all in amazement as I am now.

I am in the spiritual battle of my life and look at my past. Dreams that I had since I was quite young. Always knowing that I had a unique calling, yet not quite understanding it. I had an understanding of the end times before I ever read the words in scripture because of the dreams given to me and even in my own personal life.

The darkness that I’ve been up against. It is not just an earthly fight we are in and it is a terribly difficult thing that most men will never understand. Some men will go through their lives with only a natural understanding of things, even though they have a spirit. They will never know how to war against these spirits. The battle has already been lost.

As long as they don’t believe, these men will mock the true believers, yet they are the ones that run and hide when the true battle lines are drawn.They fear the toothless lions. They are not the lion of Judah. The King of Kings.My favorite scripture, “the wicked flee though no man pursues them, yet the righteous are as bold as a lion!” It’s a spiritual truth. Those that are in darkness will always hide. They never confront. They are cowards afraid of truth. The righteous ones have no need to hide, therefore, they will confront the darkness with honor and integrity. They have no fear, because the Lord is their strength.”If the Lord is for me, who can stand against me?”

Now I have been battling, and the Lord is my guide against these foul spirits and He has told me that an end will come soon. He will align me with someone that will represent Himself. A picture of David in scripture. He was a picture of the Lord. A man that was not afraid of Goliath, although all of the warriors of Israel were afraid.

I thought I had seen him many times but I was wrong. All of them afraid of the little dragon, pretending to roar.Some of them too arrogant to be the one chosen. One man was so arrogant and such a bully, that I knew he was the exact opposite of what God would have wanted in His plan. “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” I always considered the choice of David in the plan and this man was immediately exempted.

The one thing I know is that many men live out their lives and have fulfilling careers, they have reached the pinnacle of power, amassed great fortunes and fame, but only a small amount in this life can actually attest to the fact that they have fulfilled their destiny.

Even when the Lord chose His disciples, He actually had chosen hundreds.(John 6:53) That’s right, a lot of people think about the 12, but they don’t know about all of them that left after thinking Jesus was a lunatic asking them to become cannibals.When He began speaking about the eating of His body and drinking of His blood, they immediately thought Him to be speaking in literal terms once again, rather than spiritual, which is where everyone seemed to get hung up.  Jesus always spoke in spiritual terms when addressing people. This is what divided the masses and He was left with the remnant. No doubt this is what is being spoken about me and many other believers as the dark forces come against us.

The fact of the matter is, “many are called, few are chosen.” As I said before and I will say it again, when I have made decisions in my life that all of the other sheep have not made, I always take the narrow road, the road that does not lead to destruction. You can choose to go the other way if you’d like, but I follow Christ. So if you want the narrow way, “imitate me as I imitate Christ.” It is the way that lead to eternal life. Yes, the enemy makes it seems as if it is destructive, for a short time, but his is the one that leads to destruction.

Now, the Lord has spoken very clearly to me. I have all of His power behind me and the gates of hell shall not prevail against me. This is why the enemy is running scared. Whoever the Lord partners with me in my quest for truth, shall not fail.

The hand of God is with him and they shall succeed at whatever they do. They will fulfill the destiny that God has mapped out for them because the Bible is a loop of history and I know my role and the role of the one who has been called. Of course the most important strategy of the enemy of your soul is that you never understand or realize your destiny.

I have been knocking, seeking, and asking, and waiting patiently as the Lord waits to reveal who David is to me. I do know that when Samuel went to Jesse’s house to anoint him, he did not find him among any of his sons, but out with the sheep, doing the work of a true shepherd and this man will not look the part. As the Lord told Samuel, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” David was in the fields, getting his hands dirty, yet he was anointed to rule as king. He never flaunted his credentials. He spent time with the sheep, protecting them and later he did the same thing in the army and with the people. A true picture of Christ.

Blessed is the one who answers the calling and destiny that the Lord has for his life! He will succeed in everything he does and the Lord will uncover everything that has been hidden and nothing can stand against him! He’s part of this plan to set the captives free!