The Wheat and the Tares

I spoke with someone the other day and was shocked once again that he would say the things that he had said yet so many years later to make me question his own salvation.

After being in the word of God and in church listening to the teachings out of the same bible that I read, he told me that a woman that we knew had to be a believer because she “listened to Christian tapes and teachings and the word doesn’t return void. At some point, he said, conviction has to fall.” Well, that simply is not true.

Conviction comes from the Holy Spirit and we know that only those that have the Holy Spirit living in them, will be truly convicted as the read and hear the word. Yes, it is true that “God’s word does not return void, but He speaks that it goes out to the ones that are “intended to hear it.”

The Lord is very clear on this point, if your house is swept clean and not filled, then those same spirits that originally abides in that house, will return only seven times worse. We know this to be demonic entities, since we have a human spirit and when He speaks of seven times worse, it must mean that we are filled with other spirits other than our own human spirit. They are allowed to take up residence in us, if we open the door to them. The only thing that keeps this door shut is the blood of Christ covering the doorpost of our hearts.

Now, the baptism is another discussion I had with this man. I told him that I couldn’t believe that he didn’t speak to his loved ones about the need to “repent and be baptised.” The scriptures are clear. Repentance is the first priority. There is no reversing the order in this exercise or it is a futile endeavor.

John the Baptist lost his head because of his refusal to back down. He looked right at Herod as he passed by in his chariot with his adulterous woman and stated, “you need to repent! You are sleeping with your brother’s wife!” I’m sure that did not go over too well and eventually this same woman plotted to have his head on a platter for a birthday gift.

I feel the same thing happening to me because I love these people in my life and am in great fear of what is about to come upon this earth. I have grief for their souls and they are once again hiding in the church and when the Lord returns they will not be in the place of favor. Yet when I try to tell them the truth, it is turned around that I am saying this because I have bitterness and anger.

This is simply not true. I have a sense of urgency as I look upon this earth and fear what is about to be the final harvest. The Lord shows me things that I have known since I was young. Then enemy of mankind tries to stop the people of God from speaking the truth, but we are not to back down because it is an incovenient truth. The suffering for the gospel has always been known.

You can listen to all the tapes you want, and carry your bible and go to church, but if your still lying then how is that lining up with the word of God. The Lord says that “a mans heart is wicked and deceitful above all things, who can know it?” So you see, even your own heart can lie to you. Only the word of God can be your barometer to guide you. This is why you must line everything up to His word.

If you state that you are walking in His word, yet you are still lying about things in your life, then the truth is not in you. One of the Lords names is The Truth. He says that if we know Him, we will be like Him. Our waist should be buckled with the belt of truth.

Now how are we to be a witness to those around us that do not know Christ if we are not walking in truth? They are not accountable if they don’t know the truth, however, if we say we know the truth and do not do what the word says, then we are held accountable.

The Lord tells us the story of the last days when the final harvest is gathered up into bundles. He speaks of the wheat and the tares growing together. He allows them to grow together, undisturbed. The difference between wheat and tares is basically nothing by appearance. But the tares do not produce fruit. They are useless.

On this last day they shall be pulled up from the roots and bundled up and thrown into the fire. My question has always been; do you think that the tares know that they are tares? Or are they so self-deceived that they also think they are the wheat? I’ve tried to witness to this man that seems to keep returning to the darkness and I can’t seem to get through to him. I am shocked more today at his response than I have ever been before. He should know more now about the Lord than he did 20 years ago and now he is leading others down the same road of destruction.

All I can say as a reminder is that Christ told us to be very careful. Ravenous wolves have entered amoung the sheep. And Satan himself appears as an angel of light in order to deceive.

If Judas was in the very first church, then it makes sense that their will be many Judas’s in the very last church and only the wheat will be able to distinguish them from the rest. We must be on our guard as scripture clearly told us. They come to pervert the gospel for their own lusts and they are destructive, divisive and cruel.They should be winning souls to Christ, but instead they are robbing, killing, destroying, gossiping, slandering and keeping the very people that need to know Christ from entering in.

My only prayer is that they may see the error of their ways before they take their last breath or the Lord returns. I know the time is short and I must be about my Father’s business. There is a difference between speaking the truth and turning someone from there sin and trying to destroy someone out of evil motivation. For this we will all give account to be sure.

Always look to the last days for your reference in the bible, because my friends, we are truly in them, whether you want to believe it or not. I have studied this long enough to know. The message has always been the same and as I have said many times in the last book of Malachi the spirit of John the Baptist is on the earth today, through the Lord’s people and he is speaking the same message, “repent and turn to the Lord, for the kingdom of God is at hand!”

For those who would try to discredit me or this message, you will stand before the Lord and give account, not before me. I don’t speak this message because of malice, but my compulsion to do so and if you feel anger, then let it be anger to turn away from what you are doing that grieves the Holy Spirit, just as I did in my own life.

“For we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but are justified freely by the grace brought by Jesus Christ. (Romans 3:23)

This is the grace offered to all of us through the attonement of the cross. It’s up to each of us to accept it and then to stay filled, by our witness and walking in truth and our witness. Remember the Holy Spirit was given to us for us to be witnesses and it is one of the signs that we are filled with His power. If we are not overcoming sin and it’s stronghold in our life, we must question where we are standing when the final curtain is drawn to a close.

I just told my son after going to church that I wanted to show him the difference between going to church and being the church After we left we headed down the street to a ministry that I had to people with aids. We visited with some people in the house they lived in and he saw a man that we had known and he drew him a picture and it was so sweet. Then as we passed a young woman said, “don’t smoke in front of those people, they’re church people.” I thought this humorous, since nothing we had was pointing to us being church people. No bibles, no robes. Just average woman, little boy and my special needs brother. I pointed this out to my son. I said this was funny that she should make this remark and that the Lord would not care about this. Yet she had to see something spritual. I thought of how the Lord said, “it is not the outside of a cup that makes one dirty.” This woman may have been cleaner on the inside than many in the church that I had just come from. The respect she had for the spirit of the Lord, made me take pause. How many people are like that inside the church?

When the demon possessed man ran to Jesus, it stated that the demons cried out, “have you come to torment us before our time?” We know that demon have no desire to run to Jesus, but away from Him. So it was the man that ran to Him, but the demon in him cried out. They were tormented at His sight. They begged Jesus to send them anywhere else and he did. Into a group of pigs that ran off the side of a mountain and drown. The man was finally free.

These people are all begging for freedom and it comes in the name of the Lord. I then asked my son, “Do you think it would be easier to get these people into a car and bring them to a church, or to come in here and speak to them about what the Lord has done for them?” Of course I knew the answer. And then I said, And when you read the bible, where do you think you will find Jesus spent most of His time? In the temple, or in places like this?

This is exactly where Jesus was. You would find him in fellowship with these people and they would cry out to Him for help. When He entered the temple, He was usually persecuted by His own people because they were competing for their knowledge of the Law and they never got beyond those walls to let others know there was freedom in the Messiah.

So now we know, truth, who is Jesus, is freedom and unless you are walking in truth, you really cannot be free. You cannot have it both ways. You can’t be living a lie and walking in truth. In these last days, as we enter a critical stage of history, God demands total honesty and truth and he wants us to be free so that Satan has no power over our lives.

“The one that the Son sets free, is free indeed.”