No Child Left Behind….

I was so sad to hear about the suicide of another person yesterday. Russell Armstrong, a Hollywood celebrity. Yet there are so many others, which receive little or no attention.

My eyes  immediately drawn,  to the sweet, little girl who seemed to be gazing out of the television at me. Her eyes, so full of life and promise. Her daddy and mommy at her side. A total secure package.  Oh, the pain that is in store for her. I could only think. Her life will probably be full of more pain than she can imagine, or even begin to understand. She will probably not make the connection to this, single violent act.

Without a constant attention to her spirit, she will probably take the blame in some way. Feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem, which attach themselves to children of suicide. I can’t even imagine, if there have been any studies, in this area. Yet, I’m quite sure, that I am not the only one who has had to struggle most of my life as a result.

Picture after picture, I have in my mind, of these children. Yes, I have gone to many funerals, of friends, who have died in this way. I always look at their children. The pain in their faces. I can see it, when others cannot. They think they are hiding, but the stoic looks, only make it more convincing. The act is only holding up long enough until the cracks begin to show.

I have a picture of my friend’s son. There he was, wearing his father’s baseball cap. Long hair. He looked just like his father. My friend had shot himself. Now, we are all together at the wake.  All the adults, moving around his son, like shadows. I know how he felt. Invisible. The  thoughts in his head as he heard people comment, “Oh, he looks just like his father!” “Well, that’s great. My dad left, and all I got was a baseball cap!” Yes, I’m sure, he has grief, but he has a lot of anger. I’m sure he wishes people would stop comparing him to his father, right now. He’s angry that his father has abandoned him. He’s thinking, “If I had a son, I sure wouldnt’ do to him, what my father did to me!”

And it isn’t just someone who has committed the act. I believe just being in a home long enough, with the threats of a suicidal person, is a powerful tool, in the destruction of a child’s psyche.

My mother reminded me of something as we were discussing this. “Yes, remember when I had to call the police when your father and I were together, because he had a noose, he made with a cord, in the basement. He said he was going to kill himself?” “Yes, I do remember that.” I said. Yet, I must have been only about 5 years old.

I also remembered an argument they were having, and my father included me. “Oh, don’t be so stupid,” my mother said. “Suicide means to kill yourself!” “No, it doesn’t, does it?” Then he looked at me to give an answer. Of course he was completely drunk, as he usually was.

She said, “Remember when he locked me out of the house and he wouldn’t allow you kids to let me in?” “Yes, I remember that as well,” I said. These are vivid memories, I have. If you think your children don’t recall events, and they aren’t watching, you are wrong. The see and feel much more than you can imagine. To watch at the door, and cry, as my father locked my mother out of my house. He screamed at us, to leave her out on the porch, or we would be beaten. Yet, I was the oldest, and I’m not sure how much my siblings remember, of these events.

Their fighting escalated until they eventually split. That’s why, I knew his suicidal tendencies, had never really left him. He had just taken them to someone else’s home. He made sure to share the burden with me though.

And now, I think, what a devastation this is to our society. To do this to our children. What about “No Child Left Behind” How about these children? Does anyone ever try to deal with this great epidemic? We have therapy for the rest of our lives, to deal with the craziness, we have inherited. I’ve always said it; people go to therapists to learn how to cope with the crazy people, who refuse to go!

Then I started to realize, after reading a blog; Yes, I believe the lack of my father’s influence in my life has been a pivotal role in choices I’ve made. But more importantly, I believe the short amount of time he did spend in my life was so critical to my development, that either for  in a positive or a negative way, his behaviors, shaped my life.

My father and mother divorced, when I was only five, but the rest of my life, I can look back until he left, and see, that I did, indeed, choose men like him. I did seek approval and would swing from one extreme to another in my life. I had a wan ed  love and remained in relationships, even while being abused. How did I know what love was? I had only seen it between my mother and father. And that is what I witnessed.

I would become cold and detached. Without a desire to allow anyone too close, for fear of rejection. At times, using men, as though they could be discarded. This was an easy way out. No one could hurt me.  At one moment, the obedient child, and the next, full of rebellion. Testing everyone’s limits. How much can you take? What will it take to drive you out of my life? Then, when it finally happens, that’s all the proof that I need. You’re just like my father. You didn’t really love me, anyway.

I always thought I would never let anyone treat me the way my father treated my mother. But in one form or another….I did. When I look back and see that my ex-husband also, threatened suicide many times, and I was heartbroken to see my daughter’s fear in her eyes. I was sad to think, I allowed this. He was so convinced that I gave him his identity, that he would use this against me. When we had been  married, he was outside of our marriage, and when I wanted out, he couldn’t be more in. He would manipulate me, with threats of suicide,  in the same way that my father did to my mother. But then, why wouldn’t he? I picked him for this reason, didn’t I?

Yes, I am starting to realize, that unless this pattern is  broken somewhere and we see the damage left behind, by this selfish act, we will continue to hurt our children. And they will hurt their’s. We will pass this  down, one generation to another.

I have heard those lies spoken in my head. That you cannot break free. You are your parents. But I know this isn’t true. Jesus Christ has told me, I am a new creation. He’s shown me that the past can be changed. “recreated, if you will.” I am not a product of my past. I do not have to be held hostage to this curse.

I feel such compassion for these children and adults, who have lost their parents to such an act. It is something we cannot comprehend. On one hand, we feel rage at their selfishness, and on the other, we have such grief at the tremendous despair, they must have felt. But I think the one feeling, all of us deal with, which is the most difficult , is guilt. Oh, I know. It is not ours to carry. Yet, whether as an adult, or as a child, we all feel, if there was just  something we could have done or said, we could have prevented this. Or perhaps it was something we did. It doesn’t matter. We will find a way to carry this load.

Th is where the Lord came in to my life to remind me it is His burden. If I would only let Him carry this. He is the only one who can. Yes, I find myself taking it back, many times, only to have the Lord speak to me through some kind soul.  I have found that in my deepest grief, when I cry out to the Father, He reminds me over and over again, He is the Father to the fatherless.

It is not to say both mother and daughter are not equally important, but the Lord has shown me that He placed the Father as the head of the household, to be an example. And we have all been broken because of the absence of his presence.

No matter the reason, divorce or death; every child needs a Father’s love. It is imperative for healthy development. And it is the gift we can keep on giving.

I called my ex-husband and told him, that no matter what has happened, our children love him unconditionally. I reminded him that I have been so hurt my whole life, as a result of the loss of my own father. And he can change things for his children. He still has time to change the course of events. He thanked me and I believe he understands. Our mistakes, are not their mistakes. To them, we are their parents, and they love us in spite of ourselves.

Now I am praying that I can use my pain and touch the lives of so many others. I know His promises. He has told me that “by His stripes I AM healed.”  It is not ‘past tense.’ He is a “very present help in our time of trouble.”  So I refuse to allow the darkness to surround me. I am fighting against it. I have the sword of truth, and I will strike down every lie.

Just today the two repair men came by. Well, there really two angels, disguised as repairmen. They reminded me that I am a daughter of the King of all Kings, and I cannot entertain the lies of the enemy. They said, “don’t let him steal your joy and every good thing that the Lord has planned for you.”

Once again, the Lord sends His messengers, to lift me up. I realized, that although my earthly father is gone, my heavenly Father’s hand is always holding me.

“And in the end, I will send  the prophet Elijah, before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.” Malachi 4:5

Honor Your Parents

Baptisms 001

a son and his father











I had been given a revelation of this very important commandment by my pastor in a teaching once. I wondered why I had never noticed it before. It’s the only commandment with a blessing attached to it. The Fifth Commandment which states, “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you. Some translations say, “so that things may go well with you and you may live long upon the earth.” (Exodus 20:12)

Either translation pretty much tells you that it is a blessing that is dependent upon our own respect for our parents. It also does not state that this is a conditional blessing. Meaning, our parents do not earn this honor. We just honor them regardless. I’m not saying that if they have done something terrible, we condone this. I’m saying that honor, is just given as a choice by will.

If we look at this commandment then we must believe that conversely, by not giving honor to our parents, that things will not go well with us.

I remember being in a heated argument with my mother when I was a teenager and I lifted my hand as if to slap her. I was held back, supernaturally. I knew this was impossible and I alway felt grief knowing that I dishonored her to even bring my hand up. After this we have had many arguments and they always end up with me apologizing and telling her that there is no excuse for me disrespecting her.

Now something else the Lord showed me that I found very beautiful. It filled my heart since I was also a stepparent dealing with many parenting issues. As so many people have extended families, Christ did not differentiate.

One day I was reading the account of Christ’s crucifixtion and I was rereading the episode of Christ assigning John to His mother, at the foot of the cross. Why would He do this, I wondered. Here He is, dying, and yet, He finds this very important to make sure this last lesson is taught. Usually last words spoken from a dying man tend to be the most important. This is when I thought of my own life and realized that Christ was trying to tell all of us that His own blood is what makes us one family. It is not the fact that we are born into a family. Right there at the foot of the cross. So we know that once we give our lives to Christ, we are all one. This was the reason that “not a bone of His was broken.” It was to show that the family of God is intact. One body.

So, we know also that to “Honor our father and mother,” also extends to our spiritual father and mother’s. Anyone that is within the body of Christ and has a part in our spiritual upbringing.

Now my own father did many things that hurt me during my life, yet I knew he was full of hurt in his own life. He never had many chances in life. I had a lot of compassion for him. I never was angry with him. If my father ever had to earn any honor, well, it just would be impossible. But if we had to earn honor with the Lord, wouldn’t that also be impossible? How can we hold our parents to a standard that we can’t keep?

I know there are some parents that are just jerks. I’ve met them. They can’t help it. But don’t rob yourself of your own blessing. Honor them and that doesn’t mean you have to hang out with them. Just don’t live with regrets.

I think that the Lord must believe that this commandment is pretty important since it is one of the things that the prophet Malachi speaks will take place before the return of the Lord. (Malachi 4:5)

Prophetic Dreams

So young and with no clue!

So young and with no clue!

It was a few years before this time in my life, that I had the dream.

The dream that would stay with me. So profound was this dream, that upon awaking from it, I somehow knew it was unique. One of the primary reasons that I knew this, was because I had remembered every detail and it was so powerful that I have thought of this daily. It seemed to be a picture of the end time events and my role as well.

I had gone out the day before with a group of girlfriends. Wild as we were, we went to the lakefront in Milwaukee to hang out with other hippies. We called this part of the lakefront, adjacent to Lake Michigan, The Site. It hosted bands all throughout the summer months into the fall. It was a favorite hangout for hippies and budding musicians and poets. I had been going there since I was about 13.

I’ll never forget my first visit. I was at the beach with my mom and my siblings and I heard music playing. I decided to ditch them for a little while and go to investigate. I saw a crowd of people standing around and listening to a band called, Sigmend Snopek III. It’s funny now that I remember this. The guy playing the guitar was looking at me and smiling in a flirty way. I was a bit surprised at this since I was probably about 5 years too young for him. It was about 1972. It was flattering, however, and I had a real love for this kind of music. It seemed to be almost cult-like. They gave me an album and members of the band signed it.

Wow! What a great place. It sure beats hanging out with my kid brother’s and sister.

My mom finally decided it was time to go and since she didn’t have a car, we were going to take the bus. It’s funny I don’t remember how we arrived, but it must have been by the same mode of transportation. My poor mom. She had to try to keep all of her kids together and take public transportation with all of us. My youngest brother, Chris, also had cerebral palsy to boot. Now I can look back at my single mom with so much admiration for her accomplishments. She moved mountains, just to take us on a day trip somewhere.

As we walked down the streets on the East Side, I observed every detail. The smells of head shops with incense and patchouli filled the air. The East side, was synonymous with hippies and probably still is to this day. It was upper class on the lakefront and middle-class hippie, on the East side. The dichotomy was striking and yet had a quaintness to it all. Not at all like the crack neighborhoods you find today.

I looked up as we stood at the bus stop and heard a loud yelling from across the street. Right in front of us a patron was being tossed out on the stairs of the pub, named Hooligan’s. They weren’t joking. This was some kind of hooligan being tossed out to the curb and I wondered why they could advertise their name so boldly, only to toss on of the mascot’s out the door. Hmm, I noted to myself, “when I’m old enough, I’m certainly going to check out that place.”

Well, I sure did and it wasn’t any different from that day. My friends and I loved this part of town and this is where we usually went to hang out. I made a regular stop at ‘The Tracks,’ and when I turned 18, I had a birthday celebration there. Much to the surprise of the bouncer, Rich, who had become a very good friend of mine. “What?! You are just turning 18 now?” I’ll never forget being able to pull that one off for so long. The Tracks had a barber chair and it was so small you could barely turn around, but we loved the place, because any body that was anyone, hung out there. And anyone to us was, of course, all the cool people by our standards! Each year, we looked forward with anticipation, to The Tracks picnic. Rich and his cohorts tried with persistence, to get me drunk enough to enter the ‘wet t-shirt’ contest, to no avail. Girls would get up on the picnic tables while the hippies and bikers would stand around hooting and hollering and a bartender would dump pitchers of water on each ones white t-shirt. As you can imagine, it was only one step from being topless and most of the girls would oblige the screams of “Take it off!” No matter how drunk I got, I wasn’t going to do it.

I still remember meetind Mr. Fred Schultz and having a conversation with him in the bar one night.He told me his wife could give me weight training instruction. He was a cop that hung out here and we talked for a long time. He seemed to be a nice guy, even though he was constantly trying to impress me.  What a surprise to find out a few years later that his wife was no other than, Larencia Bembenec, or nicknamed, ‘Bambi.’ Yes,  anyone  around in the 80’s heard of her. She was the one accused of murdering the ex-wife and she also escaped from prison and was captured in Canada. The ‘kelly green’ jogging suit was the big news in her case and I swear everyone went out and bought one after that news hit the press. I personally thought she was innocent and this husband of hers turned out to be quite a scoundrel, but hey, he was a cop. He had friends.

Back to the point of my story; I came home from that evening of spending it with my friends and we were all in bad shape. I won’t elaborate, but to say that I fell asleep and had a dream that night. It spoke to me in ways that defined my future.

When I woke from this I felt as if I couldn’t breath. I tried to walk to the bathroom and felt myself almost falling into the door jam. I prayed “please God, don’t let me die.” I was not of any kind of strong faith, but I knew God had something to do with this.

I realized as I pondered the dream that God was not finished with me and I believe He was just showing me my future and the  need to be alert. He showed me my calling and destiny.

This was the dream; I remembered the whole earth was without light. I saw that there was no sun and I looked up to see a planet so close, it seemed I could reach out and touch it. There were a few people standing with me at the time. There were no lights to see as if it was all power sources terminated.

I heard a voice speak, seeming to come from this planet. It said, “prepare the people. Tell them not to take anything with them. Tell them to board the train and not to take anything with them.”

I nodded, as if I knew exactly what he was saying and began to fulfill my duties per command.

I would go to people and tell them, “you need to get on that train. Don’t take anything. Just go with your families.”

I saw others doing what I was doing in making these announcements to the masses. As people were boarding the trains, I realized that it was nearing the end of my duties and it was time for me to board the train. I did so and arrived in the station.

Next, I went into a very tall building. It was like a tower. I got on the elevator and went to the very top. As I stepped out, I walked into a room and it seemed as if I knew a group of people were going to be there. I looked out the window and it overlooked the railroad yard.

I watched the very last train arriving in the station. At this moment I started to speak excitedly, “He’s coming, He’s coming!” Everyone else in the room also started to repeat this. The excitement was building as if we were chanting, “He’s coming, He’s coming!”

At this moment, I looked toward the east and saw the horizon. The brightest light I have ever seen, began to come up over the horizon. It was brighter than the light of the sun, and with each inch that it rose, our excitement rose with it. It was as if all of us knew, this was the “He,” that we had been expecting.

When the light was at its brightest right above us, I awoke from my dream. This is when I was so awestruck that I tried to stumble from my bed. I knew that this was different.

As the years have gone by, I have had people who are gifted in the prophetic, interpret this dream for me. I haven’t needed to much help, since it’s pretty clear and when I became a believer, the Lord also gifted me with ‘interpretation of dreams.”

Once I realized that my gifts and calling are for evangelism, I could understand the dream of “telling people to prepare.” I became a believer shortly after becoming a flight attendant and this would also seem to indicate the symbolism in the trains. I was to secure a job in the transportation industry, at the time of this end time scenario.

I was at the very end, when I boarded this train myself and then found myself in the tower. A person told me that the upward trip in the elevator, symbolized the ‘rapture.’ It has also symbolized, to me, the fact that I have been involved with the people at the very top at the time of this return.

It is obvious that “He’s coming, He’s coming,” is in reference to the Lord. He is also referred to as the “bright and morning star, brighter than the sun.”

I believe that the Lord gave me a glimpse of His glory at a time in my life when I was in total darkness. It has been unbelievable to see these things playing out.

The Lord tells us that it is “more difficult for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to get to heaven.” However, He does not say it’s impossible. In fact He tells us that “All things are possible with God.”

So, I know that my purpose and calling are clear and my career has not been my choice, but His, in order to fulfill His purposes. It will be His choice if I decide to go, but I don’t believe that was in my dream.

So ‘stand by’ and watch what the Lord is doing. Pay attention to your dreams as well because He tells us through Peter reminds us of the “coming of His spirit. “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my spirit on all people.Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams, Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days.

I will show wonders in the heaven above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke, The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.

And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!”

Acts 2;17-20

The Wheat and the Tares

I spoke with someone the other day and was shocked once again that he would say the things that he had said yet so many years later to make me question his own salvation.

After being in the word of God and in church listening to the teachings out of the same bible that I read, he told me that a woman that we knew had to be a believer because she “listened to Christian tapes and teachings and the word doesn’t return void. At some point, he said, conviction has to fall.” Well, that simply is not true.

Conviction comes from the Holy Spirit and we know that only those that have the Holy Spirit living in them, will be truly convicted as the read and hear the word. Yes, it is true that “God’s word does not return void, but He speaks that it goes out to the ones that are “intended to hear it.”

The Lord is very clear on this point, if your house is swept clean and not filled, then those same spirits that originally abides in that house, will return only seven times worse. We know this to be demonic entities, since we have a human spirit and when He speaks of seven times worse, it must mean that we are filled with other spirits other than our own human spirit. They are allowed to take up residence in us, if we open the door to them. The only thing that keeps this door shut is the blood of Christ covering the doorpost of our hearts.

Now, the baptism is another discussion I had with this man. I told him that I couldn’t believe that he didn’t speak to his loved ones about the need to “repent and be baptised.” The scriptures are clear. Repentance is the first priority. There is no reversing the order in this exercise or it is a futile endeavor.

John the Baptist lost his head because of his refusal to back down. He looked right at Herod as he passed by in his chariot with his adulterous woman and stated, “you need to repent! You are sleeping with your brother’s wife!” I’m sure that did not go over too well and eventually this same woman plotted to have his head on a platter for a birthday gift.

I feel the same thing happening to me because I love these people in my life and am in great fear of what is about to come upon this earth. I have grief for their souls and they are once again hiding in the church and when the Lord returns they will not be in the place of favor. Yet when I try to tell them the truth, it is turned around that I am saying this because I have bitterness and anger.

This is simply not true. I have a sense of urgency as I look upon this earth and fear what is about to be the final harvest. The Lord shows me things that I have known since I was young. Then enemy of mankind tries to stop the people of God from speaking the truth, but we are not to back down because it is an incovenient truth. The suffering for the gospel has always been known.

You can listen to all the tapes you want, and carry your bible and go to church, but if your still lying then how is that lining up with the word of God. The Lord says that “a mans heart is wicked and deceitful above all things, who can know it?” So you see, even your own heart can lie to you. Only the word of God can be your barometer to guide you. This is why you must line everything up to His word.

If you state that you are walking in His word, yet you are still lying about things in your life, then the truth is not in you. One of the Lords names is The Truth. He says that if we know Him, we will be like Him. Our waist should be buckled with the belt of truth.

Now how are we to be a witness to those around us that do not know Christ if we are not walking in truth? They are not accountable if they don’t know the truth, however, if we say we know the truth and do not do what the word says, then we are held accountable.

The Lord tells us the story of the last days when the final harvest is gathered up into bundles. He speaks of the wheat and the tares growing together. He allows them to grow together, undisturbed. The difference between wheat and tares is basically nothing by appearance. But the tares do not produce fruit. They are useless.

On this last day they shall be pulled up from the roots and bundled up and thrown into the fire. My question has always been; do you think that the tares know that they are tares? Or are they so self-deceived that they also think they are the wheat? I’ve tried to witness to this man that seems to keep returning to the darkness and I can’t seem to get through to him. I am shocked more today at his response than I have ever been before. He should know more now about the Lord than he did 20 years ago and now he is leading others down the same road of destruction.

All I can say as a reminder is that Christ told us to be very careful. Ravenous wolves have entered amoung the sheep. And Satan himself appears as an angel of light in order to deceive.

If Judas was in the very first church, then it makes sense that their will be many Judas’s in the very last church and only the wheat will be able to distinguish them from the rest. We must be on our guard as scripture clearly told us. They come to pervert the gospel for their own lusts and they are destructive, divisive and cruel.They should be winning souls to Christ, but instead they are robbing, killing, destroying, gossiping, slandering and keeping the very people that need to know Christ from entering in.

My only prayer is that they may see the error of their ways before they take their last breath or the Lord returns. I know the time is short and I must be about my Father’s business. There is a difference between speaking the truth and turning someone from there sin and trying to destroy someone out of evil motivation. For this we will all give account to be sure.

Always look to the last days for your reference in the bible, because my friends, we are truly in them, whether you want to believe it or not. I have studied this long enough to know. The message has always been the same and as I have said many times in the last book of Malachi the spirit of John the Baptist is on the earth today, through the Lord’s people and he is speaking the same message, “repent and turn to the Lord, for the kingdom of God is at hand!”

For those who would try to discredit me or this message, you will stand before the Lord and give account, not before me. I don’t speak this message because of malice, but my compulsion to do so and if you feel anger, then let it be anger to turn away from what you are doing that grieves the Holy Spirit, just as I did in my own life.

“For we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but are justified freely by the grace brought by Jesus Christ. (Romans 3:23)

This is the grace offered to all of us through the attonement of the cross. It’s up to each of us to accept it and then to stay filled, by our witness and walking in truth and our witness. Remember the Holy Spirit was given to us for us to be witnesses and it is one of the signs that we are filled with His power. If we are not overcoming sin and it’s stronghold in our life, we must question where we are standing when the final curtain is drawn to a close.

I just told my son after going to church that I wanted to show him the difference between going to church and being the church After we left we headed down the street to a ministry that I had to people with aids. We visited with some people in the house they lived in and he saw a man that we had known and he drew him a picture and it was so sweet. Then as we passed a young woman said, “don’t smoke in front of those people, they’re church people.” I thought this humorous, since nothing we had was pointing to us being church people. No bibles, no robes. Just average woman, little boy and my special needs brother. I pointed this out to my son. I said this was funny that she should make this remark and that the Lord would not care about this. Yet she had to see something spritual. I thought of how the Lord said, “it is not the outside of a cup that makes one dirty.” This woman may have been cleaner on the inside than many in the church that I had just come from. The respect she had for the spirit of the Lord, made me take pause. How many people are like that inside the church?

When the demon possessed man ran to Jesus, it stated that the demons cried out, “have you come to torment us before our time?” We know that demon have no desire to run to Jesus, but away from Him. So it was the man that ran to Him, but the demon in him cried out. They were tormented at His sight. They begged Jesus to send them anywhere else and he did. Into a group of pigs that ran off the side of a mountain and drown. The man was finally free.

These people are all begging for freedom and it comes in the name of the Lord. I then asked my son, “Do you think it would be easier to get these people into a car and bring them to a church, or to come in here and speak to them about what the Lord has done for them?” Of course I knew the answer. And then I said, And when you read the bible, where do you think you will find Jesus spent most of His time? In the temple, or in places like this?

This is exactly where Jesus was. You would find him in fellowship with these people and they would cry out to Him for help. When He entered the temple, He was usually persecuted by His own people because they were competing for their knowledge of the Law and they never got beyond those walls to let others know there was freedom in the Messiah.

So now we know, truth, who is Jesus, is freedom and unless you are walking in truth, you really cannot be free. You cannot have it both ways. You can’t be living a lie and walking in truth. In these last days, as we enter a critical stage of history, God demands total honesty and truth and he wants us to be free so that Satan has no power over our lives.

“The one that the Son sets free, is free indeed.”