Tearing Down Strongholds

In my last post I wrote about the need to “rebuild the foundation,” in my life, as it pertained to my loved ones. I could see the enemy laying the groundwork, for many years, and he had robbed us of so much. The Holy Spirit, revealed everything to me, through His discernment, in His given time.

I had been deceived. Angry. Bitter. I had fought, because of the years of hurt that I’d experienced. Every bitter seed sown into my heart. The enemy had used this. And this is why the Lord tells us to keep this from taking root. Because the enemy is so good at what he does. He will allow this to grow in soil and we have eyes that perceive something, but we are looking through a flawed glass. He loves this. To focus on something else, so that we are distracted from the truth. As long as there is discord. Division. Because the power is in unity. That has always been the Lords message to us.

So if you see contention and division, you can bet that the enemy is at work. Spinning lies, to keep you divided. But how does he do this? He is a master at his craft. He’s been at it since the beginning of time. In the Garden of Eden. Look at how he spoke to Eve. He posed a question to make her doubt her creator. He didn’t use a blatant deception. It was a question making her doubt the authority of God.

Satan uses enough truth mixed with lies, to make it acceptable. This is the world system. He rules the world system, until the return of our Lord. Now, our responsibility as believers, is to understand this and to realize that each day presents another day of warfare.

He uses the people closest to us to bring us down. So therein lies, the meaning of the words which Jesus spoke of when he said, “And do not think that I came to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be those of his own household. (Matthew 10:34) The warfare caused by the knowledge of this truth, is incredible, and the enemy will do everything possible to divide as a result.

Paul had spoken of this warfare in Ephesians. We skip past this in many teachings, and it is the most important aspect of a new believers life. I never understood what was happening to me in most situations, and I think that many believers are lost to the world, because they aren’t trained.

Christ taught His disciples to be spiritual soldiers and this is what is important. The Bride of Christ is a warrior Bride. We fight against spiritual forces of this world. As in any military, we need to understand our enemy. Paul said, “We are not ignorant of his schemes.”

In 2 Corinthians 10:4 “The weapons we fight with are not of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” (NIV) Or in the New Living Translation, We use God’s might weapons not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of the human reasoning and to destroy the false arguments.

Now let’s look at the spiritual world versus the carnal world, for all the cynics out there. When you look at this world, you must admit, there is an order to it. There’s no denying this. Even the seasons, give reason to believe that there is some order to the universe.

Now, there is also an order in the spirit world, as there is in the natural world. Paul told us that “natural world speaks of things eternal.” So, we do know that the spirit world came first, and will exist after this.

We know that there is a heirerarchy, because our we are told of the greater and lesser beings. And He gave authority, even in heaven. He began this also in the Garden of Eden. It was important for everyone to submit to some authority and no one to be a law unto themselves. This is why Satan is referred to as, “the lawless one, full of rebellion.” It is also why the Lord said, that “He demands obedience above sacrifice.” And rebellion is as witchcraft.”

He wants us to know that He is a Father who loves us and protects us. That His discipline is not out of anger, but to keep us safe, from the enemy. He is full of love and compassion, as a perfect Father. The enemy’s lies are to keep us in fear and running from His love and protection, just as Adam and Eve did in the Garden.

The enemy will get a space, or foothold, in our mind,  and if it is anger, toward someone, he will spin a lie. Now our mind is like a battlefield. If this lie is not dealt with, it becomes a fortress, or stronghold. A stronghold is a belief system, by which we operate. Our basis for ‘truth,’ now comes from this position. This instead of God’s Word.  This is why the Lord tells us to “pull this down.”  We are told to “cast down every vain imagination, which exalts itself against the knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

I had a pastor preaching years ago about the meaning of Golgotha, and how appropriate. “The Skull.” For Christ to be crucified on the Mountain, and to have told us, in essence, put to death, every thought, which enters our mind, that doesn’t come from Him. I saw this place, when I went to Israel, and it gave me a shudder, to know, his blood ran down from this hill, for my sickening thoughts, which I refused to crucify. Every nail, that I placed in His flesh. Every thorn, I pounded into  His head, every time, I spit on Him. Every time, I mocked Him. Yes, that was me. And I wouldn’t dare think otherwise. All I could do was bow my head and say, forgive me Lord.

The enemy will go back and forth between two or more people. Hoping that they will not speak. He will continue to do this and build on this. The people get angrier and angrier. Sometimes not even realizing it is a lie. Terrible destruction happens as a result. As believer’s it is very frustrating. Even seem insane. Don’t forget. The enemy is good at what he does. Judas was a disciple. Just remember love each other, because the Lord loves all of us, and our one common enemy is doing this.

This is why the Lord says, “And if a brother offends another, go to this brother and speak to them.” Sometimes it has never even taken place. The enemy has lied about the whole thing. This is also why intervention takes place in families. Because the offending person, is spinning lies to everyone and keeping each person in their place. Hoping that no one finds out.

Why does a person do this? Because the enemy has this person so bound up in fear about their own sin, that they’re afraid, if anyone ever finds out who they really are, they will not be loved. But they have forgotten, that the Father knows all the secrets of our hearts. The hidden things. He loves us. The enemy has deceived them.  So, for the rest of their life, they live in bondage to the enemy. He holds the keys. He torments them. Satan is referred to as, “The Accuser of the brethren. He accuses us night and day before the Father. ” The Father wants repentance, and the enemy does not.

As long as we are in darkness, we are in prison. The Lord told us, “That they overcame him by the word of their testimony, and the blood of the lamb, and by not loving their lives unto death.”


The Skull

So, let’s tear down the strongholds together, and remember to love one another, as the Lord loves us!

The Spirit Is Speaking About Preparing The Bride

Always waiting for my beloved

My friend and I have been communicating for weeks about the same subject. The wise and foolish virgins, spoken about in scriptures before the return of Christ. The Lord tells us that the Holy Spirit, when speaking a message, will continue to confirm His word by two or three witnesses.

Well, she heard the parable in Matthew 25, of the 10 virgins. At this time we can see that 5 of the virgins had their lamps full of oil and were waiting for their bridegroom, while 5, were foolish, and did not take any oil with them. It states that “at midnight the cry rang out; “Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!”

Well of course we can see from the story the, virgins had fallen asleep and the foolish virgins had no oil with which to light their lamps. They were left out of the wedding banquet.

Now, I told my friend that I had heard the same message from a word of prophecy and then later on a program. It just kept coming. Then the Lord had reminded me of a dream I had many years ago. About 20 years ago and it fit right into this parable.

I had been in a small church bridal chamber. I was with my bridesmaids and I was wearing a red slip.  I had only one shoe and couldn’t find the other one. This was totally inappropriate and they were trying to prepare me for my wedding. I said, “Wait!” It’s as if I still had something to do. I ran out of the chamber across a beautiful open prairie with flowing tall grass and flowers. As if I was oblivious to the fact that I was about to be married.

All of a sudden I heard the most beautiful music and looked up. There, perched on a stone wall, was a very attractive man, playing a guitar. He seemed to be dark-skinned and perhaps Italian or similar. Very soothing and charismatic in his manner. I was drawn to him almost hypnotized. As he looked at me, he asked, “Would you like to hear more?” All of a sudden, I remembered my wedding. “Oh no!” I said, I can’t, I must get ready for my wedding!” “Wait, I have more! He said. No! I must Go!” I broke away and began to run back to the chapel. I came through the door into the bridal chambers with my bridesmaids waiting with everything in hand, just in time with minutes to spare.

As I woke I detailed everything in my dream and I understood this to mean that I would be distracted from my impending wedding to the bridegroom, Jesus Christ, if I were not careful. However, at the time, I did not see this as a problem, since I was very strong in my walk.

This dream seemed to indicate a very close proximity to His return, by the look of this wedding and the timing of my fall. This is what is scary to me. At that time I thought, there is no way with my love and devotion to Christ, and my passion for evangelism, that this could ever happen. Hmmm, as the Word says, “be careful how you stand, lest you fall.” Well, it would certainly seem, life and it’s troubles and the enemy’s craftiness can turn you away from your pure devotion, if you’re not careful.

When I had an encounter with the man on the wall, it could only mean one thing, and that is the enemy. He “masquerades as an angel of light.” In all his beauty and cunning charm. Deceptive as he may be, he is hypnotic, however, he cannot snatch away the ones, whom the Lord has called as His own. And he is certainly not more powerful than the Holy Spirit. His spell had been broken and the Lord protected me in very many ways.

I had His supernatural protection all around me, because there was a time, that I was walking in a dark place and I was one of the foolish virgins. And what He had done was just the dress rehearsal. The warning call, for me. Yes, that’s right. He disciplines those He loves. He tells us to get out of the world and go back to the bridal chamber where we belong! To get ready, for the day of reckoning is coming.

He shows us signs, if we have our spiritual radar. He did this for me. I listened to Him. I watched the signs. He spoke to me and even told me “he was getting married.” I knew what that meant. Although these words were spoken through a man, to me this meant, I had better stop playing around and do what I’m supposed to be doing. Being sanctified, the bride, without spot, wrinkle or blemish.

I had no business making a covenant with the Lord and committing adultery with the world and this was the meaning of the dream. Now He was sending a message from above. “It’s time to fill your lamp and stay wise. Just because it’s taking me a long time, does not mean that I am not coming for you.”

Yes, I have been doing just this. Filling and staying filled. I am reminding him, that I will never be empty again. My love for him is true and nothing nor anyone else will ever replace this love. It is pure and eternal.

He will not open the door to me and say, “I don’t know you!” But when He looks at me, it will be with the longing eyes of a groom toward His bride; The Apple of His Eye!

Many are called few are chosen!

The Wedding Feast of the Lamb

The dream that I had about 15 years ago, is as vivid today as it was then. It’s meaning was spoken to me by the Holy Spirit as soon as I had awakened from it.

In the dream I had walked into a room and a man was sitting hunched over at a table. He was wearing the garb of a Jewish man in the ancient biblical days. I was with a girlfriend of mine and we were supposed to be on a double-date. I was with the son and she was with the father.

Soon, the son approached me and I watched as my friend sat down beside the mans father. I walked with the son to the kitchen where I started to prepare something at a counter.

I looked outside of the kitchen and saw that my girlfriend had decided to leave and the father was sad. I felt bad and didn’t know what to say. As I turned around to cut the food I thought, “I don’t want this man to see me from behind,  I don’t feel very attractive.”

At that moment it was as if he read my mind. He walked up to me and spoke into my ear, “you are so beautiful to me,” he said. Then he continued, “Come,the harvest festival is about to begin, but we must prepare for aras. I seemed to know what he meant in my dream, although, the word made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I followed him out of the doorway and into  another room. At this point he looked at me and since he was also dressed as a Jewish man would be dressed, although he had something more; he wore veils over his face. It seemed this did not surprise me, so I must have been accustomed to this. At this point he leaned forward and whispered something in Hebrew into my ear. As he leaned back and looked into my eyes, he removed a veil from his face. He leaned forward again, and once more, he whispered into my other ear. He leaned back and removed the other veil. Once more he leaned forward, very tenderly and whispered, but this time as he removed this last veil, I looked at him and it was as if he had revealed himself to me. It was as if I had always known him and I loved him in a way that cannot be described in earthly terms. I knew his soul and he knew mine. I felt as if he and I were one. It was the most incredible love I have ever experience and made me think, I can hold on for this. No love on earth compares.

The Lord tells us that , “now I see a poor reflection as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part;then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. (1Corinthians13:12)

I felt when He looked at me, that I was fully known. But I also knew Him. It was as if I had always known Him.

It was the love spoken of in the Song of Solomon. Not something unclean or sexual as the world speaks of. This is the counterfeit and it is nothing in comparison.

When I got up from this dream, I was overwhelmed. There was so much in this dream. They are different than regular dreams.

First the Holy Spirit revealed the meaning of my girlfriend and the double-date. He showed me that she had no interest in truly having any kind of relationship with the father and this is why the father was so sad. Our father longs for a relationship with us, yet most people just abandon Him. If you’ve ever seen your father sitting alone, and looking lonely, this was the picture I had in my dream.

I had an idea that I was with the Son because I have a more intimate relationship than most people do. I have recalled even when I was a young girl, giving my life to the Lord and being very serious about this and excited about what a true relationship with Him meant in my life. I always felt His presence, even when I was slipping and felt He was my “first love.” I also know that He was calling me to come back to Him before His return. (Rev.2)

When I woke up I wrote in my journal right away. I do this when I receive a dream or vision from the Lord, to keep it fresh. The thing that I didn’t understand was the part when He took my hand and said, we must prepare for aras.”

I wondered, what language and can I find this word? I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me, to get my Concordance and look up the word. Well, where do I start? I wondered. Is it Greek or Hebrew. Well, of course, He was speaking Hebrew into my ears. Those words I still do not remember and do not know if I shall remember until His return. As I opened the Concordance, I began to search. I prayed that I could find such a word and that the Lord could confirm it’s meaning.

I opened my eyes in amazement as my eyes fell on the page and seemed to zoom into the word-Aras; to be engaged to, betrothed, to marry. I was so awestruck. This is the marriage proposal of the Lord! He calls us His bride, the believers and this was such an intimate dream that I could not believe it. I’ve never forgotten it, yet I have longed for others to have this same type of experience. They would truly know how really He is and that He is the lover of our souls.

After that time, I had gone through many trials and I’m sure I thought that this would never happen to me. I thought that the enemy would never get his grasp on me. However, the Lord also says that in the last day “there will be a great falling away. Even the elect, if that were possible. Well, this is the apostasy that is spoken of.(Mark 13:22)But He specifically says, “if that were possible.” In my opinion, it means that it is not.

I am reminded by Him daily of this dream, however, and the final unveiling, where all shall be revealed. Now remember there are two parts to this. The wedding feast does not mean the end of the world. This is Christ coming for His church, (his bride). That is when the Holy Spirit in the body of believers shall be taken out. This will begin the time of tribulation.

The interesting thing is that He told me that the “harvest festival was about to begin.” This would seem to mean the Feast of Harvest, where the firstfruits were offered. (The Lord being the firstfruit of the resurrection) The Lord of the Harvest.

So anyone that does have a desire to understand the times we are in, should study the Feasts of the Lord, as I said many times. The are meant for Jew and Gentile to celebrate and they are also the timetable of the Lord. Of course He says, “I come like a thief in the night.” However, the bride must always be ready for her bridegroom to come and get her.

If you read the ancient wedding customs of the Jews, you will see that this is exactly why the Lord spoke about the need to always be prepared.

So I would just encourage anyone that does not know the Lord, to be ready, for His appearing. Search the scriptures and test what I am speaking to you. I am always concerned about the souls of men, and I would hope that you would find the truth.