To Be Blameless and Complete…

In His Sight. Well this is the fulfillment of the scriptures but there are days that I honestly don’t know how it’s going to happen, except that I know our God can make the impossible…possible.

And to know He has already done that. To know what has already occurred and as I have studied and pointed out so many times, the importance of knowing our Hebrew roots, there is a reason for Christ’s coming through the house of David and the whole meaning of the Judaic rituals, albeit legalistic to most of the unbelieving Jews. The Lord told us that not a jot or tittle would pass away until the fulfillment and we are to learn of Him, of course, it is pretty difficult to do this, if we do not understand from His very Jewish mindset, the meaning of this text.My friend told me the other day, “I don’t do kosher.” Well, I’m sorry but Jesus is Kosher! Hey people! Jesus is a Jew for a reason! He said it over and over again! I came first to the nation of Israel. Now look, I’m not Jewish, I wasn’t born a Jew, I have nothing Jewish in me, but I can see it plain as day in scripture and I want to be blessed. He tells us, I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. I can see antisemitic everywhere and I think it’s just something that’s demonically inspired. I believe it’s all because of that covenant that Israel has with the Lord and it’s going to become more and more divided the closer we get to the return of the Lord. And I’m sorry to ruffle some feather’s but there was a definite purpose for God bringing Jesus the Messiah into this world through the root of Jesse and if anyone is even slightly anti-semitic, they had better remember, that the Lord will be setting His foot smack dab on the Mount of Olives to end all of this nonsense and it is not going to be somewhere in Germany.

God’s plan and purpose has always been for all of mankind, but he certainly has designed the ‘coat of many colors’ arising through Joseph(Israel) and we have her to thank.

Now when I think of the perfect sacrifice of our Lord I think of the way things were done in the temple and of course this is the study of the temple sacrifice which was done by the High Priest on Passover. This was a yearly ritual and the lamb had to be a perfect paschal lamb. It was carefully inspected to make sure there was no defect of any kind. This was also what had happened to our Lord when He was taken before Pilate to be ‘examined’ and found to be without cause or any charge against him.

The lamb is now bound to the altar. He remains bound for six hours, until  twilight He suffers tremendously. The sins of the family have been ceremonially placed upon the head of this lamb and the suffering is a fragrant offering to the Lord.

You will remember that our Lord was denied, beaten, mocked, spit upon, and rejected, by men. And even our own Father had to look away when He became the sin offering for us. This is when He shouted out, “My God,My God, why have you forsaken me?” To feel abandoned by your father. It is a horrible feeling.

And now at twilight the High Priest finishes his ceremonial duties and when he strikes the fatal blow, he pronounces the words over the sacrificial lamb Tetelestai!…It is finished. Which Jesus Christ  who, being the High Priest (as we know in the order of Melchizedek) at that very moment, was pronouncing this blessing over Himself! An amazing thing! He had pronounced Himself an acceptable sacrifice!

And now the Lord has told us that we have also been redeemed from the curse of sin and death. And when we see Him, we shall be like Him. Yes, this is true. We  shall be spotless and without blemish. Blameless and complete in His sight.  This is why He became the sacrifice, so that we have this picture and now we see this in the Passover. As we celebrate this season coming up, we have a picture of His death and His life and what a beautiful picture if is.

Now you say you want a closer walk with the Lord? Really? The ones that walk closes to Him are the ones that suffer the most. I remember many things that the Holy Spirit brings forth since I was very young. A prominent memory is going to church with a woman that I did not know. My mother let her take me for some reason and she still doesn’t know who I’m talking about. We lived in a project then and this woman took me on several occasions. I remember standing next to her as she held my hand one Sunday and she looked at me and was sobbing. I seemed to know that God was causing her to weep as she was looking at me. It was the same experience that I felt when the nurse was rocking me in the chair in the Childrens Home and comforting me and so many others. Messengers of God, reaching out and touching me. Crying tears for me, as if they knew the battles ahead and the hardships. The suffering on the altar of life. The sins of my family and my own that would be placed upon my head. Crying out for that day when the pronouncement could finally be made and cleansing could come. The day of Jubilee. Finally the day of restoration!!!!

“He shall be born of a Virgin”

The seed of God

I had a man of Muslim faith sending me extensive emails about the validity of the Quran and why I should believe all that is stated within this book.

He did prove one thing to me. That it is full of contradictions.

It states that anyone that “does not believe in the Quran, is an enemy of Islam.” I asked once again, “who are the enemies of Islam?” He tried to smooth over this portion of the books, which he sent, with flowery words about peace, love and enlightenment.

He agreed that the Quran also states that Jesus is a prophet and would be born of the virgin, Mary.”

I asked him, “if you believe that Jesus Christ is a prophet, then you know that a prophet is a messenger of God Himself and He will not lie. Then how can you not listen to the Words that Jesus spoke about Himself? He said, He and the Father are one. He said, He was the Way the Truth and the Life, and no one comes to the Father, but through Him.”

Now there would be no explaining this contradiction except that one would have to acknowledge one of the following:

  1. Jesus was not a prophet
  2. Jesus was lying
  3. Jesus was crazy
  4. Jesus is exactly who He claimed to be

Now, I told this man that he must decide what to do with this information, if he is going to quote all of these statements to me and try to convince me.

I reminded Him that Jesus did indeed say that, He didn’t come to abolish the law, but to fulfill the Law,” as he pointed out in one of his many quotes. I told Him that Jesus was the perfect law, offered up as a sacrifice for all of us.

As He continued He told me that his proof was Jesus lineage, and you “can see plainly that Jesus was not even in the geneology of Adam.”

Well of course that is true and it proves the whole point of the sacrifice and it  is the validity of Gods Word beginning in the Garden of Eden, when he had to hold sin in account. The sacrifice had to be a perfect sacrifice. (Remember the Jews had to offer an ‘unblemished lamb) God is a God of perfection and the sin would be ‘on the books,’ until a time of redemption had come. Because of one man, Adam, the whole human race fell.This is the reason for the grief we bear. The terrible things that happen. It’s not God punishing us, but quite the opposite. He had a plan to restore us. Our God is a loving God, yet He is also Holy, and sin had to be atoned for, in order for mankind to be able to coexist, once again, with God. Up until the fall, Adam and Eve, walked with God. They had intimate fellowship, but now it had been broken.

The Lord had spoken and told the Israelites in Leviticus 17:11, and told them that “the life of a creature is in the blood, I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar;it is the blood that makes atonement for ones life.”

He had known that Jesus, would be God in human form, to make the atonement, one time for all mankind. It is the knowledge and acceptance of this sacrifice that made atonement for us all.

Of course I pointed out that when Adam sinned, God had a plan in place and He spoke to Eve and the serpent; “I will make enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and hers. You will bruise her heel and she shall crush your head.”

Here I told him, is the plan. God knew that the seed of man had been corrupted by sin. He spoke of the war between “the seed of the serpent, and the seed of the woman.” Well, we know that women do not carry seed, so this was God speaking in future tense. The virgin Mary would be impregnated by God Himself and this way the seed of God had now entered the world.So the virgin birth was not just to be a sign as the miracle, but also the amazing and glorious plan in all of its perfection. It is the reason that the Lord was “examined before Pilate and proven to be without sin.” The perfect lamb and also the reason for John the Baptists exclamation, “behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

When the full atonement had been made with the resurrection of Christ, it was the fulfillment of Gods words to the serpent, “you shall bruise her heel, but she shall CRUSH you head.” As we see in scripture, although Satan tried many times to thwart the plan of God(bruise her heel) and he even thought he did this with the crucifixion, it was Gods plan all along to “Crush his kingdom and at this point Jesus Christ descended into hell and took the keys to sin and death. He preached the gospel those held in darkness, “and led captives in His train.” “I am the First and the Last, I am the Living One; I was dead and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.” (Revelation 1:17,18)

Jesus became the second Adam, but not born of his lineage. He could not be born of the corruptible seed. This seed is perfect and we are all part of this lineage when we can put our faith in Him, the one that made the way for us to enter into that fellowship once again. “For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of the imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.(1 Peter1:22)

In the end, this man sent about 10 paragraphs of the Quran and many quotes from Muhammad. I had to tell him that you cannot convince someone to faith, through many words. I cannot be swayed in my faith. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.” I cannot except the things that were spoken by someone that I do not believe to be a prophet. And Muhammad didn’t make himself a sacrifice for anyone.

I do believe Jesus Christ is the Lord of all, it is His words that I believe.

The truth is evident to me, because only truth has the power to change a person. I found the truth, He is Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, of the incorruptible seed of God. He took on the flesh and He is the the ” high priest of a royal priesthood and His kingdom shall have no end.”

And this is why all who believe can say, “Oh death where is thy sting, oh grave where is thy victory?”(1Corinthians 15:55)