Daze of Our Lives

I sat down with my mother the other day to watch one of her favorite ‘soaps.’ Of course, when I was younger, they referred to them as “stories.” That’s exactly what they are, and they have no end.

Another amazing thing is that the actors seem to be ageless. How is it that I watched these very same  people on this show 40 years ago, and they look the same? I can’t believe it and am wondering who is doing all this incredible restoration. Probably never be able to get an appointment with this surgeon, and I’m sure he’s on speed-dial. He or she is more than likely busier than a maintenance man in the high-rise condos, on the beach. Geesh! What a grueling job that must be.

As we’re watching, I’m laughing. One woman is inside a coffin. She’s blabbing away at a camera. My mother is asking, “how can she survive in there for so long when she isn’t eating or drinking anything?” “I don’t know, mom, I thought you actually believed this stuff!

Now it pans to a guy in the woods. He’s drinking out of a flask and talking wildly about, something a woman had done to his mother. I haven’t followed this story, so I had no clue about what he was referring to, but I noticed a girl standing about 5 feet away, and just listening to everything this man was saying. As she was listening, she was repeating what he was saying and asking, “What is he talking about?” Hmmm, good question. And also, why don’t you ask, “Why doesn’t he notice me, in my bright blue blouse, standing right behind him!” Perhaps he became blind from some terrible tragic event. Nope, a few minutes later, he spins around as she crouches down, and he storms off. Not without giving her some clues, though. She now decides to follow him, into the cemetery, where he enters a mausoleum. At this point, she hides behind the smallest bush you could find, and listens to his tirade once again.

Meanwhile, the woman in the coffin, is yelling at this guy. He apparently has an earphone and a camera, which enables him to see her. Oh, of course. This is a common practice, isn’t it? Well, at least at this point, he really is talking to someone. It seems in each segment of the show, someone is rambling on about something, and no one seems to think they are a candidate for serious therapy.

I really cracked up when at one point, the woman outside the mausoleum, comments on this guys conversation. Keep in mind, she is talking to herself, and she states, “Who is he talking to?” Call me naive, but when someone is hiding behind a bush, listening to another’s conversation, and she starts to talk about him, “Who is She talking to?” My mom was laughing so hard when I said this. It was as if she finally realized how silly all of it is.

It’s basically a show about people committing criminal acts, and not waiting for law enforcement to find out. They just walk around and speak all their private business into the air, waiting for a voyeur to happen upon them.

It sure doesn’t seem that it would be difficult for any one in the business of private investigating. Any therapist, or private investigator could make a fortune in this town.

And I can certainly understand how this would be the most popular show in a retirement home. It doesn’t matter if a person suffers dementia, they talk incessantly to no one.  Everyone can look to these people as their example and say, “Hey! I’m not as crazy as they are! And they get paid for it!

So, I for one am endorsing these shows as the best comedy out there! Give them a chance, and you’ll be surprised at the comic relief they offer. The show kept me in stitches!