Don’t Back Down!!!

Here we go again…Israel trying to defend its port from any threat’s and they are portrayed as the bad guys. I saw the videos as well. The Israeli’s coming on board to be met with knives and rods. Beating them, and they finally called to ask permission to use firearms. This is always the slant when we hear reports, against Israel. Now why in the world would they suspect anyone of being deceptive enough to bring arms into Gaza? Those nice terrorists, oops, I mean civilians. Come on! It’s not as if they haven’t been engaged in war all along.

They have been under repeated attacks and when they try to defend their position, they are viewed as the ultimate murdering machines. It’s clear that Netanyahu issued a dire warning years ago, “They are terrorists, and there is no negotiating with terrorists.”

Has everyone forgotten 9/11? Would you suggest we negotiate peace with these people, who have no desire, whatsoever, for peace? They whole central doctrine of their faith is to murder the infidels.

We had only a small taste of what Israel has been living with forever. But once again, it is not on our soil, so it would be easy to see a small piece of the puzzle and buy into the propaganda. This isn’t the first time that the press has maligned Israel either.

You will see that this is the Sword which divides, in the end. God Himself has a covenant with Israel, and just the fact that they still exist, should attest to this. They have been outnumbered on many occasions, and yet they continue to rise. And they will, because the Lord has formed an ancient covenant, and He cannot deny Himself.

Someone had posted a comment a while back, that Israel and my support of her, is some kind of a pet project. This person claimed to be a believer, however this would put the whole Bible in question. And that is virtually denying God’s word. The Lord spoke to the disciples when they asked about His return, and His words were very clear. Right after telling them that, “no one knows the day or the hour, He vehemently reminded them that “they should be aware, of the signs of the times. He began His list, and the first thing He spoke of, was Israel!

There’s no way of being a follower of the Savior and denying the plan evolves around Israel. “He came first,to the nation of Israel. Then, thank God, the plan of salvation was available to all men.

However, there will be a time of decision and every one who loves God, must also love and support Israel. Don’t turn your back on her, and align yourselves with the critics. Or you may have forgotten also, that “in the end, every nation, will come against Israel, to try and destroy her.
This is the Battle of Armageddon. Read about it in Revelation. It is a stark reminder to all of us. He will return Himself, on that day, to save her from her enemies.

 The Lord loves us, and His words regarding Israel, are very stern, “Whoever, blesses you, I will bless, and whoever curses you will be cursed.”

Baruch Ha Ba, Ba Shem Adonai!!!!!!