The Lord is Ready To Rock the House!

We are precious in His sight!

We are precious in His sight!

Yes, I recently heard that song from the children to Obama and the lyrics are eerily sung to Mr. President, however, this is a scripture and it is not about man, but about our Lord!

Sadly, man being sinful and lacking faith, must always try to find an object, albeit another human, to worship.

Sorry folks…if you do that, you will be sadly disappointed. Even President Obama isn’t living up to all of his miraculous promises. We human beings are just getting deeper and deeper into the mess.

I have lived with a lack of trust in humans since a young girl and the abuse of that trust has just continued even on the largest scale by people who are supposed to be in leadership. I realized that the culmination of this trauma taught me a valuable lesson. “In God We Trust,” and Him only!

Read it on your money that you so longingly pursue to the point of lying, stealing and cheating everyone to get it. Do you ever think about that? The Lord has Himself, appointed the leaders. That’s right, corrupt or not, the word of the Lord tells us, “the heart of a king is in the hand of the Lord and He turns it any way He desires.”

Why would He allow corruption? Well, didn’t God “harden Pharoah’s heart as well? Didn’t he do this over and over again? It seems obvious that the Lord is not impotent. So you may want to ponder this. What could be His reasons? Well, “His ways are not our ways, nor His thoughts our thoughts, however, He does say that He doesn’t want His people to perish.” He gives every opportunity to turn away from corruption. He also allowed Judas to betray Christ. But didn’t God, being “omnipotent and omniscient,” know that He had a plan and Judas was going to steal and betray His son. He also knew that being a layered and mult-purpose plan of redemption meant, that every heart, whether good or evil, would be used in this drama. Not one thing shall ever be wasted in God’s economy.

All of us are allowed the same chance. We have free will. The Lord knows in advance, however, what our choice is going to be. So, assess your lives and ask yourself, am I going to be part of His plan for the good of my fellow man, or for evil? Is my desire for the things of this world and selfishness, hastening my own demise? Have I really lived by the “Golden Rule?”

Oh, yes, we all have “sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.” But don’t forget the rest, when Paul states that if it weren’t for Jesus Christ, we wouldn’t stand a chance. When we have made that choice, we now have the power to turn away from evil. “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.” Our desires will change and our purpose for living has been radically transformed. Not for the status and power of this world, but for something much greater.

Well, the days are evil and the Lord is ‘closing in,’ on those who would do evil and try to bring harm to His servants. I have been abused to the point of extreme grief and the Lord pulls me close to Himself and reminds me that those who seek to do evil cannot continue in their ways forever. He also reminds me that I need to pray for them just as Abraham did for Sodom and Gomorrah. Even though they have hurt me. This is only temporary.

Yesterday I walked into my closet as I was getting ready to go to a group meeting. Feeling very sad and depressed at how weary this battle has been, I looked down. There, on my floor was a button. It was turned upside down so that it couldn’t be read. I wondered at it and where it came from. As I looked at it, I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit. “Pick it up.” As I bent down to retrieve it, I thought of the many ways the Lord speaks. I turned it over and I read, “One Day Longer.” I heard that ‘still, small voice. “This is my word to you to hold on to. When you feel like this, remember, just as Joseph was persecuted by his very own brother’s, thrown into the pit and left for dead, because of jealousy Falsely accused of trying to seduce the kings wife and thrown into prison. Being a help to those in prison, only to be forgotten by them after their release. I raised him up after all of his trials, to be second in command, to the king himself.”

I listened to the Lord speak to my spirit and left with a renewed strength. I remembered a small note that someone had sent to me just the day before. He is only an acquaintance, yet I share small things with him as he comes into my life. The note simply said, “Hang in there.” Yet here again, I was reminded by the Lord of His promises and how he speaks to us, if we have the spiritual ears to hear Him.

Now, the Lord is always showing me that I have not been abandoned. He has a plan. I get a feeling as the days go by, that He is getting ready to unfold the plan and purpose soon. Not just for me, but those that He has placed in my life, whether to bless me or to hurt me. My only responsibility is to feel the compassion that He has for them and pray for them.

He keeps telling me that after I am finished suffering, the deliverance and testimony will be most incredible, because it is He who has brought me out of the pit. I am thankful that He does use the foolish things of this world to confuse the plans of the wise. A thing like the color of my hair for example. To think that this could be the ‘red herring,’ of the whole scheme, is amazing and quite humorous.

In the end, the Lord will glorify Himself and show the world that it is He the rules and reigns and no one can do anything without Him. He will prove that it is by His own design that all of these threads come together to form the most radiant “coat of many colors,’ that will match any hair color for any given day! For this “I will see the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living, and give Him praise!”

That Woman Jezebel

Who is the woman Jezebel? She was an evil woman that controlled her husband the king, Ahab in 1 Kings and because he coveted the property of Naboth, she plotted to get it for him. She  she wrote letters, forged documents, she held a banquet, pretended to be a wonderful woman of honor and Ahab the perfect king. Meanwhile at the banquet they placed two scoundrels next to Ahab and had him falsely accused of cursing both God and the king so that he was guilty of treason. So she basically destroyed his character and made herself look upstanding. She then had him taken outside the city gates and stoned to death. Lying, forgery, nothing bothered the conscience of Jezebel. She was a murderous woman and her covetousness and need for revenge bordered on insanity.

The prophet Elijah was told by the Lord, “now go and speak to Ahab.

I find it interesting that first he asked him the question,”Have you not murdered a man and seized hs property?But he did not wait for his answer, knowing that he would not be honest, he then spoke this is what the Lord says;In the place where dogs licked up Naboth’s blood, dogs will lick up your blood, -yes, yours!

Ahab, said, “so you have found me, my enemy!” “I have found you, he answered, “because you have sold yourself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord. I am going to bring disaster on you.”

Well, this is a story of a man being totally controlled by a woman and now we will skip forward and see what happened to Jezebel.

In verse 23 “and also concerning Jezebel the Lord says; Dogs will devour Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel.”

In Chapter 22:38 you will see that king Ahab meets his own demise in the manner that Elijah has spoken and in 2Kings 30 you will see that Jehu has had Jezebel thrown down from the wall. He says she should have a proper burial since she was the king’s daughter, however the Jezreel dogs have already eaten her, in accordance with Elijah’s words.

Now, I find it interesting that Jezebel makes another appearance in the book of Revelation. So we know that Jezebel is also a spirit that operates through people. A powerful controlling spirit that longs to control men and dominate them. Usurping the authority that has been given to them from the very beginning. The spiritual hierarchy.Yes, there is a government, even in the spirit world and it’s spoken of all through scripture.

God has given a spiritual order and he listed this order in the book of Genesis. When this order is reversed, there are all kinds of problems. There is also a spirit of Ahab. Men that are controlled and abdicate their own God-given authority. My father was one of those men. He allowed this by his own wife until his death and it was a shame. This spirit is a spirit of witchcraft and it controls the mind. Powerful and persuasive, however, the Lord will not tolerate this as he speaks in the book of Revelation.This is the church of Thyatira. (Revelation2;18)

He speaks of prevalent sin within the church and the tendency to tolerate sin and unrighteousness within the church. People who state that God accepts within the church any who commit acts of immoratlity and participate in the worlds evil pleasures. Some in the church will often tolerate such false teaching because of indeifference personal friendhsips or fear of confrontation. God will destroy such oa church, ong with its leaders. (The NIV bible Notes 2)

This is the most dangerous age we are living in and anyone that does not see that they are under the persuasion of this spirit must be in the word of God and reading these passages. Pray that you will not be deceived. Have nothing to do with these things. No woman should be acting on behalf of  her husband or any other man when it comes to legal matters. Reading his mail or signing his name.

God is dealing with this church right now. He is revealing to his prophets and the discipline to this woman Jezebel and Ahab is severe.

There is no excuse, but there is a way out and it is repentance. A person must first recognize they are under this control and turn from this. Only the word of God and it’s truth is the power to convict and show the way.

The only adviser that I am is for the Lord!

One of the Lord's many names...The Counselor

One of the Lord's many names...The Counselor

Well, I was deeply saddened to find that someone that I had only known superficially online, had linked me to his blog as one of his “top adviser.” When I took a look at his blog I was horrified. It was full of things that I won’t mention and would never “advise anyone about.” I cannot believe how easy it is to insert a persons name into a blogroll and name them as your personal adviser in something that you do not participate in. If the blog was about just spirituality, as stated, I could agree, but it is not. The implications are clear.

All I could wonder is why in the world would this man do this? Except that I had stopped communicating with him quite some time ago and had never seen this side of him. I actually should have expected this. The Lord tells us that to “have nothing to do with this.” As we draw closer to the end the “light will get brighter as the dark gets darker.”

If this man or anyone else wants my advice it is, escape out of the snare of the enemy that is holding them captive to do his will, and turn to Christ. He is the one who will give them what they need and the freedom from bondage that they are seeking.

Those speaking anything else about me are bearing false witness and they are full of lies. The Lord also speaks of this in the last days. “Slanderous and full of lies, hating their parents, boastful and proud, lovers of self instead of lovers of God. Have nothing to do with them.”