How Can I Understand Revelation?

Well, I have heard from so many people over the years that they just can’t read the book of Revelation because it scares them. They also say it is way too difficult to understand. Well, I would like to speak to anyone that feels this way.

First of all, God has promised in the book of Revelation, that a special blessing is in store for all of those who would seek to read and understand this book. Why do you think our Lord told us this? It’s like a father telling his son/daughter, I will give you a special gift if you do this for me. The reason is clear, our Father desires us to have all knowledge that is available to us to help us. It behooves every human being to understand what the creator of all, is trying to convey to us.

To answer the second challenge that it is too difficult to understand, we must first remember that John wrote Revelations to all mankind and this means that he was witnessing future events but interpreting those events in the vernacular of his day. We must remember that John did not know what nuclear bombs were, or tanks or stealth bombers. He was seeing events so incredible that he said this was beyond comprehension. He saw fire that melted the earth and all of its elements. That sure sounds like a nuclear explosion to me.

I have stated in many of my posts that when I first started following Christ, eschatology was my passion. I picked up Hal Lindsey’s books and Jack Van Impe and many others. The movie Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.These books and video,  was all the rage and very close to interpretation of scripture. This helped me study through Revelation.

I have inserted a video that opens up some of the symbolism and I’m sure that if this piques your interest, you can find many others. Just keep in mind, you should have your bible and study it at the same time and also keep in mind that the Lord Himself has promised you a very special blessing. As unbelievers, I understand the fear of this book. Most don’t want to be reminded that our God who is full of mercy and grace, is also allowing the timetable to run its course until the judgement. The biggest fear of most people, I’m sad to say, is that they don’t want to face the truth. That our God is all merciful, however, He is also a righteous God.

To believers I only have one question? What’s your excuse?