Farewell Bambi

The story was in the news today.http://www.aolnews.com/nation/article/laurie-bembenek-woman-who-inspired-chants-of-run-bambi-run-dies-at-52/19727678?icid=maing%7Cmain5%7C1%7Clink4%7C27182

It seemed odd, since I had just been sharing my own experience with Alfred Shcultz and our chance meeting in a bar.

I lived in Milwaukee and when I was quite young, I would frequent a bar named, The Tracks. Appropriately so. It was smack, dab, next to the railroad tracks. But, it seemed, anybody, who was anyone, would come in.

A cramped little corner of a place. With a barber chair and an upstairs. The upstairs corridor would be lined with people on some evenings. And the place was so small, you could barely turn around.

I had been going there before I turned 18, which was legal age. I remember having my 18th birthday celebration right there. The bouncer, Rich, couldn’t believe it. He looked at me with shock and amusement. “You mean, you’re just now, turning 18?” I know I exhibited, just a little bit of pride,when I said yes, and felt I had gotten away with serious deception all these years. Oh, how I long to press the reverse button.

One evening, I was here at a table with a couple of friends. A man next to us, struck up a conversation with me. He told me his wife had worked at the Playboy Club in Lake Geneva. I shared, that I also went there and interviewed with the Den Mother,just recently. I thought the idea of having to be stuffed into the corset, bad enough, but the mandatory rule of moving to the premises, was a clear deal breaker, for me. My boyfriend, who happened to have been a club member, was deeply disappointed. It seemed, he wanted the job, for me, a lot more than I did. I’m quite sure to him, it was to be his future bragging rights. Well, I was having none of it. And it wasn’t long before I said “No, to that idea, along with that boyfriend.

I was content in Milwaukee. I had all my friends, and my favorite hangouts. So this night, Mr. Schultz, was bragging. But his bragging had a hidden agenda, I’m sure. He next asked me if I was into “weight training.” “Yes, I am. That along with aerobics.” I was addicted to exercise at Vic Tanny’s. I had been a member for some time, and loved the challenge of keeping up with the toughest instructor they had. She always came up to me afterward, and commented on my stamina. I’d like to press the reverse button on that one too. My motivation and my stamina, are way below those standards!

As we chatted, he told me, “My wife could give you training instruction. She’s really good.” For some reason, I didn’t feel he was genuine, and I didn’t like the approach. I mean, at least he wasn’t lying about being married, however, this was a strange strategy, in my mind. And I didn’t feel he was just trying to secure another friendship for his wife.

“Her name is Bambi.” He told me. He wrote her name down on a piece of paper and handed it to me. I actually still may have this in my files of old notes and  letters, which I refuse to part with. He wrote his name down as well, and the phone number.

A few months later it was all over the news. A woman named, Lawrencia Bembenek, had been accused of murder. The allegations were, that she entered the home, of Fred Schultz’s ex-wife, in a kelly green, jogging suit, and brutally murdered the woman. The woman had been bound and gagged, while the children were secured in the other room. The children had witnesses this person, enter, and stated that it was a man.

The mother was shot with the service revolver, of Fred Schultz. This is where all the evidence developed. The story was very sad, and confusing. The evidence pointed to her, yet, the common sense, did not.

People were divided on this. Some believed she was framed by Fred Schultz. It was a terrible divorce and the ex-wife was demanding alimony and child support. This is why many believed that it was Fred Schultz who had commit the crime.

The fact that he was so quick to accuse his own wife, Bambi, was the other reason. And that he moved to Florida, immediately following her conviction, left more than enough suspicion in the minds, of most.

What kind of loving, supportive, husband does this?

Well, Bambi, has died. She lived a painful existence. Whether she commit the crime, or she was framed, doesn’t matter anymore. She lost her fight. But, now the one “who judges the living and the dead,” will reveal the truth.

I sat and pondered this meeting, I had so many years ago. I’ve had many encounters such as this. I wonder about it, and the Lord reminds me that I am only a sinner saved by grace. I could have taken many of the same turns and lost my way. But He has always held me up. This is why I turn to Him.

Someone had recently commented that he does not rehash the bad things that have happened to him in his life. I was reminded by the Lord, that we are commanded to do this. He has told us that “we overcome by the word of our testimony, by not loving our lives as to shrink back, and by the blood of the Lamb.” It is by the sharing of this past with others, that we can truly reflect His Glory. He has promised to “give us beauty for ashes, and strength for fear.”

I have seen this in my own life and am more than eager to share, the depressing state, I had been in and the terrible things, I’ve encountered, if it will be the strength to help one, person overcome. Because He tells us that “His grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect in our weakness. So I will become weak, so that His strength may rest on me.”

When Bambi was asked this question about the life she’s led, and to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. She rated it a 2.

The reported asked, “Has it been that bad?” Her reply was, “yea.” How sad it made me to read that comment. I wished I could have spoken of the joy, that I have found, “by the word of my testimony.” Because the one whom Christ sets free, is free, indeed!”