Worship Me

Perhaps you’ve watched the worship videos and wondered, “What kind of crazy stuff is this? Or perhaps you’ve thought, ‘gee, my church isn’t like this.”

Well, this is the same conversation that the woman of Samaria had with our Lord,regarding worship. She pointed out the line that divided and it was most certainly a religious code.

This response and portion of scripture is very important, since the Lord draws a stark contrast to what the Jews and Samaritans were comfortable doing as a religious exercise and what was to unfold in the future. He tells her that “there would come a time, when all people would worship Him, “in spirit and in truth.”

I grew up in a church with a distinct ritual, which was followed each Sunday. We knew which hymns to sing, since they were posted. We each had a hymnal and a bible, (if anyone cared to open it) in the pew.

Yes, it got old. As children, it was boring. I imagine it was pretty boring as an adult as well, however, it was something that most adults believed they were obligated to do, if one was to enter into salvation.

This is exactly what our Lord does not want. He spoke of religious rituals which are not birthed by His Spirit, and therefore meaningless and dead works.

How can any of this feed ones spirit? How do we enter into the ultimate communion with the Lord, unless it is birthed by Him? He has nothing to do with the things of man.

Now, after finding the true meaning of relationship, versus religion, my spirit longed for more. Something much deeper. As I studied His words and had desire to know Him, rather than a religion, I started to understand.

I still remember the first time I heard true praise and worship. It lifted my spirit to heights I had never known. We would dance in the spirit and sing whatever words, the Holy Spirit brought forth. This is the true meaning of “worshipping the Lord, in spirit and in truth.”

When I listened to the studies, I found something truly miraculous about Praise and Worship. Whenever the armies of the Lord went out to battle, the Praise and Worship teams went before them. In the front line of the battle. That’s right. They led the armies, with all of their instruments. They knew, “that the battle belonged to the Lord,” and this was how it was won. It still is and He wants us to use this powerful weapon.

If you look at the Battle of Jericho, the walls came down, by the blowing of the trumpets and the obedience to God’s word.

When you look at King David and the way he danced around the Ark of the Covenant, you will see that he danced with all of his might. His wife looked out the window and mocked him because he acted drunk. But he was the one whom the Lord referred to as, “the man after God’s own heart.” This is why he was so blessed in his life.

Even when he sinned, he knew it was not against any man. “Against God, and God only, have I sinned.” He was full of remorse and he knew the pain he had caused because his heart was united with the Lord’s.

Now, we have entered into this time in church history. Many people are starting to understand this powerful dynamic. When you have a major battle, praise and worship, is what will tear down spiritual strongholds.

Believe me, there is one who does not want you to do this. Lucifer was “the minister of music,” in heaven. Remember, he wanted the praise which was meant for the Lord. So it would make sense that he tries to mock the praise which belongs to our Lord. Conversely, he perverts the music which man uses as a substitute. He influences all types of music. I used to think that Christians were being a little radical in their assessment of music and his influence until watching some incredible videos by Eric Holmberg. He is the founder of Reel to Real Ministries. And if you want an up close and personal dissection of our music and it’s influence, he is the man. His ministry of Apologetics is incredible and sure made a believer out of me. I watched two videos, Hells Bells 1 and 2, back in the late 80’s and was astounded. You will come away with a true understanding of the dynamic power behind our music and why the enemy of your soul will do everything to keep you from accessing this conduit to our Lord.

He has told us to “offer up the sacrifice of praise.” Why is this considered a sacrifice? Because, it is when we least feel like doing it, that it becomes imperative. This is when we need to do it. And in this, our sacrifice is acceptable to the Lord. The feelings are secondary and He will affect that change, as we worship.

We know that “He inhabits the praises of His people.” So, if you don’t feel His presence and you have trouble understanding or believing, my suggestion is; just do it. You will draw closer to Him than you have ever been and His Spirit will speak to you.

This  video is an example of true praise and worship. The most beautiful experience is to be communing with the Body of Christ and entering into His presence. As He tells us the greatest power is in our Unity.

I just watched a special with a man named, Sid Roth. He was speaking about the type of worship he studied in scripture. People would lay on their face  before the Lord. He spoke of his own experience when he did this and how he had won an intense battle after humbling himself in this manner. He speaks of breaking through the natural, to the supernatural.

I have a number of my favorites, such as Kent Henry, Misty Edwards, Catherine Mullins, Marty Goetz, Third Day, Kimberly and Alberto Rivera,etc. Put this music on and wait upon the Lord. Give Him your sacrifice. And when you least feel the desire, the greater His anointing will be!

The Double-Edged Sword!

The vessels hold the anointing

We are told in the Word of God that “it is Living and active Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. ” What does that mean? Well, it means double-edged, cuts going up, cuts coming down. Cuts going in, cuts coming out. Slices deep, and a person doesn’t even understand why. They comment without reason. Their comments make absolutely no sense and you really want to laugh, but instead you pray, because they are, after all under the control of the ‘blinding spirit of antichrist'(2 Co.4:4)and it takes a certain level of maturity to understand this. The Lord has to remind me of this as well and I must bite my own tongue. At any rate, you just want to beat the bedevil out of someone. lol Yea, that’s right…it’s Be-devil, not bejesus! Anyway, the Word of God is so powerful and so is praise and worship, just as I posted in my blog yesterday. I haven’t even begun to tap into that subject yet. The praise and worship music is an integral part of our prayers to the Lord and in fact before the battles began in the Old Testament, you can see that the Worshippers were sent ahead of the armies. Even in the story of Jericho you can see this.

So obviously there is some very powerful dynamic to this principle and there is also something that we are offering up to the Lord as a “Sacrifice of Praise” that pleases Him.
Well, I had posted an older video yesterday that had music and scripture being read along with it.
It had come to my spirit sometime during the day and I felt the Lord telling me that this was something He wanted me to post and I felt this song in my heart all day long.
As I read the scriptures being posted on the screen, I felt this was very powerful, since they spoke about the way to enter into a relationship with Christ.
Ahhh, yes, now the spirits were popping their heads up.
Satan hates to have his kingdom challenged.
A proponent of a new age philosophy stuck his head up and commented that he certainly did not need to have his inspiration come from being read to and all of his power comes from words in his heart and all kinds of other, stuff. That’s all I can say, because, I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. I knew immediately that this was not the Holy Spirit.
First of all, you want to say, “who’s making you read anything? “
Then, of course the Holy Spirit tells me, “the Lord’s servant must not quarrel.”And how many times have I failed that test before? Yes, obedience…I have scars to on my tongue to prove it.  However, the Lord does remind me that, “He who has begun a work in me will be faithful to complete it.”
Yet it does prove the ultimate power of the double-edged sword! First, in his reading it…and then in it’s cutting deep into his spirit and his soul.
Now, let’s look at what nonsense was spoken and what the Lord has said about this lie of the enemy.
“This power from his heart,” that drives him. He also told me that “he didn’t need to be told what was obvious.” Hmmm, I can almost hear that rich man from the story below, saying that same thing when he had his game going, on the earth. Probably told the prophets and teacher’s “Hey, I don’t need to read that nor to be told what is obvious!” Then there he is asking Abraham to send Lazarus to warn the family. Well, this man derives his heart power…as his guide, and not unlike most of the world, he isn’t feeling he’s on the wrong path. Hey, he looks around and he’s got a lot of company.
 My flags and alarms were going off all over when I was reading this. Of course when you have the Holy Spirit as your guide, you know immediately the truth from a lie and Satan knows this too. He tries to engage you in all out warfare and I wasn’t getting into it because we are to “be as wise as the serpent and as gentle as a dove.”
But if we, as human beings, just have some kind of good power in our hearts, or good thoughts that we can draw from, then why does God say that, “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)
Well, I think that pretty much sums it up for mankind and whatever power this guy is deriving from his source, it explains why he was feeling uncomfortable with the words that he was reading. They were in direct opposition to that inclination. The division of the joint from the marrow, the soul and the spirit. Nothing was lining up. And somethings gotta give. So he was gonna tell God how its going to be played. Everyone wants His word to line up to their lives or lifestyle. Whatever they want to call it. Heart power. shakra, whatever, There’s a new gimic for everything. As we fill ourselves with His word and His Spirit, we change. And that’s the beauty of it all. That He is the one that is in control. If I thought that this heart of mine had the power to drive, I’d really be a mess! But, the one who has promised to coninue this work of perfection, will see it through to the end. I will not take the credit for something I cannot do. I will surrender to His awesome power and majesty. Only He can do and Has done what I cannot do. So yes, I will let Him read to me, tell me what I think is obvious, but what is hidden in plain sight, I will let His words cut me deep, until I am changed into His image. He’s the one who gave me life, breathed His breath into me from the dust of the earth. The same one who breathed into these Words and I will allow these words to change me. I will not try to change Him because it was by His words that the heavens and the earth were created! Who Am I but the clay?
The great thing about God is that He never changes.”He is the Father of heavenly lights who does not change like the shifting of the shadows. He chose to give us birth through the Word of Truth, that we might be the firstfruits of all He created.”(James:17-18) 
So now, you know what I see when these things happen? This is the one that goes right to the top of the prayer list! That’s right! He just popped his head up and the enemy thought he was going to make me mad enough to cause an argument, so he must have wanted division.
Paul said in scripture, “we should not be outwitted, For we are not unaware of Satan’s schemes.”
Yes, it’s all about breaking ranks and dividing unity. Nothing is new. So, I am aware and any time I see it, I think, now that’s the one that is going right to the top. Thanks for showing him to me. We don’t have a lot of time… is there anyone else  that you’d like to to point out? lol
So in closing, this is what it is all about, people will be drawn or repelled by the name of Christ. Our responsibility does not change. Just stand firm until the end. You will see the power in the cross as you lift Him up for a dying world to see. Speak  His WORDS..no one elses words hold power.
“And when He is lifted up all men shall be drawn to Him.”