The Lord is Ready To Rock the House!

We are precious in His sight!

We are precious in His sight!

Yes, I recently heard that song from the children to Obama and the lyrics are eerily sung to Mr. President, however, this is a scripture and it is not about man, but about our Lord!

Sadly, man being sinful and lacking faith, must always try to find an object, albeit another human, to worship.

Sorry folks…if you do that, you will be sadly disappointed. Even President Obama isn’t living up to all of his miraculous promises. We human beings are just getting deeper and deeper into the mess.

I have lived with a lack of trust in humans since a young girl and the abuse of that trust has just continued even on the largest scale by people who are supposed to be in leadership. I realized that the culmination of this trauma taught me a valuable lesson. “In God We Trust,” and Him only!

Read it on your money that you so longingly pursue to the point of lying, stealing and cheating everyone to get it. Do you ever think about that? The Lord has Himself, appointed the leaders. That’s right, corrupt or not, the word of the Lord tells us, “the heart of a king is in the hand of the Lord and He turns it any way He desires.”

Why would He allow corruption? Well, didn’t God “harden Pharoah’s heart as well? Didn’t he do this over and over again? It seems obvious that the Lord is not impotent. So you may want to ponder this. What could be His reasons? Well, “His ways are not our ways, nor His thoughts our thoughts, however, He does say that He doesn’t want His people to perish.” He gives every opportunity to turn away from corruption. He also allowed Judas to betray Christ. But didn’t God, being “omnipotent and omniscient,” know that He had a plan and Judas was going to steal and betray His son. He also knew that being a layered and mult-purpose plan of redemption meant, that every heart, whether good or evil, would be used in this drama. Not one thing shall ever be wasted in God’s economy.

All of us are allowed the same chance. We have free will. The Lord knows in advance, however, what our choice is going to be. So, assess your lives and ask yourself, am I going to be part of His plan for the good of my fellow man, or for evil? Is my desire for the things of this world and selfishness, hastening my own demise? Have I really lived by the “Golden Rule?”

Oh, yes, we all have “sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.” But don’t forget the rest, when Paul states that if it weren’t for Jesus Christ, we wouldn’t stand a chance. When we have made that choice, we now have the power to turn away from evil. “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.” Our desires will change and our purpose for living has been radically transformed. Not for the status and power of this world, but for something much greater.

Well, the days are evil and the Lord is ‘closing in,’ on those who would do evil and try to bring harm to His servants. I have been abused to the point of extreme grief and the Lord pulls me close to Himself and reminds me that those who seek to do evil cannot continue in their ways forever. He also reminds me that I need to pray for them just as Abraham did for Sodom and Gomorrah. Even though they have hurt me. This is only temporary.

Yesterday I walked into my closet as I was getting ready to go to a group meeting. Feeling very sad and depressed at how weary this battle has been, I looked down. There, on my floor was a button. It was turned upside down so that it couldn’t be read. I wondered at it and where it came from. As I looked at it, I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit. “Pick it up.” As I bent down to retrieve it, I thought of the many ways the Lord speaks. I turned it over and I read, “One Day Longer.” I heard that ‘still, small voice. “This is my word to you to hold on to. When you feel like this, remember, just as Joseph was persecuted by his very own brother’s, thrown into the pit and left for dead, because of jealousy Falsely accused of trying to seduce the kings wife and thrown into prison. Being a help to those in prison, only to be forgotten by them after their release. I raised him up after all of his trials, to be second in command, to the king himself.”

I listened to the Lord speak to my spirit and left with a renewed strength. I remembered a small note that someone had sent to me just the day before. He is only an acquaintance, yet I share small things with him as he comes into my life. The note simply said, “Hang in there.” Yet here again, I was reminded by the Lord of His promises and how he speaks to us, if we have the spiritual ears to hear Him.

Now, the Lord is always showing me that I have not been abandoned. He has a plan. I get a feeling as the days go by, that He is getting ready to unfold the plan and purpose soon. Not just for me, but those that He has placed in my life, whether to bless me or to hurt me. My only responsibility is to feel the compassion that He has for them and pray for them.

He keeps telling me that after I am finished suffering, the deliverance and testimony will be most incredible, because it is He who has brought me out of the pit. I am thankful that He does use the foolish things of this world to confuse the plans of the wise. A thing like the color of my hair for example. To think that this could be the ‘red herring,’ of the whole scheme, is amazing and quite humorous.

In the end, the Lord will glorify Himself and show the world that it is He the rules and reigns and no one can do anything without Him. He will prove that it is by His own design that all of these threads come together to form the most radiant “coat of many colors,’ that will match any hair color for any given day! For this “I will see the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living, and give Him praise!”

Why Should We Pray?

This is why I Pray

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

We have the powers that go above the natural and conquer the SUPER natural! Why wouldn’t you pray? It’s outrageous that the Lord has given us this power and not just to bless our food, and we keep it locked up inside. Of course your adversary would be perfectly happy if you never, ever learned how to use the power at your disposal. This is why his number one strategy is to make you think he isn’t even real. For those that believe that, I would say, Satan and all of those wicked spirits have already won the battle against you. It is why the believers are equipped and anointed to do warfare against the enemy of your souls. You don’t realize the battle taking place for your souls and the warriors that are fighting on earth and in the heavenlies, on your own behalf.
The Lord said that “since the beginning with John the Baptist, the kingdom of God has suffered violence, but the violent shall take it by force!” (Matthew 11:11) I love this scripture because I consider myself one of the violent. I have snatched people away from the jaws of Satan, right before their own death and this is the most forceful we can be! When it comes to warfare, take no prisoners. This is a persons eternal life at stake.
I remember when I became a new believer and I started to learn about spiritual warfare, it fascinated me. I didn’t have to be convinced that the enemy was real, because I had seen his devastation long enough. It was all around me. “The thief comes to rob, kill and destroy, but I come that they may have life more abundantly.”
This doesn’t mean that believers suffer no hardship. On the contrary. But we do have the perfect peace that the Lord was speaking of. When you are resting on the foundation of Jesus Christ, how can you be shaken?
This is the peace that Satan would never want you to find. He even uses a persons religion to blind them. False works and empty rituals. Hopefully he can engage a person long enough until it’s time to go. The empty life outside of Jesus Christ and the whole purpose of the cross. This is his goal and if you remember correctly, it was in the name of dead religion and pride that Christ was crucified. That just shows us the picture of death that religion itself bears witness to.
Yes, we know that Christ layed down His own life, only to take it up again. This was a perfect plan. Yet, the Lord showed us many other pictures and he used the corrupt hearts of men to bring forth the plan of salvation. God did not make these religious leaders prideful and murderous. Nor did he do this to Judas. However, he did know in advance that they were going to do what they were going to do and this would be part of the plan. But in the midst of evil comes resurrection power. This is the same power that Christ gave to us after He sent the Holy Spirit.
The greek word for this power is; Dunamis, it is explosive power. This is where we derive the word dynamite and it is just that. Explosive, miraculous, power. Although we cannot see what warfare takes place in the heavens, know that the minute you engage the enemy, it is a battle.
When you fast and pray, it is multiplying your power. Look at Daniel.¬† In Daniel 10:11-13, the angel of the Lord appears to Daniel and tells him, “from the very first day your prayer was heard, but the Prince of Persia resisted me for twenty one days. This was the length of Daniel’s fast. A battle was taking place and Daniel had crucified his own flesh because he understood the power in this principal. Of course we know that this was not a human king, because this was an angel that had appeared to Daniel.
We know that this was a demonic battle taking place and look at what the angel continues to tell him; “Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the prince of Persia. (a principality)
After this encounter we can see that Daniel received the amazing end time revelation that mirrors the New Testament revelation written by John. No wonder the demonic powers were trying to prevent this from occurring. But his fast broke through the enemies lines and this is another thing that Christ did as an example for us to follow.
Remember once again, he was fasting in the desert when Satan tried to temp Him. The first temptation, most obviously was food.
This is when Satan tried to tell him that He was God and should just go ahead and turn those stones into bread. Jesus, returned with,”it is written that man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”
Once again, pray hard, pray often and at times that you should fast. Most people do not fast for twenty one days, however. a short fast will bring power.
I had fasted for twenty one days, before I was being baptised in 1990. It was the only time in my life that I heard the audible voice of God. I was on a flight and returning home. As I was sitting in my seat, I heard a loud voice. It sounded as it was coming through a waterfall. The words were, “Prepare to die.” What in the world? I looked around as if the voice came across the pa system. No one seemed to notice but me. I immediately knew it was Gods voice, yet I thought everyone was receiving the same message.
Ok, I thought. Am I going down on this plane or something? Why would God want to tell me that? And what about everyone else?
Nope, it didn’t happen. So on my drive home I thought. Hmmm, this freeway is pretty dangerous. Perhaps this is going to be it. Nope, still nothing.
As I returned home, I told my ex- husband what had happened and I was incredulous. I was excited at the same time, since I had actually heard the voice of God. But the message wasn’t that great.
He¬†started laughing and said, “don’t you really understand what that means?” “No!” At this I was a little irritated. How can he be laughing when I just got a death sentence?
He said, “you’re about to be baptised tomorrow and the Lord is telling you that you are going to die to your natural self and resurrect in new life.”
“Oh, yes, I thought. This makes perfect sense. Being a new believer, I still had much to learn. The sign of a new believer dying is baptism and it is part of the Great Commission. No, it’s not the one that happened when you were a baby. You must know what and why your doing it when you do it. So there’s another religious doctrine you can also crucify.
At any rate I’ll save that for another post.
But fasting and praying are the most powerful weapons in your arsenal and if you don’t use them, don’t blame God for His lack of concern. He’s given us the power and the weapons. Now we have to use them.