You May Have Power but No Authority

What’s the difference you say? Oh, there is a vast difference between the two. The power source is completely different and, many people have power, but they carry no authority. Yet, if you understand the meaning of true authority you have both.

But the interesting thing is that in order for one to have any authority, you must submit to authority. There are natural laws, and there are supernatural laws. Authority goes beyond what is natural and cannot be attained unless we submit to the Godly order of this universe.

Now in the order of God, we can see that Jezebel had power, and she used it to call down the power of Baal. She usurped the power of King Ahab, and she also surrounded herself with Eunuch’s, which indicates, that she emasculated all the men around her. These usually referred to castrated men. But in spiritual terms, I would assume any man losing control . Taking the natural power away from any man who had come close to her. She wanted to rule and would stop at nothing to take from other’s. It was all about control and manipulation. She was narcissistic. She met her end. And it wasn’t pretty. A strong man of God, had to overpower her charms, yet, he had her own eunuch’s take part in her demise. So fed up with her ordering them around,  “Throw her over the wall,” was Jehu’s final command.

But without submission to authority. This was carried to every extreme. When King Ahab was having a tantrum about someone’s vineyard, Jezebel, implied, that it was his right to take it.She stirred up his mind to evil. When he didn’t do what she expected, forgery was her answer. She forged the King’s name and had Nathan killed and stole his vineyard.  Nothing was beyond her reach.

She used the other’s to do her dirty work, and she would continue on her rampage, with the control, pulling all the strings of her puppets, as she took what she desired from others. Yet, she had control, but she absolutely hated any form of authority. You see this spirit at work in 1 Kings, and again in the book of Revelation, inside the church of Thyatira.  (Rev. 2) Yes, that’s right, the Lord is speaking to her alive and well, inside the church. So don’t be fooled, by all that churchy stuff. This is where that spirit loves to hide.Getting all caught up in the religious trappings. The outside looks good to a lot of people and this is the easiest way to hide the inside of evil.

As I was reminding a young boy that I was speaking to the other day, I grew up in the church. It was probably the greatest deterrent to faith for me as a young person. All my friends were pastor’s kids, and I practically lived in their homes. I never saw more broken lives. I never heard anything about being born again or regenerated, because none of these people knew what this meant. If they did, they would have been living it. I’m not condemning anyone, but it is to say, it’s not something, one can teach from a pulpit. It is a personal experience.

It was the reason Nicodemus went to visit Jesus in private. We all need our private visit. One on one, with the Lord. The question which he asked. So simple, yet so profound, “How can I enter the kingdom of God.” Here a man, who was a teacher of the law. He had all scriptures memorized. And yet had no idea, how to enter in.

Most of the people I knew went to seminaries, as a career choice, not because they felt called by God. I mean, ‘the Great Commission,’ didn’t require a degree.

Now the Lord told us, that rebellion is as witchcraft. This is why it was His order from the beginning, in his conversation with Adam and Eve,  to have an order. So we can see that anyone who refuses to submit to authority, is in rebellion.We can also see that the exertion of our own will over the will of God, is the beginning of rebellion and the five, “I will’s, is the reason, Satan, was cast out of his comfortable domain. Read, if you like, in the book of Isaiah. It’s this pride of our will, which is the rebellion that God is referring to and the reason, He wants us to learn how to submit to authority in our lives. If not, we become a person who uses control as their power source. They operate under the power of witchcraft.

But when you see this authority in place, the family unit, and everything else, falls into place. It works, the way God intended it to work, because it is in its proper order and the power source is under authority.  When it is out of place it does not. It is the reason that God thought it important enough to make it a commandment.

It began in the Garden of Eden. The very beginning of time. It was important enough that God gave only one commandment with a blessing attached to it. “Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother, and it shall go well with thee and thou shall live long upon the earth.

Yes, that’s right. It’s the only one with a blessing attached. Check it out. Which means, most likely the opposite if it is broken. And it isn’t conditional.

We submit to authority because there is an order to things in this universe. Now, the Lord even left us with these last words, “All authority has been given to me on heaven and on earth. Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations.”  Matthew 28:18

The Lord left us with an important message. That He has all authority. And that we are under His authority.  He told us that all this authority He gave to us, his disciples. There is no power greater than this.

Now there is a story in scripture which speaks of a man who understood this spiritual authority. The Centurion. He heard Jesus was coming to his town, and his father was ill. He told Jesus that, He knew He was too great to come to his home. He said, that, “He himself was a man who commanded people, and understood what it meant to be under authority, so he knew that all Jesus had to do was speak a word, and his father would be healed. Jesus was so amazed at this man’s great understanding of this authority and he told him to go, that his father was healed.

When conversing with this boy the other day, we brought up someones name. “Yes, but he doesn’t believe in God,” he said. “Oh, I disagree,” I said. I think he’s much closer to the truth, than most people think he is. In fact, he’s much closer than a lot of people who sit in church. He certainly understands spiritual authority. ” And I shared this story with him. Certainly the centurion, wasn’t in the church. Nor did he follow Jesus. Yet, he was full of faith, to the point that even Jesus was amazed at his understanding of authority.

Now, when we see how this works, and we submit to the authority which has been placed in our lives, then we also have authority. Everything falls into proper order.

So the two powers are one, which is a power of darkness, which is manipulative, controlling and exploits others.  And the other one which is a power of light, with authority seek, justice, mixed with mercy and love and we know that the light, always overpowers the darkness.

“Not By Might, Not By Power, But By My Spirit, Says the Lord.”Zech4:6

Lord, You Are My Fortress

This morning I woke up from a dream. And this is what I remember. I was facing a military tank. 

Once again, in this car of mine, which has been a lemon ever since I purchased it. I guess I should consider it a good sign, since it’s off for repair, once again. So apparently it was in working condition in my dream. 

I had been up the road with a group of people and it seemed to be a revival of sorts. My brother from California, was there and he was encouraging me to go and flag people down, to come join us. Another encouraging sign to me, since he isn’t very spiritual. So, I went the opposite way on the entrance ramp of the freeway, to do this. Ok, I’ll admit, this wasn’t smart, but hey, this was a dream. I’m assuming it means that as believers, we are all going the opposite way of the world. 

I stopped at the bottom of the entrance ramp and turned my right turn signal on as if that was going to let people know that I was indicating they should go around me. It seemed to work. My brother and some others were at the top of the hill, bringing people in to the group. 

As I sat and sent cars around, I looked up at once and there it was; and imposing force. A military tank. Right in front of me and I was at once seized with alarm at its presence. Did it see me? I started to wildly motion with my hands and heard my brother screaming. Back up! Back up! I froze. I didn’t know what to do. I checked my turn signal, as if that’s really going to make a difference. This tank can squash me like a fly. 

Then all of a sudden a peace came over me. Well, if this tank is going to roll over me, what can I do? And I remembered who I was and why I was there.That’s funny. One of my good sisters in the Lord had spoken that very same thing to me a few months ago when she walked away. “Don’t forget who you are.” 

As I woke from this dream, several things came to mind and I was reminded of a conversation I just had the day before. I had been up against that spirit Jezebel once again. This spirit of mind control and manipulation just never stops coming against the Lord’s servants and she covets the anointing.But the anointing is for anyone who does what the Lord commands. It is just the same thing that happened between Cain and Able. Cain had a chance to get it right, but refused. “Cain, sin is crouching at your door, and it longs to master you, but you must master it.” He was not obedient. And he murdered Able. The first murder ever recorded and it was because of jealousy. Jealousy over a better sacrifice. But the sacrifice wasn’t as important as OBEDIENCE. Able gave of his, first fruits. His very best. 

 I had to remind a person that “we are to hold every thought captive to Jesus Christ.” When you translate that scripture, it is a military term. He said, “I was just thinking about that.” Yes, I said, because what you have done is listen to words of the world and acted in an unGodly manner. You are being manipulated for someone elses advantage and doing what is very displeasing to God. 

The Lord reminded me when I was attacked by these spiritual forces of evil, once again, that He will have His way, and it is not by might nor power, but by His spirit.” This wickedness is always plotting evil in His eyes. Always scheming and trying to corrupt the people around her. She acts as if she’s doing good and leads others down this path. Only the word of God will dispel the forces of darkness and destroy these strongholds of evil. 

The Lord allows her time to repent. This is why we pray. It is a control of the mind and those under this spell cannot see it. They are almost hypnotized by its power. It is witchcraft. The Lord has already told us in His word that “rebellion against Him, is as witchcraft.” 

There is no sacrifice we can give, no amount of church acts of service or good deeds, that is going to make Him turn a blind eye to these kind of actions against others. He has made Himself clear, “I demand OBEDIENCE, above SACRIFICE.” 1 Sam15:22

After meeting with my friend today I was reminded by her, that I am not to retreat in the face of the enemy. This is what he wants. Yes, I feel fear at times. Great fear and yet, she had also reminded me that I had been called to be a witness to those around me, and even those places that most cannot reach as Paul.  If I am to be sent into these areas of darkness, I should expect to experience this type of warfare.I know that the Lord tells me that we are to place all of our trust in Him and this is why we have our sister’s and brother’s holding us up in prayer.

The Apostate Church

What is it? Well we’re living in the times  of darkness and we need to be on our guard. People do not even realize what’s happening. Megachurches cropping up all over and pastors tickling the ears of the members, afraid of losing the tithes. The danger of losing all the money supporting the growth and this is exactly what the Lord speaks about when He speaks to the churches in Revelation. The works instead of the real love for Him. The appearance instead of the service and the wealth instead of the regeneration.

Jezebel, alive and well in the church and the church leaders that tolerate her fornications inside the church all because she is bringing in people who bring more money and growth.  This spirit will be leading in ministries and teaching as well. This is the apostacy and  it has no regeneration in a person at all. It’s obvious because she hasn’t changed one bit. She expects the Lord to come along to her way of thinking. Of course we know that Gods word does not change,He calls sin, sin, and now it has been brought into the church, in the name of the Lord and the church leaders have turned a blind eye and even set people into ministry ignoring these sins. It is one thing to do these things in the world, but now to be brought into the church, the Lord is burning in His anger. He knows Jezebel and she hides in her relgious works, thinking she cannot be seen. But she hates the prophets of God and this is why she enters the church The Lord will only deal with her for so long before He moves His hand of judgement.

Because of this He speaks in Revelation, that she shall be cast upon a bed of suffering, and all who fornicate with her, shall also suffer with her. It is amazing to me, that she does not see it, yet when we are in the midst of our sin, and refuse to heed the voice of the Lord, our hearts become hardened. It is only when we refuse to repent, that we are allowed to suffer. And in Revelation, He tells us that He has allowed Jezebel more than enough time to repent and she refuses. So it’s apparent that He is speaking to the apostates in this portion of scripture. Those with the most hardened of hearts.

We are living in those times. I see it in a most personal way in my life. With people who I know and in the churches as well. They think they are rich, yet they are poor. They say they must clean themselves of the most silly things, yet the most obvious sins against the Lord, go unchecked, as if He turns a blind eye, because they are so busy in the church, and He is so pleased with their works for Him. I say it again. The Lord does not need our works! He did it all at the cross! Anything more is our proclamation to Him that He didn’t do enough and that is blasphemy. When He said, “it is finished, He meant it.

We have the privilege of being part of the process, but that’s all it is. He allows us as part of His creation, to be co-heirs with Him. But to assume that He needs our help is just plain ludicrous, and Satan, is always busy, trying to fill, mans heads with these lies, when we aren’t yet regenerated by the Holy Spirit. This is why the Lord tells us to be “filled by the Spirit of God, and keep the house swept clean, so that these unclean spirits, cannot enter in.” These are spirits of religion, that seek to keep us bound up in doing empty works. They will not get us into the kingdom of God. They are worthless. Only the blood of Christ have paved the way for us. Now accept it. It’s free. And stay filled with His Spirit and stay humble knowing we can’t earn anything.

Be obedient unto Him and Him only. If it doesn’t line up with His word, reject it. Don’t try to make His word line up to your lifestyle. Make your life line up to His word. As His spirit lives in you, you will overcome. This is His power living in you. Read it and live it. This is how they will know you are sons of God. You will be filled with His love.

Always remember the narrow way. The lesser part. The remnant.Many are called…few are chosen.

That Woman Jezebel

Who is the woman Jezebel? She was an evil woman that controlled her husband the king, Ahab in 1 Kings and because he coveted the property of Naboth, she plotted to get it for him. She  she wrote letters, forged documents, she held a banquet, pretended to be a wonderful woman of honor and Ahab the perfect king. Meanwhile at the banquet they placed two scoundrels next to Ahab and had him falsely accused of cursing both God and the king so that he was guilty of treason. So she basically destroyed his character and made herself look upstanding. She then had him taken outside the city gates and stoned to death. Lying, forgery, nothing bothered the conscience of Jezebel. She was a murderous woman and her covetousness and need for revenge bordered on insanity.

The prophet Elijah was told by the Lord, “now go and speak to Ahab.

I find it interesting that first he asked him the question,”Have you not murdered a man and seized hs property?But he did not wait for his answer, knowing that he would not be honest, he then spoke this is what the Lord says;In the place where dogs licked up Naboth’s blood, dogs will lick up your blood, -yes, yours!

Ahab, said, “so you have found me, my enemy!” “I have found you, he answered, “because you have sold yourself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord. I am going to bring disaster on you.”

Well, this is a story of a man being totally controlled by a woman and now we will skip forward and see what happened to Jezebel.

In verse 23 “and also concerning Jezebel the Lord says; Dogs will devour Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel.”

In Chapter 22:38 you will see that king Ahab meets his own demise in the manner that Elijah has spoken and in 2Kings 30 you will see that Jehu has had Jezebel thrown down from the wall. He says she should have a proper burial since she was the king’s daughter, however the Jezreel dogs have already eaten her, in accordance with Elijah’s words.

Now, I find it interesting that Jezebel makes another appearance in the book of Revelation. So we know that Jezebel is also a spirit that operates through people. A powerful controlling spirit that longs to control men and dominate them. Usurping the authority that has been given to them from the very beginning. The spiritual hierarchy.Yes, there is a government, even in the spirit world and it’s spoken of all through scripture.

God has given a spiritual order and he listed this order in the book of Genesis. When this order is reversed, there are all kinds of problems. There is also a spirit of Ahab. Men that are controlled and abdicate their own God-given authority. My father was one of those men. He allowed this by his own wife until his death and it was a shame. This spirit is a spirit of witchcraft and it controls the mind. Powerful and persuasive, however, the Lord will not tolerate this as he speaks in the book of Revelation.This is the church of Thyatira. (Revelation2;18)

He speaks of prevalent sin within the church and the tendency to tolerate sin and unrighteousness within the church. People who state that God accepts within the church any who commit acts of immoratlity and participate in the worlds evil pleasures. Some in the church will often tolerate such false teaching because of indeifference personal friendhsips or fear of confrontation. God will destroy such oa church, ong with its leaders. (The NIV bible Notes 2)

This is the most dangerous age we are living in and anyone that does not see that they are under the persuasion of this spirit must be in the word of God and reading these passages. Pray that you will not be deceived. Have nothing to do with these things. No woman should be acting on behalf of  her husband or any other man when it comes to legal matters. Reading his mail or signing his name.

God is dealing with this church right now. He is revealing to his prophets and the discipline to this woman Jezebel and Ahab is severe.

There is no excuse, but there is a way out and it is repentance. A person must first recognize they are under this control and turn from this. Only the word of God and it’s truth is the power to convict and show the way.