Stop! In the Name of Love!!

Here it is; the story of the woman scheduled for execution by stoning. Yes, believe it or not, it still exists. But although the Iranian’s still practice this, it is not found as a law in the Quran, strangely enough. As I posted earlier, it was in the Jewish laws and practiced thousands of years ago, but then everything changed. What happened to change this law? Grace had come, in the form of Jesus Christ.  He was the substitute. He took our beatings, “by his stripes we are healed.” He took the public humiliation and the death that was meant for us.(Isaiah 53) “The punishment that was meant to bring us peace, was upon Him!

Now there is an outcry from the international communities about this poor womans’ sentence. Of course it’s outrageous to believe that a culture can still practice such barbaric acts and especially for a sin, which seems to be the norm in our present day. In fact it is almost glorified in some cultures. The punishment truly does not meet the crime.

But, this shows you that people who have no hope, stand judged by the law. It is a terrible thing, and all who judge others by these laws, shall themselves be judged accordingly. Perhaps not on this side  of eternity, but the Great Judgment Throne, where they will see the only True Judge, our Holy God and without the Advocate, Jesus Christ, as the mediator, their pleas will be in vain.

We stand accused of sin. Period. End of Story. The punishment by our Holy God, who could not even look upon His Son, when He bore our sins….is death. But it is eternal death.

This is why we cling to Christ, the one who made restitution for all mankind. This is also why He could say to the woman, being dragged to her imminent death, “Where are  your accusers?”

Pray for this woman, and all of those who are still being subjected to these laws. Pray that they will see the truth and the grace that sets them free! This is love, “Greater Love Has No Man, than He lays down His life for a brother.”

This is what our Savior has done for us…all in the name of Love!