Behold-The Remnant!

The Remnant

I was with a girl the other day and the Lord arranged a divine appointment as He always seems to do this. She was sharing some things in her life as I was and we had many hurts in common. I had told her that my faith sustained me and we continued to talk. As she shared her experience of religion, I realized, as I’m sure she did, it was an emotional,ritualistic experience. Nothing like the intimate relationship I had spoken of with the Lord.

I expressed to her that He had made a way for all people to come to Him in an intimate way, without ritual or any mediators. We are to look at Him as our Father now and He even tells us that we are children by adoption, allowing us to call Him, “Abba,” which is very intimate. It is as if we are climbing into His lap and crying “Daddy!” This is what Christ had accomplished for us on the cross, when the curtain had been torn. I reminded her that before that time, only a High Priest of Royal Order, was allowed into the Most Holy of Holies, to make sacrifice for the people of Israel. After Christ made sacrifice for us, He became our High Priest.
As we prayed, she cried and told me she never understood this before.
Well, I told her that religion, in many ways, keeps us focused on the wrong things and we miss, what Christ had really done for us. We go back to trying to work things out on our own.
I didn’t see her for a day and on the way back, she was telling me how excited she was after having prayed and wanting to start in a Bible Study. I told her when you have the Holy Spirit as your guide, you can read the bible with understanding, since He is the author. It is important for you to be in a study, rather than just involved in a church experience, which is nothing but ritual. God wants us to draw close to Him and to know Him, and this is how we do it.
Then she looked at a necklace which I was wearing and she said she liked it. It is a Star of David, with a cross in the middle of it. She said, “But the Jesus, will never go back to Israel again.” I dropped my jaw in disbelief. For someone who seemed to know very little about scripture, this remark was so Antisemitic, and out of left field. I said, “Did you know that Jesus was a Jew?” “Yes, but they killed him. And that’s the reason He said, Father forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing.”
“Ok, listen,” I told her.”This is why it is very important for you to be in a study of the scriptures. You keep telling me this is “what you heard,’ but it is in total contradiction to God’s word.
God has a covenant with Israel and we are all inheritors of that same covenant as believers. Jesus Christ asked the Father to forgive all of us,that day. Every sinner, put Him on that cross. His prayer was as a High Priest, praying the prayer of forgiveness for all of mankind! I had to remind her that there were Roman’s and Jews alike that all took part in the sacrifice. A picture of Jew and Gentile. As I pointed out in scriptures before, “Roman soldiers cast lots for His clothing.” Everyone was implicated on that day. And God sent Him as a sacrifice. He was to make atonement for us. He said, “I lay my life down willingly, only to take it up again.”
But she said, “The Jews don’t believe and He will never go back to Israel again.“And do you know, that all the nations shall rise against Israel, and Christ Himself shall return and set His foot on the Mount of Olives, to put an end to the oppression? The Mount of Olives is in Israel. And God has said, that “I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her.”
“Oh, I didn’t hear that,” she said. “No, this is why you need to know what God says. He loves Israel, even though they have been stubborn and rebellious. Just like all of us. But in scripture you can see that the very first believers were Jews. There was always a remnant. And I told her I have many friends who are Jewish believers.
We do not cut off Israel. She is the Apple of God’s Eye. His love for her is great and His plan is to restore her even though she was unfaithful.
I remember looking at my bible once and being fascinated with the remnant.
In Romans 11, Paul speaks of the remnant. In verse two Elijah appealed to God against Israel. You see that? The prophet to the nation of Israel, appealing to God, against His own people! He was so angry, He told the Lord, “Lord, they have killed your prophets and torn down your altars; I am the only one left, and they are trying to kill me.
This is what God said, “I have reserved for myself seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal. (v4)
So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace.
(v7)What then? What Israel sought so earnestly it did not obtain, but the elect did.
And this is the important part to remember, God allowed them to stumble and be blind. It says He gave them a “spirit of stupor.” (v8-10)
Why would He do something like this? How could a loving God darken the eyes of the very people He came for? Remember Jesus said, “I came first to the nation of Israel.”
This is why; Israels rejection of Christ resulted in salvation for the whole world. He became a “light to the gentiles.” And this is why it is so important that we understand what a great gift this has been and how much He loves Israel and plans for their return.
In verse 11, Paul repeats his question  to seal the understanding to his listeners. Just as I feel I must when speaking to those who want to make this a message of division or veiled antisemitism. That is demonically inspired and we know that anything surrounding Israel, Satan has hated from the beginning and will until the end.
“Again I ask; Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather, because of the their transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious.
Paul tells us “not to be arrogant. If the natural olive branch had been cut off, to allow the wild to be ingrafted, how much more shall the natural be grafted in to their own olive tree?” (v18-24)
People run around with all kinds of wild beliefs and ideas, but if you really want to know God’s heart, then you must know Him in His word.
He also speaks of the Suffering Servant, and many over the years want to argue this point. Those who don’t believe in Jesus as messiah, want to believe it is Israel. I contend, that when any one of us is grafted into this vine, we are His and are called by His name.
All of the true servants of the Lord, are also suffering servants and are part of this remnant. We have His name and all of the promises of Israel apply.
When He speaks to me, He reminds me of this. “Israel, my splendor.” It is not a land, but a people chosen by grace to do the work of His hands and reveal His light to this dark world.

Streams In The Desert

We are drawn to the water

We are drawn to the water

This book, Streams In The Desert by L.B. Cowman,is a book that I read almost daily. The Lord always has a word for me in this book.

I have used it over the years and marked in it  many times. It has ministered to me in countless ways and all of the scripture passages are divinely directed for each day.

When I am going through severe tribulation in my life, this book has spoken right into my circumstances. When I am at peace and full of joy, it has spoken to my spirit as well. How does it know? Well, the Holy Spirit knows the heart of all men. Whether a person is submitted to the Lord or not, He has a way of reaching us and speaking in a way that we can understand. He is always with us.

I went out to my mailbox one day last summer, when I was at the peak of my anxiety with my Post Traumatic Stress, and I found a dead iguana. It’s throat had been slit and eyes poked out. I was so alarmed as my ex-husband stood before me with my son; I pulled it out by the tail and said, “See?” I knew that my ex-husband had no idea of the level of spiritual battle I was involved in. I would battle in my prayers and the Lord constantly reminded me that worry and anxiety were not from Him. He gives us peace, and as He says, “perfect peace, unlike the world offers.” I knew I was not experiencing this perfect peace, because the enemy of my soul was bringing out the big guns from his arsenal and I was afraid.

After I threw this iguana in the trash and stopped trying to figure out what person was responsible for this atrocity, I brought the mail into the house.

This is when the Lord spoke to me. “Didn’t I tell you that you trample scorpions and serpents for my name sake? Didn’t I show you as an example that you are the Head not the Tail?” He reminded me of His love for me and “not to be afraid of those who can kill the body, but rather fear the one who can kill both body and soul.

Yes, now I am remembering His words to me, which are the words of Life. I looked down at my mail and right on top was the magazine that I have and it is also a message from the Lord. “Israel, my glory.” This iguana was laying right on top of it. The Lord had spoken to me long ago and told me that I am a picture of Israel to Him and should apply all of the same promises made to her, also to myself. He also reminded me that this was not a coincidence. Satan hates Israel and anyone who bears her name. The one whom the Lord has called and is in covenant is going to be the object of Satan’s hatred.  All believers in Christ, are considered part of this same covenant through Abraham.

He told me that I should remember all of these promises made by Him, my heavenly Father and He will never break them. As I looked at this writing, “Israel My Glory,” I felt as if He had just reached out of heaven and sent me a little love note. Something to remind me that I am “ruling and reigning with Him in heavenly places.” This little fear tactic by the enemy shall have no power over me, but I was reminded by the Lord to pray for anyone that is being used as a servant by these dark spirits. They are the ones that are in great peril.

Yes, I have suffered. Tremendously, however, as I read the passage from today, I saw such an interesting quote by a Roman soldier; When a Roman soldier was told by his  guide that if he insisted on taking a certain journey, it would probably be fatal, he answered, “It is necessary for me to go-it is not necessary for me to live.” (Streams in the Desert. September 10, Special TBN Edition)

The Lord can never use a person that is still holding onto themselves. This soldier showed a perfect example of a life lived for the purpose of his mission, whether his life is lost or not. “Whoever finds his life, will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” How many people have this conviction to follow the path to life? Not many, in fact scripture tells us this.

Check yourself; if you are on the road that speaks, “everyone is doing it.” Believe me, you are on the wide road and many travel on it. It is the road that is very narrow, with few traveling along, that you must find, if you are to attain life eternal. Then all of this suffering and efforts to reach some kind of worldly status, is unimportant. It will pale in comparison to the one who Has called you and the mission He has called you to.

If you are parched from this world and you’ve reached to top, and found, there’s nothing gratifying about any of this, it’s because you were following after the wrong things. Now you have asked, “Is this all there is? Why do I still feel empty?”

You are a desert. Jesus Christ is the Living Water, and once this desert has a drink of this Living Water, you will ” never thirst again.” Take it and drink it. He became a drink offering for all who thirst!”