“In my weakness, His strength is perfected.”

I was looking at my young son today and thinking of his birth 11 years ago. God’s special promise to me.

God told me that I would have a son and after three miscarriages, which are my babies waiting in the Lord’s arms, He chose to send my son. I was serving the Lord and had just reunited a woman with her own father that she had not seen for 15 years. She had aids and he had been so unforgiving to her. He had done time in prison for killing a security guard and was on death row in Texas when they eliminated the death penalty.

She had also been in prison in Florida for killing her own husband when he abused her. She shot him and she told me that when they were taking him out on the gurney, she asked him to  forgive her, and he told her that he loved her, but he died.

Now she was telling me this story on her birthday about her own father, cutting her off. No communication for all these years and all I could think of was, what could be the reason? She told me and it was so ridiculous. I told her that if this was brought to the surface it could only mean one thing, “the Lord was bringing this to the light and He must want reconciliation.”

I decided I was going to track him down. I did find him, living in Odessa, Texas. He was living with his wife, Cheryl’s stepmother. I called Cheryl to tell her and she was so excited to call him. After talking him with him, she called me crying. “Oh my gosh, Carrie! We talked for so long! I told him I want to see him. But that’s the only thing. He said, “I love you Cheryl, but I really can’t see you. I just can never forgive you for what you did to me.

Well, I thought, this is something that God will overcome. I made plans with her to go and see him and we didn’t tell him. I will not tell you all the incredible circumstances, but someone that I had never even met before on my flight said, “Carrie, I know that God is behind this and my husband and I are always blessing ministries. I am going to be on the next trip with you and I want to hear all about this!” She gave me a check for $200. I said, “Wow! This is going to pay for the rental car, since I was getting a difficult time from people about getting a pass to fly this woman out there.

We finally got out there and it was a most miraculous journey. When we arrived he said, “Cheryl, you should have told me you were coming! I just came back from Albuquerque from having chemo treatments. He had half of his liver removed the year before because of cancer. The Lord is always on time.

He wouldn’t allow us into his home at first and we sat on the front porch with him and his wife. I continued to talk with him and at some point he must have felt comfortable and he said, “oh hell, come on in.”

Later his daughter went outside to smoke. He asked how her health was. I told him. “She’s actually pretty good.” Then she came in and what I witnessed a few minutes later was like a scene from a movie. He spoke as if he was dreaming. “You know since I got my cancer, I’ve been watching a lot of Christian television. I don’t know if what I’ve been doing is right or not, but every time I see the part where Jesus is hanging on the cross, I thank Him (and at that point he raised his arms up) for all of the people He died for. I ask Him to forgive them for not  thanking you for that.”

Just then his daughter Cheryl jumped up and said, “oh my gosh daddy, can’t you see? That’s all I want is for you to forgive me?” He hugs her and says, “Oh honey, I forgive you.”

Wow! I never expected it to be like this. I mean it was so unplanned and the spirit of God was so heavy in the room that this mans wife, Wilma didn’t even understand what was happening. I had to laugh at the simplicity of God. He knew this man’s need and he sent someone that was obedient in his daughter’s life and someone that would not be afraid, to come to him.

I spoke this to him as I prayed with him. I said, “Listen Charles, I understand what you did, but don’t you realize that the Lord didn’t do that just for everyone else, but for you as well and if you were the only one in this world He would have still hung from that cross to pay the penalty?

I then related something he could understand. “Charles, it was as if you were on death row and it was your turn in that chair and at the exact moment they were ready to execute you, Jesus Christ stepped in and said, “no, I will take his place.”

No one could have a better example than this man. He lived it. He told me himself that at one point he was cell mates with James Earl Ray and yet, one of the grievous sins that he could not forgive his daughter for, was that she was with a black man. Isn’t life strange?

On my way home, is when I received the message that the Lord had a special blessing for me. I already knew that I had been blessed beyond measure, but my ex-husband told me that he was pretty sure that it was something more.

He was right. I had my son and Charles was so excited to hear when I found out I was pregnant. I was at times afraid that I would lose him as well, but I would not entertain that thought, because I knew I had been obedient and this was a special promise from the Lord.

Right after my son was born, Charles and his wife Wilma talked to us once more and were so excited by his birth. Then, not long after that, Charles went to be with the Lord.

Cheryl called me with the news and she was so upset, yet I reminded her that the Lord had loved her father so much, that He took a total stranger and sent that person to his doorstep to make sure that there was reconciliation. Not just between the daughter and the father, but more importantly, Cheryl’s father and his heavenly Father. This was the most important thing of all. Now the eternal reconciliation is in place.

As I look at my son this day and am under constant attack and feel the enemy trying to deceive and manipulate him, I’m reminded of all of this. The covenant is so important to the Lord and I try to protect him from the attacks that he doesn’t even understand are coming against him. I pray for him constantly and keep remembering that the Lord will guide his steps as he has been promised to God.

As I get weaker and weaker in my fight, the Lord gets stronger. This is His promise. When I am completely beaten down, then I know; the Lord Himself will take a stand against all that would try to come against the plans of the Lord. So right now I am praying as Paul did, “that I would be weak, so that His strength could rest on me.”

My greatest desire is for my son to walk in the calling of God for His life and to have compassion for the ones to whom he is called.