Let Me Stay Low

Someone had admonished me about not addressing them by their title the other day. And I was amused by this. It was a person who had sent an email suggesting I be concerned about, “making a name for myself.” As if I really care about such things.

I have long since lost my desire for finding identity in worldly endeavors such as this, and have found the whole need for greed and identity is what has gotten our world system in the mess which it is in. The Lord has told us that we are in the grips of sin. It is why He came to redeem us.

It is also why He taught a very important lesson to His disciples the night He was betrayed. He washed their feet. At first, it was almost impossible for Peter to accept this example and Jesus pointed out that unless he learned this example, he would have no part in this ministry.The Son of God, came to serve, not to be served. What an incredible example to mankind.

I’ve often thought of this. The feet of our Lord. How He has shown so many examples of this. The dirtiest part, which at that time of history, walked the dusty roads. The woman, anointed His feet with her oil, her tears, and dried them with her hair. Yet, she felt more filth on the inside, and all the shame she felt, those accusers standing by, were worse, for the thoughts. In one message spoken, our Lord, silenced their wagging tongues, and cleansed her. Not only cleansed her, but also honored her among women. “Her name would be honored throughout history.” Mary Magdalene.

The woman who reached out in a throng of people to grab a piece of his garment. Just a touch. But faith so strong, to be healed. Crawling like an animal on the ground. In the dirt. If she could just get a touch. No pride. If she could just get something, anything. Let me just stay down. Who cares what anyone thinks about me? I just need a touch.

Isn’t this what our Lord wants? Be of no reputation. As He was. No identity. No pride. Nothing that the enemy can play with. Stay low. At His feet. Dirty and in need of Him. Knowing our need is the beginning of our healing. The foot of the cross.

“But He made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men.” (phillipians 2:7)

So, help me stay low. I want to be at your feet Lord. There’s no greater place in all of heaven and earth.

Beware of My Tantrum

It happened again today. It never ceases to amaze me. No matter how terrible the tragedies in this country, there are always people, who seem to go about their lives, in a total funk, oblivious to what is happening in this world. We all seem to exist to make their every wish come true, and when that doesn’t happen, they will make sure we hear about it. This is most miserable for all of us, when it takes place on that metal tube.

This morning, Ms. Sour Grapes, had her turn. She started out pleasant enough as I briefed her about her emergency exit, and made a few jokes with her. She seemed pleasant. But, as I gathered later, it was only a ruse, for the ambush, at dinner.

I came up from the back to help the flight attendants working Business Class. And as I served her the meal, she didn’t seem to say anything. It was later, as I passed by, when she called me over, and pointed to her tray, “please take this,” she said, in disgust. “I’m not going to eat this.”

I was quite surprised, as it was the most popular meal we offered, and she hadn’t touched it. As I brought it into the galley, I set it down and asked the galley flight attendant about her. “Oh, she was all upset because she didn’t get her first choice.”

“Oh,my gosh! Not that again” I said. “I’m getting so tired of this.” “Yes,” he said,”I took them in order of status, and asked her what her second choice would be, and she told me, and that’s what she got. She seemed fine with it.” “Well,she sure wasn’t when she called me over.”

Now I was still running meals out, when she called me over again. “Excuse me,” she said. “Could you please tell me why, I got that meal, when people behind me are getting the meal I chose?” “Yes, I will be happy to explain. We take meal orders according to mileage status. It is our policy. We take a first meal order and a secondary order to ensure you have another choice. In mid-sentence she cut me off and said, “I don’t want to hear this. I’m writing a letter.” I bit my tongue, as I wanted to say, Excuse me, but you’re the one who called me over to ask me a question, so obviously, you did want to hear this!”I think  that what she didn’t want to hear was that she didn’t have status. And the baby in the car seat behind her carried more status than she did.

Yes, that was a family of 4, and I carried those trays past her, but she was so sarcastic, I just wanted to parade it right up to her seat and stop in front of her and say, “Oops! I’m at the wrong seat. It’s not my fault you’re not as successful as that little toddler back there! Maybe you should have tried harder!”

I’m just a little tired of people acting so entitled. And just plain rude. She wouldn’t take anything for the rest of the flight, as if it was our fault. Those little kids had more manners. Every time we gave them something they said please and thank you. And the woman was just angry. Over a meal choice? Really? Is this really worth it?

I went to the back later and I was talking with the flight attendant about the issue of the epidemic in China and the elderly crisis. It seems because they had allowed couples to only have one child, the elderly population with Alzheimer’s and dementia is outnumbering the population, which is able to care for them. Because I have my elderly mother living with me, I was thinking about this dilemma. What a terrible crisis. They are trying to come up with solutions to the problem. I couldn’t help but think of this woman, I had just dealt with. I thought, yes, perhaps we might have to step up to the plate, and instead of bringing babies back from China, we may have to bring the elderly back.

Then the thought occurred to me. You know, that just might be a trip to cure this crotchety women. She should go to China and bring some of these elderly people back. Perhaps our government could assign people like her to some kind of a post. Then she could really feel important. It would be a win-win, situation. She would get a very important title, she would get her first meal choice, and she would be a government employee, with all those perks. Even though her real job would be babysitting. Who cares? It wouldn’t be long before she needs the services herself, and then they would be paid for.

By the time she had done enough of these trips, I’m sure she would be humbled enough, to stop acting like spoiled brat!

 Yes, we are supposed to give out little compensatory coupons to customers every now and then, but I don’t agree with giving them to people like this. It just encourages the very worst in behavior. If I had my way, I would be giving out tickets to do work in mission camps to people like this. It would be like a game show. We could simply take a vote by working crew and announce to the lucky customer; “Congratulations! You are the customer who needs a character makeover! You have a ticket to Haiti for one month! We bought you this nice shovel, as a going away present. Buh-Bye!!!!”