Replacement Theology? Is God Finished With Israel?

Israel, the apple of my eye

Israel, the apple of my eye

Yes, it’s been a teaching going around for some time now. God and Israel are “all washed up.” Because the Jews rejected the Lord, He just took the gentile believers and replaced the Jews.

This is not a new theology. It’s just a new twist on something ancient. Satan always tried to annihilate the nation of Israel in God’s plan. Does anyone remember that even when Christ was entering the world, the plot was to kill all the male children. Herod, was very worried about this new king.

All through the annals of biblical history you can see Satan’s fingerprints and the desire to snuff out God’s covenant. Even as you look at current history you will see it has never stopped. Hitler had his own desire to do this and even when you look at the extreme fringe groups like the ‘skinheads‘ there is always a hatred for the Jews. Why is that? This is itself should be powerful enough evidence that God has a covenant and He will not break it. He cannot deny Himself and He has spoken about Israel and His plan for her.

When the covenant was first given to Abraham, God told him specifically that “all the nations of the earth would be blessed through him.” Well, this is still happening every time we place our faith in Christ. We are inheriting the promises of the covenant formed with Abraham, Isaac and  Jacob. .Isaiah speaks of the “servant of the Lord-to bring back those of Israel(49:5) and “I will also make you a light to the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.” (49:6)

Now, of course there was a blinding of the Jews. This is why the Gentiles are to be grateful. It was the rejection of the Jews to their own Messiah, Yeshua, that allowed the Gentiles to be inheritors of these blessings.

Paul was an apostle to the Gentiles and he speaks of the ‘ingrafting of the Jews. (Romans 11) Twice he poses the question, “Did God reject His people?” He answers his own question, “By no means!” In verse 11 he asks, “Did they stumble as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all!” And this is where we shall see what Paul speaks, “if the natural olive branch was broken off and you though a wild olive branch have been grafted in-do not boast over those branches!” He states that they were broken off because of unbelief and later in verse 23, speaks of God’s ability to ‘graft them back in again.”

So then why should we be grateful to the Jews? It was through them, that Jesus, our Messiah had come. They preserved the words of the prophets and the law for all nations.

God told the gentile church to “provoke the Jew to jealousy.” Not an evil jealousy, but in a way that would make them wonder. How can they know and love our God? They will have a desire to know Him once again, by the faithfulness and love of the Gentile believers.

As Paul states in Romans 1:5, “through Him and for His names sake, we received grace and apostleship to call people from among all the Gentiles.” He declares in verse 16, “I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who  believes, first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.

Jesus Christ, “the King of the Jews.” The prophet Zechariah had spoken of the Gentiles, “taking hold of the Jew by the hem of his robe and say “Let us go with you, because we heard that God is with you. Well, who can deny that when you just look at the supernatural protection that has been given to the nation of Israel.

Jesus Christ is the “King of the Jews This prophet of the Old Testament, also spoke about one of the signs to look for the Messiah, “See your king comes to you, righteous and having salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.” Zech. 9:9

All throughout biblical history we can see the plan and to disregard Israel and say that Christ is your savior, yet Israel has been left out,  is an affront to God. It also brings a curse. “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you.”Genesis 12:3 It is simply impossible to love Christ and hate the Jew. Israel has been “engraved on the palm of God’s hand.” Isaiah 49:16 The Gentile church did not become the spiritual Israel to replace Gods original covenant. This is a false teaching.

Yes, for years I wondered at the significance of Israel and why Jesus was born a Jew. Not that I was angry, I just wanted to understand the importance of Israel. Then I started to come to an understanding that God had done everything in His word, for a purpose. This includes bringing the savior through the only nation that worshipped Him at that time. He made this covenant for all of us to inherit and as I started to study the festival’s and laws,  instilled by God, I started to see some amazing things.

Jesus said, “learn of me.” When we seek to understand the customs and mindset of the Jewish people of that day, we can read the Bible with a whole new understanding. The festivals of the Lord, were given to “the Jew and the Gentile to celebrate, by God Himself. “(Leviticus 23) Well when you consider that the  ‘Last Supper’ was a Passover Seder, it would make sense to experience a Seder and you will have a whole new understanding of what actually took place at that table. I will save that for another post, however, my point is; we lose a great deal by studying Gods Word with a western mindset.

There is another very fascinating aspect of the Feasts of Israel. God has intrinsically placed His own timetable within these Feasts. Consider the Passover, once again. Jesus was crucified on Passover, just as the High Priest was making sacrifice in the temple, Holy of Holies. This is when the curtain was torn, to symbolize that acceptance of the sacrifice and our new relationship with our God. We could now enter into the most holy place, because Jesus Christ became our High Priest. How much more meaningful is this when we understand what happened in that Jewish temple?

I would challenge anyone that follows Christ, to learn about all of these things and this will enable the Gentile believers to reveal the true Messiah to the Jews and offer more rich meaning to the celebrations of the Feasts. These are for us as well.  He has come and He is coming back again!!!

Is God through with Israel? That is ridiculous. God doesn’t break His word and if He was through with them, He would be through with all of us.  We can see God’s plan started with Israel and in Revelation, it will end with Israel, as the Lord rescues Israel from all of her enemies that will face off against her to make war and try to destroy God’s people one last time.

We must always remember to “pray for the peace of Jersalem,” for in doing so we are praying for ourselves as well.