Frampton “stay’s alive!”

Peter Frampton 70'swell I went to see Peter Frampton, last night. I went alone. I just didn't want the hassle of trying to round up people, with the same music taste as me. I thought, this is such a nostalgic tour, for me, that I wanted to experience this.The last time I saw him, it was on the lakefront grounds, of Lake Michigan, in Milwaukee.I was with my brother, and we were right up front.It was an incredibly beautiful summer day, and seemed magical. Just to watch and listen to this great artist.Not to mention, every girl my age, lusted after him. Those beautiful golden locks and bright smile.My girlfriend reminded me the other day, that she had a poster of him on her wall and even named her dog, 'Frampton,' in his honor.As I stood in line to enter the building, I was amused at the sight of 50 to 60 somethings, waiting very patiently. I thought at the wildness of the concert in the 70's. The pushing to get forward in the crowd.Well, it wasn't violent, but just the excessive desire to be one inch closer to the front, lest we miss anything.Now, everyone stood with the courtesy of people in a bank line, waiting for a teller.Then I listened to the conversation of a in front of me. "Man, the last time I saw Frampton, it was 35 years ago."I had to laugh at that, as he certainly must have realized, it was the same story for all of us.As I found my seat, I was sitting next to a guy with long hair, to his shoulders. I thought, "gee, this guy is a true refugee from the 70's." But he didn't look to be as old as the rest of us.He introduced himself. "I'm Michael," he told me. I offered my hand to shake. Even this little gesture, has changed, I thought. Back in the day, we would grab each other's thumbs, in a signature, shake, which we believed, had changed the course of history. Our interactions, marked our era.Those handshakes, became more and more bizarre, as time went on. Now you have fist-pumping, and people bumping fists to watch them explode. Everyone decided to tweak our handshake, to make it their own.Michael, told me that he is in a band. "Hmm, you don't say. I would have never guessed by the look, he's carrying. Typical hair band, kinda guy.He told me he wasn't quite old enough to see Frampton, the first time around. So he was ecstatic, to be here.He shared that he'd started playing drums, right when Frampton, was making his tour, 35 years ago.He was a little nervous, because he was supposed to be in the row behind me, and scammed the seat next to me. All I could think was, "come on," if your going to scam a seat, get way up front, like we used to." Or perhaps he never learned these tricks.I shared with him that the last concert I went to was with my daughter, and I ended up in the middle of a mosh pit. Being slammed all over the place."Yea," he said, "these new bands aren't like the concerts in the past. I don't get that whole thing. Everyone pushing and shoving."I said, "I know, I was almost crushed to death. And you couldn't hear the music, cause you were too worried about your life!"We started laughing, as I shared that I told my daughter, "there's no way that these are hippies!""Yea," all of our people were too wasted to think about wasting there energy like that!"Now, I heard a couple guys behind me talking. "Haha! Yea, now we complain. Hey, the air conditioning is too cold! I have to leave to use the bathroom...again. Wow, the music is a little loud, let me turn down my hearing aid!"I was cracking up as I looked back and saw, they did indeed, look to be in their 60's.We all shared a common bond.Now, Peter Frampton comes out to play. All I can say is that he is incredible.I was so grateful for technology, as I didn't have the greatest seat, and I sure wouldn't employ my tactics from the past, to run up to the stage.There were two, huge screens, on each side of the stage, along with one in the center.Pictures of him from his youth, flashed across the screen and we were all reliving the past, with him.I loved being able to see his fingers, deftly playing different chords, and the unique signature of his music.And, I am not embarrassed to admit, even in his aging, he still looks very attractive. Behind the white, receding hair, I saw those same twinkling eyes, and beautiful smile.But it was his own humor, which makes him, more attractive.Then I started thinking, "Would I find this artist attractive, when I was at his last concert, in the 70's?"I wondered at this phenomena. How do we begin to like, 'old people,' according to our age?I mean, if he would have entertained us in the 70's, as the man he is now, we wouldn't have noticed how gifted he really is. I would have just thought, "That's an old guy, who can play a guitar." Is this a part of maturing? The ability to see the person inside?How is it now, I see him as an attractive man, when, it seems just a few short years, ago, I would have been saying, "Hey, that old dude is pretty good."It's weird. It's like God just ages our mind, by continuously putting our own age around us, so that we get used to seeing them and we can get past the grey hair, etc. and only see the youth inside.At one point, he said, "Ok, in the past. This is when we would have had an encore, left the stage to do drugs." Then everyone laughed.Now, He said, "we don't leave. And we only do prescription drugs, from our doctors."He also said, "I'm so excited to see all of you here. Especially since, now we only play for small clubs and birthday parties."That I simply don't believe. It was packed. If he had any doubt that he still has followers, he didn't after last night.We have a true need, to hold on to our past. The things which made us the happiest.And he was part of that. And he still is.He changed the lyrics to one song, when he sang the first verse, "Your love makes my hair stand on end," became, "Your love makes me grow hair on my head!"Gotta love him! He takes his age in stride. But any guitarist worth his weight in gold, would look at Frampton with the ultimate respect.He is still a force to be reckoned with.Thanks, Peter Frampton, for "Coming Alive!" for all of us, and mostly, for keeping your light burning brightly! Then and nowThen and now

Enter at your own Risk!

Peace, Love and Mosh!!!!

Ok, I just found this pic and was reminded that I said I would write a post about this concert.

I had the Foo Fighter’s on my flight once, and I sat and talked with the drummer for quite a while.  I became a legend with my daughter’s friends, for merely having a conversation with them.

Now, she was telling me she wanted to see them when they came to our city. I bought tickets for both of us, thinking this would be a blast to go to a concert with her. I had gone to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, with her and a few of the guys she knows, and it was fun, but this would just be us.

She was adamant about getting close enough to get their pictures. Geesh! To think, I would have been elevated to “goddess’ to get pics of these guys on my flight. Next time I’ll be more prepared.

When I purchased the tickets, I bought floor tickets. I always had the most fun on the ground level and this is where all the action is. We made our way into the arena, when I commented, “How odd. There are no chairs!”

As the crowd began to grow, we kind of mingled around and tried to get closer to the front. Since I am a former ‘hippie,’ I thought, I just may need to show my daughter the ropes, and get her to the front of the stage.

I saw two big husky guys standing next to us, and I tapped one on his huge bicep. “Hey, do you think you can get us all the way to the front?” Knowing that he probably had an ego the size of his arms, he replied, “Oh, yea! Just follow me!” He proceeded to muscle his way all the way up to the front with her and I in tow. His friend pushed his way up front as well.

We were now surrounded with a mass of sweaty people. Drinking and standing in anticipation of the bands emergence from the darkness. A 40ish, woman was chatting with my daughter. “I think it’s wonderful that your mom brought you to this concert,” she said. Then she looked at me and added, “And I think it is so brave of you to be up here in the front.” Hmm, I thought, why should it be brave? This is what we always did, when I went to concerts. Pretty soon the security guards will start doing their job and usher everyone to the back.

All of a sudden the band appeared and began to play. In a split second, I was slammed from the side! When I looked to see who could have been so rude, it was the big muscle guy, who had brought us up here! What in the world?! Before I could even usher a curse, I was slammed on the other side, by his friend. As I looked up, I saw my daughter, with a huge throng of people pushing her as if to squeeze the life out of her. She was slowly rising to the top of the crowd and she had terror on her face.

As she still held her camera above her head, as if to protect the camera, I realized, we are now in the front of a gigantic mosh pit! I yelled as loud as I could, “Do You Want To Get Out???” I heard her scream, “Yes!!!”  “Ok,” I said. I proceeded to put the point of my elbows into some people’s sides, as I said, “Get out of my way!” Now I was protecting my daughter so it didn’t matter how big someone was, I was moving them.

The big guy yelled, when I jabbed him, “Hey, what the He**?” I didn’t care. I returned the favor. Little by little, I got us out and to the back of the crowd. At this point some idiot was trying to put someone on my head! “Ok, these are complete morons! You don’t ‘crowd-surf’ on one person’s head!” I said to my daughter, “I don’t know what these people are, but they’re not hippies!” “I know” she said, I watched videos of concerts from when you were young and everyone’s just sitting and singing and stuff.” “Yea, well that’s probably because they were all stoned, but still, what is this???

I finally moved all the way to the back of the hall with her and remarkably, a stage elevated from the floor, and the band came running down and stood, smack, dab in front of us! My daughter raised her camera and started snapping pictures fast and furious. “Hey, they probably know all the idiots are in the front,”she said. “Yea, like us.”

I said, “I can just see having to call in to work, because I was disabled at a concert. I imagined the conversation. “Yea, I can’t make my trip because of an emergency.” “Oh, I’m so sorry, what happened?”  Well, I have some broken ribs from being in a mosh pit, and a ruptured disk from someone trying to crowd-surf on my head.” “Oh, yea, we get calls like that all the time.” My daughter and I laughed as I shared this imaginary conversation.

As we were leaving the floor, I poked her arm and said, “Hey, it sure would have helped if either one of us would have noticed that sign!” And there it was looming over our heads; “Enter At Your Own Risk.” “Ohhhh, that explains why there are no chairs.

Vintage rock is where it’s at and since the rules have changed, I guarantee, you won’t find me in the front of a stage again.But one thing for sure, when my daughter told her friends I was in a mosh pit with her at the concert, well, let’s just say they bow to me, when they enter my home!

Prophetic Dreams

So young and with no clue!

So young and with no clue!

It was a few years before this time in my life, that I had the dream.

The dream that would stay with me. So profound was this dream, that upon awaking from it, I somehow knew it was unique. One of the primary reasons that I knew this, was because I had remembered every detail and it was so powerful that I have thought of this daily. It seemed to be a picture of the end time events and my role as well.

I had gone out the day before with a group of girlfriends. Wild as we were, we went to the lakefront in Milwaukee to hang out with other hippies. We called this part of the lakefront, adjacent to Lake Michigan, The Site. It hosted bands all throughout the summer months into the fall. It was a favorite hangout for hippies and budding musicians and poets. I had been going there since I was about 13.

I’ll never forget my first visit. I was at the beach with my mom and my siblings and I heard music playing. I decided to ditch them for a little while and go to investigate. I saw a crowd of people standing around and listening to a band called, Sigmend Snopek III. It’s funny now that I remember this. The guy playing the guitar was looking at me and smiling in a flirty way. I was a bit surprised at this since I was probably about 5 years too young for him. It was about 1972. It was flattering, however, and I had a real love for this kind of music. It seemed to be almost cult-like. They gave me an album and members of the band signed it.

Wow! What a great place. It sure beats hanging out with my kid brother’s and sister.

My mom finally decided it was time to go and since she didn’t have a car, we were going to take the bus. It’s funny I don’t remember how we arrived, but it must have been by the same mode of transportation. My poor mom. She had to try to keep all of her kids together and take public transportation with all of us. My youngest brother, Chris, also had cerebral palsy to boot. Now I can look back at my single mom with so much admiration for her accomplishments. She moved mountains, just to take us on a day trip somewhere.

As we walked down the streets on the East Side, I observed every detail. The smells of head shops with incense and patchouli filled the air. The East side, was synonymous with hippies and probably still is to this day. It was upper class on the lakefront and middle-class hippie, on the East side. The dichotomy was striking and yet had a quaintness to it all. Not at all like the crack neighborhoods you find today.

I looked up as we stood at the bus stop and heard a loud yelling from across the street. Right in front of us a patron was being tossed out on the stairs of the pub, named Hooligan’s. They weren’t joking. This was some kind of hooligan being tossed out to the curb and I wondered why they could advertise their name so boldly, only to toss on of the mascot’s out the door. Hmm, I noted to myself, “when I’m old enough, I’m certainly going to check out that place.”

Well, I sure did and it wasn’t any different from that day. My friends and I loved this part of town and this is where we usually went to hang out. I made a regular stop at ‘The Tracks,’ and when I turned 18, I had a birthday celebration there. Much to the surprise of the bouncer, Rich, who had become a very good friend of mine. “What?! You are just turning 18 now?” I’ll never forget being able to pull that one off for so long. The Tracks had a barber chair and it was so small you could barely turn around, but we loved the place, because any body that was anyone, hung out there. And anyone to us was, of course, all the cool people by our standards! Each year, we looked forward with anticipation, to The Tracks picnic. Rich and his cohorts tried with persistence, to get me drunk enough to enter the ‘wet t-shirt’ contest, to no avail. Girls would get up on the picnic tables while the hippies and bikers would stand around hooting and hollering and a bartender would dump pitchers of water on each ones white t-shirt. As you can imagine, it was only one step from being topless and most of the girls would oblige the screams of “Take it off!” No matter how drunk I got, I wasn’t going to do it.

I still remember meetind Mr. Fred Schultz and having a conversation with him in the bar one night.He told me his wife could give me weight training instruction. He was a cop that hung out here and we talked for a long time. He seemed to be a nice guy, even though he was constantly trying to impress me.  What a surprise to find out a few years later that his wife was no other than, Larencia Bembenec, or nicknamed, ‘Bambi.’ Yes,  anyone  around in the 80’s heard of her. She was the one accused of murdering the ex-wife and she also escaped from prison and was captured in Canada. The ‘kelly green’ jogging suit was the big news in her case and I swear everyone went out and bought one after that news hit the press. I personally thought she was innocent and this husband of hers turned out to be quite a scoundrel, but hey, he was a cop. He had friends.

Back to the point of my story; I came home from that evening of spending it with my friends and we were all in bad shape. I won’t elaborate, but to say that I fell asleep and had a dream that night. It spoke to me in ways that defined my future.

When I woke from this I felt as if I couldn’t breath. I tried to walk to the bathroom and felt myself almost falling into the door jam. I prayed “please God, don’t let me die.” I was not of any kind of strong faith, but I knew God had something to do with this.

I realized as I pondered the dream that God was not finished with me and I believe He was just showing me my future and the  need to be alert. He showed me my calling and destiny.

This was the dream; I remembered the whole earth was without light. I saw that there was no sun and I looked up to see a planet so close, it seemed I could reach out and touch it. There were a few people standing with me at the time. There were no lights to see as if it was all power sources terminated.

I heard a voice speak, seeming to come from this planet. It said, “prepare the people. Tell them not to take anything with them. Tell them to board the train and not to take anything with them.”

I nodded, as if I knew exactly what he was saying and began to fulfill my duties per command.

I would go to people and tell them, “you need to get on that train. Don’t take anything. Just go with your families.”

I saw others doing what I was doing in making these announcements to the masses. As people were boarding the trains, I realized that it was nearing the end of my duties and it was time for me to board the train. I did so and arrived in the station.

Next, I went into a very tall building. It was like a tower. I got on the elevator and went to the very top. As I stepped out, I walked into a room and it seemed as if I knew a group of people were going to be there. I looked out the window and it overlooked the railroad yard.

I watched the very last train arriving in the station. At this moment I started to speak excitedly, “He’s coming, He’s coming!” Everyone else in the room also started to repeat this. The excitement was building as if we were chanting, “He’s coming, He’s coming!”

At this moment, I looked toward the east and saw the horizon. The brightest light I have ever seen, began to come up over the horizon. It was brighter than the light of the sun, and with each inch that it rose, our excitement rose with it. It was as if all of us knew, this was the “He,” that we had been expecting.

When the light was at its brightest right above us, I awoke from my dream. This is when I was so awestruck that I tried to stumble from my bed. I knew that this was different.

As the years have gone by, I have had people who are gifted in the prophetic, interpret this dream for me. I haven’t needed to much help, since it’s pretty clear and when I became a believer, the Lord also gifted me with ‘interpretation of dreams.”

Once I realized that my gifts and calling are for evangelism, I could understand the dream of “telling people to prepare.” I became a believer shortly after becoming a flight attendant and this would also seem to indicate the symbolism in the trains. I was to secure a job in the transportation industry, at the time of this end time scenario.

I was at the very end, when I boarded this train myself and then found myself in the tower. A person told me that the upward trip in the elevator, symbolized the ‘rapture.’ It has also symbolized, to me, the fact that I have been involved with the people at the very top at the time of this return.

It is obvious that “He’s coming, He’s coming,” is in reference to the Lord. He is also referred to as the “bright and morning star, brighter than the sun.”

I believe that the Lord gave me a glimpse of His glory at a time in my life when I was in total darkness. It has been unbelievable to see these things playing out.

The Lord tells us that it is “more difficult for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to get to heaven.” However, He does not say it’s impossible. In fact He tells us that “All things are possible with God.”

So, I know that my purpose and calling are clear and my career has not been my choice, but His, in order to fulfill His purposes. It will be His choice if I decide to go, but I don’t believe that was in my dream.

So ‘stand by’ and watch what the Lord is doing. Pay attention to your dreams as well because He tells us through Peter reminds us of the “coming of His spirit. “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my spirit on all people.Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams, Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days.

I will show wonders in the heaven above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke, The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.

And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!”

Acts 2;17-20