A Divine Appointment in Walmart

In the arms of the angel

I went to Walmart today and I thought I was going to pick up a few things, but the Lord had different plans.

As I was pushing my shopping cart, I heard a voice, A woman was asking, “How do I wear this scarf?” I told her, “Oh, that’s the great thing about scarves. They’re very versatile. I showed her a couple things she could do with it and then she asked, “Does it look ok with these tops?” “Sure,” I told her. Those are great colors.

Then she looked very sad. I’m flying to Iowa to go to my sister’s funeral. She just died. “Oh, I’m very sorry.” “Yes, she was murdered. She helped delinquent boys and two of them were at her house one night. She went down to her basement to get them some soda and when she was coming up the stairs, they beat her to death with some dumbells.”

“What?! That’s terrible!” At that moment I knew she needed a hug and she just began to cry. “Don’t worry, the Lord holds everyone accountable for their deeds and you will see your sister again, I told her.” “Will I?” “Yes, you will.”

Then she asked, “Can she see me?” I told her “No she can’t see you because she is in a place where there is no pain or sorrow and to see you would cause her great pain, however, she is before the face of the Lord. The Word of God tells us that “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

She told me, “my mother felt something touch her cheek one night.” I said, “yes, that is the Holy Spirit. He is called The Comforter. He comes to comfort all who mourn. He is the one who Jesus spoke of when he told his disciples that He must leave and go to the Father so that He could send the Holy Spirit to live in us, the believers. I shared with her my own experience when my brother died and my journey to find the truth and how God lovingly tells us that “if we search for Him with all of our hearts He will be found by us.” I reminded her that it was for this reason that I had crossed her path. “Yes!” She said, that’s true! I was shaking and so upset. Now I have goosebumps! I want to get a bible! I prayed with her, right there in the store and we went to the bible section, (glad Walmart has bibles) and she bought one. “I can read this on the plane! “Where do I start?” “Well, I always recommend the book of John, since he was a young boy when he started following Jesus and he has a childlike account.

We exchanged numbers and she said, I can’t believe it, I’m not even shaking anymore! I laughed and said, “well, that’s because when you ask the Lord to be your savior, you have a peace in your life. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have trials. Yet, you know that you have a life to come. This body of flesh is passing away.It is temporary.

She told me that she was 69 years old and has been married for 30 years and I thought it has been all this time that the Lord has waited before he has finally made this divine appointment for her. But the word of God says that “when one sinner repents all the angels in heaven rejoice,” and her sister was right there with them.

Upon returning home I shared this story with my daughter. “How come people just start telling you things like that?” She asked. “Well, ” I reminded her, “that Jesus had said, “no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.” (John 6:44) So it is by the power of the Holy Spirit in the believers that a person is being drawn and only at the Lord’s direction. He alone knows if it is time for that person, perhaps because they are searching or prayers being answered. We are the vessels that carry the Spirit. Remember? When we offered our lives to the Lord we told Him to use us as His servants for this very purpose. We die to ourselves so that He can live through us. This is why the world and its trappings must become insignificant to us or we will miss opportunities like this. My errands would have been more important than this womans extreme grief and I would have missed a chance to resurrect a dead spirit. This is why the Lord told us that we have the resurrection power living in us now.

It is said that if you are born once, you will die twice. The death of the flesh and the death of the spirit. But if you are born twice (born again) you will  die once. The death of the flesh. You will live eternally.