The Harvest Festival

What is the Harvest Festival? Well, it is Sukkot and this year it falls on the eve of October 2.

It is the most important festival of all and it was also called Hag Ha Asif. It was the main holiday of the Jews because they depended on the harvest. After the harvest was in they would stop and rest and everyone could enjoy themselves.Everyone was expected to go to Jerusalem for the feast.

This is why is was considered almost the Best and most enjoyable of all.

Now when we look at this application we can see so many symbols and look also at the dream that I had as well.

God rested after He created the heavens and the earth. He also tells man to “remember the sabbath and to keep it holy.” This is to be a rememberance of what He has done. It is also in reference to a future event. I believe it is the final harvest or ingathering before theĀ  wedding feast begins.The Lord speaks of the “new Jerusalem” in scripture.There were also many references that the Lord made to the harvest they were symbolic of mens souls. He told the disciples to “pray to the Lord of the harvest (the Holy Spirit) to send out laborers into the harvest, to gather up the harvest before the final day of the Lord.” Again and again, he spoke of the harvest in terms of mankind.

Sukkot is the festival before the final festival of the season, Simhat Torah, which is the celebration of the Law, which points to Jesus Christ, the Law fulfilled. He is the groom or the Law and it is said that this festival is like a Wedding Feast. Because it seems that the rapture of the church or bride, takes place while the tribulation takes place on the earth, it would seem that Simhat Torah will be a special celebration hidden away from the earth while the “Time of Jacobs Troubles” commences for seven years. This is the time that takes place to draw the rest of mankind to the Lord that has been hardened and corrupted and refused His first offer of grace.

So to understand all of these festivals is imperative, for Jew and Gentile. The Lord tells us that this “shall be an ordinance for Jew and Gentile for all generations.”

Why? Because, He wanted to point to something extremely important for mankind, yet isn’t it strange that most people have no clue that these incredible truths are revealed in scripture? They have been blinded to them and still believe that the Jews are fighting over some small piece of land.

People have no idea that God Himself has designed a plan of redemption for all people through the nation of Israel and they have preserved these Holy scriptures for all of us. Yes, it’s true, many of these people do not know themselves that these mysteries are in these words either, yet they are going to have the blinders removed. God has already spoken this. And He said that He would do this through the Gentiles in the last days.

It is a miraculous thing that God has done. He has taken what was meant for the Jews and grafted the Gentiles into the vine, and in the end we shall turn them back to their own Lord and show them the one that Has come to the nation of Israel.

The number seven is the number of completion in the bible and the number eight is the number of new beginnings. This is Simhat Torah is the end and yet the beginning of the new cycle of festivals. This would seem to me a clue as to God’s timetable. “Let he who has an ear, hear what the spirit is saying.”

Yeshua has come and He is returning again.