The Spirit Is Speaking About Preparing The Bride

Always waiting for my beloved

My friend and I have been communicating for weeks about the same subject. The wise and foolish virgins, spoken about in scriptures before the return of Christ. The Lord tells us that the Holy Spirit, when speaking a message, will continue to confirm His word by two or three witnesses.

Well, she heard the parable in Matthew 25, of the 10 virgins. At this time we can see that 5 of the virgins had their lamps full of oil and were waiting for their bridegroom, while 5, were foolish, and did not take any oil with them. It states that “at midnight the cry rang out; “Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!”

Well of course we can see from the story the, virgins had fallen asleep and the foolish virgins had no oil with which to light their lamps. They were left out of the wedding banquet.

Now, I told my friend that I had heard the same message from a word of prophecy and then later on a program. It just kept coming. Then the Lord had reminded me of a dream I had many years ago. About 20 years ago and it fit right into this parable.

I had been in a small church bridal chamber. I was with my bridesmaids and I was wearing a red slip.  I had only one shoe and couldn’t find the other one. This was totally inappropriate and they were trying to prepare me for my wedding. I said, “Wait!” It’s as if I still had something to do. I ran out of the chamber across a beautiful open prairie with flowing tall grass and flowers. As if I was oblivious to the fact that I was about to be married.

All of a sudden I heard the most beautiful music and looked up. There, perched on a stone wall, was a very attractive man, playing a guitar. He seemed to be dark-skinned and perhaps Italian or similar. Very soothing and charismatic in his manner. I was drawn to him almost hypnotized. As he looked at me, he asked, “Would you like to hear more?” All of a sudden, I remembered my wedding. “Oh no!” I said, I can’t, I must get ready for my wedding!” “Wait, I have more! He said. No! I must Go!” I broke away and began to run back to the chapel. I came through the door into the bridal chambers with my bridesmaids waiting with everything in hand, just in time with minutes to spare.

As I woke I detailed everything in my dream and I understood this to mean that I would be distracted from my impending wedding to the bridegroom, Jesus Christ, if I were not careful. However, at the time, I did not see this as a problem, since I was very strong in my walk.

This dream seemed to indicate a very close proximity to His return, by the look of this wedding and the timing of my fall. This is what is scary to me. At that time I thought, there is no way with my love and devotion to Christ, and my passion for evangelism, that this could ever happen. Hmmm, as the Word says, “be careful how you stand, lest you fall.” Well, it would certainly seem, life and it’s troubles and the enemy’s craftiness can turn you away from your pure devotion, if you’re not careful.

When I had an encounter with the man on the wall, it could only mean one thing, and that is the enemy. He “masquerades as an angel of light.” In all his beauty and cunning charm. Deceptive as he may be, he is hypnotic, however, he cannot snatch away the ones, whom the Lord has called as His own. And he is certainly not more powerful than the Holy Spirit. His spell had been broken and the Lord protected me in very many ways.

I had His supernatural protection all around me, because there was a time, that I was walking in a dark place and I was one of the foolish virgins. And what He had done was just the dress rehearsal. The warning call, for me. Yes, that’s right. He disciplines those He loves. He tells us to get out of the world and go back to the bridal chamber where we belong! To get ready, for the day of reckoning is coming.

He shows us signs, if we have our spiritual radar. He did this for me. I listened to Him. I watched the signs. He spoke to me and even told me “he was getting married.” I knew what that meant. Although these words were spoken through a man, to me this meant, I had better stop playing around and do what I’m supposed to be doing. Being sanctified, the bride, without spot, wrinkle or blemish.

I had no business making a covenant with the Lord and committing adultery with the world and this was the meaning of the dream. Now He was sending a message from above. “It’s time to fill your lamp and stay wise. Just because it’s taking me a long time, does not mean that I am not coming for you.”

Yes, I have been doing just this. Filling and staying filled. I am reminding him, that I will never be empty again. My love for him is true and nothing nor anyone else will ever replace this love. It is pure and eternal.

He will not open the door to me and say, “I don’t know you!” But when He looks at me, it will be with the longing eyes of a groom toward His bride; The Apple of His Eye!

Many are called few are chosen!

Many are Called….Few Are Chosen!

Come on people!!! Wake up!!! The darkness is coming. I have told you. The prophets are speaking and yet the deaf cannot hear.

Now this priest in Chicago states that he had “a calling,” since he was 4 years old. Ok, perhaps. The question is,a calling to what?

The word of God tells us that “many are called, but very few are chosen.” Read about the wedding (Matt.22)  I can guarantee that this priest doesn’t even know the word of God. That’s right. Most of them don’t! Oh, I know. He knew Latin. Big deal. A lot of priests preach sermons in Latin. How does that help the person’s hearing it? Even Paul preached to the the church of Corinth about the gifts of tongues and told them plainly  we should desire the gifts of tongues  that this was not meant to edify the body of believers,(1Corinthians14) but us personally. He asked, how can one understand a language that is meant between us and the Father? It is an angelic language. So then I would ask, What in the world is the purpose of Latin being spoken except to somekind of ego boost? It cannot edify anyone but the person speaking it. Now if, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” It is imperative that a person is hearing the word of God, carrying their own bibles, learning how to use their bibles and studying their bibles! No man is the final authority on the word of God. Only God is the final authority on His word. So even as the Bereans did in Acts 17:11, they heard the word being preached and they confirmed it by looking into the word and confirming it. This is what we are called to do as believers.

“Darkness is coming upon the earth” This priest blasphemes the Holy Spirit while he lies when presented with the truth again and again. What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? Well, the Holy Spirit is the author of all truth. When this priest denies all wrong doing in the sexual abuse against the children he had abused, and he is one who was to have a relationship of trust that he had broken with these children, it is reprehensible. “It would be better for a millstone to be wrapped around his neck and to be thrown into the sea, than to harm one of these little ones.”(Luke17:2)

He went on to explain that he had to also beat these children as part of the discipline. Oh, this is something that our Lord would never, ever be a part of, and you can be sure that Catholicism was not part of the bible. It is some ritual cooked up by man and the root is right out of the Roman’s persecution of the Christians. Nothing has changed on iota. But the real root goes all the way back to the serpent.

This is all baseless unless it’s grounded in scripture and we know it. God-breathed. Inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is the only way to live. We have the breath of His spirit in us and we need to read the spirit inspired word to live. Not a dead religious system of hoops that some men put together like mumbo jumbo that offers no life. This explains why a priest will live a bizarre double life and  bold-face lie in front of the camera and laugh at the heart-break of children that he sodomized and beat as he has been able to disassociate himself with the act. Hey after all the archdiocese paid quite a tidy sum to keep it all under wrap.

And isn’t that how God gets things done??? Yea, maybe a little god sitting in a little earthly throne somewhere. But my God? He’s an awesome God. And ALL THINGS will be called into account one day.

Now be rooted and grounded in Christ. Live as the wise and line it up with the Word. Learn how to use your bible. Be as the Bereans, line it up to the Word. All wisdom and authority is from God and it’s in His word. You cannot go wrong if you use this as your guide.