The Simple Life

My brother is just so funny. I feel blessed to have him in my life. He makes me laugh so hard.  It’s wonderful for my mother to share this time with him too, since he had been living apart from her for many years.

I’ve noticed that he and the other people with special needs bring home beautiful pictures. The other day I was looking at this picture and I said, “Kevin, this is not yours. You’ve taken someone else’s picture by mistake.” He promptly picked up a pen and crossed out the other persons name and wrote his own name on the top! Then he said, “There you go.” As if life is just that easy. Take what you want. I wonder how many times he’s seen that done I thought. “Hmm,” I said. “He’d make a great attorney!”

My mother and I were laughing so hard at him. In his world forgery was nothing. If you like it, make it yours.

I looked at all of the artwork and started looking at the things in my home. I realized that life is just too short to collect things. The beauty of simple things that the artwork my brother produces, is better than anything one can purchase.

I sat in my living room and was sad when I noticed a small cardboard box which held the belongings which my mother was left with after being moved from her home. I took a picture. I cried to think this was so important to her.The Barbie dolls which she used to knit clothing for. No one could believe that she could do this and it was something that she took great pride in. The little Charlie Brown that plays music. The pictures. I managed to get the bronze shoes from my brother Dennis who had passed away as a baby. These she somehow never lost in all of her shuffling through the years. It is difficult to see my mother’s life reduced to a cardboard box. But then I look around and feel the weight of all the things in my life holding me down. I don’t want anything in my life. I can’t stand things holding me back from what is important. I hate greed and what it does to people. It hurts me to see what it has done. I don’t want to take care of things. Although I love looking at my brother’s pictures. And my mother’s things. It’s cute, but we all have the propensity to collect. So I want to bring joy to other’s by giving.

Now I got my mom into a pottery class to learn something new. She was making me laugh with her antics. When the teacher told her to “pinch her pot,” she said, “What?” “Yea, I said, “That meant something completely different in the 70’s!” Now she’s learning a different skill at 82 and she’ll be able to make new memories and so will I.

I realized that life is not about owning things. In fact the more time I spend with my mother, the more fleeting I see that our time is on this earth. I see that those who have robbed and tried to fill their lives with things, are missing the most important qualities.

My mother and I listened to my brother talking last night. He was telling us about the lipstick that he was going to give his girlfriend at school. He was going to put it in his purse. It’s really a fannypack. He crams all kinds of stuff into that purse. Sometimes I’ll check it just too unload some things. It’s so stuffed full. I just have to see what he’s carrying around and it’s funny. Pictures of things unrelated. I try to connect the subjects, but can’t seem to and move on. The objects make no sense,but they amuse me.

The keychains that I have given him have all found a place on this pack. I have actually had to remove some,because it has become unsafe. The weight of this is ridiculous. And the fact that one of them is a round basketball for coins, makes it hilarious with his gait and when he bowls, underhanded, my son made the remark that it’s a good thing I didn’t give him the bull’s you know what, to hang from this pack, or it would be quite a sight to behold, when he bends down to bowl! This visual just made me crack up.

He is very animated. And when he tells us that someone threw up at school it’s hilarious. He is over the top. I don’t think it happened the way he tells us and at times, I only wish I could place a hidden camera on him. There was one day that he told me that one person threw up and another girl was told that “she stinks and needed to go into the bathroom,” while the teacher was spraying the bathroom. And later, he said the same girl was his girlfriend. My son, who is not easily grossed out, said, “Come on, I don’t want to hear this! You’re girlfriend stinks!” And my brother as proud as could be, said, “Yes, she stinks! Right?” Wow! That’s unconditional love at it’s best! And, all I can say is, those special education teacher’s work very hard, and deserve pay raises!!! Treat them well. They’re very special people.

But,people like my brother are also very special and he keeps me centered. I sometimes find I’m taking him for granted and when I come back to him, I find humor in his simple words and beauty in the world around him. It is just what God was trying to point out to all of us and the reason He told us that “the meek would inherit the earth.”

Look at what a mess we have made of all of this. Greedy people have tried to use people like my brother for selfish gain. I’ve had people say, “They look at your brother like a throwaway.” That has brought me unspeakable pain.” Yes, even at his birth they thought he wouldn’t live. But God had a different plan. And his plans were to bring men to repentance through my brother. Yes, my brother who is so innocent. Who would take an art project and cross someones name and sign his name, would do this with anything. He knows no difference. He tells me everything costs “a hundred dollars.”

But who cares? My brother puts everything in perspective. Whether it a billion dollars or a penny, in his mind it’s the same price. Just as the value of a soul is worth more than everything. And as the Lord has said, “Woe to the man who gains the whole world, yet loses his own soul.”

Behold-The Remnant!

The Remnant

I was with a girl the other day and the Lord arranged a divine appointment as He always seems to do this. She was sharing some things in her life as I was and we had many hurts in common. I had told her that my faith sustained me and we continued to talk. As she shared her experience of religion, I realized, as I’m sure she did, it was an emotional,ritualistic experience. Nothing like the intimate relationship I had spoken of with the Lord.

I expressed to her that He had made a way for all people to come to Him in an intimate way, without ritual or any mediators. We are to look at Him as our Father now and He even tells us that we are children by adoption, allowing us to call Him, “Abba,” which is very intimate. It is as if we are climbing into His lap and crying “Daddy!” This is what Christ had accomplished for us on the cross, when the curtain had been torn. I reminded her that before that time, only a High Priest of Royal Order, was allowed into the Most Holy of Holies, to make sacrifice for the people of Israel. After Christ made sacrifice for us, He became our High Priest.
As we prayed, she cried and told me she never understood this before.
Well, I told her that religion, in many ways, keeps us focused on the wrong things and we miss, what Christ had really done for us. We go back to trying to work things out on our own.
I didn’t see her for a day and on the way back, she was telling me how excited she was after having prayed and wanting to start in a Bible Study. I told her when you have the Holy Spirit as your guide, you can read the bible with understanding, since He is the author. It is important for you to be in a study, rather than just involved in a church experience, which is nothing but ritual. God wants us to draw close to Him and to know Him, and this is how we do it.
Then she looked at a necklace which I was wearing and she said she liked it. It is a Star of David, with a cross in the middle of it. She said, “But the Jesus, will never go back to Israel again.” I dropped my jaw in disbelief. For someone who seemed to know very little about scripture, this remark was so Antisemitic, and out of left field. I said, “Did you know that Jesus was a Jew?” “Yes, but they killed him. And that’s the reason He said, Father forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing.”
“Ok, listen,” I told her.”This is why it is very important for you to be in a study of the scriptures. You keep telling me this is “what you heard,’ but it is in total contradiction to God’s word.
God has a covenant with Israel and we are all inheritors of that same covenant as believers. Jesus Christ asked the Father to forgive all of us,that day. Every sinner, put Him on that cross. His prayer was as a High Priest, praying the prayer of forgiveness for all of mankind! I had to remind her that there were Roman’s and Jews alike that all took part in the sacrifice. A picture of Jew and Gentile. As I pointed out in scriptures before, “Roman soldiers cast lots for His clothing.” Everyone was implicated on that day. And God sent Him as a sacrifice. He was to make atonement for us. He said, “I lay my life down willingly, only to take it up again.”
But she said, “The Jews don’t believe and He will never go back to Israel again.“And do you know, that all the nations shall rise against Israel, and Christ Himself shall return and set His foot on the Mount of Olives, to put an end to the oppression? The Mount of Olives is in Israel. And God has said, that “I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her.”
“Oh, I didn’t hear that,” she said. “No, this is why you need to know what God says. He loves Israel, even though they have been stubborn and rebellious. Just like all of us. But in scripture you can see that the very first believers were Jews. There was always a remnant. And I told her I have many friends who are Jewish believers.
We do not cut off Israel. She is the Apple of God’s Eye. His love for her is great and His plan is to restore her even though she was unfaithful.
I remember looking at my bible once and being fascinated with the remnant.
In Romans 11, Paul speaks of the remnant. In verse two Elijah appealed to God against Israel. You see that? The prophet to the nation of Israel, appealing to God, against His own people! He was so angry, He told the Lord, “Lord, they have killed your prophets and torn down your altars; I am the only one left, and they are trying to kill me.
This is what God said, “I have reserved for myself seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal. (v4)
So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace.
(v7)What then? What Israel sought so earnestly it did not obtain, but the elect did.
And this is the important part to remember, God allowed them to stumble and be blind. It says He gave them a “spirit of stupor.” (v8-10)
Why would He do something like this? How could a loving God darken the eyes of the very people He came for? Remember Jesus said, “I came first to the nation of Israel.”
This is why; Israels rejection of Christ resulted in salvation for the whole world. He became a “light to the gentiles.” And this is why it is so important that we understand what a great gift this has been and how much He loves Israel and plans for their return.
In verse 11, Paul repeats his question  to seal the understanding to his listeners. Just as I feel I must when speaking to those who want to make this a message of division or veiled antisemitism. That is demonically inspired and we know that anything surrounding Israel, Satan has hated from the beginning and will until the end.
“Again I ask; Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather, because of the their transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious.
Paul tells us “not to be arrogant. If the natural olive branch had been cut off, to allow the wild to be ingrafted, how much more shall the natural be grafted in to their own olive tree?” (v18-24)
People run around with all kinds of wild beliefs and ideas, but if you really want to know God’s heart, then you must know Him in His word.
He also speaks of the Suffering Servant, and many over the years want to argue this point. Those who don’t believe in Jesus as messiah, want to believe it is Israel. I contend, that when any one of us is grafted into this vine, we are His and are called by His name.
All of the true servants of the Lord, are also suffering servants and are part of this remnant. We have His name and all of the promises of Israel apply.
When He speaks to me, He reminds me of this. “Israel, my splendor.” It is not a land, but a people chosen by grace to do the work of His hands and reveal His light to this dark world.

Declaring The Future Prophecy

And it was the most powerful scripture in the Old Testament besides the messianic Psalms, which speaks of the resurrection of the body.

Read; Isaiah 26:19- “But your dead will live; their bodies will rise.

You who dwell in the dust, wake up and shout for joy. Your dew is like the dew of the morning; the earth will give birth to her dead.

Yes, when you look further down in verse 20 it speaks to his people to go to “their rooms and shut their doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by.”

Sound familiar? Yes, it sounds very much like…the Passover. Yes, it is all the deliverance of Israel from her enemies and the Lords dealing with the sins of the nations. He speaks of the “Lord’s devastation of the earth.” (Isaiah 24)

Then He shall be dealing with Jacob to atone for his sin.It is, after all, referred to as, the time of Jacob’s trouble,” or the “tribulation.” Which I do not believe the bride(the believers) is going to experience. I know, some believers think that we are going to be on this earth for some or all of Jacobs trouble, however, according to my studies, this is just not part of the Lord’s plan for His bride.

It is not a doctrine that divides believers, however, it’s just a matter of opinion, but the Lord tells us in scripture that, “it has not been appointed for His church to see wrath.” And I have seen many other scriptures to support the fact that the bride will be taken away, to the wedding feast, for a period of 7 years, which would be appropriate for the period of silence listed in Revelation. This would explain the time of Jacobs Troubles, which is clearly meant to bring those who cannot see nor hear to Him. He says thatThat every nation shall gather against Israel and He shall return. At this point He shall return. And they shall see the one “whom they have pierced and they shall mourn. 

It is at this point when every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, “That Jesus Christ is Lord!

Jezebel vs Jehu

enslaved by Jezebel

enslaved by Jezebel

To continue the post on Jezebel, I have done some research, since I am in a battle against this powerful spirit and it is apparent that Jezebel will be wreaking havoc in peoples lives in these last days. She is in comparison, Satan’s bride. The female demon, however, she can work through a male or female.

The people that are enslaved by Jezebel, rarely know this unless they read the Word of God and start to understand how this demon operates. This demon uses witchcraft to over power a persons mind and usually tends to use the facade of the church as her cover. The church is a very nice hiding place for Jezebel.

As I stated in my last post, Jezebel made her first appearance in the human form in 1 Kings and appears once again in spirit form, in the book of Revelation. The church of Thyratira in Revelation 2:18 is where the angel speaks about the fact that the church is responsible for tolerating her immorality and the influence she has on others. Even in Galatians, Paul speaks about those who have been “bewitched” as he reprimands these “foolish Galatians.” (Galatians 3:1) The translation of this word is “by witchcraft.”

Jezebels traits should be studied and if you are a spirit-filled believer, submitted to God, you will easily discern her operating. She loves to play the queen bee and usually tries to emasculate the men around her, and belittling everyone else. She must be the center of attention and if she thinks that a true Christian, can discern her, she does not want you to have contact with her victims. She has her victims doing her dirty work for her. She likes to remain hidden and even though she constantly sows seeds of discord and hatred, she does not want to be exposed. She will lie compulsively and is a psychopath. Her conscience has been seared.

If she senses she is losing control over her victim, she will do anything to hold on. Jezebel needs an Ahab to exist. This is the mind control that is spoken of. Totally giving their will over to Jezebel, just as Ahab did in 1 Kings, she has total control of her victim. She feels powerful and usually she destroys other people to elevate her own position.

She does not repent for anything and if she even begins to sound like it, that is usually only cursory to maintain control. It’s always a false sense of humility, because she is filled with pride.

It’s a sad demise for Jezebel, but usually only by someone like the prophet Jehu, the person operating under this spirit can be free. The male/female that the spirit Jezebel is operating through, must first acknowledge that they are indeed being influence by this demon, and then they must repent. This is the beginning of their deliverance, however, the person must recognize that this spirit can come back if they are not filled by the Holy Spirit. The Lord tells us that the “house must be swept clean and filled or the spirits will return.”

There is quite a bit of resource information on this spirit and on Ahab and in these days it is quite important for people to know their enemy!

The Lord revealed to me something that had just happened in my life and it was the classic Jezebel move. A man of God told me that this was the Lord letting me know where the enemy was at. However, after I discovered this episode lined up with scripture to a tee, the Lord reminded me that He was not jut letting me know “where the enemy was at, but Who the enemy is. This is very important when we are doing warfare and praying for those to be released from the deception of the enemy in their own lives. Most people under her power, or any demons, for that matter, rarely realize that they are under it’s control.

This is why we stand in the gap and do battle on their behalf. (2 Tim 2:26) “and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.

I noticed something of interest as well in the last book of the Old Testament. The final prophecy before the return of the Lord. “See I will send you the prophet, Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.” (Malachi 4;5) I noticed that Elijah is the one that confronted Ahab and Jezebel in 1 Kings and spoke the word of the Lord to put an end to their rein of terror. Here we see  Elijah appearing once again, right before the return of the Lord and who is also working her charms? That’s right, in the last days before the return of the Lord, there she is in Revelation, Jezebel And we know from the past that Jezebel, hated the prophets of God. She had them killed because she worshipped Baal.

Even though she is hiding in the church, she isn’t hidden to those walking in the spirit, with true discernment. She is serving herself and she is surrounding herself with puppets. Her life has not been consecrated to the Lord, she only worships Him with her lips to proliferate her plans of deception.

She hated Elijah and she will not tolerate the prophets trying to disrupt her plans for her victims. She needs to remove them from her sphere of influence so that she will not be exposed. True hatred spews from this spirits mouth toward the followers of Christ who choose to live according to His words. She falsely accuses them to make them appear the opposite of the life they choose to walk in and this spirit “glory’s in her shame.” Making it appear to even the most intelligent victim, that she is very noble in her acts of corruption.

Now in the end, as I stated, it will be Jehu that comes and destroys this work. He knew his mission and would not allow himself to be captivated by this witchcraft. “She painted her eyes, arranged her hair and looked out the window. (She uses this seduction as part of her power, it is sensual and carnal.) As Jehu entered the gate she asked, “Have you come in peace, Zimri, you murderer of your master?”

Without even being caught up in her accusations or any conversation whatsoever, Jehu called out, “Who is on my side?Who?” Two or three eunichs(she surrounded herself with men that were emasculate, a picture of what type of spirit this is), looked down at him. “Throw her down! Jehu said.”

We know the rest, Jehu had her thrown from her palace wall. She is haughty and thought that she could overpower everyone, but “greater is He that is in me, than the one who is in the world.” Jehu was a mighty man of God.

  • This is the proverb that speaks of all of the characteristics of a Jezebel spirit, “There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to Him;
  • haughty eyes
  • a lying tongue
  • hands that shed innocent blood
  • a heart that devises wicked schemes
  • feet that are quick to rush into evil
  • a false witness that pours out lies
  • and Seven, remember is detestable to Him; a man who stirs up dissension among his brothers.

This is where we will see many of the traits in a person operating under this spirit. Since God does not speak of hate except in terms like this, I would pray for discernment if anyone believes they are gripped by this powerful demon and repent before the Day of the Lord. So the “hearts can be restored, to the Father.” This is first our spiritual Father and we know that Jezebel enters in, because most people influenced by this spirit, had a lost connection or skewed understanding of their own earthly father and it takes healing and restoration for this person to be delivered.

Yes, this is a powerful demon, but not more powerful than the Lord! He longs to set us free from Satans power and this is where we can see that the “ones the Lord sets free are free indeed!”

That Woman Jezebel

Who is the woman Jezebel? She was an evil woman that controlled her husband the king, Ahab in 1 Kings and because he coveted the property of Naboth, she plotted to get it for him. She  she wrote letters, forged documents, she held a banquet, pretended to be a wonderful woman of honor and Ahab the perfect king. Meanwhile at the banquet they placed two scoundrels next to Ahab and had him falsely accused of cursing both God and the king so that he was guilty of treason. So she basically destroyed his character and made herself look upstanding. She then had him taken outside the city gates and stoned to death. Lying, forgery, nothing bothered the conscience of Jezebel. She was a murderous woman and her covetousness and need for revenge bordered on insanity.

The prophet Elijah was told by the Lord, “now go and speak to Ahab.

I find it interesting that first he asked him the question,”Have you not murdered a man and seized hs property?But he did not wait for his answer, knowing that he would not be honest, he then spoke this is what the Lord says;In the place where dogs licked up Naboth’s blood, dogs will lick up your blood, -yes, yours!

Ahab, said, “so you have found me, my enemy!” “I have found you, he answered, “because you have sold yourself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord. I am going to bring disaster on you.”

Well, this is a story of a man being totally controlled by a woman and now we will skip forward and see what happened to Jezebel.

In verse 23 “and also concerning Jezebel the Lord says; Dogs will devour Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel.”

In Chapter 22:38 you will see that king Ahab meets his own demise in the manner that Elijah has spoken and in 2Kings 30 you will see that Jehu has had Jezebel thrown down from the wall. He says she should have a proper burial since she was the king’s daughter, however the Jezreel dogs have already eaten her, in accordance with Elijah’s words.

Now, I find it interesting that Jezebel makes another appearance in the book of Revelation. So we know that Jezebel is also a spirit that operates through people. A powerful controlling spirit that longs to control men and dominate them. Usurping the authority that has been given to them from the very beginning. The spiritual hierarchy.Yes, there is a government, even in the spirit world and it’s spoken of all through scripture.

God has given a spiritual order and he listed this order in the book of Genesis. When this order is reversed, there are all kinds of problems. There is also a spirit of Ahab. Men that are controlled and abdicate their own God-given authority. My father was one of those men. He allowed this by his own wife until his death and it was a shame. This spirit is a spirit of witchcraft and it controls the mind. Powerful and persuasive, however, the Lord will not tolerate this as he speaks in the book of Revelation.This is the church of Thyatira. (Revelation2;18)

He speaks of prevalent sin within the church and the tendency to tolerate sin and unrighteousness within the church. People who state that God accepts within the church any who commit acts of immoratlity and participate in the worlds evil pleasures. Some in the church will often tolerate such false teaching because of indeifference personal friendhsips or fear of confrontation. God will destroy such oa church, ong with its leaders. (The NIV bible Notes 2)

This is the most dangerous age we are living in and anyone that does not see that they are under the persuasion of this spirit must be in the word of God and reading these passages. Pray that you will not be deceived. Have nothing to do with these things. No woman should be acting on behalf of  her husband or any other man when it comes to legal matters. Reading his mail or signing his name.

God is dealing with this church right now. He is revealing to his prophets and the discipline to this woman Jezebel and Ahab is severe.

There is no excuse, but there is a way out and it is repentance. A person must first recognize they are under this control and turn from this. Only the word of God and it’s truth is the power to convict and show the way.

Happy Father’s Day

I would love to say this to my own father right now, but he’s gone. If I could have been able to witness to him about the trials that I was about to experience and the saving power of Jesus Christ, perhaps he would have heard me before our last haunting conversation.

The smell of his Old Spice aftershave still lingers and that kiss. Always longing to be able to go back to that one square of pavement and one moment in time and speak the words that would offer life. Knowing his intentions but not being able to stop him. What could I say to change his mind? A company that forced him into early retirement. Corruption from the very top.

What union protection? That was a joke. I am dealing with identical circumstances and the Lord has allowed all of this for His purposes. My eyes have been opened wide. My poor father. His company did what comes natural. Greed. The union of corruption continued unchecked. The ones that were supposed to represent him. The always think that they are the ones hidden, but they’re not.

I was looking at the note he had given me when I was coming down to Miami for my job with Eastern Airlines. Just a short note, but he was so proud. “Carrie Honey, Congratulation on your new job. I am very proud and happy for you. I love you dearly little one. I know you will do good. Love, Dad

Well, I have done good. I have done what was right. But we know that it is not rewarded by those in darkness.

My wings were pinned on by Frank Borman and the airline I proudly served, destroyed at the hands of Frank Lorenzo, right before my father took his own life. Since his company was destroyed by the same corruption. All I ever wanted was integrity and protection that I and the traveling public are entitled to and now that I’ve defended my own rights and the rights of my colleagues, I am also being treated as if I’ve done something terrible.

As I read the paper the other day and accolades were given to some flight attendants for recognizing a safety issue, I began to cry, This is how it should be. When corruption doesn’t creep in.I wondered, what would my father think now? How sad he would be to know that what he had placed his trust in, was a big scam. In my father’s day, the unions were the voice of the working class. But it is plain to see that they did nothing for him. And in my case the silence is deafening. The fact that my father could have been subjected to this shows complicity and there’s not doubt about this.

Yes, unions are definitely ruining this country and corporations. They hold them hostage and point the finger at management for their greed, while all along hiding behind their own extortion. They are ravenous wolves. They make the ones running corporations complicit in their acts, because whether the company exists or not, the unions continue. a separate entity, corrupt and vile. Terrorizing everyone and dismantling the whole justice system, circumventing laws to manipulate the course of justice for Americans.

But the government is going to be changed, because the “government is upon His shoulders.” It has become corrupted beyond repair and it’s almost time for the Head to return. Then we shall see the folly of these men and their ways.

The Lord commands the people of integrity to take a stand. These thugs continue to threaten and bully everyone and circumvent true justice to their own benefits until no one has any rights at all.

It has happened in my own job. There is nothing left as far as rights are concerned and they have the work force focusing on nonsense  rather than the real issues, so that they can continue in darkness.

The Lord knows that we started out with sin and it’s only by acknowledging our need of Him, that we will be free and escape this need for greed and take our stand.That is true freedom.

The true Father is the one to make all things right and He will. If you are a father, remember, your children are watching you. Walk upright with integrity. My father did not have wealth or fortune. He liked to drink, but he was a hardworking man. He did what was right and he didn’t lie.

On my wedding day I picked him up in my limo and he gabbed my hands and said, “honey, I just want you to know, I didn’t have a drink all night, and I don’t intend to drink at your wedding. I will not ruin your day.” I couldn’t remember days when I was young, that my fahter didn’t show up at my christian school plays, or church and make loud comments, “that’s my daughter!” Yelling out or at my brother and embarassing us because of drunken behavior. But this was the biggest sacrifice that my father could make. An alcoholic since he was 13 and never missing a drink except when he went to work, I knew that this was a big deal. I will never forget this. I would have wanted a drink, since all of my mother’s family was at the wedding and he had a lot of pressure.

Yes, as amusing as it is to some, that was a sacrificial act of love from my father, that I will never forget.

He took his integrity to his grave. This man never, lied, stole or cheated anyone. This is what I know about my father and this is part of what has shaped me. He would have told me that he’s proud of me for being the fighter that I am. “That’s the Irish in you!” That’s what he’d probably say, as that is what he was most proud of. But my father would not have joined in with these mobsters no matter how much they would have offered, because he was an honorable man.

So, they took everything else., from my father, and now from me…but as the Lord says, “so do not be afraid of them. There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matthew10:26-28)

And finally a warning and an exhortation for us all. The spirit of Elijah is on the earth right now. You may have the discernment to know who Elijah is and hear his voice, but he speaks the same message.

In Malachi4:5″See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to the fathers, or I will come and strike the land with a curse. I am wondering about this passage.Our land  is now so far from the Lord.

I tend to think of missile strike and North Korea comes to mind. The Lord has been giving me many visions concerning these things and repentance is the way back to the Lord, not out of fear, but love.

Turn to the Lord this is the way to the Father, through the Son.(John 14:6)

How Does God Speak?


In every hidden thing you can see His beauty
In every hidden thing you can see His beauty
Search for Him in the stillness of the moment

Search for Him in the stillness of the moment

Everything that I could learn packed into that ball
Everything that I could learn packed into that ball

So many people marvel at this when true believers share what the Lord speaks to us, but really it shouldn’t surprise them. God did not stop speaking. Did the God that created the heavens and the earth and everything in it, stop performing miracles and speaking to His people? Absolutely not. If there is a problem then, it would be with the one hearing, wouldn’t it?

God speaks in many different ways. The prophet, Elijah had desired to hear from the Lord and told Him that he also wanted to experience His visitation. The Lord granted this and he told him to “stand on the mountain and wait.”
Well, of course, God being God, sent a powerful wind, tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks. But it says, “The Lord was not in the wind.”
Hey, I don’t know about you, but that would be just about enough for me. I might be saying, “you know Lord, I think I’m OK, with our little, whisper chats.”
But, Elijah just stood firm, and after that an earthquake. Then if that was not enough, a fire.
OK, there isn’t a Hollywood production big enough, sorry Mel Gibson, that could compete with that. Where was He?
It says, in I Kings19:12, “after the fire, came a whisper.”
What’s more interesting is what the Lord asked, “what are you doing here Elijah?”
Geesh! The poor prophet, already told the Lord, he was zealous for the Lord and wanted to be in His presence and now he had to have the crap scared out of him and the Lord asks basically, “what are you doing here?”
I think it’s really quite profound. The Lord wants to hear that we desire His presence and will do anything to be in His presence. Yet, if a person is not hearing His voice, what is the reason?
The Lord does not need you to go to church. He does not need your labels and rituals. He wants to hear what Elijah spoke to him and He asked him to reiterate it. “I’m zealous for you, Lord!”
I find it comical when someone claims to be a believer in Christ, yet they don’t have any relationship at all with Him. I think of what it states in James 2:19, “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that-and shudder.”
So I guess that just qualifies one to be a demon. Hey, the demons are pretty zealous, especially when a true believer comes walking into their presence! All hell breaks loose and they don’t want anything to do with a Christian that knows what power and authority that they carry when they walk into a room.  Because if you recall, the Lord stated, “all power and authority that I have, I give to you.” Oh, unless you thought that was just those 12 guys, in which case you haven’t been studying one bit, since there were a lot more disciples than that and lets not forget about Pentecost. Hmmm, challenging some religious code aren’t I???? No, that power didn’t die with those people way back then. Get out of your pews and find out. I dare you.
Now in trying to understand how the Lord speaks to us, we should explore our relationship with our earthly father. You share moments together and have dialogue. You have a desire to hear what your father has to say and if he is gone it is so important to look at his writings to you.
I was just looking at my own father’s notes and letters to me the other day and comparing the similarity of the Bible to this experience.
If God being our own creator, wants to convey a message of love to His own children, don’t you believe that this would be the most important way to build on your relationship, since He authored His own words?If you say that you believe in God to be great enough to have created the universe, then don’t you also believe He could have edited His own unique book for you. Something that is perfect and filled with His love?
 He says in His word that “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”(Romans 10″17)
Another way that the Lord speaks to us is through natural circumstances and they are signs of the spiritual. “The natural speaks of things eternal.”
If you have the spiritual eyes to see and the ears to hear, you should be able to discern what the Lord is telling you. Sometimes it is difficult when you’ve become inundated with the world and this is exactly what happened to me. The Lord used some very unique and extraordinary circumstances to speak to me.
He did not reveal this to me until much later, however, as some would say, it was similar to a proverbial “ton of bricks.”
I went to a ball last year for a fund raiser and had hoped that some friends were going to be able to come with me. As I saw that not one of them were coming along, I decided to go anyway. It was the “Discovery Ball.” The name itself should have been a clue, that the Lord was going to show me something, however, I was not walking strong with the Lord. I had been stumbling and stumbling hard. All kinds of darkness around me.
At any rate, I decided to go to this ball and it was to be the beginning of a nightmare unfolding.
A friend of mine let me use her house and she was out of town. I didn’t arrive at this ball until quite late in the evening. As I left, a couple told me that they would be happy to direct me to the ramp, back to my destination.
I started driving and as I was going back, all of a sudden traffic came to a standstill. I had no idea what was going on and all lanes were in complete hold. Everyone started beeping there horns and I was tired. It was about 3:00am.
We sat and sat, and no one seemed to know what was going on. Finally the woman in the car next to me, radioed someone ahead and found out that a truck jackknifed across the freeway and stopped all traffic. I was cold. In a long gown with just a jacket. To add to the whole mess, I thought these people sent me in the wrong direction.
I roll down my window and ask the woman, is this the right way to ‘such and such?” I could almost see her smirk, but she probably knew I would jump through the window, evening gown and all….”No” She says. You have to turn around.
Oh great, I’m wondering how long this is going to take. Well, I tried to get comfortable and sleep and so did everyone else. I tried to muster up the spiritual crumbs I had for my Lord and ask, “what is all this about?” I still couldn’t hear anything. I’m thinking, I have a nice house to stay at, and I’m sleeping in a car. I’m going the wrong direction, because a truck jackknifed on the road. Plus, I had a really sucky time at that ball! I was having a blown up temper tantrum!
Then I told my friend about it and she said, she never heard of anything like that and she’s lived there all her life. “Oh, well that makes me feel a whole lot better, I said!” lol
Shortly after that I had to take a leave from my job because of serious personal reasons. This is when the Lord started to speak to me. He started to remind me of this incident. That He allowed this and it was a visual picture for me. Because we are humans that need visual pictures. When I was stronger spiritually, He said, “now you can see that you were headed the wrong direction. I will take drastic measures to turn my loved ones around. Even when you are out of work, you are being protected and I have removed you for your own good and I will strengthen you.
The Lord’s voice could be heard by me once again, because it was in the midst of my own pain and suffering that I drew close to Him. This is when He showed me what my purpose was once again. Because His “gifts and callings are irrevocable,” I had lost my way, and He had to use some painful processes to bring me back. “Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.” The shepherd is always prodding the sheep to keep them on course. They are not smart animals and prone to injury if the shepherd does not protect them.
Now there is another way that He speaks to us and that is through other believers. I have been meeting with friends and I have had the benefit of prayer to help me through my times of trial.
God speaks in dreams. I have had the most profound dreams in my life and I often call them my “God dreams.” I journal them and usually I know right away what the interpretation is.
One I actually had quite a few years ago, and He spoke a word in Hebrew to me. I had to check in my Concordance when I awoke, just to see if it actually had meaning and was most amazed that indeed, the word was ‘aras’ and it means to be engaged, espoused to, or betrothed. In the dream he had taken my hand and told me, “come, we must prepare for “aras.”
How awesome is that?
I had one dream about my brother that was so incredible, that he told me if I had any more, not to tell him again! Every bit of that dream came true in due time.
Now, I had a dream, neatly tucked into my Bible, and it was from 2001. But this dream was given to me by a very dear friend of mine. She is what is known as an ‘intercessor.’ A very powerful woman of prayer. Praying on behalf of the needs of others.
I knew that this dream meant something very deep, however, was never quite sure what, and when it would come to pass. That is, until now. In the last few months the Lord opened up it’s meaning to me and I was most amazed as I called my friend and told her. “I know what your dream means. Every detail!”
As we met together, I shared with her. I told her that the Lord revealed it’s meaning and she was fascinated. She remembered when she had given it to me and couldn’t believe herself that it had such significance.
The people involved do not yet even know what the Lord has in store for them. But some powerful people are in the battle for their very souls. And this is how God works. Calling in His army to battle for people that do not even understand they are in a battle, when their spiritual lives are at stake. Spiritual warriors. Often we are perceived as their enemies. Or more often, we are just crazy. But crazy or not, we pray and pray hard, that the enemy of these people’s souls do not stand a chance against the spiritual army of the Lord, “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against us.”
The ones that they enlist for support are sometimes the ones they need to fear. Remember, we do not war against flesh and blood.
Ephesians 6 makes this very clear. We are not just a physical body and every human being should realize that the flesh is a small part of who we really are. Feed the part of you that will continue on into eternity. When you do this you will hear the voice of God.
Now the Lord says, “my sheep know me. They hear my voice and they follow me. (John 10:27)
So, that being said, we are in a very real battle. As i sat with a dear friend just the other day, sharing about my trials, she wondered at how I could endure such pain yet have such strength. I told her if it weren’t for the Lord, I couldn’t.
At this, she stated that many times she had wanted to go to church with a friend that had invited her but didn’t feel she was ready. “Why not?” I asked. “Because, I don’t think I’m good enough yet.”
At this I laughed and told her that none of us is good enough and that’s like someone trying to save enough money to have a baby! lol
It’s never gonna happen. We’re all fallen beings and Christ came to redeem us.
“Look, you are afraid, because you know He can change your life. And this is what you want so why are you waiting?”
We sat right there and prayed and after that moment she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “I can’t believe it! When I saw your name on my caller ID, I knew it was something!”
“That’s because I’m the vessel and now God is speaking through me” 
I told her, “the Lord doesn’t pound down the door of your heart. He must be invited.”
And like Elijah, He wants to meet us right where we’re at, all the Lord wants to know is that we really want to meet with Him.