The Simple Life

My brother is just so funny. I feel blessed to have him in my life. He makes me laugh so hard.  It’s wonderful for my mother to share this time with him too, since he had been living apart from her for many years.

I’ve noticed that he and the other people with special needs bring home beautiful pictures. The other day I was looking at this picture and I said, “Kevin, this is not yours. You’ve taken someone else’s picture by mistake.” He promptly picked up a pen and crossed out the other persons name and wrote his own name on the top! Then he said, “There you go.” As if life is just that easy. Take what you want. I wonder how many times he’s seen that done I thought. “Hmm,” I said. “He’d make a great attorney!”

My mother and I were laughing so hard at him. In his world forgery was nothing. If you like it, make it yours.

I looked at all of the artwork and started looking at the things in my home. I realized that life is just too short to collect things. The beauty of simple things that the artwork my brother produces, is better than anything one can purchase.

I sat in my living room and was sad when I noticed a small cardboard box which held the belongings which my mother was left with after being moved from her home. I took a picture. I cried to think this was so important to her.The Barbie dolls which she used to knit clothing for. No one could believe that she could do this and it was something that she took great pride in. The little Charlie Brown that plays music. The pictures. I managed to get the bronze shoes from my brother Dennis who had passed away as a baby. These she somehow never lost in all of her shuffling through the years. It is difficult to see my mother’s life reduced to a cardboard box. But then I look around and feel the weight of all the things in my life holding me down. I don’t want anything in my life. I can’t stand things holding me back from what is important. I hate greed and what it does to people. It hurts me to see what it has done. I don’t want to take care of things. Although I love looking at my brother’s pictures. And my mother’s things. It’s cute, but we all have the propensity to collect. So I want to bring joy to other’s by giving.

Now I got my mom into a pottery class to learn something new. She was making me laugh with her antics. When the teacher told her to “pinch her pot,” she said, “What?” “Yea, I said, “That meant something completely different in the 70’s!” Now she’s learning a different skill at 82 and she’ll be able to make new memories and so will I.

I realized that life is not about owning things. In fact the more time I spend with my mother, the more fleeting I see that our time is on this earth. I see that those who have robbed and tried to fill their lives with things, are missing the most important qualities.

My mother and I listened to my brother talking last night. He was telling us about the lipstick that he was going to give his girlfriend at school. He was going to put it in his purse. It’s really a fannypack. He crams all kinds of stuff into that purse. Sometimes I’ll check it just too unload some things. It’s so stuffed full. I just have to see what he’s carrying around and it’s funny. Pictures of things unrelated. I try to connect the subjects, but can’t seem to and move on. The objects make no sense,but they amuse me.

The keychains that I have given him have all found a place on this pack. I have actually had to remove some,because it has become unsafe. The weight of this is ridiculous. And the fact that one of them is a round basketball for coins, makes it hilarious with his gait and when he bowls, underhanded, my son made the remark that it’s a good thing I didn’t give him the bull’s you know what, to hang from this pack, or it would be quite a sight to behold, when he bends down to bowl! This visual just made me crack up.

He is very animated. And when he tells us that someone threw up at school it’s hilarious. He is over the top. I don’t think it happened the way he tells us and at times, I only wish I could place a hidden camera on him. There was one day that he told me that one person threw up and another girl was told that “she stinks and needed to go into the bathroom,” while the teacher was spraying the bathroom. And later, he said the same girl was his girlfriend. My son, who is not easily grossed out, said, “Come on, I don’t want to hear this! You’re girlfriend stinks!” And my brother as proud as could be, said, “Yes, she stinks! Right?” Wow! That’s unconditional love at it’s best! And, all I can say is, those special education teacher’s work very hard, and deserve pay raises!!! Treat them well. They’re very special people.

But,people like my brother are also very special and he keeps me centered. I sometimes find I’m taking him for granted and when I come back to him, I find humor in his simple words and beauty in the world around him. It is just what God was trying to point out to all of us and the reason He told us that “the meek would inherit the earth.”

Look at what a mess we have made of all of this. Greedy people have tried to use people like my brother for selfish gain. I’ve had people say, “They look at your brother like a throwaway.” That has brought me unspeakable pain.” Yes, even at his birth they thought he wouldn’t live. But God had a different plan. And his plans were to bring men to repentance through my brother. Yes, my brother who is so innocent. Who would take an art project and cross someones name and sign his name, would do this with anything. He knows no difference. He tells me everything costs “a hundred dollars.”

But who cares? My brother puts everything in perspective. Whether it a billion dollars or a penny, in his mind it’s the same price. Just as the value of a soul is worth more than everything. And as the Lord has said, “Woe to the man who gains the whole world, yet loses his own soul.”

When Shiloh Comes

My Beloved

Judah will come and set up His government. He is coming very soon.

The stage is being set and only those with the spiritual eyes can see that the events are happening to usher in His kingdom. Read His words and you will see these things that He has spoken as markers.

Everything was to take place as a signal of His arrival. “Let all who have the eyes and ears to see and hear, the Spirit discern the times, He has told us. He did not want us to be unaware, of His coming. There would always be earthly signs as a precursor, of the spiritual battles raging. Many people don’t understand what is happening. I tell them to look back in history. Egypt played a role in holding Israel captive once before. It was a picture of captivity and the world system. They enslaved the Israelites and challenged God.

Now, thousands of years later, Ishmael and Isaac,will be at war again, just as God had spoken. It is the ancient covenant, that will bring them into battle. There is no man who can stop this. It is written in God’s word. It’s end is in Revelation and only the Lord’s foot will bring an end to this battle. On the Mount of Olives. Then Shiloh will come.

The storms raging on the earth. Egypt, typhoons, winter blasting across the nation. Economic storms. It all comes together to point to His coming, to set up His perfect kingdom.

The first seat of government on this earth was, Shiloh. Perfect in its operation. “The Tent of Meeting.” Set up in order by God. And man corrupted it. As sin crept in, everything began to degrade.

Now we wait for Judah. The Lord, Jesus Christ. He will return. And the “government will rest upon His shoulders, and His kingdom shall have no end.”

He is the ultimate king. The king of all kings. The Groom!

When Shiloh Comes, we will all  be free from this tyranny! It will be the Year of Jubilee!

The Spirit and the Bride Say Come!!!!!!

And Every Nation Shall Gather

Against Israel….

Well how is this going to happen? Everyone would wonder when and how these words could come to pass. But look, in the days that we are living in, and Daniel had spoken of the times of the end, “when people would be running to and fro, seeking knowledge.”  In other words, the information highway. The internet.

When the chaos broke out in Egypt, it was the first medium to be cut off, making sure that all ties to the outside world be disconnected, immediately, with the hopes that Twitter, Facebook, and social outlets, be disconnected. Gone are the days of propaganda, and brainwashing. The power is in the hands of the people.

Now, the scrolls which were given to Daniel, are being translated. “These are meant for the times of the end.” The angel of the Lord had spoken to him. They are not meant for you. Well, we are most certainly in these times. And how do we know? Because, as I have spoken so many times before, it has, and always shall be, about the covenant with Israel.

The war that will ensue, is not about anything else. Although, it will be a great deception. My friend today mentioned something about the great oil reserves and the land in one breath. And she is a believer. I had to gently remind her that although these may be great assets, it has never been about either of these things. That is just smoke and mirrors in the hands in the enemy.

It goes back to the beginning in the Garden of Eden, and the curse spoken and the inception of the covenant began with Ismael and Isaac.

Isaac, fathered the nation of Israel and Abraham, being his father was known as the “father of faith.” All who accepted ‘by faith,’ this sacrifice made by the blood of Christ, became inheritors of the covenant.

Ismael, was the half-brother and therefore he was not the inheritor of the covenant. Although the Lord did not cut Him off. God did say he would be the father of a great nation. However, the Lord did say that Ismael and Isaac would always be at war with one another. And this has been a struggle that would take place until His return to end this.

It is the epic battle of good and evil. Satan against God Himself. He will bring all of his forces against God’s forces and the Lord will prevail. He has already said that He has written Israel upon the palm of His hand and I would challenge anyone or anything to come against them. Because in so doing, you are coming against the Lord Himself. So I urge you to pray for the peace of JerUSAlem!

“I will bless those who bless you(Israel), and I will curse those who curse you.”

The Perfect Lamb

Search for Him in the stillness of the moment

Search for Him in the stillness of the moment

The Passover has begun and Jews from all over the world are celebrating. As Christians, it is an amazing experience to participate in a Seder.

Jews that have discovered Jesus is their messiah, have a whole new experience and now it seems that they can finally understand these traditions. They are no longer just dead ritual, but have a profound meaning. It is also why I encourage, Gentile believers to experience this as well.It is the reason many of these Jews call themselves, ‘fulfilled Jews, or Messianic.” They don’t covert to gentile practices, they merely understand the meaning of God’s symbols in these traditions.

You simply cannot watch a Passover Seder, without seeing Christ and all the symbolism. This is exactly why God appointed this festival.

The Bible is the only book that is alive. It’s applicable to the past, present and the future events. It also applies to a person’s personal experiences. God authored it and this is why it is alive. It was inspired by the Holy Spirit and it is amazing.

The Passover is a celebration of the Jews exodus from Egypt and the difficult bondage they endured under Pharaoh‘s rule. As we read we understand that they were told to do several things before they were delivered and these things point to the future events that Christ was going to endure for all mankind. Delivering us from the rule of the enemy, which is a picture of Pharaoh. Egypt is a picture of the world and it’s power.

The last plague would be the death of the firstborn throughout Egypt, because Pharaoh refused to release the children of Israel.The hardness of his heart was beyond understanding and his challenge to God.

The Jews were told to go and find an unblemished lamb. Perfect for the sacrifice. They were to take this into the homes and wait. This lamb had to be carefully inspected to ensure it was perfect for the sacrifice.

The evening of this plague, the lamb was slain and the Jews were to take a branch of Hyssop and dip it into the blood of the lamb. Then they were to take that blood and place it on the doorposts and side-posts of the door. When the angel of death came through Egypt, all of the firstborn of Egypt were killed, however the Angel of Death, was to “pass over”, the homes where the blood of the lamb was placed on the doors. This was the salvation for these families.

They were told to leave Egypt in haste, therefore the bread did not have time to rise. So there was to be no leaven in the bread. This is the matzo used at the Seders.It is called the “Bread of Affliction.”

Now, we have many symbols to look at yet, this was the foreshadow of Christ’s appearance.

We know that Pharaoh was a picture of Satan and he was holding God’s people captive. These plagues were sent to him, to loosen his grasp, yet he would not. Each time his heart became harder still toward the people of God.

When we look at the lamb that was to be chosen we see symbols of the future. The lamb, unblemished. Perfect, without any sickness or sores. Here we see the picture of Christ and the sacrifice that would be made.”He was examined before Pilate and was found to be without sin.” The perfect lamb.

The sacrifice was always needed to cover sin. It shows that an innocent life had to be taken to cover the sins of others. Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin. (Heb 9:22)

The Hyssop, was the branch of a tree that was to be used for dipping into the blood. This is symbolic of the application, which is made by faith today. It was to be applied in the form of a cross, on the doorpost and crosswise, the sideposts. “Behold I stand at the door of your heart and knock. Whoever opens this door, I will come in and eat with him, and him with me.” (Rev 3:20) Many times the Lord referred to Himself as the door or gate. He is the opening, by which man ‘enters in’ to a relationship with God. “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father, but through me.”(John 14:16)

The bread was baked in haste and no leaven was to be in it. This was to ensure a hasty departure, but yet it also was to point to the Messiah. No yeast was in it to make it rise. Remember the Lord said, “I am the bread of life, come down to you from heaven.”(John 6:35) The Jews knew what all of this meant when He spoke these things and this is why the religious leaders became so angry.

Jesus spoke many times about leaven, or yeast as being symbolic of sin. “Be careful of the yeast of the Pharisees.(Matthew 16:6) Paul also stated, “Don’t you know that a little yeast works through the whole batch of dough? (1Cor 5:6)

As we read that all of the nation of Israel placed the blood on the doorposts, the Angel of Death, spared their children. They were spared the curse, just as the Paul stated when he spoke to the Galatians. “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us. (Gal. 3:13) For it is written, “Cursed is anyone who is hung on a tree.” (Deuteronomy 21:23)

The firstborn (or firstfruits) were to be spared in the nation of Israel. Jesus Christ was considered the firstfuit of the resurrection. 1Cor 15:23) This is why, as I stated in earlier posts, Satan tried again and again to kill the firstborn of Israel.

As you see from the exodus, this is the foreshadow of the Messiah and I will point out the symbolism of the  Passover Seder in the next post. This picture is clear. This was to be done year after year,”as a remembrance of their deliverance from Egypt.

Now when we accept Christ we are taking the hyssop(faith) and inviting Christ into our hearts. He is the perfect lamb that was slain for our own redemption from the curse of Egypt(the world and sin) He became the Paschal lamb and once we ‘enter in’ to a relationship with Christ, by the door of our hearts, we have a relationship with the Father, our creator. Not because anything we have done, but by what He has done for us. He was the ‘unleavened bread. The Lamb and the curse was taken upon Christ when he ‘hung from the tree, (or cross)

He is the “Lamb of God, that takes away the sins of the world!” (John 1″29)