Rebuild the Foundation

I was talking to someone I love about this the other day. I wanted to speak to her about this in our lives, as I could see the enemy destroying our family and the ones around us. He is very clever in his tactics and I could see the deception was taking its toll on all of us.

“Let’s get together and talk, so we can rebuild the foundation.” I told her. I actually left, and mulled those words around in my head. That must have come from the Holy Spirit, I thought. As I was returning home to a kitchen which was about to be demolished. Her son was going to be helping with this project.

I was not relishing the fact, as I have an elderly mother to care for, and a host of other concerns. I do have a teenage son, and his nephews, which is a joy for them. This I thought would be the only bright side of the whole event. And the fact that I would be leaving on a vacation. But then again, I would be returning to this.

Well, as things go, my washing machine, broke down right before I left. I wasn’t happy about this. My pool turned a sickening shade of green, and refused to clean, regardless of how many chemicals I dumped into it. I was calling my pool service back. I had suspended it last year, in the hopes of saving money, and now was forced to look at this out my kitchen window, with the added shame, of having Mike, the Pool Guy, look at me with the, “I told you so, look. I promised him, I didn’t cheat on him with another pool guy. However, he knew I probably spent more money trying to do it myself.

The vacation I have to say, was eternally priceless. I saw the stage I have reached in the care of my mother. I have been stretched by the Lord. She tested me in every area possible. But this was something different. Last year, she refused to sit in a wheelchair, making it impossible to take her to a theme park. I so wanted her to see the things, my brother, Chris had seen, before he died. This was his last wish, to go to Disney. And we were able to take him.

This year, she was much more compliant, and I was incredibly surprised, that she not only went to the Magic Kingdom and spent the whole day, but I went with her, all alone, to Epcot, and she also spent the whole day. I was also surprised, at the closeness, I felt to her. I wanted to see everything through her eyes. I pointed out every detail to her. I wanted her to know what my brother saw, so that she would be excited.

I realized at the end, that I had changed. I wanted this honor to be her servant. I knew this was the highest honor that could be bestowed on anyone. I had never looked at it this way before. I complained and whined. At times, I felt exhausted and resentful. When she was ungrateful, I would be angry that my needs were not met, and “who was taking care of me?” Forgetting that the Lord is always watching over me. Then, He reminded me that if He gives these precious souls to me, why would He not give me the things I need to care for them?

I had a new perspective. As I cared for my mother like a child of mine. I was so protective of her. I cried at the thought of one day losing her. She had become my baby. And my children would one day become my protectors. I wanted them to learn the meaning of empathy. I wanted them to watch and learn.

This is how we build the foundation. And if this foundation is flawed, we must then go back and rebuild this. We are told by the Lord, “to train a child up in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from this.”

When, we returned from the trip, I had forgotten about the washing machine. I got online and researched what could be causing this problem. I found it would not go through the rinse cycle. Other’s seemed to be having the same problem. In an article, it stated, it was an easy fix. An order from a parts repair and it should save hundreds in repair costs. I talked to my ex husband and we decided to try to fix it ourselves.

I ordered the part. And it looked easy enough. Well, it was an ordeal. As instructions go. They never quite give you the whole picture. I looked at it as an analogy for life. They take you part way there and leave you hanging. And just when you’re about to give up…you decide, whether you want to figure out the rest or not. We had to learn the language of the instructions. And I realized a long time ago, he doesn’t have a lot of patience and a rather bad temperament. So, I pointed out what I thought were the places to remove some things. He is mechanically inclined which is good. But he doesn’t like to give credit to others for knowing anything. But I don’t mind. I just do what I do. We finally took apart the  machine, for the one little part. We clipped it in. Then we had to put it back together. That’s where we had a problem. He was ready to throw in the dirty towel. (Yes, pun intended.)

I said, alright, I’ll just call to have repair come and set it on the frame. This frustrated him. Since we were all the way there. We took a break. And I went in to look at it. “Hey,” I said. It looks perfect. It’s sitting on the frame, the same height as the dryer. Unless, someone supernaturally adjusted it. I see, nothing wrong with it.” He came in and started putting the screws in. He said, “That’s weird. Let’s just put it back.”  He started it up and it went through the rinse cycle immediately.

My son was in the next room, as he heard us cheering. But to me that was the most important part. My daughter said, he turned to her and said, “They must have fixed the washing machine.”

My son has learned sexist remarks, and all kinds of negative things from his father, which I try to correct. He says, he just joking. But there are strongholds which I try to tear down. These become belief systems.

Those are just the type of remarks I don’t want my son making, or believing. And this is the type of foundation, I don’t want him to have.

So the foundations which we give our children are very important. They must be based in truth and I am a believer that God’s Word is truth. We cannot be wrong if we submit our lives to His Word.

He tells us that “the enemy comes to rob, to kill and to destroy, but He comes to give life, and life more abundantly!

So just when your life seems stuck, and you can’t get it to move forward, don’t be confused by those messages that you are getting. They’re like the instructions that come with a washing machine. Meant to confuse to rack up bills. You call on the Lord. He keeps things simple, His burden is light. “Behold, though your sins, are like scarlet, I will make them whiter than snow.”


You’re Not Superficial, You Only Seam Like It!

Yea he's my kid

Ok, this particular evening, my son came running into the family room, as he often does, to perform for us.Yes, it seems he thrives on attention. Yet, when I mention that he should be in theater, he cringes. “No way! I’ll never do that!” Then he acts as if this is just so far removed from his personality.

The fact is, that as long as I can remember, he’s come up with characters. He used to do a hobbled walk, and say, “I’m a little old man, walking away.” When he was only about 4 years old, he started this.

Once, I was picking up a pizza, with my mom and him, in a little carry-out place. We sat in our chairs, and as an older man stood up, my son began his little   comedy routine. “Look! It’s a little old man, walking away!” He said, “Look! Grandma!” She could barely contain herself. She was laughing so hard, and couldn’t look up. I said, “What are you doing? This is embarrassing. I almost walked out.

But, he is incredibly funny. And it has presented challenges over the years. So, here he comes bounding into the family room, to start. He begins a little dance he does. He kicks his long lanky legs, up into the air, as if he’s one of the Rockette’s. I begin to laugh, because his legs are so white, and skinny. He has black shorts on and is hilarious.

Then we discussed the new carpet. My ex-husband just installed it for me and he’s a perfectionist. He was obsessing over a seam in the carpet, which I honestly couldn’t see at all. This was just more fodder for my son.

Now, my son was imitating him. He strides into the room and says, “How beautiful. Oh wait! What’s that?” He looks down, horrified.

Then he says, “I’m sending you to Disney World!” He pretends he’s from the Show, Extreme Makeover, and starts laughing himself, as he’s playing out the scene in his head.

“Hey, this is funny. So you are at Disney, and Ty Pennington, calls you to show you how he’s demolishing your home.” Yes, I can see it,” I said, as I’m laughing. “Like he gets a wrecking ball and begins to smash the house.” “Yea,” he says. “Then he brings in a bulldozer!” He brings all the people in the neighborhood. We are laughing hysterically, as we repeat lines from the show.

He says, “Yea, they wreck the whole house, just because of the carpet seam and then they put it all back exactly the way it was, except they fixed the seam.”

Then, they have the big, bus in front of our home,  and the crowd begins to shout, “Move that bus!!!” As the bus moves to reveal an identical replica of our last house.

There’s a whole swell of people, crying and telling us how sad they felt, when they saw the huge seam in the middle of our carpet. And no one should have to live like this. At this, Ty and his gang, tell us that they have someone special to perform for us. And he introduces, Eminem. “Oh, I just couldn’t bare the thought, of ya’ll livin like that.” He says. “That would make me lose my mind.” And as a tribute, he performs his song, Just Lose It.

I was so exhausted laughing, I wished that a sitcom, would pick this up. My son, is already coming up with  some pretty good routines.  What brilliant, comedic genius. And it’s being wasted in middle school. Hope they don’t dumb him down too much.

I decide it’s time for us to come home, and I remind my son that at this point, Ty needs to be standing at the door, to usher us in with the famous lines, “I only have one thing to say to you! Welcome Home!”

Now don’t get me wrong. I love this show. It has real people, with terrible struggles. I’m not making light of any of those people. And it’s not to say, I don’t really need a home makeover myself. But the little seam, which I can’t even see, made me laugh. I can’t imagine someone coming in and saying, “what’s with that seam?”

We both were both cracking up and I thought, I will never be able to look at this carpet without thinking about this invisible seam, which became more visible with my son’s sense of humor!