Who Is My Destiny?

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My friend had called to ask me what I thought about a man she had been involved with for many years. She had been wondering about him as a marriage prospect. “Now don’t say anything until I’ve finished,” she said. As she went through all her criteria, for her reason’s why he would be the man for her, I listened quietly. Some were serious, and some not so much. The height, she felt was important, since she is quite tall, and refuses to be with anyone shorter, and a Christian man, is “non-negotiatable,” as she stated. Understood.

Now, the man she mentioned, has a daughter, which she clearly did not want to raise, since she had already raised her own, and she said it was already an issue discussed, that 2 more years and this would also allow him time to pay off debts.

Then she added that this would allow her time to have the wedding of her dreams. But she added that instead of him paying his debts, she would take the interest free loan and pay it, and he would repay her. “Ok, may I interject, now?” I ask. “Sure,” she says.

“This didn’t seem like the man for you a few years ago, when we went to Cancun, and he doesn’t seem like it now, either.” “How can you say that?” She seems incredulous. And I’m incredulous that she’s incredulous.

“Ok, well first of all, this is way too many hoops for you to be jumping through, to be coming from the Lord. I don’t really believe it would be this complicated. “Yes, but I really love this man.”

Then she continues. “Ok, now let me tell you what else happened to me before you say anything else. I really want you to think about your answer and get back to me.” “Ok, I promise her that I will pray about this, but I’m already feeling in my spirit, as I did a few years back, that this isn’t from the Lord.

A man had come into my office and it was unexpected. He had all the things I was looking for in a mate. (Hmmm, there it is, I thought) We were chatting for a while, and as I listened I was amazed at how perfectly we seemed for each other. I was talking to him about my faith and everything I told him, about my life, was so similar, and I had such an attraction to him. It was nothing physical. That’s not to say, it couldn’t be, but I was surprised, that this could happen. And now I’m confused. Here this guy comes along with everything that I have been looking for. “You mean instead of trying to make someone else fit that into that list?”

Besides the fact that my friend cannot seem to remember that she was tempted by someone else on our trip a few years back and here it is again, I thinking, this should be a clear sign, that she’s either not ready, or this isn’t this isn’t the guy. But I’ll let her decide for herself.

“Hey,” I asked her. “Do you remember Jacob worked for 7 years to marry Rachel. She was the object of his passion. Everything he wanted in a woman. Then her father deceived him into marrying Leah, the other sister. The one he had not chosen. So, Jacob had to work for 7 more years, to get Rachel. A total of 14 years, went into that labor of love. But I always found it strange that in the end of his life, he was buried with Leah. “What does that have to do with anything?” she asked me. “I don’t know, I always thought it strange, and while I’m thinking about your dilemma, I would like you to think about that and get back to me with your thoughts on that.” “Ok,” she said.

While she is thinking about that, this is my own take on this story. My friend is an ideal picture of this and so many of us. It’s taken my a lifetime to figure this out. Although Jacob felt tremendous passion for Rachel for this beauty she held, his destiny was held in Leah. God knew this. It was the one, who had given him Judah and Israel, and Jacob had known this too.

We need to ask the Lord to give us His eyes to see the mate who will fulfill our destiny alongside of us. We can love someone in a deeper and more profound way than any physical relationship can offer, when two walk together as one. This is why the Lord said that, “what He joins together, no man can tear apart.” Even from time or distance, it cannot be broken. All of the universe works together to bring this kind of match together and it is a beautiful match that is perfect in every way. There are no, negotiations involved. It just is.

I told my friend you should not put so much merit in what you want, as walking out the destiny with the man who God has called along side of you.  It’s possible to  love a man and never be physical with him . Although, it is the consummation which is the true desire of love. But God’s highest calling is Destiny and she leads us together.

When the Lord spoke of our own match with Himself as the bride and groom, it is a perfect symphony. So we will know it is the same if he joins us in union with a true believer.

The Dream A Family Held Captive (Part Four)

“But the door opens enough to trigger the same alarm. but this time they both escape, the entire large family is released! set free! restored to joy at the time the last brother is released from prison.” As I stated in earlier posts-alarms indicate the fear of being caught. It is only truth that sets us free from prison. Prison is always the prison of lies, deception, greed, corruption.

The word of God tells us that “Satan blinds the unbelievers minds so that they cannot see the the truth.” I just found out that a young boy took his own life this past week. He was so overwhelmed with his circumstances and he could see no other way out. He believed the lies that what had happened in his life was so bad, that this was the only answer.

How many times this lie has made people run in fear, instead of just confronting the enemy in righteousness and boldness and saying “hey, I’ve had enough! Yes, I’ve screwed up, but we all have! “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” This is why Christ died for us, because we could not be perfect.

“the door opens enough to trigger the same alrm, but this time they both escape, the entire large family is released! set free! restored to joy! at the same time the last brother is released from prison.” This would indicate a certain timing involved with this whole process and I’m not sure if there is a natural prison or spiritual prison in the process. Sometimes the Lord uses both to bring us to our knees. If a mans heart is so hardened that he refuses to turn to the Lord and turn from his wicked ways, the Lord may use harsh circumstances to bring about His plans for redemption. In the end it is always our own will to choose.

The ‘large family’ would seem to indicate a much larger family than just my own. As I stated in my earlier post. The two brothers are not biological brothers, but brothers in crime as the whole family would be a family such as a corporate family. One that has been infiltrated by this corruption.

Both of these brothers are both terrified of what they do not yet understand and they are running from the very freedom that God has waiting for them right around the corner. The enemy of mans souls has always waged war against Gods creation, from the very beginning in the Garden of Eden, putting fear and doubt into men and trying to distract them from the purposes of Gods plans for the real greatness and calling of God in a mans life.

We've all nailed the Lord to the cross

We've all nailed the Lord to the cross