Why Would You Go Back To the Law?

There is a choice

There is a choice

We keep doing it, over and over again, without ever realizing it. It’s so subtle. Yes, as Bob Dylan said, “The enemy is subtle, how be it we are deceived? When the truth is in our hearts, and  we still won’t believe? Shine Your Light, Shine Your Light On Me!(Precious Angel) We keep returning to the law,  which cannot save.

Now do you think that the Jews are any different from any religious system of works?They were chosen because they were the only nation that believed in the one true God. All of the other nations followed pagan gods. This is why God had to preserve them as His people and made covenant with them. He alone gave them all of these laws. And this is what bound them to Himself. He had to preserve them as His own to bring the messiah through them. God will not take back His covenant, nor deny Himself.

The Jews were blinded by hundreds of laws. Don’t you remember? They were handed down from God Himself . Were they given just to amuse Himself? Absolutely not. They all had a purpose. Here’s an example of one of the hundreds. The two goats. Only one was to be used on the Day of Atonement. The scapegoat, was released after the sins of the nation of Israel had been placed upon its head. It is of course where we get the term, “scapegoat,”  It is also the reason that you will see so many demonically inspired uses in the artwork today. I’m amazed after it had been pointed out to me. A picture of sin. An innocent animal left to die. Hmm, interesting picture.

Now all of those laws. So many and a lot just didn’t make much sense. They all were types and foreshadows of messiah. Yet, when Paul spoke he clearly reminded the Jews that if they chose to go back to the law, they would have be judged by the law and if they violated one, they violated the whole of the law. He said that “the laws had  to been given,  to point us to our need of a savior!.

Indeed, we had no desire to sin until the law was given!” Oh, I love that! Just look at Adam and Eve in the garden. Oh, better yet. Look at a little child and their innocence…until you tell them they can’t touch something. That’s when that rebellion rears it’s ugly head. Now remember how the Pharisees chastised Jesus for healing a  man on the Sabbath? How preposterous was that? He IS the sabbath! He had to ask them if it was easier to forgive the man or heal him? Then he told him to pick up his mat and walk? He was always rocking the proverbial boat of the religious leaders, but yet He was the leader and they were so blinded with religious pride, couldn’t see Him. I thought it humorous and sad.

“The law of sin and death is in the flesh.” We are born into sin but thanks be to Jesus Christ who has set us free from the law of  sin and the grave! Now, when we look at all of the man-made doctrines it is a subtle way of taking us back to the law, once again. Trying to earn our way. We must do as Paul told the Bereans to do. Question everything by scripture. My pastor taught me to do this in my church and one day I had to even do this with him once. I have great respect for him, yet the Lord commands us to line everything up with His word.

When I was in the Lutheran church I started to question the spiritual leaders. I realized that Martin Luther had split from the Catholic church because he discovered they had not been teaching from scripture the fundamentals, “that we are saved by grace not by works.” Of course there was the Reformation and many people realized that only the leadership  had a bibles, and Martin Luther found one, hidden away and saw these truths which began the split. We know that one “comes to faith by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” So that changed the whole course of history, but then the Lutheran’s also erred. They also became legalistic. No different from the Pharisees of old. I wanted to know God. I didn’t care about any man’s religion. I could see as a young girl who Christ never stood in the midst of crowds and stated, “now look guys I want you to be Baptists, you to be Catholics and you to be Jews.” And Jesus was a Jew for good reason. Born into the nation of Israel. God didn’t make a mistake. I wanted to understand this convenant.

Another thing that I noticed as a young girl was that the only time Jesus seemed to have a problem was when he was confronted by those religious guys.He really didn’t spend very much time inside the temple. Here I was seeing the same thing with religious people. And when I went with my girlfriend to see Jesus Christ Superstar, something powerful happened watching that crucifixion scene. I noticed that the doctrines in my church became more ritualistic and I started to question them as a young girl. I saw things in my bible that weren’t being taught.  Perhaps because these leaders didn’t understand. I saw Nicodemus go to Jesus and ask him how he could enter the kingdom of heaven. I heard Jesus tell him plainly, “unless a man be born again, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.” I wondered at this and many other things that were spoken. I wondered what made our religion, “right,” and everyone else s wrong.

Then, something happened to me. A spiritual experience. It was so noticable that a pastor called me in to speak to me about it. He wanted to know. But how could he explain it? They all went to seminary, but were never taught that to be ‘born again,’ is an experience that the Lord was telling Nicodemus must happen to each person if they are to enter the kingdom of God. We must become like a child before this experience takes place. It is not a religion and we cannot keep the laws. We must simply have faith and know that He is the savior who has fulfilled the laws. We must know we are a sinner and cannot keep any laws as Paul says and if those laws weren’t given, we would have no reason to sin.

Now it wasn’t until Roman Emperor Constantine came on the scene, and became a Christian that Catholicism began.He became born again. He was so zealous, that he wanted the whole of Rome to become Christian, however they had all been pagans up to this point.As most people understand, you cannot force conversions. Especially since these pagans, were anti-Semitic and the Christians, for the most part, were still mostly Jewish. So, to make it more palatable, he allowed the mix of the pagan practices. The Goddess Astarte, for example was worshipped. She was the goddess of fertility. And instead of celebrating Passover, which the Romans, would not do, they used eggs and bunnies, etc. as and celebrated Easter or Resurrection Sunday.

Sunday, was taken from the Sun God( yes, even our calendars have pagan roots), and although Jesus did not celebrate His own birthday anywhere in scripture, He did celebrate the Festival of Lights, Chanukah and it was on this day that he spoke to the religious leaders when he stated, “I am the light of the world!” Claiming to be the center candle of the menorah, gives this whole new meaning when we understand this from His perspective.

Without offending anyone, as Paul has stated, “everything is acceptable, but everything is now acceptable in the Lord, since we have freedom in the Spirit, however, everything is not beneficial.” Yes, in my house, I do both. I celebrate Resurrection Sunday, yet I also celebrate the Passover, since I know that the Lord Is the Passover. I know that He did not celebrate Easter and place a basket of eggs and chocolate bunnies around his house. Although its okay. Let me tell you, if you’ve ever been to a seder, you will wonder why the Jews do not see Jesus as the messiah. I recommend every believer do this. The Lord told us that it is meant for all of us to celebrate throughout every generation They are not called the Jewish Feasts, but the Feasts of the Lord. And they are meant for believers more than anyone else and in them is a mystery;the timetable of God, unlocked only by those with the Spirit of God.

What the Lord told us to do is this: “Learn of Me Not any religious doctrine, not any man-made institution. It was in the name of every religion that He was crucified. The word religion itself means, a return to bondage. I want freedom. Freedom in Christ. Freedom from the law to know Him.But now I know, I am part of this covenant. I am no longer judged by the law and there is nothing greater than this. I want everyone to know this freedom.

He is the beginning and  the end of everything. The Alpha and Omega.

How Do We Pray?

spiritual-warfareI see you…

We had the G20 covention and all the world leaders coming together to try to solve the world problems. Most of them were pointing the finger and it seemed to rest heavily on the United States.

The strange thing is that not one of them had this word; Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and PRAY and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their LAND!

Why are people making things so difficult? Most natural men do not know how to pray. Jesus gave a pattern of prayer to start us off. It is to be used as an example. It’s imperative to understand that we don’t repeat it over and over again, as the Lord told us that this is just vain repetition. We must learn how to pray in that manner.

Christ was showing the disciples how to enter before the Father’s throne of grace. Then to ask, that “His will be done.” Well, to ensure that the Lord’s will is carried out it would be clear that you should speak His own words. This is His divine  will and we know Jesus did this when the devil came to tempt Him in the desert.

Each time that Satan began his sentence, it was, “it is written.” So we know that Satan does know the words of God. Of course he does. He lived with the Lord  before being cast down. The problem with his delivery of the word to Jesus, was that he cast doubt on the deity of the Father. He did the very same thing in the Garden of Eden, by questioning Eve, about the God’s Word. Paraphrasing, “come on Eve, did He really say you couldn’t  eat of that tree?” Then of course Eve totally blew it, because not only did she quote the words but she added to them, which is equally deceptive.  Paraphrasing her, Yes, He said we can eat of all the trees, but that one we can’t eat from and we can’t even touch it! ” Hmmm, the devil got ahold of her tongue because she was already lying.

We can see that his schemes do not change. In fact Paul tells us as believers, “that we are not ignorant of Satans devices.” Jesus Christ, being, the living Word, repeated the Word of God back to him and struck down the lies and doubt that Satan was trying to entice Him with.  Now, Jesus didn’t tell him to go back to the place he came from. Nor did he kick his butt. So we must look at how Jesus handled Himself in the midst of spiritual warfare. You fight deception with the truth of God’s Word. You don’t add to it and you don’t take away from it. The Lord said, “the sum of thy Word is truth.”

After you’ve been studying the Word of God long enough, these words will become your everyday speech. You don’t have to quote scripture and verse, although I’ve always admired people that can do so. It is powerful when the enemy comes at you and the Holy Spirit brings the Word forth in your own spirit that strikes down every falsehood. This is why the Lord referred to this as the “sword of the spirit.” Paul said this is how we battle. Not against flesh and blood. Some people are under the control of these spirits and you should pray that they come out and escape the snare of the evil one.(2Timothy 2:26)

As I said, praying the Word of God is very powerful and a great book for anyone that wants to understand this principal is called      Prayers That Avail Much. I’ve had mine for years and it is small but carries a lot of power. Learn it and speak it. God’s Word does not return void. It is powerful enough to save a person’s soul.

Because God created man in His image, we must realize the power our own words carry. He created the heavens and the earth with the spoken word. Now we are in His same image and we know from scripture that there is tremendous power in our words. We can bless and curse, by the power of our own mouth. Scientists have already studied and found that there is much healing power in prayer, although they do not understand why. Well, of course it can’t be analyzed.

I would see how sacred this moment was when I would visit the aids ward in the hospital. People that were all alone at times and seemed to be gripped with the fear of dying. I knew that this was something I had committed to do after my own brother died. I saw miraculous things happening in those rooms. No matter what station of life a person is from, they are all reduced to one common denominator when they are about to meet their maker. One evening I went to see a girl that I had known and she was all alone. As I crossed the threshold I could see terror in her eyes. The oxygen mask on her face and her fear was heavy in the room. I felt the Lord meet me in that room as I grabbed her hands and pray for her comfort. The Lord brought her a peace as I sat with her.

Now when I meet people that have lost loved ones and they are upset because they think they died alone, I can reassure them. That is not always true. You never know what messengers the Lord sends to your loved ones and even at that, he says that the heavenly messengers are dispatched to them.

Prayer can change the course of God’s own plans and we can see this in scripture as well. In Numbers 14:13-19, Moses interceeded for God’s mercy and the Lord heard his cries.

Not only can we alter or halt God’s hand in circumstances by the power of prayer, we also are called, “co-laborer’s of the harvest.” Jesus told us “to pray and ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into the harvest field.” It is imperative that we do this before any work is done. “Unless the Lord build the house, we labor in vain.”

Also, before drawing close in prayer we must repent of our own sins. “The prayers of a righteous man avail much.” In the Old Testament the High Priest had to be ceremonially clean before entering into the Holy of Holies. He had to make sure he had no sin that he hadn’t accounted for.  A rope was tied to his ankle as he went about his duties and there was a bell on the rope. The priest’s outside the curtain, thereby knew if he was alive or dead. If he was unclean, the Lord would strike him dead and the priests had the job of pulling him out by the rope. Great job. He moves up to the top of the corporate ladder and steals one matzo and he’s vaporized! Don’t even mention the offering plate. Corporate management should get a lesson on this! Our whole country would change if this was the type of punishment inflicted. Thank God that Jesus Christ became the High Priest when he died on the cross and all of our sins were placed upon Him. This became the dispensation of grace. Yet, this unrepentant sin, still prevents our power in prayer.

Now the pattern of prayer is very simple. The Lord tells us that if we ask anything in His name it shall be given and He also tells us that where two or more are gathered together in my name I am there.  So you see He’s also telling us that since His own resurrection, we need to know that His name is above every name and the access to the Father. Also, He’s telling us that there is tremendous power in unity! This is what Satan most hates for anyone to understand. There is so much power in unity that God Himself took down the tower of Babel and confused peoples languages. He actually came down and saw this tower and said, “if as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then NOTHING they plan to do will be impossible for them.” That is amazing to me! God stated this unity was so powerful that it had to be destroyed. It wasn’t the unity that was a problem, but just as today, they were trying to accomplish something without the need of God. Of course we don’t have to worry because you can’t get Democrats and Republicans to agree on the same things, let alone the whole world! Which brings me back to this summit meeting. The only unity that brings power, is the unity of the Holy Spirit. At Pentecost the Lord filled these men with His spirit and they spoke in different languages  and yet, everyone understood each other! (Acts 2)It was the opposite of what happened at Babel. Babel, was a form of paganism and left God’s plans out. Pentecost was the beginning of allowing God in, by the power of the Holy Spirit as He filled people.This happened because, as it states in scripture, they were in one accord.” Which again speaks to the power of unity.

 This is going to happen again and in a more profound way than at Pentecost. Three thousand people were baptised that day. But His promise is that the “latter house will be greater than the former house.” So as the world seeks answers, we pray and in unity for the power of the Spirit to fall on all men. We will pray that all men will come together and invite God as part of the plan. Then as we pray in unity, we will see the miraculous happen!