Today I was very disappointed…

Even the Girl Scout Cookie, is no longer sacred.

Wow! I had been totally scammed.

What happened?

I wouldn’t dare post this pic as a thumbnail, since the cookie itself, is the size of a thumbnail. What happened to the Girl Scout cookies I had known as I child? And do they really think we don’t notice that they are robbing us blind?

It takes 4 of these cookies to make one cookie. And it costs $4 bucks to buy a box of these things. I only bought them because my mom loves them and I thought I was helping support the organization, but come on! Seriously? This is robbery.

When I brought them home, I opened the bag inside the box, and pulled it out for my mom. She laughed as I sat a teaspoon down on the counter and tried to picture it to scale. I then grabbed the bag and said. “Hey, look at this. Once the air is taken out, there’s not even a full bag, and it’s about a quarter cup of thimble size cookies!”

A half bag of cookies equals a quarter cup of flour

I thought the Cupcake Merlot in the background was a nice touch. In fact, that was a much better dessert, as far as I’m concerned. Hat’s off to the Girl Scouts. You have found a way to beat inflation and save a ton of money.

At the end of the day, they only had 3 boxes left and I didn’t even get my choice. My mom would have loved the chocolate mint instead, I already know that, but I assured her that the granola bars I had purchased inside, were chocolate mint and they were buy one get one free, so I got way more bang for my buck.

Nope, if the organizations want to raise funds, they have to be generous themselves. People aren’t going to be silly with their hard-earned money. Especially when we aren’t sure about where our funds end up any more.

Now, I was in Girl Pioneers, when I was a young girl. It was the equivalent of Girl Scouts. It was a wonderful organization and we had people in the church who would teach us sewing and cooking, etc.

The simplicity of it all seemed to be what made it all work. Then to see organization grow to a size where it would become a mega-enterprise, it seems opportunists would just be taking the cookies and running!

Hmmm, come to think of it….that’s the way of the world.