Learning to Trust His Voice

The Anointing of the Spirit

Well, as I had published my post this morning, I was waiting. Waiting on the Lord to see what He was doing. I certainly know it was His voice guiding me, as I went from place to place. I had a chance to see my friend and she also gave me a Christian book about ‘caregivers,’ which I desperately need at this time. He also tells us, “Forsake not the fellowship of one another, as the pagans do.” We are to come together, no matter how brief, to encourage each other, pray and grow in the knowledge of Him.

After seeing her, she spoke and told me that she did not think I should go to La Guardia to catch a flight which was open, but to stay in JFK, and go out on the one at 9:50. She felt sure that this was the right choice. I trusted that the Lord was speaking through her to me.

Sure enough, I did get on that flight. In fact, I was the very first person to be called for the jumpseat, and I was standing with another flight attendant from our airline. I told her, “I’m praying for both of us.”

At this point they called her too, and as we went to the back, a person from this particular airline came to the back to inform us that they had an open seat. This girl told me, “You take it. You’ve been here since last night.” That was very kind, and I was just glad to be on.

After going to my crew lounge, I saw another girl I knew from Lauderdale and she had just come up. “I had to buy a ticket!” She said. We left a bunch of people behind. I really felt bad. There were two people from our airline that would have had those seats, but two others walked up that were higher priority.”

Ok, now I felt a whole lot better about coming up the night before, no matter how much work it was. The Lord knew something which I did not. That today, I would have been bumped off the direct flights. I was wondering why all of this nonsense, but He showed me that He knows what He’s doing, and I do not. And this is where my trust comes in.

Yes, “we walk by faith and not by sight. If I used common sense, I would have left on a direct flight and never considered doing a double commute. But now I see, this would not have happened and He was divinely guiding me.

I thought back to a time many years ago when I was waiting standby for a flight and I had just started with my company, therefore I had very little seniority. I just sat and waited and my faith was very strong. As I watched person after person get on and all the standby’s getting very nervous, I knew that the Lord was going to take care of it.

Later, the agent called me and told me to wait at the door of the airplane. As I did, I was told by her, “Hurry up! Just get on! The pilot gave up his seat to sit in the cockpit, so go and sit in his seat.” “Where is it?” I asked. She said, “It’s in First Class.”

I ran in and sat down, when a few minutes later a flight attendant who happened to be sitting up there, looked at me and said, “Are you a born again Christian?” “Oh my gosh, yes!” I told her. “I knew it! When I saw all these things happening to get you on, I knew you were a believer and the Lord was doing this!”

Wow! That was incredible. I laughed and said, “You know, I believe that being a commuter, brings many people to faith! How can you not see the miracles of God?”

Her name was Marcia, and she’s since retired. However, I came to know her and her husband very well after that. We crossed paths many times, in ministry, since they belonged to the Christian Motorcycle Association. They would show up at many outreach ministriesĀ I was also a part of, and she would always share the story of our meeting.

Yes, God shows up in many ways, in the lives of the believer. We just have to be ready to accept His plans and “Lean not unto our own understanding, but in all our ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct our path.”

We can’t plan anything as perfectly as He does, so why even try? It takes the stress off of us, as we walk according to His voice.