The Anointing Breaks the Yoke

I was at a bowling alley the other day when I dropped my brother off and decided to stay in the car. I had a touch of the flu and decided to remain in the car so I wouldn’t spread the germs.

As I put my seat back I listened to a teaching tape I had and realized the players battery was dead so I tried to close my eyes and rest. About an hour later I was listening to a loud whining in the parking lot and it sound like a werewolf howling. This was horrible.

I looked behind me and there was one of the vans that picks up a group home and it looked like the passengers were inside, but one person was lying on the ground and the two female caregivers were trying to pull her up by the arms. This was terrible, I thought. Did she fall? Was she having a tantrum? I got out of my car and wandered over, first to look in on my brother and see what frame he was on. He still had a long way to go. At this point one of the male caregivers for this particular group home was sauntering past, seemingly oblivious to the whole scene. Now one of the women, was on the phone with a coordinator, as the other woman was trying to bribe her with ice cream. This woman was about 200 pounds and there was no way they could lift her into this van. I asked her, “Does she do this a lot?” “Yes, she’s done it a few times and we aren’t going to bring her anymore!” Half saying it to me, and half saying it to her. And now she’s saying, “And she wants to get a job too and I don’t see her being able to do that!” At this point she tries to give her the ice cream again and the whole scene is very sad as her head is on the ground and she’s crying very hard like a little baby and rocking back and forth as if something has control of her. Now the man comes up and tries to give her a $1 to get into the van.

It was right then that I heard the voice speak to me. I walked up to her and put my hand on her forehead as she stared straight ahead and said, very quietly I spoke, “release her right now in the name of Jesus, Diane get into the van,” and she got up and walked into the van.

The woman holding her looked at me and said,” what did you do?” lol The fact is, I didn’t do anything. The Lord did. It is His anointing in me. He just wants me to be the vessel and take a step of faith. Speak the word. Now the proof is that this woman is mentally challenged and had no idea that she was being used by a spirit. She didn’t argue her faith or existence of demons, which any so, called rational person would do This is why deliverance for her was swift and apparent. She was crying out for help. It is sad. How many believers are running around and have no idea what power they have available to them and refuse to use it. Why? Are they embarrassed of the name?When you pray deliverance, you don’t have to scream and shout like a faith healer trying to attract attention. Jesus Christ was never trying to attract attention to Himself and He didn’t need to. The kingdom of God does not exist of words but of Power! But the only way anyone will experience this is when take the step in faith.

Jesus Christ told us that if we are ashamed of him, that He will be ashamed of us before His Father in heaven. He came to set the captives free,and He gave us that same power and authority before He left this earth. Man, I’m going to use it, with whatever time I have left.

Of course I know, not everyone has an evil spirit, but if I have the discernment of the Holy Spirit speaking to me, and the anointing in me, it’s going. When that woman asked me what I did, I said, “next time…pray first.”


Whose Afraid Of the Big,Bad Wolf?

I’m Not afraid

I remember years ago when some friends of mine shared a commuter apartment with me in San Francisco and I would return from my trips to Florida. I had a vital church that I belonged to and they loved to hear about my latest bible studies. I was amazed at number of girls that I had that were starting to gather

One evening they had decided they wanted to attend a church that I had found in San Jose.(Jubilee ) I was shocked. There were about 6 of them and that’s quite an accomplishment to get that many together at one time as it is, let alone to go to church. So off we went and the rest was just incredible.
I witnessed nothing short of miracles. Changed lives and it was all the Lords work to be sure. One girl actually married one of the men she had met in the church. Another girl had gone on several mission trips to Russia.
Then Jan, shared and experience that she had with me that I still remember. She and I used to sit out by the pool and talk. She had been counseling with a minister. Her husband and her had gotten divorced.
I talked to her about the power of the Holy Spirit and the difference between religion and a relationship and when filled with th Holy Spirit, you are empowered and born again.
She began coming to this church and one day she told me she was in Miami on a layover. She said, “You wouldn’t believe what happened to me! We all went out to Coconut Grove and there was a woman reading palms. She said, ‘Everyone…except  you! And she pointed straight at me!” she said. The whole crew looked at me like, whats so special about you? “Then I remembered what you told me about the Holy  Spirit. How those dark spirits cannot touch us, unless we invite them in. I just couldn’t believe it. All day people were asking me why that woman said that to me. It was so funny.
But this is how the Lord confirms His word to us. This is how He shows us his protection over us. He tells us to practice these things is an abomination to Him, yet He will guide us by the power of His spirit and show us the right way.
This girl, Jan, reunited with her ex husband  and had a baby girl years later.
It’s like the time I was in a hotel and my friends and were in the bar while some guy was walking around claiming he could read your palms and tell you your future.
I laughed and declined of course only to find that this man was the manager.
Later I walked up to my room with my girlfriend. She found she didn’t have a phone in her room. As she came in my room to call downstairs, I said, gee, don’t you think when the manager was reading your palm he should have seen that?”
That’s why, as they say”rather than worshipping the stars, I’d rather worship the One who created them!”