Like a Roaring Lion

ImageI was reading about the Lord’s warning to every believer, and the Holy Spirit pressed upon my heart, to look carefully at this passage; ” Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

This takes quite a bit of discernment from the Holy Spirit, but at first glance we say to ourselves, “yea, I already know that. We’re in a spiritual battle, blah, blah, blah.” But the Lord wants us to remember certain things in scripture:

We do not wage war against people, but spirits, operating through people.

The enemy, is not The Lion (of Judah), but only seeks to imitate Him.

We will know the difference, because the true Lion, is full of love and seeks to build, not destroy.

Now, knowing all of this we must first begin with, the knowledge, that this imitation of the Lion, will be in our lives, but operating through people. We must look at what the characteristics of a lion are.

A lion is a predatory animal. It seeks the weakest, to prey upon.  It is nocturnal, which means, it is most alert in darkness.It loves darkness. When its prey is normally asleep it is hunting.  It is very proficient at hiding behind obstacles and stalks its prey. When the lion feels, its prey is unsuspecting, it pounces. It has a voracious appetite. It plays with its prey first, and then it tears it apart and devours it.

Now lets compare this to people and their behaviors. It may help you to discern the Lords warning. The news is full of stories, of predators. Yes, they use this particular word to describe the behaviors of certain people. So you can use this as your starting place.

They do the exact same things as the predatory animal. They usually seek the weakest, most vulnerable victims. They stalk, by excessive calls, and visits. They may hide in positions which give them full access to their victims. They hide behind positions of authority or other children, or they may use their own injustices committed against them,  as an excuse for their behavior.

Darkness, in the spiritual world, is lying, deception, and people covering for someone else. The person with this behavior, knows that the people that keep him/her in darkness, only proliferate the plans to bait their prey. So the predator is very good at manipulating to keep his secrets.

We’ve already been told by the Lord, that “it is the truth, which sets us free.” So with so many willing to keep the predator in darkness, there is no freedom. Not for the victims, nor the predator.

The predator uses gifts, trips, etc. to bait, or play with their prey, first.To engage a level of trust.  Then when this beast is feeling secure, the attack. And next it is the devouring.Abusive in every way possible. Bringing great harm to the soul and body. The nature of this lion, is to injure to the point of helplessness,hopelessness, and sometimes, physical or spiritual death.

I have visited many people over the years, who have been victims of the predator. Many are addicts, alcoholics, and suicidal. The statistics speak for themselves.It is a sad experience for many, and only with the Lords grace, can people be set free from the deep scars, on the soul, from the predators, attack.

I have been a victim of child molestation. I didn’t speak to my mother about this until I was 18 years old. It left me devastated, and brought all kinds of behaviors with it. Things I didn’t understand, that I had internalized, until much later in life. So, for me it hasn’t been difficult to spot the predator.

Most children are molested by family members.Statistics, say about 90%.  This is a fact. Most children do not report this, until adulthood, if at all. They have no advocate, and no understanding, that they are the victim, and they have done nothing wrong. Most think, and many are told, that they are the shameful ones, and threats are made to keep them in this prison.So they are the easiest of targets. In my own circumstance, the man was a babysitter’s boyfriend. And yet, the son, knowing what happened, continued to threaten me, “that we know what you did, and you are very bad.” Bringing shame, and terror to me. This allowed the son, to continue molesting me, as I was terrified, to tell anyone. I thought, I felt I was a worthless object, meant for other’s to use and dispose of, when finished.

I was exactly the type of child the predator loves. Already quite wounded from rejection and loss in my home life, I was the perfect candidate. And to be told that It was my own fault, was an easy sell. Children automatically take on guilt in a failed marriage, death, and separation. So the predator can speak this into a child, and they buy it. And as I said, who can they speak to, when they feel the whole episode came about because of them?

Many, of these children, if victims of family members, are terrified of being the ones to destroy the family unit. Or worse, be the one responsible, for holding an adult accountable. So they continue being prey for the beast.

But when we see the predator in our lives, we must be an advocate for these lost ones. And when presented with the truth, the predator also has a chance to turn to the Lord, in the fullness of truth, and repent. Or to die in their sin. There are absolutely no acts of service, nor amount of church, we can do, to cover for this. The Lord has already made it quite clear, that, “I desire obedience above sacrifice.” Remember when Saul, tried to justify himself, by doing what the Lord asked, yet deviating a smidgen? He didn’t kill Agag, the king of the Amalekites, as the Lord had commanded him. And he still took sheep and cattle, but hey, he was going to sacrifice the best ones to God. Hoping this in itself, was enough to keep God happy. It’s exactly what men do, when they cover themselves in their sin. Yet think somehow, the Lord, is going to give a pass on their acts of darkness. The key is and always has been, obedience. Without it, there is no salvation. “For those who love me, obey my commands.” The Lord is just to forgive, but He will absolutely not turn a blind eye to acts of darkness, because we are making some kind of penance on our own, apart from repentance.

Our Lord has told us that this is particularly grievous to Him. As these are “the least of these.” He had the most dire warning of all, for those who have brought injury to these. For those who would need a word picture, I have taken one on my trip to Israel. “It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea, with a millstone  tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.” (or harm)

I pray for the little ones, as I do the perpetrators. The Lord always gives us equal love and grace for repentance. Fortunately for those who have committed such acts, the Lord gives us a better deal than, man. But it always comes with a confession and repentance. So if you are a person, who has brought harm to a child, or you have any behaviors, which threaten, or disturb a child from his or her, well-being, turn and allow the Lord to set you free. Our God, is a God, of second chances. His blood has paved the way for everyone and our sins are the same in His eyes.

“Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them whiter, than snow.” Isaiah 1:18

We’re Sheep In An Ashtray

I have scriptures on my table and pulled one out for my son. He said, “oh mine just says something about  sheep in an ashtray.” “What?” I said. “That’s impossible. There weren’t any ashtray’s in the bible.”

I already knew before grabbing the card from his hand, what it said, but began to laugh at the analogy. “All we like sheep have gone astray. Each of us unto his own way.”

“Oh,” he said. Laughing. As if it wasn’t really any different, since, really, when does a 13 year old boy ever, use the word, astray?

Ashtray, is definitely more appropriate, and hey, he may be slanging a new term for the Urban Dictionary.

I actually started using it since, it was so catchy. It has basically the same meaning which the Lord was trying to convey. And by taking a look at the world today, it is one big ashtray and we’re all in it. Very similar to “going to hell in a hand basket.” Perhaps more up to date.

I have been thinking a lot about the battles which continue to rage on and my place and position. I realize that in war, we all have a decision to make. Cut and run, or face our fear. This is what makes us braver.

I’ve faced the enemy and I’ve learned all his strategies. I’m not afraid of him anymore. As Paul said in scripture. “We’re not ignorant of Satan’s schemes.”

No we’re not. He’s the same today as he was in the beginning and he’s not going to stop. And neither am I. My goal is to continue the fight and storm the gates of hell.

I am the daughter of the king. I am of the lineage of Christ. I am anointed by Him.

He has already asked, “Who will take a stand for me against the wicked? My throne will not be allied with a throne of corruption.”

Yea, not too many out there that are willing to take that stand, I’ve found. It’s not for the faint of heart, and every one seems spineless. If I meet one more person who is supposed to be involved in law enforcement that runs and hides in fear, I’m going to throw up.

I can’t say everyone is like this, but I know that most people I’ve seen are just toothless lions. No power for a fight. Taking the perks of job, but the laws have become perverted.

Bullies everywhere and the public stands by and watches. Afraid to get involved.

About a year ago, I was at the baseball park when my son was warming the dugout. As I sat down in the bleachers, my ex husband and my step daughter were sitting there talking for a while before I arrived.

I heard some yelling from across the field at my son’s side near the bleachers and the guy was just screaming and throwing this little, tiny girl into the bench. “Oh, that’s been going on for a few minutes.” My ex husband said.

“What?” I couldn’t believe this. Even though it was from across the field, I could see and hear it and it was horrible. But what made it worse, was that grown men were standing right by the dugout and no one was making a move to speak up for this little girl.

“That’s it!” I threw down my stuff and marched over to this big jerk. I now see the little girl sitting in front of him on the bleachers and she crying so hard that it’s obvious she can’t stop, but she’s trying to hold back. He’s sitting behind her like he’s the guard. “I look at him and try to speak in my most non-confrontational voice, so I don’t scare her. “Listen, I don’t know what you think you’re doing to this little girl. But I can hear you from across the field and it’s abuse. You need to keep your hands off of her or I’m going to call the police.”

Then I looked at her and said, “Are you ok honey?” She was. As he looks at me and says, “Don’t talk to my daughter.” But yet, amazingly, he doesn’t make a move toward me. I said, “I’m telling you that you need to keep you’re hands off of her and stop cursing at her. She’s terrified.”

Then he tells me, “I have every right to discipline my kid and the police would tell me this.” “Oh, you think so? Go ahead and call them. I’ll be happy to tell them how you’re throwing her around and I’m quite sure they won’t agree and their isn’t a court around that would agree either.”

At this point he quieted down. The little girl calmed down too. He almost seemed relieved that someone put a stop to his madness.

But the strangest thing was, one of the coaches came up later and said, “Listen, if you ever have a problem like that, you need to let me know. I work for the court system.” “Hmm,” I thought. “That’s really strange, cause you were standing right next to the fence, and should have spoken up.”

But this really is the way of the world. How many people, children, elderly, special needs, etc. must be hurt, before someone comes to their aid? “Who will take a stand for me against the wicked, says the Lord?”

Yes, we are all just sheep in an ashtray, but in the end, some of us, will be given “beauty for ashes!”

Take a stand, even if you’re the only one standing!

Thy Will Be Done

I am watching the political race and I’m also experiencing something similar at my own place of employment. As I spoke to a friend the other day, only one word came to mind about all of this, ‘disillusioned.’  But the Lord keeps reminding me that everything is in His hands and this is all part of His plan.

My job is prayer and to take a stand for His righteousness. I have been grieved by so much pain which has been caused in my own personal life and the lives of so many other’s because of this greed.I don’t wage war for the material, or I would be like the people I am battling.  And it is the ultimate bully, of our souls, who pulls the strings of man. He drives men’s hearts to desire that which is evil. Again and again,we are told in scripture, “You do not war against flesh and blood. But against powers, principalities, and rulers of this ‘dark world.'” This is our chapter in spiritual warfare Ephesians 6) and it is extremely important that believers understand this Especially when we come up against these powers. They operate through people.

This is why Paul exhorted us to remember our battle.He says, “We are  not ignorant of Satan’s devices.” He’s tricky, deceptive as can be. Always trying to distract the real focus and goal in mind.  As frustrated and hurt that I may be, I constantly think of those people in the grips of the enemy’s hands. And I pray, “that they escape from the snare of the enemy who has taken them captive to do his will.”

This discussion is one which I had with a person the other day. I was told that this person “was in the real world,” and it isn’t pretty. As if I’m unaware for some reason. The impression seemed to be, that I was fighting for some kind of “pay-back,” for what I feel has been stolen. That feeling of giving anything back to me, is nonexistent. I’m not emotional about that. When it comes to injustice, I do get emotional. I see it as righteous anger. I know I’m impulsive and brash, at times. I’d say if I compared myself to any disciple, it would be a combination of Peter’s temper and Paul’s ability to talk. Yes, Peter cut off the ear of a guard at Jesus arrest, and His words, are constantly ringing in my own, “He who lives by the sword also dies, by the sword.” But hey, as much as Peter screwed up look at the Lords, love for him. And when I think of Paul and his preaching until a man fell out of the window and died, only to have him come out and have to resurrect him, I have to laugh. I know that’s been a fairly good description of me at times as well. But here again, the man used to murder Christian’s, and look at what God can do with a life consecrated to Him?

Of course, the Lord has told us that, “we are in this world, but not of it.” But this doesn’t  make me immune to it. In fact, I would dare to say, I’ve suffered more direct hits from the enemy than most. In his attempts to thwart my faith, I have endured the most intense suffering. But my faith has only grown stronger through it all. I can tell people that the enemy is real, he wants to rob you of your faith, kill and destroy you.” This is a reality. I’ve done hand-to hand combat with him. If you want to talk about what isn’t pretty, this isn’t. But how far are you willing to go to save the souls, that are being stolen by him? And let me tell you, if you are real about loving His people, you will be under spiritual attack. But the Lord has promised, “His ministering angels who minister to all the heirs of salvation.”

The injustice perpetrated upon people, is something which the enemy has done by using his strategy of corruption within the hearts of men. Those men are also captive. They may be at a higher level of income, but captives to Satan’s devices, nonetheless.

My lifetime has been a sacrifice of caring for the needs of others, and I don’t look for income to impress anyone. Because I don’t need this gratification, I don’t find myself striving for the same things as others. I feel a deep compassion when people are hurt, and the person I was speaking with made the valid point that people “above me only care about money, not us.” Of course I know this is true, generally speaking, but just as there are exceptions to every rule, I would say, I found someone above me, who had a soft heart. Full of compassion and by the same token, there are people in the lowest income bracket which are also full of greed. This is not isolated to levels of society. It is sin, plain and simple. But in the end, it is the One, above all, who gives me grace and supplies my needs, so that I have what I need for the battle.

The Lord is King of all Kings, yet He said that He had come to this earth “to serve, and not to be served.” Well, then why would we be more important than our own creator? No, you see, my eyes are not clouded by this world and indeed, I could say I probably see a clearer picture, than some who claim to be “in the real world.” The truth is that, “the real world,” is not this material at all, but the spiritual behind the scenes. This is where we, (kingdom people) do our battle. Interceding and going where the Lord sends us. I have the discernment of the Holy Spirit as my guide. He leads me into the dark places to shine His light of truth. It makes some very uncomfortable, and others are drawn to it.

But in the end, He is the only one who can lead the way out of darkness. Because as we know, light penetrates darkness and it is not the other way around. The true world is the one which our Lord has designed. It is not corrupted by man and his sinful desires. Which we know is ruled by the ‘god of this age.’ This present kingdom will have its conclusion and the Lord’s kingdom will supplant this ‘real world.” This is why “the government is upon His shoulders and His kingdom shall have no end.”

But He has placed His people on this earth with a commission from Him, and He has told us that He has anointed us for this task. So there is no place which He sends us, where He does not anoint us. The anointing comes from a life of surrender. You don’t seclude yourself from the world, but “go into all the world.”

I had a pastor who used to say, “If you pray for anything for me, pray for my anointing.” Yes, this is a worthy prayer. The anointing is what breaks the yoke of bondage. It is not something which one can get from teachings or sitting in church. Indeed, Christ, spent very little time in “church.” (temple) You will see, the anointing requires action. It is the ‘precious gift inside these earthen vessels.” It cannot be stolen nor, can it be given to others. You can pray for it though, and the Lord gives freely to all who ask. So, as the kingdom of darkness grows darker, continue to pray, His will be done, in your life and the lives of others. In this way, this laying down of your desires, is the beginning of receiving the most important gift of all.

Am I In Trouble Officer?

Yes, all my life, Trouble has found me. Not in that I have been evil, or stirring the pot. It just seems that I attract the “I’m going to make you and example,” personalities.

As you can read from my previous posts, it isn’t always justified. Perhaps the primary reason that I seem to attract Trouble, is the fact that I hate injustice. I am the person that doesn’t sit idly by, watching things. I hate to see people that are bullied and harassed for no apparent reason.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done things wrong and am the first to admit that I’m certainly not perfect. But that’s just the point isn’t it? When someone is hurting you or calling you out, just for the sake of abusing some kind of perceived power, it strikes me that they must feel very insecure. I almost want to ask them, “Do you need a hug?” lol

I guess watching my mother as I was growing up, influenced me greatly. She was a divorced mother, with 6 kids. My youngest brother died at 13 months old, and this is when I was keenly aware of the abusive side of my father. I saw him physically fight with her when he was drunk, but this was a very cruel side emerging.

He left my mother in the midst of a crisis. He was with this woman and that’s when my mother told him, “You’re not coming back.” He paid her back by terminating payments on our home. All of this while, by brother was sick with Spinal Meningitis.” We were forced to move into a housing project.

The cruelty didn’t stop there. After my brother’s death, the harassment continued, unabated. Mostly from this woman that my father lived with. When my poor mother had a nervous breakdown, we were placed in a Childrens Home, by her very own sisters.

My father would come and visit us at the home, but I wondered why he wouldn’t take us with him when he left. I pondered all of these things and purposed in my heart, that I would never allow someone to take advantage of me like this. Although in many ways, I guess, I had allowed this in my life, later on, my heart was never invested.

Now, I grieve to see weaker persons ‘pushed around.’ Bullying and hurting people just so someone else can elevate themselves, just angers me. I guess I have always championed the cause for the underdog. It was inherint, since I was a chld. Forced to take care of my siblings and always protecting my mother, it shaped my character.

It has also allowed me the ability to know when a person is genuine or not. I have spirit to ‘feel,’ if  a person is kind or if they are just faking it. Many people in this world do things for the recognition they will receive, but very few, actually love, when they are doing these things. Very few have achieved the pinnacle of true success, because they have not engaged their hearts in their sacrifice. Therefore, it is empty and in the end, so are they.

So, why do I attract trouble? Well, the Lord has shown me long ago, that I would not have an easy life, because I will do something. I will speak up. It’s not a popular place to be, nor is it always easy, but in the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror and know, I did what was right, but most of all, I did it for the right reasons.

On a lighter note; I had my tangle with my friend Krispy Kreme. Of course this was just one of the humorous conflicts, I have had in my life, but he was a picture of my story. Concentrating on the small offenses, while the larger ones loom beneath the surface. But I say, Give that man a doughnut! He risks his life for us as a public servant. And after all, he obviously saw something very sinister in me, that made him stop. I guess it’s just that Trouble Magnet!

Always watching

Always watching

krispy kreme 3

Whoa To Those Who Call Evil Good And Good Evil

If I have to eat bugs I will.

If I have to eat bugs I will.

Yes, I have been full circle in my own life with people much like this. I call these people centers of their own universe. They don’t even know how delusional they are. They think that their corruption doesn’t harm anyone else, when indeed it brings destruction to everyone around them, until eventually they get caught. Then they are so deluded, that they actually believe they are doing good for the very people they are robbing! They destroy lives and live in such blissful ignorance that when the gavel drops, they moan, “why me?” I’m such a good man.” I just want to throw up. I deal with these people all around me.

All these corrupt men’s hands are in the till and they make  the ones that are honest look bad. We have to just ‘go away.” We aren’t supposed to know what they are doing, so the best solution to that problem is to make us look bad somehow. So they trump up silly charges against us.

Disorganized crime. It’s the oldest game in town. Well, at least that what I call it. It’s rarely organized. Some of the thugs that grow up and they own corporations now.  One hand never knows what the other is doing and they mess it up all the time. It’s so confusing it’s almost comical.

I was harassed so bad by some people for something stupid and now I was called upon to explain myself for something equally stupid. All because I know something I’m not supposed to know about what these foolish people are not supposed to be doing.

I thought these people were going to waterboard me, but they probably would have put me on the board upside down and done my feet instead of my head. “Whoops! Now my feet are all wet! “Hey, that tickles! Ok, I’ll tell you what I know!!!!” You’re all a bunch of morons , OK????” Now please stop and don’t mess up my pedicure!

They kept asking if I would let them keep my stuff in their room since it was safe. Oh, yea, like that’s really gonna happen. I trust everyone with my documents. If I did, would I really be in this mess that you have orchestrated yourselves?Then you can change around some more things and sign my name on some more papers that I didn’t sign. I’m sure you’ve done that quite a bit.

I see how all of this works. They have people threaten you. They tell you what they are holding over your head. Pretending it is all so ominous.

Then you wait. Wait for the Lord. He is the deliverer and His deliverance is swift. His deliverance is not messy. It is with order and clean. Not a stone is left unturned and every dark thing is brought to the light.

He casts a wide net and is very patient. This is because He wants to be sure that He allows time and also to see all who are guilty receives due punishment.

How many people are going to be caught when that time comes? One implicates another. It will be remarkable. I will see it with my own eyes. It is His promise to me.

Just be sure you are backing the right horse.