Learning to Trust His Voice

The Anointing of the Spirit

Well, as I had published my post this morning, I was waiting. Waiting on the Lord to see what He was doing. I certainly know it was His voice guiding me, as I went from place to place. I had a chance to see my friend and she also gave me a Christian book about ‘caregivers,’ which I desperately need at this time. He also tells us, “Forsake not the fellowship of one another, as the pagans do.” We are to come together, no matter how brief, to encourage each other, pray and grow in the knowledge of Him.

After seeing her, she spoke and told me that she did not think I should go to La Guardia to catch a flight which was open, but to stay in JFK, and go out on the one at 9:50. She felt sure that this was the right choice. I trusted that the Lord was speaking through her to me.

Sure enough, I did get on that flight. In fact, I was the very first person to be called for the jumpseat, and I was standing with another flight attendant from our airline. I told her, “I’m praying for both of us.”

At this point they called her too, and as we went to the back, a person from this particular airline came to the back to inform us that they had an open seat. This girl told me, “You take it. You’ve been here since last night.” That was very kind, and I was just glad to be on.

After going to my crew lounge, I saw another girl I knew from Lauderdale and she had just come up. “I had to buy a ticket!” She said. We left a bunch of people behind. I really felt bad. There were two people from our airline that would have had those seats, but two others walked up that were higher priority.”

Ok, now I felt a whole lot better about coming up the night before, no matter how much work it was. The Lord knew something which I did not. That today, I would have been bumped off the direct flights. I was wondering why all of this nonsense, but He showed me that He knows what He’s doing, and I do not. And this is where my trust comes in.

Yes, “we walk by faith and not by sight. If I used common sense, I would have left on a direct flight and never considered doing a double commute. But now I see, this would not have happened and He was divinely guiding me.

I thought back to a time many years ago when I was waiting standby for a flight and I had just started with my company, therefore I had very little seniority. I just sat and waited and my faith was very strong. As I watched person after person get on and all the standby’s getting very nervous, I knew that the Lord was going to take care of it.

Later, the agent called me and told me to wait at the door of the airplane. As I did, I was told by her, “Hurry up! Just get on! The pilot gave up his seat to sit in the cockpit, so go and sit in his seat.” “Where is it?” I asked. She said, “It’s in First Class.”

I ran in and sat down, when a few minutes later a flight attendant who happened to be sitting up there, looked at me and said, “Are you a born again Christian?” “Oh my gosh, yes!” I told her. “I knew it! When I saw all these things happening to get you on, I knew you were a believer and the Lord was doing this!”

Wow! That was incredible. I laughed and said, “You know, I believe that being a commuter, brings many people to faith! How can you not see the miracles of God?”

Her name was Marcia, and she’s since retired. However, I came to know her and her husband very well after that. We crossed paths many times, in ministry, since they belonged to the Christian Motorcycle Association. They would show up at many outreach ministries I was also a part of, and she would always share the story of our meeting.

Yes, God shows up in many ways, in the lives of the believer. We just have to be ready to accept His plans and “Lean not unto our own understanding, but in all our ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct our path.”

We can’t plan anything as perfectly as He does, so why even try? It takes the stress off of us, as we walk according to His voice.

Calling- All Daniels!!!

Willing to believe that the Lord is true to His word. He will not be harmed when thrown into the den of lions and he will prove to the king himself that God is supreme! Now if you want to know God, and I mean really know God, He is giving wisdom to those who have an ear to hear. And He says plainly that your faith can grow. But “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Romans 10:17

Now listen; These are a few examples of the supremacy of our Lord and His wisdom that rests upon His servants. He only gives His ultimate discernment in these times to His believers and those who are willing to be sold out to Him. We do not serve a religious or geo-political system. We have few, who understand or believe, but for those, whom heed the call, they will indeed be blessed.

This is a story in today’s headlines written about the Legions of Christ,now interestingly enough, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the demoniac that was delivered by the Lord in Mark 5. He also stated that his name was, Legion, (for he was many), actually to be interpreted, it means, 10,000. demons. Now it is also interesting to note, that some bibles have left this portion out of the canon. Hmmm, wonder who had their little hands on that?

Now reading about this Catholic cult, and all the secretive pedophilia etc. it never ceases to amaze me. All in the name of Christ. Who was at the root? Well remember that Satan was at the beginning to destroy the name of the Lord and he will never stop. He usually uses religion. It’s his greatest weapon. It’s the feel good spirit. The one that man thinks they hide behind when all else fails.

Hey, we can do whatever we want, say a couple of “hail Mary’s and whatever, and we’re good to go. Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

The next thing I saw was, Discovery Channel, “Who Framed Christ?” I fell out laughing? That’s even better than the Kennedy conspiracy theory. Do these guys never get it?Still trying to blame  somebody? How about, “who’s rooster crowed three times?” Who cut off John the Baptist’s head?” Who picked up the 30 pieces of silver that Judas threw down, cause it was blood money, after all.” On and on, my questions continue. Relics…all, relics. Back to the subject at hand. The Lord said, “I lay down my life-only to take it up again. No one takes it from me , but I lay it dow of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again.” (John 10:18)I mean…excuse me,but He is God, isn’t He? What kind of whimpy God is He, if he could be framed, anyways? That just smacks of some kind of  goofy mini-series that Satan would love to write about some spineless savior that ends with Lucifer as the guy pulling the trigger. Not buyin it. Sure doesn’t stop him from trying though.

 Ok, well it seems pretty clear to me…these guys just need to read their bibles.As my pastor was sharing today, the spirit being loosed on the earth right now is deception and the way to combat this spirit, is to be in Gods word. Hey, Satan, knows the Word of God too! But, you can be sure, that Jesus fought against him with the word. Remember the desert experience? Don’t expect a pastor or priest to be your guide, cause as you can see from the examples, it it may be the ” blind leading the blind, and in the end you stand alone. “Study and show yourselves approved.”

Now, some other shows being promoted were all about the Holy Grail and the Sword used to pierce the Lord on the cross and all the special powers they carried along with the bowl and chalice from the Last Supper. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. All objects that people through the ages that people have had wars over and searched for and pinned their beliefs on. This is just ludicrous. The Lord has told us clearly that the power is in US!

 For those people who are chasing the Holy Grail….you’ve been duped. It’s probably been right in your face! Yes, the treasures are in earthly vessels, just like the Lord stated. And yes, we have His dna, when we are born of His seed. We have been born again, of incorruptible seed. The Holy Spirit. So while the world is searching for a sign in an object, they will miss what is truly happening, because it is spiritual. “For a wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign, but none will be given it.” (Matthew:38)

By believing in your heart, that Jesus Christ has died for you, and confessing with your mouth, that He is the son of God, you shall be saved. This is all it is to accept His sacrifice. As simple as that. To be filled with His Spirit. But to have our minds illuminated to His word, we must first be filled with His Holy Spirit, and that comes with the acceptance by faith. This is why some people can read the bible with little or no understanding whatsoever.

“So ask, and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

A Divine Appointment in Walmart

In the arms of the angel

I went to Walmart today and I thought I was going to pick up a few things, but the Lord had different plans.

As I was pushing my shopping cart, I heard a voice, A woman was asking, “How do I wear this scarf?” I told her, “Oh, that’s the great thing about scarves. They’re very versatile. I showed her a couple things she could do with it and then she asked, “Does it look ok with these tops?” “Sure,” I told her. Those are great colors.

Then she looked very sad. I’m flying to Iowa to go to my sister’s funeral. She just died. “Oh, I’m very sorry.” “Yes, she was murdered. She helped delinquent boys and two of them were at her house one night. She went down to her basement to get them some soda and when she was coming up the stairs, they beat her to death with some dumbells.”

“What?! That’s terrible!” At that moment I knew she needed a hug and she just began to cry. “Don’t worry, the Lord holds everyone accountable for their deeds and you will see your sister again, I told her.” “Will I?” “Yes, you will.”

Then she asked, “Can she see me?” I told her “No she can’t see you because she is in a place where there is no pain or sorrow and to see you would cause her great pain, however, she is before the face of the Lord. The Word of God tells us that “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

She told me, “my mother felt something touch her cheek one night.” I said, “yes, that is the Holy Spirit. He is called The Comforter. He comes to comfort all who mourn. He is the one who Jesus spoke of when he told his disciples that He must leave and go to the Father so that He could send the Holy Spirit to live in us, the believers. I shared with her my own experience when my brother died and my journey to find the truth and how God lovingly tells us that “if we search for Him with all of our hearts He will be found by us.” I reminded her that it was for this reason that I had crossed her path. “Yes!” She said, that’s true! I was shaking and so upset. Now I have goosebumps! I want to get a bible! I prayed with her, right there in the store and we went to the bible section, (glad Walmart has bibles) and she bought one. “I can read this on the plane! “Where do I start?” “Well, I always recommend the book of John, since he was a young boy when he started following Jesus and he has a childlike account.

We exchanged numbers and she said, I can’t believe it, I’m not even shaking anymore! I laughed and said, “well, that’s because when you ask the Lord to be your savior, you have a peace in your life. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have trials. Yet, you know that you have a life to come. This body of flesh is passing away.It is temporary.

She told me that she was 69 years old and has been married for 30 years and I thought it has been all this time that the Lord has waited before he has finally made this divine appointment for her. But the word of God says that “when one sinner repents all the angels in heaven rejoice,” and her sister was right there with them.

Upon returning home I shared this story with my daughter. “How come people just start telling you things like that?” She asked. “Well, ” I reminded her, “that Jesus had said, “no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.” (John 6:44) So it is by the power of the Holy Spirit in the believers that a person is being drawn and only at the Lord’s direction. He alone knows if it is time for that person, perhaps because they are searching or prayers being answered. We are the vessels that carry the Spirit. Remember? When we offered our lives to the Lord we told Him to use us as His servants for this very purpose. We die to ourselves so that He can live through us. This is why the world and its trappings must become insignificant to us or we will miss opportunities like this. My errands would have been more important than this womans extreme grief and I would have missed a chance to resurrect a dead spirit. This is why the Lord told us that we have the resurrection power living in us now.

It is said that if you are born once, you will die twice. The death of the flesh and the death of the spirit. But if you are born twice (born again) you will  die once. The death of the flesh. You will live eternally.

Why Would You Go Back To the Law?

There is a choice

There is a choice

We keep doing it, over and over again, without ever realizing it. It’s so subtle. Yes, as Bob Dylan said, “The enemy is subtle, how be it we are deceived? When the truth is in our hearts, and  we still won’t believe? Shine Your Light, Shine Your Light On Me!(Precious Angel) We keep returning to the law,  which cannot save.

Now do you think that the Jews are any different from any religious system of works?They were chosen because they were the only nation that believed in the one true God. All of the other nations followed pagan gods. This is why God had to preserve them as His people and made covenant with them. He alone gave them all of these laws. And this is what bound them to Himself. He had to preserve them as His own to bring the messiah through them. God will not take back His covenant, nor deny Himself.

The Jews were blinded by hundreds of laws. Don’t you remember? They were handed down from God Himself . Were they given just to amuse Himself? Absolutely not. They all had a purpose. Here’s an example of one of the hundreds. The two goats. Only one was to be used on the Day of Atonement. The scapegoat, was released after the sins of the nation of Israel had been placed upon its head. It is of course where we get the term, “scapegoat,”  It is also the reason that you will see so many demonically inspired uses in the artwork today. I’m amazed after it had been pointed out to me. A picture of sin. An innocent animal left to die. Hmm, interesting picture.

Now all of those laws. So many and a lot just didn’t make much sense. They all were types and foreshadows of messiah. Yet, when Paul spoke he clearly reminded the Jews that if they chose to go back to the law, they would have be judged by the law and if they violated one, they violated the whole of the law. He said that “the laws had  to been given,  to point us to our need of a savior!.

Indeed, we had no desire to sin until the law was given!” Oh, I love that! Just look at Adam and Eve in the garden. Oh, better yet. Look at a little child and their innocence…until you tell them they can’t touch something. That’s when that rebellion rears it’s ugly head. Now remember how the Pharisees chastised Jesus for healing a  man on the Sabbath? How preposterous was that? He IS the sabbath! He had to ask them if it was easier to forgive the man or heal him? Then he told him to pick up his mat and walk? He was always rocking the proverbial boat of the religious leaders, but yet He was the leader and they were so blinded with religious pride, couldn’t see Him. I thought it humorous and sad.

“The law of sin and death is in the flesh.” We are born into sin but thanks be to Jesus Christ who has set us free from the law of  sin and the grave! Now, when we look at all of the man-made doctrines it is a subtle way of taking us back to the law, once again. Trying to earn our way. We must do as Paul told the Bereans to do. Question everything by scripture. My pastor taught me to do this in my church and one day I had to even do this with him once. I have great respect for him, yet the Lord commands us to line everything up with His word.

When I was in the Lutheran church I started to question the spiritual leaders. I realized that Martin Luther had split from the Catholic church because he discovered they had not been teaching from scripture the fundamentals, “that we are saved by grace not by works.” Of course there was the Reformation and many people realized that only the leadership  had a bibles, and Martin Luther found one, hidden away and saw these truths which began the split. We know that one “comes to faith by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” So that changed the whole course of history, but then the Lutheran’s also erred. They also became legalistic. No different from the Pharisees of old. I wanted to know God. I didn’t care about any man’s religion. I could see as a young girl who Christ never stood in the midst of crowds and stated, “now look guys I want you to be Baptists, you to be Catholics and you to be Jews.” And Jesus was a Jew for good reason. Born into the nation of Israel. God didn’t make a mistake. I wanted to understand this convenant.

Another thing that I noticed as a young girl was that the only time Jesus seemed to have a problem was when he was confronted by those religious guys.He really didn’t spend very much time inside the temple. Here I was seeing the same thing with religious people. And when I went with my girlfriend to see Jesus Christ Superstar, something powerful happened watching that crucifixion scene. I noticed that the doctrines in my church became more ritualistic and I started to question them as a young girl. I saw things in my bible that weren’t being taught.  Perhaps because these leaders didn’t understand. I saw Nicodemus go to Jesus and ask him how he could enter the kingdom of heaven. I heard Jesus tell him plainly, “unless a man be born again, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.” I wondered at this and many other things that were spoken. I wondered what made our religion, “right,” and everyone else s wrong.

Then, something happened to me. A spiritual experience. It was so noticable that a pastor called me in to speak to me about it. He wanted to know. But how could he explain it? They all went to seminary, but were never taught that to be ‘born again,’ is an experience that the Lord was telling Nicodemus must happen to each person if they are to enter the kingdom of God. We must become like a child before this experience takes place. It is not a religion and we cannot keep the laws. We must simply have faith and know that He is the savior who has fulfilled the laws. We must know we are a sinner and cannot keep any laws as Paul says and if those laws weren’t given, we would have no reason to sin.

Now it wasn’t until Roman Emperor Constantine came on the scene, and became a Christian that Catholicism began.He became born again. He was so zealous, that he wanted the whole of Rome to become Christian, however they had all been pagans up to this point.As most people understand, you cannot force conversions. Especially since these pagans, were anti-Semitic and the Christians, for the most part, were still mostly Jewish. So, to make it more palatable, he allowed the mix of the pagan practices. The Goddess Astarte, for example was worshipped. She was the goddess of fertility. And instead of celebrating Passover, which the Romans, would not do, they used eggs and bunnies, etc. as and celebrated Easter or Resurrection Sunday.

Sunday, was taken from the Sun God( yes, even our calendars have pagan roots), and although Jesus did not celebrate His own birthday anywhere in scripture, He did celebrate the Festival of Lights, Chanukah and it was on this day that he spoke to the religious leaders when he stated, “I am the light of the world!” Claiming to be the center candle of the menorah, gives this whole new meaning when we understand this from His perspective.

Without offending anyone, as Paul has stated, “everything is acceptable, but everything is now acceptable in the Lord, since we have freedom in the Spirit, however, everything is not beneficial.” Yes, in my house, I do both. I celebrate Resurrection Sunday, yet I also celebrate the Passover, since I know that the Lord Is the Passover. I know that He did not celebrate Easter and place a basket of eggs and chocolate bunnies around his house. Although its okay. Let me tell you, if you’ve ever been to a seder, you will wonder why the Jews do not see Jesus as the messiah. I recommend every believer do this. The Lord told us that it is meant for all of us to celebrate throughout every generation They are not called the Jewish Feasts, but the Feasts of the Lord. And they are meant for believers more than anyone else and in them is a mystery;the timetable of God, unlocked only by those with the Spirit of God.

What the Lord told us to do is this: “Learn of Me Not any religious doctrine, not any man-made institution. It was in the name of every religion that He was crucified. The word religion itself means, a return to bondage. I want freedom. Freedom in Christ. Freedom from the law to know Him.But now I know, I am part of this covenant. I am no longer judged by the law and there is nothing greater than this. I want everyone to know this freedom.

He is the beginning and  the end of everything. The Alpha and Omega.

Bible Thieves???

Love the Word of the Lord

Love the Word of the Lord

Well, it looks as though someone rummaged through my car and stole my bible. Yes, that’s right. They must think I have some secrets locked up inside of that magic book. Well, don’t we all? The Lord told us this book is His word and it’s mysteries are unlocked to all believers. Oh, that we should all love his word. My only regret is that I had a sweet envelope from my father inside my bible and some notes. It was also inscribed to me.

Of course a bible is a personal thing. What does the person think I know that they don’t? First of all you need to have one thing to unlock the mysteries of the Bible. The Holy Spirit. He is the one that gives us the understanding of the Word, because He is the breath of God. He authored the Word.

How do you hope to understand what comes from the spirit of God without the Spirit of God living in you? Do you think I’m some kind of a spy or something? Just because I have knowledge of things in advance or dreams that can be interpreted? Anyone that is a true follower of the Lord, knows that these things come from God, and the closer to His return, the more frequent we shall see these things happen. We must learn to rely on His spirit. Look at Acts2 during Pentecost in the New Testament. We have just completed Pentecost for this season as well.. (Acts2:17)In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams, Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days and they will prophesy,

I will show wonders in the heaven above, and things on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke,

The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.

And everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.

Because I tell you a darkness is coming, you wonder??? The Lord has told us. He told us also, it wil be the Time of Jacob’s troubles.

Now when he resurrected, he told the disciples that unless he sent to them the gift, from the Father, of the Holy Spirit, they would not have the full power of God. The power to become witnesses. (Dunamis) This is the completion of Christs work on the cross. This is also when “their minds were illuminated to the word.” The author living in them, bearing witness to the words written. This is why some people can read the bible from cover to cover and never get, the revelation knowledge from it. It is the rhema, (faith and life given word).

It’s also referred to in the Word as “living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword.” (Hebrews4:12) Why, is it different than any other published book? This is the reason. It applies yesterday, today and in the future. As I have said many times, it is a loop of history and the Lord has written everything in specific detail to help us, if man would only study it.

I watched a special on television last night about Freemasons, and thought how man wants to find any other way, but Gods way. Adding and subtracting from His word, just to elevate himself to some high position. When I saw the practices behind closed doors, besides being occult in nature, I could only describe it in a word, Stupid.And to think that many of these practices could have been used to govern in high offices is reprehensible, however, it doesn’t surprise me. We have always seen the influence of darkness since the beginning. God does not operate in darkness, but the light of truth.

God had always kept it simple. He said the world was formed round, long before man decided to listen and kept believing they’d sail off the edge of the earth. We keep trying our own way, and He keeps trying to bring us back. This is why He came for us. When you read Isaiah 53, the prophet speaking of the Lord, says in verse 6, We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way, and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.

So, here I am wondering, why someone is stealing my bible, as if they are going to find out something that they can’t find in any other bible. It’s almost amusing. I am going to give you a shoutout. You don’t need any special decoding technology for my dreams or my bible. You don’t need to track me with tracking devices or phone calls, etc.

However, if you do want to know what I know, and understand how the Lord speaks, you must have that intimate relationship with Him that I have. That only comes through repentance.(You might want to start with that bible theft) haha! Just kidding. If you give your life to the Lord in the process, I will forgive you. At any rate, then you must ask the Lord to become your Lord and Savior, that means giving up control. That’s the tough part for most people. Especially arrogant men, that believe they are in control. However, even these men will be brought to the place of humility..

It is the only way to the Lord and to know Him. Look at Nicodemus, the teacher of the Law. He decided to sneak behind everyone’s backs to go and see the Lord and ask that question, “How can I enter the kingdom of God?” Obviously, he knew the Lord was no ordinary man.

The Lord very simply told him, “you must be born again.” Nicodemus thought he was talking about the flesh and couldn’t understand this. This is when the Lord pointed out that “flesh gives birth to flesh, but the spirit gives birth to the spirit.”(John3″1-16)

So now, you know all of my secrets. They can be yours too. They are for anyone that turns His heart to the Lord. He made Himself available to all men. A living sacrifice.

Now, when I share the other dream the Lord gave me after this post, what are you going to steal? My pillows?

If you do give your life to the Lord, please do me a favor and return my bible or at least the envelope from my father. It was so sweet, as you can see, he actually wrote a note to the mailman on the outside which I thought quite humorous and everything from my father is priceless.

Anyway, we know from scripture that the Lord refers to Satan as “the god of this world, who blinds the unbelievers minds to the truth.” We know that he only has a certain amount of time to create chaos in this world and he doesn’t even know when that time will come to a close, so I’d imagine he uses many agents to try and find out how the whole thing will play out. We also know that it’s impossible for him to ever know because there will be no Holy Spirit giving him any interpretation, so he has to rely on spying and mans technology. He is also referred to as “the prince of the power of the air.” Ephesians 2:2) He likes to use surveillance. (satellites) This is his forte. Covert, hidden, darkness.

But remember who you are in Christ, “greater is He that is in me, than the one who is in the world.”(1John4:4)

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