The Wedding Feast of the Lamb

The dream that I had about 15 years ago, is as vivid today as it was then. It’s meaning was spoken to me by the Holy Spirit as soon as I had awakened from it.

In the dream I had walked into a room and a man was sitting hunched over at a table. He was wearing the garb of a Jewish man in the ancient biblical days. I was with a girlfriend of mine and we were supposed to be on a double-date. I was with the son and she was with the father.

Soon, the son approached me and I watched as my friend sat down beside the mans father. I walked with the son to the kitchen where I started to prepare something at a counter.

I looked outside of the kitchen and saw that my girlfriend had decided to leave and the father was sad. I felt bad and didn’t know what to say. As I turned around to cut the food I thought, “I don’t want this man to see me from behind,¬† I don’t feel very attractive.”

At that moment it was as if he read my mind. He walked up to me and spoke into my ear, “you are so beautiful to me,” he said. Then he continued, “Come,the harvest festival is about to begin, but we must prepare for aras. I seemed to know what he meant in my dream, although, the word made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I followed him out of the doorway and into  another room. At this point he looked at me and since he was also dressed as a Jewish man would be dressed, although he had something more; he wore veils over his face. It seemed this did not surprise me, so I must have been accustomed to this. At this point he leaned forward and whispered something in Hebrew into my ear. As he leaned back and looked into my eyes, he removed a veil from his face. He leaned forward again, and once more, he whispered into my other ear. He leaned back and removed the other veil. Once more he leaned forward, very tenderly and whispered, but this time as he removed this last veil, I looked at him and it was as if he had revealed himself to me. It was as if I had always known him and I loved him in a way that cannot be described in earthly terms. I knew his soul and he knew mine. I felt as if he and I were one. It was the most incredible love I have ever experience and made me think, I can hold on for this. No love on earth compares.

The Lord tells us that , “now I see a poor reflection as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part;then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. (1Corinthians13:12)

I felt when He looked at me, that I was fully known. But I also knew Him. It was as if I had always known Him.

It was the love spoken of in the Song of Solomon. Not something unclean or sexual as the world speaks of. This is the counterfeit and it is nothing in comparison.

When I got up from this dream, I was overwhelmed. There was so much in this dream. They are different than regular dreams.

First the Holy Spirit revealed the meaning of my girlfriend and the double-date. He showed me that she had no interest in truly having any kind of relationship with the father and this is why the father was so sad. Our father longs for a relationship with us, yet most people just abandon Him. If you’ve ever seen your father sitting alone, and looking lonely, this was the picture I had in my dream.

I had an idea that I was with the Son because I have a more intimate relationship than most people do. I have recalled even when I was a young girl, giving my life to the Lord and being very serious about this and excited about what a true relationship with Him meant in my life. I always felt His presence, even when I was slipping and felt He was my “first love.” I also know that He was calling me to come back to Him before His return. (Rev.2)

When I woke up I wrote in my journal right away. I do this when I receive a dream or vision from the Lord, to keep it fresh. The thing that I didn’t understand was the part when He took my hand and said, we must prepare for aras.”

I wondered, what language and can I find this word? I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me, to get my Concordance and look up the word. Well, where do I start? I wondered. Is it Greek or Hebrew. Well, of course, He was speaking Hebrew into my ears. Those words I still do not remember and do not know if I shall remember until His return. As I opened the Concordance, I began to search. I prayed that I could find such a word and that the Lord could confirm it’s meaning.

I opened my eyes in amazement as my eyes fell on the page and seemed to zoom into the word-Aras; to be engaged to, betrothed, to marry. I was so awestruck. This is the marriage proposal of the Lord! He calls us His bride, the believers and this was such an intimate dream that I could not believe it. I’ve never forgotten it, yet I have longed for others to have this same type of experience. They would truly know how really He is and that He is the lover of our souls.

After that time, I had gone through many trials and I’m sure I thought that this would never happen to me. I thought that the enemy would never get his grasp on me. However, the Lord also says that in the last day “there will be a great falling away. Even the elect, if that were possible. Well, this is the apostasy that is spoken of.(Mark 13:22)But He specifically says, “if that were possible.” In my opinion, it means that it is not.

I am reminded by Him daily of this dream, however, and the final unveiling, where all shall be revealed. Now remember there are two parts to this. The wedding feast does not mean the end of the world. This is Christ coming for His church, (his bride). That is when the Holy Spirit in the body of believers shall be taken out. This will begin the time of tribulation.

The interesting thing is that He told me that the “harvest festival was about to begin.” This would seem to mean the Feast of Harvest, where the firstfruits were offered. (The Lord being the firstfruit of the resurrection) The Lord of the Harvest.

So anyone that does have a desire to understand the times we are in, should study the Feasts of the Lord, as I said many times. The are meant for Jew and Gentile to celebrate and they are also the timetable of the Lord. Of course He says, “I come like a thief in the night.” However, the bride must always be ready for her bridegroom to come and get her.

If you read the ancient wedding customs of the Jews, you will see that this is exactly why the Lord spoke about the need to always be prepared.

So I would just encourage anyone that does not know the Lord, to be ready, for His appearing. Search the scriptures and test what I am speaking to you. I am always concerned about the souls of men, and I would hope that you would find the truth.