France, We Stand With You!

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With somber hearts we say that our prayers are with you. We are so saddened by this tragedy that has unfolded on your soil, just as it had on ours many years ago. As we stand together in unity we shall overcome evil with love.

May the Lord comfort all of you and give you peace as you try to get through these difficult times.

Duck, Duck, Goose!

When I was a child we used to play a game by this name. You would go around in a circle and tap a person on the head calling out “duck, duck,” until you yelled “goose!”  If your name was called you would immediately jump up and chase person.

I feel as if I’ve been on this “wild goose chase” for quite a few years now. I have had a number of battles which I’ve had to fight and it has been exhausting. All of them were part of a bigger plan to cause distraction and throw obstacles in my way. As I’ve fought my way out of each one the Lord reminded me that this is what spiritual warfare is all about, and the enemy will always try to keep us focused on the smaller things. Not that they aren’t also important, but we find ourselves fighting the battles and not engaged in the war.

These skirmishes will either cause a person to give up or to strengthen you for the bigger task. I have found that the latter has taken place in my life. All of a sudden; I have found that I am once again being asked to prove that my brother is disabled, and I am angry. I just cannot sleep at night thinking about my father who has been robbed over and over again even in his grave, and now my disabled brother and my mother as well. This is most outrageous.

So, the Lord has taken me back to the beginning and opened my eyes to show me what I could not see. The things which were hidden from me at the beginning. Of course, He wanted them to be hidden until He would reveal these things. Everything happens in His time and for His purpose. He promises me that my father will be vindicated and he will enter into his rest. He has promised me that my family will be restored. He has shown me that all of the extreme pain that I have endured since my childhood will make sense in the end. So I wait.

But this Thanksgiving season, I truly feel thankful. I have my mother and my brother with me and  I am beginning to see the reason for all of my heartbreak.

I realize that there are agents who are obstacles to the Lord’s plans for our lives. But “greater is He that is in me, than the one who is in the world. For there are just as many assigned to us to help us with the task which the Lord has called us to.

The vessels hold the anointing

The vessels hold the anointing

For those who have helped me along the way, “peace  be with you and blessings to you.”

For those who have not helped when they have had the chance, the Lord says, “I will contend with all of those who contend with you.” I have a special message for those who exploit the disabled and those who are in their grave…”Turn off your oven…your goose is cooked!”