You May Have Power but No Authority

What’s the difference you say? Oh, there is a vast difference between the two. The power source is completely different and, many people have power, but they carry no authority. Yet, if you understand the meaning of true authority you have both.

But the interesting thing is that in order for one to have any authority, you must submit to authority. There are natural laws, and there are supernatural laws. Authority goes beyond what is natural and cannot be attained unless we submit to the Godly order of this universe.

Now in the order of God, we can see that Jezebel had power, and she used it to call down the power of Baal. She usurped the power of King Ahab, and she also surrounded herself with Eunuch’s, which indicates, that she emasculated all the men around her. These usually referred to castrated men. But in spiritual terms, I would assume any man losing control . Taking the natural power away from any man who had come close to her. She wanted to rule and would stop at nothing to take from other’s. It was all about control and manipulation. She was narcissistic. She met her end. And it wasn’t pretty. A strong man of God, had to overpower her charms, yet, he had her own eunuch’s take part in her demise. So fed up with her ordering them around,  “Throw her over the wall,” was Jehu’s final command.

But without submission to authority. This was carried to every extreme. When King Ahab was having a tantrum about someone’s vineyard, Jezebel, implied, that it was his right to take it.She stirred up his mind to evil. When he didn’t do what she expected, forgery was her answer. She forged the King’s name and had Nathan killed and stole his vineyard.  Nothing was beyond her reach.

She used the other’s to do her dirty work, and she would continue on her rampage, with the control, pulling all the strings of her puppets, as she took what she desired from others. Yet, she had control, but she absolutely hated any form of authority. You see this spirit at work in 1 Kings, and again in the book of Revelation, inside the church of Thyatira.  (Rev. 2) Yes, that’s right, the Lord is speaking to her alive and well, inside the church. So don’t be fooled, by all that churchy stuff. This is where that spirit loves to hide.Getting all caught up in the religious trappings. The outside looks good to a lot of people and this is the easiest way to hide the inside of evil.

As I was reminding a young boy that I was speaking to the other day, I grew up in the church. It was probably the greatest deterrent to faith for me as a young person. All my friends were pastor’s kids, and I practically lived in their homes. I never saw more broken lives. I never heard anything about being born again or regenerated, because none of these people knew what this meant. If they did, they would have been living it. I’m not condemning anyone, but it is to say, it’s not something, one can teach from a pulpit. It is a personal experience.

It was the reason Nicodemus went to visit Jesus in private. We all need our private visit. One on one, with the Lord. The question which he asked. So simple, yet so profound, “How can I enter the kingdom of God.” Here a man, who was a teacher of the law. He had all scriptures memorized. And yet had no idea, how to enter in.

Most of the people I knew went to seminaries, as a career choice, not because they felt called by God. I mean, ‘the Great Commission,’ didn’t require a degree.

Now the Lord told us, that rebellion is as witchcraft. This is why it was His order from the beginning, in his conversation with Adam and Eve,  to have an order. So we can see that anyone who refuses to submit to authority, is in rebellion.We can also see that the exertion of our own will over the will of God, is the beginning of rebellion and the five, “I will’s, is the reason, Satan, was cast out of his comfortable domain. Read, if you like, in the book of Isaiah. It’s this pride of our will, which is the rebellion that God is referring to and the reason, He wants us to learn how to submit to authority in our lives. If not, we become a person who uses control as their power source. They operate under the power of witchcraft.

But when you see this authority in place, the family unit, and everything else, falls into place. It works, the way God intended it to work, because it is in its proper order and the power source is under authority.  When it is out of place it does not. It is the reason that God thought it important enough to make it a commandment.

It began in the Garden of Eden. The very beginning of time. It was important enough that God gave only one commandment with a blessing attached to it. “Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother, and it shall go well with thee and thou shall live long upon the earth.

Yes, that’s right. It’s the only one with a blessing attached. Check it out. Which means, most likely the opposite if it is broken. And it isn’t conditional.

We submit to authority because there is an order to things in this universe. Now, the Lord even left us with these last words, “All authority has been given to me on heaven and on earth. Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations.”  Matthew 28:18

The Lord left us with an important message. That He has all authority. And that we are under His authority.  He told us that all this authority He gave to us, his disciples. There is no power greater than this.

Now there is a story in scripture which speaks of a man who understood this spiritual authority. The Centurion. He heard Jesus was coming to his town, and his father was ill. He told Jesus that, He knew He was too great to come to his home. He said, that, “He himself was a man who commanded people, and understood what it meant to be under authority, so he knew that all Jesus had to do was speak a word, and his father would be healed. Jesus was so amazed at this man’s great understanding of this authority and he told him to go, that his father was healed.

When conversing with this boy the other day, we brought up someones name. “Yes, but he doesn’t believe in God,” he said. “Oh, I disagree,” I said. I think he’s much closer to the truth, than most people think he is. In fact, he’s much closer than a lot of people who sit in church. He certainly understands spiritual authority. ” And I shared this story with him. Certainly the centurion, wasn’t in the church. Nor did he follow Jesus. Yet, he was full of faith, to the point that even Jesus was amazed at his understanding of authority.

Now, when we see how this works, and we submit to the authority which has been placed in our lives, then we also have authority. Everything falls into proper order.

So the two powers are one, which is a power of darkness, which is manipulative, controlling and exploits others.  And the other one which is a power of light, with authority seek, justice, mixed with mercy and love and we know that the light, always overpowers the darkness.

Who Woke You From Your Slumber?

Our sacred rest. I was speaking to my friend one day and she spoke of her running around and how her husband had joked about “the American dream, and its meaning, is No sleep!” I laughed at that. Of course I told her that my grandfather always said, “I’ll sleep enough, when I’m dead.” I’m afraid, I’v found out, that’s not always true.

To my father, a laborer, his identity was his job. And it was abruptly taken from him. It is the saddest thing to a man like my father.It was one of the saddest moments of my life. To see him with that empty look in his eyes. The last moments.

A man who had served his country and his corporation with loyalty. And pushed out the door in the end. This is how a veteran and loyal worker is treated?  Our own government has the greatest responsibility in this mess. A life of which, in his tormented mind only offered the grave as a solution to his peace.

But that would be short-lived, as well. It seemed he was roused from his sleep, to be put to work, from his grave. Yes, what he could not have in his life, he was now forced to do in his death, and for others.I guess it’s true, he was more valuable, dead, than alive. While his disabled son was also being robbed at the hands of these parasites.

And when people have spoken to me on this subject, they mention legal terms, such as, what it takes to “make someone whole,” or someone “having deep pockets.” In my mind  the thought of such compromise makes me want to vomit. Could there be enough money to make someone whole from such experience? Could anyone’s pocket’s be deep enough to replace what my father lost? What we lost as a result of losing him? Whats been done to my brother and others like him? No, there’s really no way of calculating those damages, and to try to analyze the impact on whole generations.

As I’ve said many times, just the loss, I feel while watching my son playing baseball and wondering, what it would be to have my father sitting with me to see him. I’ll never know. And all because of a job, whose corrupt practices forced him out.

Who wouldn’t be more than a little traumatized to find that he has been secretly employed, all along, to fill the pockets of someone else? No, there isn’t any money that makes me feel better. I think Benjamin Netanyahu said it best, “You don’t negotiate with terrorists.” And I sure don’t make a pact with the devil.

But I have promised my father, I will live out my days, to offer him his sacred rest which he deserves.  The days that we are living in are evil. These are grave robbers. But, my Lord will guide our steps and this will come to an end. And one day I will be able to say, “Go back to sleep dad.”

Pure Grace

I have been waking up for nights on end. The voice of my father, whispering to me. Crying out in anguish at his unrest. I had made the final discovery at all that has been done to desecrate his wishes and his desire for me to right these wrongs.

He knows me, more than anyone, and this is why I believe, it fell upon my shoulders to make this right. Yet, he also knew, my immediate response would be anger. My brother, describes me as, “the pit bull.” I was born under, the symbol of the scales. Yes, justice is what seems right, but I also know that, it isn’t always in balance, without mercy.

If that was the case, there wouldn’t be a prison large enough, for mankind, as we all would be guilty as charged. Didn’t we all have a hand in the crucifixion?

To Be Forgiven

I sometimes find myself envious of those with no heart at all, as they are oblivious to the things which disturb me. I cannot turn off my feelings and at night, I hear the spirit world come alive. The crying of my father is unbearable to me. The pain which has been caused as a result of all of this.

About two years ago, I felt something happening which caused my feelings of hurt for him, to be resurrected. I didn’t quite understand it. I pulled out his Will. My girlfriend had come over to help me sift through documents. I said, “I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel he’s trying to tell me something.” Although he had been gone for quite some time, I felt as if I had just lost him. Something very unsettled in my spirit. I felt myself grieving in my spirit.

She certainly saw that his wife was unscrupulous, from the documents and as evil as one could be, but I couldn’t possible know what it was at that time. I just felt something in my spirit. And it seemed I was grieving his loss, and he wanted me to know something which had been hidden. Something unfinished. Something which needed closure.

Last week I found out. It was right in front of me all along. But it seemed the Lord had not wanted me to know until it’s proper time. Because He knows I would more likely have had a breakdown right then and there, or just been ready to go to the highest court in the land. Which wouldn’t do any good anyway.

No, because, when the highest court is corrupt, what can man do? My father’s blood is crying out for justice. He wants rest for his soul, and he has been deprived, and because of this, I have also been deprived of this rest. No man can understand this, unless they have experienced this very personal experience. To lie awake at night and listen to the painful whispers of a loved one asking for simple wishes fulfilled, so that they can sleep.

But I knelt before my Lord, after being told, “this is impossible,” by someone to remedy this situation.And He reminded me, “what things are impossible with man, are possible with God. You are going about this the wrong way. Nothing can be accomplished with a heart full of anger. Did I not speak to you that I will not move, “by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit?  So anger is not the answer. For this was not the heart of your father, nor is it the heart of your heavenly Father. If you want the answer, look at the attributes of the Holy Spirit. ” Well, I know the answer will always be found first in love. And this is a difficult lesson in the midst of my own pain. But it is in the measure which will be returned as it is given.

The Lord sends his ministering angels, nonetheless, as a friend came knocking at my door, in the throes of my pain, to bring me a shirt, she had purchased. It was almost a matter of urgency. I felt it was the Lord, sending someone to check on me, as I was in such crisis upon my discovery. Feeling such despair and there was my friend with her son. An emergency call from heaven. A lifeline that I needed when I was sinking.

A few days later the Lord began to remind me, that it was my father and mother who taught you the meaning of grace. An your brother did when he lay on his death bed. And I thought of my sweet, angelic brother, Chris. As he lay, dying of Aids, I never forget his words to me. I was so full of anger toward the person who had taken advantage of his childlike innocence. “I’m not mad at him,” he said.

After I accepted Christ, I understood, how Christ-like, those words, were. A lesson in true grace. Yes, if we were all held accountable for our deeds, we would be executed. I know.

My Heavenly Father tells me that there is nothing man has done, which cannot be fixed. And Christ already made the way. He has removed the obstacles and given me the answer. The answer is grace. He has shown me what must be done to solve this dilemma. Oh what messes, the enemy creates for man. “The thief comes, to rob, to kill and to destroy, but I am come to give life, and life more abundantly.”

Upon discovering this strange rumblings in the heavens, I began to pray. I knew there was warfare taking place, but didn’t understand. I thought it was related to many other things. But the Lord has brought clarity. He brought the angels to help me in my battle. I know who they are. Although I’m a human with a foolish heart, they’ve tried to redirect me. To get me refocused. The incredible pain is where the enemy wants me to reside. I refuse to allow myself to stay there. I cannot. My soul is in shreds and I hear the swords of the battle above me. That fire in my soul is passed down from generations and I have to put an end to this. It is a prayer I offer up to the Lord “deliver me from evil.” I remember Daniel and his battle.

“Do not be afraid Daniel. Since the very first day you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words, were heard, and I have come in response to them. But the prince of  the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days.”

I know what this kind of attack is and I’ve lived it since I was a young girl. If people don’t believe in the spirit world, they cannot wage warfare. But, my father spoke to me, because he knows, I have spiritual ears, which can hear. It is like the undercurrent in a river. We see the water flowing, yet the raging current is what has the real power to carry anything away, without being seen. A person that says, “This isn’t possible, because, I don’t see it, is a fool. They will step into this calm water and be carried away by its pull, just as they are, every day.

My life has been full of pain. But I will not let this define who I am. I will not let this be a legacy of bitterness and unforgiveness. But I will choose to walk in grace, as I carry out my father’s will. I want mankind to know the Lord is a just and merciful God, anxious to forgive and not waiting to punish us.


Guardian of Souls

As I have been blessed to be a part of so many people’s lives, coming and going, I realized, it has been a test, of sorts.

After the loss of my brother, and my father, a fact emerged, which I knew was something which was a gift, which the Lord had given me. In spite of the fact that it was quite painful He would use this gift, as the seed, to bring forth fruit. And the fruit would bear more fruit.

I was to be a witness to last wishes, as it were, and actually been in the presence of my brother, as the Lord took him home.

This would be the beginning, as I found, of the souls, which would be entrusted to me. I would make trips to the nursing homes, the hospice, hospitals, and literally, anywhere, which the Lord would see fit to send me. I would be in rooms with families, to usher those souls into the hands of the Lord. Sacred moments, prepared in advance.

I began to understand what the Lord meant when he spoke to Peter and he had a request for him, “feed my sheep,” he said. To tenderly care for the precious souls left in his care.

Timothy was reminded, “to guard, what had been entrusted to his care.Turn away from Godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is commonly called, knowledge, in which some have professed and in so doing have wandered from the faith.” 1 Timothy 6:20

The Lord reminds us that he “guards the feet of his saints.” (That isn’t someone deemed a saint by the Catholic church either) It’s anyone called and anointed by God.

He has told us that when we’ve been tested and shown that we can be trusted with a little bit, then we can surely be trusted with the keys to the kingdom of heaven.

The problem is that most people cannot see past, ‘the little bit.’ Satan has them so blinded by pride, power, or greed, that this is where they begin to stumble.

Now, I have a true legal guardianship of my brother. In man’s legal terms it is written, Guardianship of person and property. But, stealing ones property to most people would really be infuriating. Although in my mind, this is not why I was called into action.

No, my calling and purpose was defined by God as a Guardian of souls. And this is what has been tampered with. My God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. So doesn’t all property belong to him? Yes. So it is the souls of these, which are of his greatest concern. This is why He steps in.

Yes, there’s a plan and it involves my calling. I know who I am. It has taken me a while to be sharpened for the task. But I see my lineage. There is my great uncle Harvey Graase. I laugh about him with my family. He worked for the US Department of Treasury. My mother and my relatives used to tell us the stories all the time. He lost his eye to a gunshot by Dilinger. He was one of the Untouchables. My Aunt told me when they would go to Chicago to visit him, they loved it. He was a rough kinda guy, just as he should be, and he’d reach under the bed, and grab a cigar box filled with different colored, glass eyes. He would tell them to pick out which one they wanted him to wear. Now that’s just plain cool. Urban legend? I don’t think so. I did a record search and got some of the papers. He certainly was working for them at that time, and my crazy cousin was right about one thing. A lot of the guys under Elliot Ness, sure didn’t get the credit they deserved. But then again, if he was anything like, I am hoping, he wouldn’t have wanted it.

Now, my point is there are true spiritual ‘Untouchable’s.’ And believing to be from that lineage, the Lord had already spoken this into existence. Elliot Ness had a difficult time finding ‘the incorruptible’ men. Just as our Lord has a tough time finding the ones untouched by the world’s pull. The ones to guard the soul’s entrusted to them. So, God being a supreme Elliot Ness, did speak of these chosen ones. The remnant. 1Chronicles 16:19-22 When they were but few in number, few indeed, and strangers in it, they wandered from nation to nation, from one kingdom to another. He allowed no man to oppress them; for their sake he rebuked kings; Do not Touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.

There is no legal document which I need to give me this power.  It was ordained by God. It is the same providence which made Mordecai speak those famous words to Queen Esther, “Do not think that because you are in the kings house, you alone of all the Jews will escape. For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place. But you and your father’s family will perish. But who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:13-14

All of us have unique callings and purposes, in this life. It is up to each and every one of us to choose whether we will fulfill this or not. God tells us, we have free will.

One day about a year ago, I had my bible stolen out of my car. It was a study bible, which I had for years. Many markings and scriptures highlighted. I decided to report it to the police, just in case, it was necessary for safety reasons. I still believed, the person needed it, more than I did.

When I sat down with the officer, he was a little stunned, that someone would steal my bible. After sharing that I had two perfectly good DVD, players, which were left behind, he laughed and said the same thing. “The person obviously needed this.” But then somethings strange. “Hey, do you have a big dog?” “What? No, why do you ask?” As I started thinking, maybe he got the letter’s mixed up, and he meant, God.

“Oh, I just know your name.I’ve heard it before, and thought someone said you had a big dog.” I thought that was really strange. But then the Lord has been reminding me of the moniker used for the Holy Spirit. And lately with what He’s been revealing to me, it’s all starting to make sense.

The other day, He reminded me of the primary reason He’s called me as Guardian of Souls. And everywhere I walk, I have the Hound of Heaven, with me. The Holy Spirit. He hunts people down. No one can bring me harm, nor harm to those who belong to my Lord. The Hound of Heaven literally pursues people to bring them to repentance.

The Lord loves all men, and His desire is to chase them down. He will do whatever it takes to bring them back from the brink of destruction. Men become insane with greed and lust. They do not know what they are doing, and the Hound of Heaven has a job. To sniff them out, and chase them down. To wear them down, until they can run no more.

Until they finally give up the chase and surrender. I have seen the criminals do this many times on the cop shows. The dogs, literally take them down. It’s sad, but they almost seem relieved. Sometimes this is what the Lord has to do to us.

Give up, while you still have time!

Do You Know Where Your State Wards Are?

Ok people, it’s time for you to think about the end days and what the ultimate playbook, has to tell you about your game

Look at the Bible as God’s direction for your life yes, it’s as if we’re in the great Superbowl and this is the final countdown. You’d better be prepared and I’m helping you to understand what you’re up against.. He has everything you need to know. Believe me. He didn’t ever intend to leave us hanging. He wants all of us on the same page and with equal opportunity.

We face the same opponent. He was here in the beginning, and he will make his appearance, in the end. He has tried to bring an end to civilizatilon again and again, most specifically the remnant,but to no avail.Now, Hitler, had the idea to terminate the Jews, the infirm, the elderly, etc. Basically, anyone who didn’t fit, his ‘master race.

Margaret Sanger, had carried on his ideals, and the whole annihilation of the masses throught the eugenics. Whatever,was deemed a non viablev life was basically on the table.

Now, I will point out the plans of the enemy for those of you who have wisdom. He is not ‘all-knowing,’ as out Lord. Although, he tries to imitate, he is not the Lion of Judah. So do not be intimidated.

But what if, the plan was no longer to terminate the lives of these people, but the infiltrate our US Department of Treasury? By using these people and this would be the way of doing it?

Hitler may have made his error by his madness in trying to just totally trying to exterminate all Jews and anyone who did not fit his agenda.

But the enemy is cunning and the deceiver is called ‘The Deceiver,” for a reason. People do not know they are being deceived. Could this be happening to us, right now?

This is a question which I pose to you now.

I’m thinking back to a question which was asked on television years ago when I was a child. At about 10pm , there would be a break after the news. A curfew was in place and they would ask, “Parents do you know where your children are?”

Now, parents were supposed to check on their children. It seems silly by today’s standards. But, years later, I decided to bring my brother home from a the care of the State. I would now pose this question to each person, who has their loved one in the care of the State.

“Do you know where your state ward is? Do you know what they are doing with them? Do you know who is handling their money? Are they taking care of their health and welfare??

Ok, I’m not trying to lay a guilt trip on anyone. I’m trying to give you back your power. When you are forced to give the care of your loved one over to the State, is not easy. I understand this.I lived through this with my mother.

I would like to point out an important point in scripture. The disciples were a tight-knit group.They had money flowing through their ministry to keep them moving. But an important fact was that Judas, was the treasurer.

Did Jesus know this? Of course He did. He allowed him to do what He was going to do. Everything was a test. Because the real test was, who was going to take responsiblity for the souls entrusted to them. In the end, Judas, was “caught holding the bag of money.” Not the souls.

And this is why he took his life, isn’t it? He sold the Lord for 30 pieces of silver.Blood money. But in the end, he couldn’t live with it. I saw the place where he had hung himself. What a horrible end.

But, now bring this to our present system. Could it be possible? I say, yes. Where Hitler failed, the enemy, now has brought in his master plan.

Remember Madoff’s ramblings about the Social Security System being one big Ponzi Scheme? Well, it is. I’m not quite sure that Madoff knew the extent of what he was talking about. Well, perhaps he did. But at any rate, he was the fall guy for a whole lot of other’s.

The infirm have been used  for this purpose of the ‘Ponzi. They have multiple , social secururity numbers. Judges and attorneys who deem them competent, when they clearly, are not. Bestowing rights on them, in order to exploit them. To vote, to marry buy vehicles, buy and convey property.Nothing is done on this paperwork without a purpose. All to increase revenue.

To then invest in tax exempt properties. Placing money in offshore accounts.

An example is my brother, being disabled, was given my father’s social security number and these people opened up a funeral trust fund and started funneling his disability payments into  this depriving him of this fund. He would now have two funds and also, be able to vote twice.So many different schemes involving our loved ones. When we aren’t paying attention they are being exploited. But God is watching.

Although my brother is not competent, no one knows this, because paperwork has been forged and their are states covering each other’s a****, and the government doesn’t even realize that they are being duped into jeopardizing our own treasury and national security.

And why is this so serious?How does this threaten National Security? How about tracing this money? Does anyone really know where it’s going?Does anyone care? Of course not. That’s why this is so effective isn’t it?

Because, first, these special needs and elderly etc. are being exploited all over our nation We’ve taken our eyes off of them. I’m very rare indeed. One who has actually wanted to bring my brother home and had the ability to see this. But, they have multiple voting rights, when they shouldn’t even have one. I can tell you, my brother doesn’t have a clue about voiting.

If they have an issue with swinging the vote with the homeless and offering cigarettes, you should see this town. Now let’s multiply that when looking at the rest of the country.

Now the scary thing is, following the money trail. After looking at where all the investments are really going, you may find that Judas, has infiltrated once more. This has taken on a life of its own. And this is not just a matter of economic security, but national security.Tje
fox is truly guarding the hen house.”

It would certainly seem to me that it is genius to use the greed of our nation against us. The wealth of the wicked to exploit the very weakest of our nation.Using people who have no  voice The ones which have been discarded and ignored, will now be used by the system, and now I will almost guarantee that that money is in other countries.We’d better find out what it’s being used for. . And this will be to our own demise,if our own nation doesn’t realize they’ve been deceived by outsiders. This is the beginning of the end.

But sin never changes. It’s always just as despicable. If you don’t believe this, I would challenge you. If you have a ward who happens to be a ward of the state, or you happen to work for the state, it would behoove you as a matter of national security to find out for yourself. Follow the money trail.


Chasing Shadows

Everything that I could learn packed into that ball

I just cannot believe my life. It seems that the past 5 years, has been about chasing nothing but shadows. I wondered at the things I was witnessing. Who were these guys? Were they the good guys or the bad guys?

I was so fearful and at times, I thought I knew what was happening, then I would just learn to live with the silliness of it all. I wondered, “Why do I have to notice this stuff? Why can’t I just be like most people and just totally unobservant?” But then again, My son is the one that would see a guy coming out from the side of my house. “Hey mom, what is that guy doing there? He’s got a phone truck with cones set up.

Yep, my son. He notices everything. I wouldn’t dare tell you about the other things he’s seen, or you’d think he’s crazy. One time he came home from school after my brother, he, and I had flown up to Wisconsin, on a trip, and he told me his teacher had asked him, “What’s up with your family?” In response to our family trip. The whole trip was supposed to involve me seeing an attorney, so I thought that was interesting.I mean a teacher, questioning a child in school elementary school?

Shadowy characters, appearing and disappearing. I would see people coming and going from my life, and almost thinking I was operating from a paranoid position.Doing things which made no sense.

At one point I asked a friend, “Who am I?” I felt as if people were watching me with interest. As if I had something they wanted. Well, what was it that I had?

Sure, I had experienced many things, and I had knowledge of a lot. But it seems that the Lord had me on what I would call, “a dry run,” for the last couple years.

In my situation, ignorance really is bliss. While all these people thought I knew what I didn’t know, I was terrified of something completely different, and much less threatening. The Lord certainly has a sense of humor.

Because in that time, He sharpened my sword and He showed me that I am “The head, and not the tail.” I am not to be afraid. If He has called me, then He has equipped me. And He has called me. Because it is His will to make me a voice for the less fortunate.To champion the cause of the meek.

Now I was remembering my experience at the charity Ball, I was at one night,at the beginning of all of this.Since it had so many spiritual signs for me. The name, Discovery was the most significant. I was only at the beginning of the quest for discovery. Yet, most of those hiding their deeds, had already thought I knew, so my favorite scripture applied perfectly. “The wicked flee though no man pursues, yet the righteous are as bold as a lion.”

After leaving the Ball, I had headed on the freeway in the wrong direction. The traffic got stuck and I literally sat on the freeway, all night long. I was in a long formal gown and freezing. I had a little jacket and the woman in the car across from me had a radio. She radioed ahead and found that a truck had jackknifed  across the lanes of traffic, cutting all of us off.

We sat for hours, until we were free. As I talked with her, I asked if I was going the right way. I was staying at my girlfriends house that night, and she said, “no, I was going the wrong direction.”

So, cold, tired and annoyed, at the thought of this whole experience, I had to ask what the spiritual meaning was. I was totally deflated by the time I arrived back to my friends house.As I had shared this with my friend, she told me in all her time living here, nothing like this had ever happened to her in her experience.

Shortly after, I went out on leave from work. I had all kinds of terrible experiences taking place at work and it would be just the beginning of a nightmare experience for me.

But, as I said, this was the dry run. I had come into contact with all kinds of people. I confronted the people and their bullying and started to pull down all the strongholds of lies.

After all of this time, I have realized that my wrong turn on that freeway was a spiritual picture of something much bigger. I had no idea how big.

The Lord placed a roadblock in my way to keep me from continuing in the wrong direction. This is His way of guiding me. “Lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.”

He gave me a covering to keep me warm and someone to keep me posted. It was just enough to let me know He was close by.

Then He released me from the ‘holding pattern,’ in His time. He turned me around. And revealed everything which had been hidden. “And everything which is hidden will be disclosed.”

“Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.

Give Me Your “Throwaway’s”

As I was speaking about my brother to someone one day, he said, “Well you know most people consider people like him, as “a throwaway.” This infuriated me. The mere thought, that he could be referred to in this manner. Yet, I know, that it is true. Once, these beautiful souls become, “Wards of the State,” you cannot imagine the horror’s that await them.

The elderly, the orphans, and the mentally challenged. All require protection and the exploitation, which is taking place is unimaginable. And it’s only detected by someone with a watchful eye. But someone with a heart of compassion. Not too many, I have sadly found, have this heart.

But, in the end, I am happy to take the “throwaway.’s. I’m just making sure that what belongs to them is returned, so they receive the care that they deserve.

One thing that these greedy people have never taken into account, in their schemes, is there is a supreme God, and that He is the one who holds all things in account. He has His people on this earth, working out His plans. He has people filled with His spirit. We see things which the average person does not see.

This is why He tells us that His plans are not worked out through “Might,nor power, but by His Spirit.” No man can put a stop to what He is doing. It has already been accomplished.

As frustrated as I become, at times, I must remind my own mind of this. That, “His kingdom, shall come, and His will , shall be done, on this earth, as it is in heaven.” My job is to just be obedient to His plan. As much as I hurt inside at the pain, I know the outcome.

I also know that His suffering was great and if He was, “a man of sorrows,” I am the bride of Christ, so I would also be “filled with suffering.”

But one day, “He will wipe every tear from my eyes.” All I can say is, He is going to need a huge Kleenex for this, because I’m filled with tears. Some nights, I lie in my bed and almost can’t wait, to close the door, to be alone, just to cry. I hurt for so many others. It’s not for myself. It’s the pain of my brother,my mother, my daughter, my father. Everything, that hurts comes pouring out like a river, and I feel as if I’m walking with a fire inside of me.

I truly understand the meaning of our seeing the Lord face to face, when He utters the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant, enter into your rest.” I don’t know that feeling until that day.

But, my feeling of compassion for the hurting in this world is so strong.I see them, crushed by the system. And one day it is coming to an end. Babylon will fall.

Now I was reading about her demise this morning. She is a picture of greed and adultery. All the merchants of the earth and the powerful people, who had refused to let go of their associations with her. The Lord issues warnings to all, to “come out of her.” I have been instrumental in being part of this warning to agencies as well.”

There are government agencies which have become corrupted, which we have seen. They have exploited God’s people, and taken that, which does not belong to them. Now the Lord is issuing His call. “Come out of her my people so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; for her sins are piled up to heaven.

and God remembered her crimes.

Give back to her as she has given; pay her back double for what she has done. Mix her a double portion from her own cup. Give her as much torture and grief as the glory and luxury she gave herself.

In her heart she boasts, “I sit as a queen; I am not a widow, and I will never mourn. Therefor in one day her plagues will overtake her; death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for might is the Lord God who judges her.”

Now, if you continue to read, you will see, that this is the beginning of fallout for this great nation and I am seeing this with my own eyes. There are some out there who happen to know exactly how this is playing out. We all have the playbook. It’s in His Word.

The little things which people skipped over in scripture are sometimes the most important. When the Lord was being challenged about taxes, for example; He held a coin before the Pharisees and uttered the simple words, “Render unto Cesar, that which is Cesar’s, and unto God, that which is God’s.”

For some people, they have robbed both God, and Cesar, and this is where, the Lord, is the most angry. But when they, rob, and refer to these priceless souls as discards, this is deplorable.

I’m not sure if it’s the reason I’ve always loved shopping thrift stores. But, I love to find the ‘one of a kind,’ item. This is what I see with my ‘throwaways.’ The one that is unique. No one else noticed how priceless this one is, but I did.

Yes, the coal, under so much pressure, to produce this priceless diamond. And now I can see the different facets and the light of beauty created by this intense heat and pressure.

I don’t want what everyone has. I want what cast off. What you deem as useless. I want to see what the Lord can do, so that I can say, He did this. So that I can’t boast, but that the glory of the Lord can shine through that vessel.

We’re Sheep In An Ashtray

I have scriptures on my table and pulled one out for my son. He said, “oh mine just says something about  sheep in an ashtray.” “What?” I said. “That’s impossible. There weren’t any ashtray’s in the bible.”

I already knew before grabbing the card from his hand, what it said, but began to laugh at the analogy. “All we like sheep have gone astray. Each of us unto his own way.”

“Oh,” he said. Laughing. As if it wasn’t really any different, since, really, when does a 13 year old boy ever, use the word, astray?

Ashtray, is definitely more appropriate, and hey, he may be slanging a new term for the Urban Dictionary.

I actually started using it since, it was so catchy. It has basically the same meaning which the Lord was trying to convey. And by taking a look at the world today, it is one big ashtray and we’re all in it. Very similar to “going to hell in a hand basket.” Perhaps more up to date.

I have been thinking a lot about the battles which continue to rage on and my place and position. I realize that in war, we all have a decision to make. Cut and run, or face our fear. This is what makes us braver.

I’ve faced the enemy and I’ve learned all his strategies. I’m not afraid of him anymore. As Paul said in scripture. “We’re not ignorant of Satan’s schemes.”

No we’re not. He’s the same today as he was in the beginning and he’s not going to stop. And neither am I. My goal is to continue the fight and storm the gates of hell.

I am the daughter of the king. I am of the lineage of Christ. I am anointed by Him.

He has already asked, “Who will take a stand for me against the wicked? My throne will not be allied with a throne of corruption.”

Yea, not too many out there that are willing to take that stand, I’ve found. It’s not for the faint of heart, and every one seems spineless. If I meet one more person who is supposed to be involved in law enforcement that runs and hides in fear, I’m going to throw up.

I can’t say everyone is like this, but I know that most people I’ve seen are just toothless lions. No power for a fight. Taking the perks of job, but the laws have become perverted.

Bullies everywhere and the public stands by and watches. Afraid to get involved.

About a year ago, I was at the baseball park when my son was warming the dugout. As I sat down in the bleachers, my ex husband and my step daughter were sitting there talking for a while before I arrived.

I heard some yelling from across the field at my son’s side near the bleachers and the guy was just screaming and throwing this little, tiny girl into the bench. “Oh, that’s been going on for a few minutes.” My ex husband said.

“What?” I couldn’t believe this. Even though it was from across the field, I could see and hear it and it was horrible. But what made it worse, was that grown men were standing right by the dugout and no one was making a move to speak up for this little girl.

“That’s it!” I threw down my stuff and marched over to this big jerk. I now see the little girl sitting in front of him on the bleachers and she crying so hard that it’s obvious she can’t stop, but she’s trying to hold back. He’s sitting behind her like he’s the guard. “I look at him and try to speak in my most non-confrontational voice, so I don’t scare her. “Listen, I don’t know what you think you’re doing to this little girl. But I can hear you from across the field and it’s abuse. You need to keep your hands off of her or I’m going to call the police.”

Then I looked at her and said, “Are you ok honey?” She was. As he looks at me and says, “Don’t talk to my daughter.” But yet, amazingly, he doesn’t make a move toward me. I said, “I’m telling you that you need to keep you’re hands off of her and stop cursing at her. She’s terrified.”

Then he tells me, “I have every right to discipline my kid and the police would tell me this.” “Oh, you think so? Go ahead and call them. I’ll be happy to tell them how you’re throwing her around and I’m quite sure they won’t agree and their isn’t a court around that would agree either.”

At this point he quieted down. The little girl calmed down too. He almost seemed relieved that someone put a stop to his madness.

But the strangest thing was, one of the coaches came up later and said, “Listen, if you ever have a problem like that, you need to let me know. I work for the court system.” “Hmm,” I thought. “That’s really strange, cause you were standing right next to the fence, and should have spoken up.”

But this really is the way of the world. How many people, children, elderly, special needs, etc. must be hurt, before someone comes to their aid? “Who will take a stand for me against the wicked, says the Lord?”

Yes, we are all just sheep in an ashtray, but in the end, some of us, will be given “beauty for ashes!”

Take a stand, even if you’re the only one standing!

Pulling Down Strongholds

A view from the Prayer Tower in the midst of the city of Jerusalem. reminded me of the power of prayer.

This is any “vain imagination which sets itself against the knowledge of Jesus Christ.” I’ve been dealing with this on a daily basis. Well, every believer should be. It’s a part of our walk. It seems I’m in the front line of the battle ground.

A good example was just the other day. I had wanted to have rain gutters placed on my house after all these years,to avoid the debris in the pool. It has been an exhausting exercise to clean the dirt, which floats from the roof. Although I have screens around the pool, this would definitely decrease the amount of dirt and, the screens, also need to be replaced. It’s just ongoing maintenance. So this would be the next project.

Well, at least, that’s what I thought, until my neighbor called me over. While I was engaged in conversation with the guy about the gutters. He had asked if I could speak to him about my back fence. I told him, as soon as I was finished with this guy, I’d be over.

I already knew the back fence was just hanging by a thread, since the last hurricane, and it had to come down. “We’d be willing to go half with you, and I’d do the labor,” he said. “Oh, that would be fine.” I said.

As if I didn’t already have enough going on. If you’d already read my previous post about my kitchen, leaky roof, blah blah,blah. And that tent is looking better all the time.

So, they say, if I go pull the permit, they’ll mark the property.I go online and get all the info. Print the paperwork. My son, his dad, my brother and my neighbors all pitch in to tear down the back fence. It was nice to get rid of it and we were commenting on how nice it was to be able to talk to each other.I had gotten to know them for the first time and we were saying that it is a completely different experience from Northern living. In the North, there aren’t boundaries as you would notice in this part of the country. And we found in crisis, such as hurricanes, we all started to speak to each other. That’s where we realized how much we had in common.. It was almost funny, because as it is in every situation, it’s amazing to know how we can be experiencing such trauma’s and be so isolated, when we are side by side. It’s also very sad. What emotional support we could be for one another, if we could just walk next door rather than call someone 1000 miles away. We’re so afraid to trust a stranger.

But the reason we’re afraid to trust is because we’re bullied on a daily basis. It’s the things which happen to us, which teach us not to trust. Mean and cruel. Such as this fence deal.

I am contacted by the city to be told, after paying the $150.00 permit fee,that I cannot receive this permit yet,because someone named, Tony, had left some notes. “Yea,” I’m thinking. They’re always named ‘Tony.’

I go in to get the notes. So what were these notes, that Tony had written about my fence? Well, apparently, he could not find any record for a permit for my pool or my deck, from the records. And he continued in his notes, that, “this would affect the requirements for my fence.”

Oh, you’ve got to be kidding! This house was built in 1974! Is he serious? Like I have the permits for a pool and a deck?

Ok, now I talk to my friend and he says, “No way! They keep those records offsite, in the archives. They’re yanking your chain.” “Yea, I know where they keep them,” I said. “In that room with the second set of books! With Tony and a bunch of dark shady characters smoking cigars and a stack of cash!” He starts cracking up as he says, “Yea, and he saying, “Hey, I got another one for ya!”

Oh, so the budgets are strapped for cash, so they’re going after everyone else now? Well, then they have to get everyone in the city to pull their records don’t they? This is ridiculous.

So my neighbor goes in to the woman and she tells him that “Tony is on vacation and can’t see him until next week.” Oh, that’s great, I said. I think this Tony guy, must be Tony Soprano. I’ve tangled with him before.That was about  my hair, this time it’s my pool. It’s all the same spirit and requires the same remedy. Prayer.

Then yesterday, I had an encounter with the roofing guy. I had talked to him the day before about coming over, and I usually know right up front, whether I want to give someone my business. Paul told us to, “test the spirits,know ye not that every spirit which proceeds from someone does not come from God?” So this is exactly what I do. And I pray that the Lord will give me discernment.

Well, some people just start out bad right from the beginning. I can’t tolerate a mean spirit and that’s what this guy had. He told me he would show up early and that was fine, because we all had work to do. I told my sons dad about this so he was on the same page.

This guy climbs up on the roof with his ladder he’s up there for a while.I told him what I saw and I knew the problem was a repair which I needed. It was isolated to two areas.

As he was finished his tapping, etc. I came out and he looked a little silly. I described the scene to my daughter. He arrived early with his buddy. He was wearing some  ‘daisy dukes.’ She was rolling. “What?!” “Well, I don’t know what else to call them. Ask Noah,” I said.

He looked to be in his early 60’s and not in bad shape, but I wouldn’t think he should be climbing up on rooftops.Nor should he be wearing those shorts.

“He pulls two rusty screws out of his pocket and looks at me like a shady car mechanic and says, I don’t know how to tell you this, but  you have a problem with your chimney cap.” “Wow,” I wanted to tell him to keep his paws off my chimney cap, and I don’t know where those rusty screws have been but I’m sure they didn’t come from my  chimney cap, as I’m sure my chimney cap has not seen the light of day in quite some time so he’d better keep those rusty screws away from her!”

I’m very annoyed at this point and I’m waiting for him to get to the news about my roof, as this is the reason for my call. He starts to talk about my chimney cap again. “Look, those are custom chimney caps, and they don’t make them anymore, so I put some (insert word) around it, but you may have a leak around that as well.”Yea, well, I’m not worried about it.Besides, if they’re custom made, that means, they’ll custom make one, if I need it.”  “No they won’t.” Now the guy start’s arguing with me! What in the world? Does he know they? Does he know Tony?

Ok, at this point, I’m sure I don’t but, I have to take my son to school, so I cut him off, as he start’s in again about the fact that they don’t make these chimney caps again. Hey either this guy is lusting over my chimney cap, or he is selling them on the side. I said, “You know, I’m kind of in a hurry. Can you bottom line this and give me the estimate for my roof?”

What he said next, blew my mind. “Listen, I’m in a hurry too! I mean I just took an hour (which he didn’t) to go up on your roof! So I’m trying to tell you what the problem is. (Which he wasn’t.) So, you have a small leak on the flat roof, and another one right on that eave, and if you want I can get some plastic to cover that chimney cap. It’ll cost 8 or $900.00! Then he just writes his name on a doorknob tag and leaves. He doesn’t even give me the written proposal.

My son was cracking up! I’m saying do you believe that guy? He’s mad because he’s being asked to do his job? And then he’s talking about something unrelated to his job? I’m wondering if this scam of his really works for him? I’ll give him credit. He gets up early to get his gig started. At least he’s not on a street corner.

My ex husband says, “Well, when I was a kid I remember these guys, going down the street and they would move the bricks on everyone’s chimneys. Then they would stop and tell people that their bricks were loose, and they would clip them for a few hundred bucks to mortar them. My mom and I were watching them go up and down the street.” “Yea, ” I said. “This guy is probably running around with two rusty screws, screwing everyone with a chimney!” He was just mad because I wasn’t going along with the plan.

I used to take Karate years ago, and there is a concept which is very powerful. It can be used in the spiritual world as well. You don’t fight against the power as much as you take the power tjats being used against you and turn it on your opponent. The full force of it will  backfire against them. This is the meaning of the words, “pray for your enemies.” An extremely powerful dynamic takes place. Only the Lord can change the heart of man. And the cruelty which is leveled against us will  return to land where it had it’s beginning in every situation.

We do need to “link up,” in the Body of Christ.  Prayer is powerful. But the most dynamic power is in its unity. “If one can chase away a thousand, two can chase away ten thousand.” Of course we know the numbers don’t make sense. But in God’s universe, they do. And this is what He wants us to understand. How important this reality is.