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“Jesus Wept.” The shortest verse in scripture, yet one of the most powerful.

When you read the account it is at the time of Lazarus death. Mary and Martha, sent word to Jesus, who was with his disciples. He was told that Lazarus was sick.

Yet upon hearing these words, Jesus “stayed for three more days.” He then told his disciples that,” Lazarus is already asleep and I must wake him.”

Of course the disciples thought Jesus was speaking of the natural and He had to tell them plainly,” Lazarus is dead.”

People question the reasons for Jesus, remaining behind when reading this story. First, Mary and Martha send word that, “the one you love is sick.” This certainly indicates a strong relationship between Jesus and Lazarus.

Also, people wonder at these two powerful words. “Jesus Wept.” Why did Jesus deliberately take His time, knowing that his good friend was…

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