Don’t Back Down!

Hey Occupy Wall Street, don’t be distracted and don’t fall for media focus on the negative.
This latest news about the woman in LA, spouting anit-semitic remarks, is just one more reason, that is being exploited to shine a negative light on the 99%.
We have real issues on the table and the proof is the pitiful attempts to discredit the whole movement.
This is enough to prove that this movement is scaring the movers and shakers into action.
The reports I had seen on FOX news, the other day, was ridiculous. Their attempts to portray the OWS people as dirty hippie, drug addicts, was beyond silly.
All it did was make me see, that OWS, is intimidating, the 1%, and I have to believe that it’s just going to grow.
Now, after reading this statement by the woman of ignorance, ranting against the Jews, I have to wonder, of all the people, why did they interview her?
I think it’s pretty incredible to see this many people organize in agreement in one place, let alone cities across the country, and even the world.
There is great power in unity and of course, those who would try to destroy this unity,must thrust a divisive person into the forefront.
It’s not going to work.
I had a union doing the same thing to our member, once. They kept telling us that “we need to stand together!” As they still tried in vain to lead all of us, with intimidation and scare tactics.
I responded, “Well, they’ve finally succeeded in bringing us all together, AGAINST THEM!”
The reports of the oddball, here and there, throughout this movement, (perhaps even plants), would only serve to strengthen the bond of the people.
I have yet to march, but I stand with the 99% and I’m ready. Why wouldn’t I?
This is historical and we are a democracy. This is the purest form of democracy.
We are the majority, injured by corruption. We are the ones who bring about change.
Now the Lord reminded us of our power, when we agree. He has spoken of this all through His word.
He spoke of this, same experience in Genesis, with The Tower of Babel. “If people agree, with one mind and one language, then nothing, that they seek to do, will be impossible to them!”
That’s right. One mind, and one language, is true unity.
And we have all the power of the universe at our disposal, with this one-ness!
Stay strong and Don’t Back Down!

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  1. occupybillings
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 22:44:17

    Great writing! I’m from an occupy group in Montana, and it’s so tough to battle a media’s inaccurate portrayal of us.

    Great post, it’s nice to have the support!


    • flygurlual
      Oct 20, 2011 @ 08:03:16

      Thanks Jenna,

      Yes, the media has always been used to manipulate reality. The word, ‘media’ in itself, means that something is being mediated. And in most cases, especially this one, it is, mediation between the public and the TRUTH!
      We continue to fight the good fight, and stand for truth. Let’s not forget who owns the media. As they say, “money talks.” But we don’t have to listen.
      With social media, we now have the power to speak. The power, is truly in the hands of the people!
      We can say, we are not going to tolerate corporate corruption and government being controlled by the corporations which they serve.
      As we expose corrupt practices, with truth, we will shine a light into every corner of darkness!
      And the Lord has told us, not only to occupy, but to “take back the land!”


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