Under Pressure

Ground Zero

I am always sad on this day, as most of us are. We experienced such terror at  the loss of so many great men and women.

But, the Lord reminds me that the glue, He has given us, is love. The love to bind us together. The suffering which makes us priceless. The compassion and empathy born of our heartache and tears.

He spoke to me the other day, as I drove to the airport. Exhausted and sad, at my visit to redeem my mother’s lost belongings.

He reminded me that this is what He has done for us. We were His lost belongings. He redeemed us with His own blood.

As I looked up, I saw a billboard. “Israel Diamonds,” I drove a few more miles and there it was again. Another billboard with the same thing. I understood the Lord’s message to me. He has told us that all who love Him are a part of His covenant. Israel.  The coal under great pressure, is transformed into a beautiful diamond. His little signposts along the highway of life.

I said a silent, “Thank you, Lord. For encouraging me, and reminding me of the final outcome.

This day, as I watch the memorials and remembered, I thought of all those amazingly beautiful diamonds, which have been formed from the ashes left behind. “He gives beauty for ashes, strength for fear.”

What the enemy had meant for evil, the Lord transformed into a love and unity which is unshakable.

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