Oh Those Darn Teenagers!

Dr, Who?

Well, my post yesterday, covered a part of my teenage years, and it’s plain to see I was pretty rebellious. The day before had a post about my mother, in her belief that almost anyone could be a doctor.

Well, today, on the front page news, I see a story of this 17-year-old, who had practiced as a physician’s assistant, in a hospital, in Florida.

Apparently, he had already done physical exams on a few people, and even CPR, on someone for 5 minutes, before applying a defibrillator. So it’s obvious, that he was also good, at what he was doing.

When you read the account of this, it’s clear that it wasn’t this teenager’s first rodeo, either. They said, he had already been in a “Sheriff’s Program, and he “was kicked out, for giving the impression, that he was a deputy.”

I just had to share this with my mom. “Mom, you’re right! Look at this kid. He told everyone he was 23, and started working with a doctor, in the hospital!” My mom said, “See? I told you anyone could do that!” Sounding as if she was totally vindicated. I’m already expecting her to use this as ammunition, once her test results arrive. And I was dumb enough to hand it to her.

I said, “My question is,” What’s the problem? Hey, he’s a teenager, and he actually wants to work! My 24-year-old daughter doesn’t have that kind of work ethic. And forget about my son. It’s difficult enough to get him to take out the trash. I think this kid should get some kind of an award! We can blow this whole thing, if it’s handled wrong. We have teenager’s everywhere, who are going to use this against us.

I can already hear them, “Oh no. I have to take my time, in my job search. I sure wouldn’t want someone to think I’m impersonating, a hard-working teenager. That could land me in jail.  I’ll never forget that guy, Matthew. Look what happened to him. He was just trying to make an honest living, and he now has a rap sheet.

Teenager’s are highly manipulative. I remember washing dishes, as a teen. That’s right, it was ‘pre-dishwasher. I had cut my hand on a jar. This was my excuse, not to do any dishes again.

When I was that age, I just didn’t know any teenager’s who would go to the lengths this guy went to, just to get a position. And he did it more than once.

I mean, I want to meet this guy and shake his hand! I want to say, ” Wow, how in the world did you acquire the creative boldness and energy, to come up with this plan? This is, even to people your age, ‘ over-the-top . It’s not like someone, dared you to get a job. Your parents must be very proud! Not to mention, all the cash you’ve saved them on college tuition. Hey, you should skip ahead of everyone, with the “Life skills credit, you’ve received.”

I thought about it, and asked my son, “Who would you impersonate?” I was kind of hoping, he was going for a major league baseball team, but he chose, a firefighter. “Well, that’s a good job,” I said.
I think you should go for a government job. I don’t think he understands, job security and benefits, since, as I shared, he already has that. But he may be right. Who knows how much will be left in a few more years.

Now I know, all of you are thinking, “Hey, this was a crime! He needs to be punished!” Yea, yea, but  isn’t the real crime, that the prosecutors and anyone involved, are thinking, “This is outrageous! I’ve spent all this money and years in school to get my degree. Only to have this punk come along and get away with this? He’s just a reminder to everyone, that we can all be replaced.

So I’m thinking that acting lessons, would be a better investment for my son. And for those who are responsible for bringing punishment to this teenager, I have a better suggestion. He could be a Motivational Speaker, for teens. Why not have him teach our kids, how to build such an impressive resume, before they graduate from high school?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. flygurlual
    Sep 04, 2011 @ 21:19:33

    haha! I agree with you. I’m amazed by the whole story. I also have a little bit of admiration for him. I’m not saying something serious, couldn’t have happened. But hey, you’ve got to be impressed with his effort.


  2. silentsarcasm
    Sep 04, 2011 @ 20:59:38

    I think its cool that this guy was able to do the job of a trained adult. As a teenager I don’t think I could ever pull something like that off, I’d be too scared that I’d get caught or screw something up.


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