The Lord will raise a standard

Well it’s in all the news. Wikileak, has leaked all the State Departments, secret documents. It’s more like a Wiki-flood.

It has certainly opened up the ‘flood-gates,’ to everything our government did not want anyone to see. My comments were that, they are responsible for their own undoing.

I’m not saying that I believe what Wiki, did was right. But our government has been violating a cardinal rule for a long time. “Lead by example.”

When trust and integrity have been compromised, at the highest level of leadership, it only makes sense, that other’s will follow. When laws are put in place and violated by the very leadership, that has created these laws for accountability, they are placing themselves under a microscope. God has told us, “That when the enemy comes in like a flood, He will raise up a standard, against him.” But He will not, if we don’t look to Him first.

No man is a law unto himself. All authority, must submit to some authority, or it is powerless leadership. It will eventually collapse.

Our founding father’s understood this principle, and it is the very reason, they coined the motto, “In God We Trust.” It wasn’t just a catchphrase. Something to put on a coin. They believed and understood this.

It is in direct correlation to this belief, to which our nation has suffered. When we began to stray from our trust and submission to God, we suffered as a nation. He is the author of all truth and all trust begins with Him.

What has happened now on a large-scale? The government has courted big business and those who have the most, can buy government. This practice  has corrupted the justice system. Giving a free pass to corruption in corporate structures. Bribes and kickbacks, have caused our leaders to turn a blind eye to all that is evil. If there isn’t a law that fits, they will create a new one. 

Such as “The Espionage Act.” If a decision is made to prosecute someone for this, then shouldn’t they also prosecute themselves?

The average citizen, cannot find justice. It is only for sale to the highest bidder. This is why the Lord told us that in the end days, “they shall call evil good, and good, evil.”

If a person seeks to expose this fraud, they are the ones, who will be investigated. So much energy and resources are devoted to keeping the law-abiding quiet, and to allow darkness to proliferate.

God will not allow this to continue. He is showing the foolishness of blind leaders. Those who seek to go their own way, without seeking Him. “The blind leading the blind, and they both fall into a pit.”

We must realize that to lead, we must seek Him, and lead with integrity, or other’s will follow us down that path. Lead with Truth and Justice for ALL!

Now there is a way back. God has told us how to find our way. He is in the business of bringing whole nations back from the brink of destruction. It is always the same and the prophets of old pointed the way. They still outline the same plan; It is in His word, If my people will seek my face, humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways, and pray, then will I hear from heaven and heal their land.

It’s my opinion, that it’s time for us to put our money, where our mouth is!

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