Final Destination

The Harvest Field’s are Ripe!

This evening we took my brother and my son to a Harvest festival at the church down the street.

This particular festival has been growing steadily each year, and this was the largest by far.
It has all the games and candy that a kid could want. And every strange costume as well.
My son loves this because he sees a lot of his friends, and he can go into the bounce house, trampoline, rock climbing, etc. All this and listen to the Christian bands and collect candy.
I wondered at this growing festival and how the Lord referred to souls as, “The Harvest.” As I realized the numbers were increasing, I remembered him looking out over the fields and proclaiming to his disciples, “Look! The fields are ripe for harvest. Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send laborers, into the fields.”
Well, apparently, not everyone, is a laborer. Yet, there are multitudes, waiting to be harvested.
He speaks of this as well, “Multitudes, are in the valley of decision.” How many are just waiting for the laborer, to do his work?
Later, we went to a church where they held the “Hell House Tour.” These were young people who had written scripts and took us through various scenarios of death, and the consequences of choices. Some were in darkness, crying out. Corridors, with dark figures wailing and some being beaten and screaming out in pain.
I thought the whole tour was a strong message, and even if a person had no belief in Christ, you would be able to come away with some disturbing thoughts of the hereafter.
I’ve always believed that a person, who simply never entertains the thought of eternity, is to be pitied more than anyone.
I had remembered a book I read once, about varied accounts of ‘Near death experiences.’
The one which touched me more than any of the others, was a man who had been an atheist.
He had an experience where he died of a heart attack. As he lay on the gurney, he recounted the feeling of floating above his body. He could see and hear everything that the doctors and nurses were doing. Conversations which they had. Everything he remembered in detail.
But he shared the experience which would impact the rest of his life.
He said he remembered, being in a dark forest and hearing people crying. He looked and saw a river in front of him. He had continued hearing the most heartbreaking cries all around him.
At this point, he stated, that he had looked across the river and saw a single figure, walking slowly past. He was dressed in white, and as the realization dawned on him, that this was the Lord, he saw His eyes. He said, the saddest experience he ever had, was this feeling of separation.
He cried out, “Lord, save me!!!”
He said at the point, he felt the doctors, bring him back, and he was a completely changed.
This story, was so fascinating to me, as I was also at a place in my life, where I was questioning.
It was the whole reason, for my reading this book, in the first place.
Now, he said, he knew that Christ was real, and he didn’t want to live his life without Him.
This was the question which was asked at the end of the presentation, and one I believe everyone should ask themselves; “Do you know your final destination?”

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. flygurlual
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 21:01:39

    And blessings to you. May we grow in His grace as we approach the day of our Lord!


  2. Carol Ann Hoel
    Oct 31, 2010 @ 21:25:34

    Thank you for a great post. What a lovely mother and son! The fields are ready to Harvest and more laborers are needed. Blessings to you as you live for Him…


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