Enter at your own Risk!

Peace, Love and Mosh!!!!

Ok, I just found this pic and was reminded that I said I would write a post about this concert.

I had the Foo Fighter’s on my flight once, and I sat and talked with the drummer for quite a while.  I became a legend with my daughter’s friends, for merely having a conversation with them.

Now, she was telling me she wanted to see them when they came to our city. I bought tickets for both of us, thinking this would be a blast to go to a concert with her. I had gone to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, with her and a few of the guys she knows, and it was fun, but this would just be us.

She was adamant about getting close enough to get their pictures. Geesh! To think, I would have been elevated to “goddess’ to get pics of these guys on my flight. Next time I’ll be more prepared.

When I purchased the tickets, I bought floor tickets. I always had the most fun on the ground level and this is where all the action is. We made our way into the arena, when I commented, “How odd. There are no chairs!”

As the crowd began to grow, we kind of mingled around and tried to get closer to the front. Since I am a former ‘hippie,’ I thought, I just may need to show my daughter the ropes, and get her to the front of the stage.

I saw two big husky guys standing next to us, and I tapped one on his huge bicep. “Hey, do you think you can get us all the way to the front?” Knowing that he probably had an ego the size of his arms, he replied, “Oh, yea! Just follow me!” He proceeded to muscle his way all the way up to the front with her and I in tow. His friend pushed his way up front as well.

We were now surrounded with a mass of sweaty people. Drinking and standing in anticipation of the bands emergence from the darkness. A 40ish, woman was chatting with my daughter. “I think it’s wonderful that your mom brought you to this concert,” she said. Then she looked at me and added, “And I think it is so brave of you to be up here in the front.” Hmm, I thought, why should it be brave? This is what we always did, when I went to concerts. Pretty soon the security guards will start doing their job and usher everyone to the back.

All of a sudden the band appeared and began to play. In a split second, I was slammed from the side! When I looked to see who could have been so rude, it was the big muscle guy, who had brought us up here! What in the world?! Before I could even usher a curse, I was slammed on the other side, by his friend. As I looked up, I saw my daughter, with a huge throng of people pushing her as if to squeeze the life out of her. She was slowly rising to the top of the crowd and she had terror on her face.

As she still held her camera above her head, as if to protect the camera, I realized, we are now in the front of a gigantic mosh pit! I yelled as loud as I could, “Do You Want To Get Out???” I heard her scream, “Yes!!!”  “Ok,” I said. I proceeded to put the point of my elbows into some people’s sides, as I said, “Get out of my way!” Now I was protecting my daughter so it didn’t matter how big someone was, I was moving them.

The big guy yelled, when I jabbed him, “Hey, what the He**?” I didn’t care. I returned the favor. Little by little, I got us out and to the back of the crowd. At this point some idiot was trying to put someone on my head! “Ok, these are complete morons! You don’t ‘crowd-surf’ on one person’s head!” I said to my daughter, “I don’t know what these people are, but they’re not hippies!” “I know” she said, I watched videos of concerts from when you were young and everyone’s just sitting and singing and stuff.” “Yea, well that’s probably because they were all stoned, but still, what is this???

I finally moved all the way to the back of the hall with her and remarkably, a stage elevated from the floor, and the band came running down and stood, smack, dab in front of us! My daughter raised her camera and started snapping pictures fast and furious. “Hey, they probably know all the idiots are in the front,”she said. “Yea, like us.”

I said, “I can just see having to call in to work, because I was disabled at a concert. I imagined the conversation. “Yea, I can’t make my trip because of an emergency.” “Oh, I’m so sorry, what happened?”  Well, I have some broken ribs from being in a mosh pit, and a ruptured disk from someone trying to crowd-surf on my head.” “Oh, yea, we get calls like that all the time.” My daughter and I laughed as I shared this imaginary conversation.

As we were leaving the floor, I poked her arm and said, “Hey, it sure would have helped if either one of us would have noticed that sign!” And there it was looming over our heads; “Enter At Your Own Risk.” “Ohhhh, that explains why there are no chairs.

Vintage rock is where it’s at and since the rules have changed, I guarantee, you won’t find me in the front of a stage again.But one thing for sure, when my daughter told her friends I was in a mosh pit with her at the concert, well, let’s just say they bow to me, when they enter my home!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol Ann Hoel
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 22:16:25

    This is so funny! You are brave! What an experience for you and your daughter! Blessings…


    • flygurlual
      Oct 19, 2010 @ 22:03:29

      Yes, it is a very funny memory for me and my daughter and I know that even in the midst of fear, God gives us humor. We can laugh because we ‘made it through,’ something scary and hilarious. It seems this is the whole theme of our lives.
      If we can laugh at our fears, it definitely makes us stronger!! So rock on, people!!!!


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