This Longing in My Heart

Yes, I have had promises made and broken, many times. People are imperfect, and cannot help but believe some of the things they say. But we are all caught up in emotion and in many ways, cannot live up to our own words. Especially when it comes to love.

I found this out very early in my life.  I was swept up in emotion, only to find the things and people I had placed my trust in were flawed. I seemed to forget that, along with the fact that I am also flawed.

Searching for one person who was true and loved unconditionally, I found Him. And I see that He had given me a promise, that “if I searched for Him, with all of my heart, He would be found by me.”

He also told me that He “would never leave me nor forsake me, even until the end of time.” This has been true. I have witnessed His love and unending faithfulness in my life.

I had to think about the feeling of desiring someone so much, and not being able to be with them. This is the experience the Lord had, and the whole purpose of His sacrifice. He wanted to be with me and He couldn’t as long as we were separated by sin. So He did the unimaginable. Something no man would do. He gave His life, so that we would be united again.

I ponder this, over and over again, and it never ceases to amaze me. That He loves me this much. How can it be?

I know He has told me this in His words. His love letter to us. But to know that He knows me in a personal way. That “all of the hairs of my head are numbered, and He is aware when one falls.” Just today, as I plucked the hair that was shedding on my sweater, I thought about this. Each hair? Yes, each hair, is numbered. He told us this, just so we would know and understand, how personal He is, as our Lord.

No, He isn’t just a being, or ‘higher power.’ He is our personal savior, Jesus Christ. And His name is above every name. My Lord is valiant and all-powerful. He is the one who has done more than anyone to capture my heart.

For this reason, I long for my groom. The one who has given everything for me.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol Ann Hoel
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 20:58:25

    Come Lord Jesus. The Spirit and the Bride say come!


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