Final Destination

The Harvest Field’s are Ripe!

This evening we took my brother and my son to a Harvest festival at the church down the street.

This particular festival has been growing steadily each year, and this was the largest by far.
It has all the games and candy that a kid could want. And every strange costume as well.
My son loves this because he sees a lot of his friends, and he can go into the bounce house, trampoline, rock climbing, etc. All this and listen to the Christian bands and collect candy.
I wondered at this growing festival and how the Lord referred to souls as, “The Harvest.” As I realized the numbers were increasing, I remembered him looking out over the fields and proclaiming to his disciples, “Look! The fields are ripe for harvest. Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send laborers, into the fields.”
Well, apparently, not everyone, is a laborer. Yet, there are multitudes, waiting to be harvested.
He speaks of this as well, “Multitudes, are in the valley of decision.” How many are just waiting for the laborer, to do his work?
Later, we went to a church where they held the “Hell House Tour.” These were young people who had written scripts and took us through various scenarios of death, and the consequences of choices. Some were in darkness, crying out. Corridors, with dark figures wailing and some being beaten and screaming out in pain.
I thought the whole tour was a strong message, and even if a person had no belief in Christ, you would be able to come away with some disturbing thoughts of the hereafter.
I’ve always believed that a person, who simply never entertains the thought of eternity, is to be pitied more than anyone.
I had remembered a book I read once, about varied accounts of ‘Near death experiences.’
The one which touched me more than any of the others, was a man who had been an atheist.
He had an experience where he died of a heart attack. As he lay on the gurney, he recounted the feeling of floating above his body. He could see and hear everything that the doctors and nurses were doing. Conversations which they had. Everything he remembered in detail.
But he shared the experience which would impact the rest of his life.
He said he remembered, being in a dark forest and hearing people crying. He looked and saw a river in front of him. He had continued hearing the most heartbreaking cries all around him.
At this point, he stated, that he had looked across the river and saw a single figure, walking slowly past. He was dressed in white, and as the realization dawned on him, that this was the Lord, he saw His eyes. He said, the saddest experience he ever had, was this feeling of separation.
He cried out, “Lord, save me!!!”
He said at the point, he felt the doctors, bring him back, and he was a completely changed.
This story, was so fascinating to me, as I was also at a place in my life, where I was questioning.
It was the whole reason, for my reading this book, in the first place.
Now, he said, he knew that Christ was real, and he didn’t want to live his life without Him.
This was the question which was asked at the end of the presentation, and one I believe everyone should ask themselves; “Do you know your final destination?”

I’m Holding On

Don’t Be Afraid

I was in Kennedy all day today, waiting until my checkin for my trip.

Then the news break; Fighter planes, flanking a commercial aircraft to JFK.
I have to say that my anxiety soared. I felt a panic in my body, trying to take hold. The throat beginning to close, and my breathing quickened.
I felt the tears coming, so I abruptly left the table of flight attendants that I was, only minutes before, laughing and joking with.
I went into the bathroom, where I began my breathing exercises. Almost the same thing which I learned in my birthing classes, when I was pregnant.
I found that after having a severe panic attack, a couple of years ago, this exercise seemed to work.
Almost by accident, I discovered, if I slowed my breathing and concentrated on this, I would not experience a full panic.
I called my daughter and asked her to pray for me. She immediately did this while I was on the phone with her.
The Lord reminded me, that He has been here in each fearful circumstance, and He will never abandon me.
I remembered a song, which I used to play for my daughter when she was little. “When I am afraid, I will trust in Him.” I began to sing this in my spirit and felt a calm, begin to wash over me.
Yes, the fear is still in me, yet the Lord reminded me that He holds me. He has sent the Holy Spirit, “the comforter,” to give me peace.
As long as I have Him, I know that I can overcome.
I have been through terror and depression in the past few years, but it has drawn me so much closer to the Lord, as I have come to realize that my trust should be in Him, not man. Of this point I am sure, “He is my refuge and my strength. Of whom shall I be afraid?”

Enter at your own Risk!

Peace, Love and Mosh!!!!

Ok, I just found this pic and was reminded that I said I would write a post about this concert.

I had the Foo Fighter’s on my flight once, and I sat and talked with the drummer for quite a while.  I became a legend with my daughter’s friends, for merely having a conversation with them.

Now, she was telling me she wanted to see them when they came to our city. I bought tickets for both of us, thinking this would be a blast to go to a concert with her. I had gone to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, with her and a few of the guys she knows, and it was fun, but this would just be us.

She was adamant about getting close enough to get their pictures. Geesh! To think, I would have been elevated to “goddess’ to get pics of these guys on my flight. Next time I’ll be more prepared.

When I purchased the tickets, I bought floor tickets. I always had the most fun on the ground level and this is where all the action is. We made our way into the arena, when I commented, “How odd. There are no chairs!”

As the crowd began to grow, we kind of mingled around and tried to get closer to the front. Since I am a former ‘hippie,’ I thought, I just may need to show my daughter the ropes, and get her to the front of the stage.

I saw two big husky guys standing next to us, and I tapped one on his huge bicep. “Hey, do you think you can get us all the way to the front?” Knowing that he probably had an ego the size of his arms, he replied, “Oh, yea! Just follow me!” He proceeded to muscle his way all the way up to the front with her and I in tow. His friend pushed his way up front as well.

We were now surrounded with a mass of sweaty people. Drinking and standing in anticipation of the bands emergence from the darkness. A 40ish, woman was chatting with my daughter. “I think it’s wonderful that your mom brought you to this concert,” she said. Then she looked at me and added, “And I think it is so brave of you to be up here in the front.” Hmm, I thought, why should it be brave? This is what we always did, when I went to concerts. Pretty soon the security guards will start doing their job and usher everyone to the back.

All of a sudden the band appeared and began to play. In a split second, I was slammed from the side! When I looked to see who could have been so rude, it was the big muscle guy, who had brought us up here! What in the world?! Before I could even usher a curse, I was slammed on the other side, by his friend. As I looked up, I saw my daughter, with a huge throng of people pushing her as if to squeeze the life out of her. She was slowly rising to the top of the crowd and she had terror on her face.

As she still held her camera above her head, as if to protect the camera, I realized, we are now in the front of a gigantic mosh pit! I yelled as loud as I could, “Do You Want To Get Out???” I heard her scream, “Yes!!!”  “Ok,” I said. I proceeded to put the point of my elbows into some people’s sides, as I said, “Get out of my way!” Now I was protecting my daughter so it didn’t matter how big someone was, I was moving them.

The big guy yelled, when I jabbed him, “Hey, what the He**?” I didn’t care. I returned the favor. Little by little, I got us out and to the back of the crowd. At this point some idiot was trying to put someone on my head! “Ok, these are complete morons! You don’t ‘crowd-surf’ on one person’s head!” I said to my daughter, “I don’t know what these people are, but they’re not hippies!” “I know” she said, I watched videos of concerts from when you were young and everyone’s just sitting and singing and stuff.” “Yea, well that’s probably because they were all stoned, but still, what is this???

I finally moved all the way to the back of the hall with her and remarkably, a stage elevated from the floor, and the band came running down and stood, smack, dab in front of us! My daughter raised her camera and started snapping pictures fast and furious. “Hey, they probably know all the idiots are in the front,”she said. “Yea, like us.”

I said, “I can just see having to call in to work, because I was disabled at a concert. I imagined the conversation. “Yea, I can’t make my trip because of an emergency.” “Oh, I’m so sorry, what happened?”  Well, I have some broken ribs from being in a mosh pit, and a ruptured disk from someone trying to crowd-surf on my head.” “Oh, yea, we get calls like that all the time.” My daughter and I laughed as I shared this imaginary conversation.

As we were leaving the floor, I poked her arm and said, “Hey, it sure would have helped if either one of us would have noticed that sign!” And there it was looming over our heads; “Enter At Your Own Risk.” “Ohhhh, that explains why there are no chairs.

Vintage rock is where it’s at and since the rules have changed, I guarantee, you won’t find me in the front of a stage again.But one thing for sure, when my daughter told her friends I was in a mosh pit with her at the concert, well, let’s just say they bow to me, when they enter my home!

Proverbs-Live As the Wise!

Pray for Wisdom!

Solomon was the wisest of all kings on the earth. Yes, we can still read his quotes in scripture, and yet, in the end,he fell. How could this possibly happen? He had everything a man could want.

First we see from the scriptural account, that he was bestowed with wisdom, power and riches, because he was humble enough to ask, not for any material blessings. He asked for wisdom, to lead God’s people.

And because he had humbled himself before the Lord, he was given everything else. But our God, is the essence of all wisdom, and He knew that this bounty is what causes distraction from Him. In the end, the pagan wives, caused even the great and powerful, Solomon,to stumble.

Well, we can see this happen to people everywhere. God will give wisdom to those who ask. He tells us that “the fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom. He is the source, so it would make sense, that without a proper fear of who He is, we cannot even begin to walk in true wisdom.

Oh yes, you may have many patting you on the back and telling you how great you are. How intelligent and wonderful are your accomplishments. But yet, this may not have anything at all to do with wisdom. “Wisdom,is not tied to intelligence or vast knowledge, but is directly related to the ‘fear of the Lord,” thus the wise are those who know God and obey His commands.” (NIV)

If anyone has read my posts, you know that one of my favorite Proverbs is; “The wicked man flees, though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” (Proverbs 28:1) How true I have found this to be in life. Some wicked give away their hand, out of fear of being found out.Even though, they cannot hide from the Lord. He is not mocked. He is no respecter of persons. Yet, when we walk in righteousness, we are to confront the enemy. Engage and not retreat. We are bold. Why should we fear? What can man do to us? The Lord places this boldness in us, to bring men to repentance.

We are the ones that He chooses to use, to help those who are in darkness. They are deceived and are also leading others astray. “”He who  leads the upright along an evil path, will fall into his own trap. But the blameless will receive a good inheritance.” Proverbs 28:10

At times it seems the whole world is corrupt and men of integrity are few. But those who continue to walk in His ways, will be honored. “Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it fully.” Proverbs 28:5

“By justice a king gives a country stability, but one who is greedy for bribes, tears it down.” Proverbs 29:4 Yes, it seems as if the playbook, which we had been given for life, has been neglected.

These proverbs were meant to be studied. We are to pray and ask our God to help us in our time of need. When people resort to lying, stealing, cheating, it is only a statement to God, that they do not place their trust in Him. And in the end, they have compromised their integrity and honor among men.

James tells us the key to attaining wisdom; “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. (James 1:5)

No, Solomon didn’t need labor unions or hundreds of managers to run his kingdom. It is really a very simple principle. He asked God for wisdom. And when you see that he had 12 managers, it’s truly amazing. Yet, there are more nuggets of wisdom imbedded in his plans. Study the building of his temple and the kingdom that he managed.

It is very interesting to note that Solomon had 12 district governors and each district had the responsibility of providing supplies for king Solomon for one month of the year. This sounds like the perfect plan. No one district’s resources would ever diminish and the kings royal household always had supplies. (1 Kings 4:7)

As you read further down you will see, “the people of Judah and Israel were as numerous as the sand on the seashore; they ate, they drank and they were happy” Wow, what a difference it would make if our ‘kingdoms’ were run with the same wisdom.

But first we must remember, Solomon was not ego driven. He wasn’t driven by his own lust for power or riches. He was driven by his love for God and the people He placed within his care. This is why we must pray for Godly leadership.

You can also see that Solomon refused to take any of the Israelites as slave labor; “they were his fighting men, his government officials, his officers, his captains, and the commanders of his chariots and charioteers. They were also chief officials in charge of Solomon’s projects-550 officials supervising the men who did the work.” 1 Kings 9:20

This book is a pattern of true leadership. Leaders with the wisdom to lead. The compassion and grace to be empathetic. And the true desire to listen to God’s plans, rather than the plans of men. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but it leads to death.”

Now this is the only prayer which really matters, especially in these perilous times. “Lord, please give us wisdom!”

This Longing in My Heart

Yes, I have had promises made and broken, many times. People are imperfect, and cannot help but believe some of the things they say. But we are all caught up in emotion and in many ways, cannot live up to our own words. Especially when it comes to love.

I found this out very early in my life.  I was swept up in emotion, only to find the things and people I had placed my trust in were flawed. I seemed to forget that, along with the fact that I am also flawed.

Searching for one person who was true and loved unconditionally, I found Him. And I see that He had given me a promise, that “if I searched for Him, with all of my heart, He would be found by me.”

He also told me that He “would never leave me nor forsake me, even until the end of time.” This has been true. I have witnessed His love and unending faithfulness in my life.

I had to think about the feeling of desiring someone so much, and not being able to be with them. This is the experience the Lord had, and the whole purpose of His sacrifice. He wanted to be with me and He couldn’t as long as we were separated by sin. So He did the unimaginable. Something no man would do. He gave His life, so that we would be united again.

I ponder this, over and over again, and it never ceases to amaze me. That He loves me this much. How can it be?

I know He has told me this in His words. His love letter to us. But to know that He knows me in a personal way. That “all of the hairs of my head are numbered, and He is aware when one falls.” Just today, as I plucked the hair that was shedding on my sweater, I thought about this. Each hair? Yes, each hair, is numbered. He told us this, just so we would know and understand, how personal He is, as our Lord.

No, He isn’t just a being, or ‘higher power.’ He is our personal savior, Jesus Christ. And His name is above every name. My Lord is valiant and all-powerful. He is the one who has done more than anyone to capture my heart.

For this reason, I long for my groom. The one who has given everything for me.

Mile High Club

Fly With Me!

It’s NOT a fantasy for flight attendants!

Now that I have that out-of-the-way, I sure hope everyone gets this message. I have been on a crusade for years, that not every flight attendant is sleeping with the pilots, and we sure don’t aspire to the ‘Mile High,’ aspirations of some passengers.

Have you seriously gone into our bathrooms? You have to be a contortionist, just to engage in this exercise. Not to mention the ‘nasty factor.’

Now, I just flew a trip out of New York. My first, since returning. I knew the guy I was flying with. I remembered his face, yet didn’t remember the story. It takes a while sometimes. Most flight attendants, associate events of the flight, to the people they are working with. If it’s an uneventful flight, (which it rarely is) you may have a difficult time. However, at times the jumpseat revelations,or layover behavior,may be more than enough to jar a memory of a person.

I was on another airline and I was talking with the flight attendant, when we were reminiscing. We had discovered that we had both worked for Eastern Airlines. All of a sudden he said something really funny and I looked at him, and said, “Wait a minute! I remember you! I have a picture of you, another friend, and me, in a little photo booth. I just looked at it the other day!” We were laughing so hard and at this point remembered the exact flight, though it was so many years ago.

Now, I was looking down the business class aisle, as Jose was waking forward. As he approached, he pointed at me, and I pointed at him, and in unison, we said, “I remember you!”

“Oh, my gosh!” I said. I worked that flight with you when that young guy tried to ‘mile high,’ me!” He started laughing as I recounted the story;

The girls we were working with listened as I told them about the young guy (about 22) who was sitting in business class. Legs up on the seat and quite obviously a musician or surfer. I approached him and asked, “Are you a musician?” “No,” he said, “he’s the musician, I’m the agent.” As he pointed to the much older gentleman beside him. It was his stab at humor. “Well, I think my daughter would love you.” I laughed and asked him what kind of music?

He told me he used to play with Avril Levine, and continued, “I’m playing a concert tonight in New York, if you want to come.” “Nope, thanks, but I’m a commuter, and as soon as I’m done, I’m flying home. Maybe sometime in the future.”

He came up to the galley, where I was standing with two flying partners. One of them was Jose. “Hey,” he said, “Are you on Myspace?” “Sure, I am, isn’t everyone?” At this time, Myspace, was the trendy site. It’s since been replaced by Facebook. I told them, I was being called a MILF,by some guys on this site, and when I found out what it meant, I thought it was hilarious, albeit vulgar. At any rate, it was meant to be a compliment. At least, it made me feel younger.

The two guys, I was working with, had no idea what it meant, and this musician, interpreted. “A Mother I’d Like to ****. ” At this they were very amused.

The musician stated he would write his myspace address down and give it to me during the flight. “Ok, I’ll add you when I get home.”

I was walking down the aisle at one point, and he thrust his hand toward me with a crumpled cocktail napkin. “Here’s my address.” As I stuck it into my pocket, I went to the galley, and a few minutes later, headed to the coach cabin. I got to the back galley, when I see, this guy walking back. “What are you doing back here,” I asked. “Decide to visit coach?”

He smiled and stepped backward into the side lav, as he was using his pointer to communicate, that he wanted me to follow. As I looked at him, I was in shock! “Are you crazy?” I said. He continued. Jose, was sitting on the jumpseat, oblivious to what was taking place. This guy kept motioning, relentlessly, to me to come into the bathroom.

He finally stepped out, as Jose got up and we were talking. Now he stepped into the back bathroom on the other side, and started doing the same thing. I said, “What in the world do you think you’re doing?” “Come on!” he pleaded. “Aren’t you in the ‘mile-high’ club?” I said, “Listen, if a man wants to take me out, he’d better ask me to dinner, and I don’t know to many people who would do that in there! A five-star hotel would be a much better choice.” And then I laughed. “Get out of there!”

Now a couple of the flight attendants came from the front, and not one of them knew he was doing this. He sheepishly stepped out of the bathroom, as he realized, it just wasn’t going to happen. He started walking back to business class, with me in tow. I affectionately pushed him gently and said, “Now get back to your seat!” I was still laughing when I got into the galley, but he was now, extremely quiet. He seemed really embarrassed. I didn’t understand why.  I didn’t really believe he was serious and I wasn’t angry.

I shared the event with my crew after we deplaned, and we thought it was so funny. We actually thought his boldness was pretty admirable.

Upon my return home, I logged on to my Myspace. I went to retrieve the crumpled up napkin, in my pocket, and this is when I saw his words scrawled which offered up the whole explanation; “MILF? Prove it! Meet me in the bathroom, in the back! And his myspace address.

Oh, this was too funny! I laughed so hard at the thought, that this guy thought I had stepped into the galley and read his note. The next thing he witnessed was my heading down the aisle to the back. The excitement he must have felt, to think that I was accepting his invitation, to the challenge.

I realized that he had no reason to believe, that I wasn’t accepting this offer. The poor kid. He must have been living the fantasy, only to have his hopes dashed on the bathroom floor. Probably thought I was trying to tease him. Which I certainly wanted to clear up.

I sent him a message, and told him, I had not read the message until I arrived home, and I laughed at the thought, that he misread my actions, but I told him, “In all my years of flying, no one has ever done that! I have to admire your boldness!

He added me to his list, and I probably went down in his archives. I’m sure there are many groupies in that list as well, But I would be the one who ruined that fantasy for him. For him, his “mile high club,’ was an aborted takeoff.

Daze of Our Lives

I sat down with my mother the other day to watch one of her favorite ‘soaps.’ Of course, when I was younger, they referred to them as “stories.” That’s exactly what they are, and they have no end.

Another amazing thing is that the actors seem to be ageless. How is it that I watched these very same  people on this show 40 years ago, and they look the same? I can’t believe it and am wondering who is doing all this incredible restoration. Probably never be able to get an appointment with this surgeon, and I’m sure he’s on speed-dial. He or she is more than likely busier than a maintenance man in the high-rise condos, on the beach. Geesh! What a grueling job that must be.

As we’re watching, I’m laughing. One woman is inside a coffin. She’s blabbing away at a camera. My mother is asking, “how can she survive in there for so long when she isn’t eating or drinking anything?” “I don’t know, mom, I thought you actually believed this stuff!

Now it pans to a guy in the woods. He’s drinking out of a flask and talking wildly about, something a woman had done to his mother. I haven’t followed this story, so I had no clue about what he was referring to, but I noticed a girl standing about 5 feet away, and just listening to everything this man was saying. As she was listening, she was repeating what he was saying and asking, “What is he talking about?” Hmmm, good question. And also, why don’t you ask, “Why doesn’t he notice me, in my bright blue blouse, standing right behind him!” Perhaps he became blind from some terrible tragic event. Nope, a few minutes later, he spins around as she crouches down, and he storms off. Not without giving her some clues, though. She now decides to follow him, into the cemetery, where he enters a mausoleum. At this point, she hides behind the smallest bush you could find, and listens to his tirade once again.

Meanwhile, the woman in the coffin, is yelling at this guy. He apparently has an earphone and a camera, which enables him to see her. Oh, of course. This is a common practice, isn’t it? Well, at least at this point, he really is talking to someone. It seems in each segment of the show, someone is rambling on about something, and no one seems to think they are a candidate for serious therapy.

I really cracked up when at one point, the woman outside the mausoleum, comments on this guys conversation. Keep in mind, she is talking to herself, and she states, “Who is he talking to?” Call me naive, but when someone is hiding behind a bush, listening to another’s conversation, and she starts to talk about him, “Who is She talking to?” My mom was laughing so hard when I said this. It was as if she finally realized how silly all of it is.

It’s basically a show about people committing criminal acts, and not waiting for law enforcement to find out. They just walk around and speak all their private business into the air, waiting for a voyeur to happen upon them.

It sure doesn’t seem that it would be difficult for any one in the business of private investigating. Any therapist, or private investigator could make a fortune in this town.

And I can certainly understand how this would be the most popular show in a retirement home. It doesn’t matter if a person suffers dementia, they talk incessantly to no one.  Everyone can look to these people as their example and say, “Hey! I’m not as crazy as they are! And they get paid for it!

So, I for one am endorsing these shows as the best comedy out there! Give them a chance, and you’ll be surprised at the comic relief they offer. The show kept me in stitches!